Book flights to Santiago de Compostela with Ryanair. It may very well be famous as the final point on the famous Camino de Santiago trek, but Santiago de Compostela isn’t only for pilgrims, and it makes a pretty good starting point for a fantastic weekend. Foodies will really love the scene here - if you only eat two things in Santiago, you should eat the incredibly fresh, beautifully spiced local octopus, and the simply delicious pimiento de padron. The bodegas and bars are buzzing in the city, and place is alive with people celebrating the end of their pilgrimage, so book cheap flights to Santiago de Compostela and feel the vibes!
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This old city in the north east of Spain has a lot to offer. The 40,000 students that live here make the city what it is today, a lively and modern metropolis guaranteeing a youthful atmosphere among the antique city walls.

The Cathedral has one of the world’s biggest incense burners used at the pilgrim’s mass held most middays. Priests tie the "botafumeiro" censer to ropes at the end of the mass and lift it all the way up to the ceiling with burning incense.

​Address: Rúa do Vilar, 1, Santiago de Compostela
The Food Market

This market is one of Santiago’s main places to buy fresh products. When walking among the stalls in the traditional food market you get a sense of the Galician gastronomy with fresh fish, seafood, fruits, flowers and cheeses. Thursdays and Saturdays are the main days.

​Address: Plaza de Abastos, Santiago de Compostela

Get lost in the maze of stone and take a guided tour of Compostela’s old streets and buildings. Audiowalks are the best way to discover the city at your own pace. Rent an MP3 player at the tourism office.

​Address: Rúa do Vilar 63, Santiago de Compostela
Museo Das Pergrinacións

The Pilgrimage Museum, Museo Das Pergrinacións, offers an insight into the city’s history. Here you can learn more about the city as it evolved over centuries as a consequence of the pilgrimages.

​Address: Rúa de San Miguel 4, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 581 558​Website:​Opening hours: Closed on Mondays
The Alameda Park

Located in the centre, the Alameda Park is one of the city’s oldest and most loved parks. Inside it, you will find monuments and some of the best views of the historic town centre offering an excellent photo opportunity of the Cathedral, rising over the city skyline.

​Address: Alameda Park, Santiago de Compostela
The Tourist Train

Every day from Easter to September, a tourist train takes visitors from Praza do Obradoiro or from Avenida Xoán XXIII through the Old Town and the gardens and shows panoramic views of the monumental quarter and the Cathedral.

​Address: Praza do Obradoiro, Santiago de Compostela
Organised Tours Out Of Town

Santiago de Compostela is surrounded by lush green nature, which is well worth a visit. If you do not want to wander out in the wilderness on your own, organised day tours are available from the tourist office.

The Cathedral

The final destination of the Santiago pilgrims is the Cathedral with the tomb said to contain the remains of the apostle James. This beautiful Cathedral is one of the most famous landmarks.

​Address: Praza do Obradoiro, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 583 548​Website:
Monastery and Church of San Martiño Pinario

Just opposite the Cathedral you can find the hospederia, monastery, founded by the Benedictines. Enjoy the beautiful architecture and a cup of coffee afterwards in the small café.

​Address: Plaza de San Martino, Santiago de Compostela​Opening hours: Guided tours from Tue-Thu at 10.30am
Plaza de Cervantes

A nice place to stop by is the Plaza de Cervantes. This old square is very pretty and provides insight to life in Santiago de Compostela. In the busy square you can find shops and restaurants.

​Address: Plaza de Cervantes, Santiago de Compostela
Galician Centre of Contemporary Art

At the Galician Centre of Contemporary Art you can enjoy various exhibitions. In the collection you can find artist like Moncho Amigo and Knut Asdam. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions.

​Address: Rúa de Ramón del Valle Inclán, 2, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 54 66 19​Website:
Cidade da Cultura de Galicia

Cidade da Cultura de Galicia is a hub of culture located in the heart of Santiago de Compostela. Here you can find different culture centres and museums, a great place for all culture vultures to visit.

​Address: Monte Gaiás, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 881 997 565​Website:
Monte do Gozo

Just outside the city you can find Monte do Gozo and the famous monument at Monte do Gozo. From here you get a great view. This is where the pilgrims pass and get their first sight of the Cathedral.

​Address: Monte do Gozo, Santiago de Compostela
Museo do Pobo Galego

If you want to learn more about the Galician people you should visit the Museo do Pobo Galego. Here you can find both permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibitions and activities.

​Address: Rua de Valle Inclan 3, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 583 620​Website:​Opening hours: Tue-Sat 10.30am-2pm and 4pm-7.30pm. Sundays and holidays 11am-2pm
Segway in Santiago de Compostela

If you have not tried a Segway tour before, trying one in Santiago de Compostela could be a good option. Going on a Segway tour is a great way to discover the city in a fun and adventurous way.

​Phone: +34 646 608 964​Website:
As the region’s capital, Santiago is the hub for Galician culinary experiences. Seafood is one of the main specialities and can be found on Rúa do Franco as well as Rúa do Vilar. Besides fresh fish, local specialties are charcoal-grilled meat, cured ham and beef and other cold meats like chorizo, salchichón and morcilla. Local cheeses include Cebreiro, Arzúa, Tetilla and San Simón.
O Curro da Parra

The food at O Curro da Parra is claimed to be amazing. This hidden gem is a favourite among its guests and it offers traditional food from the Spanish kitchen.

​Address: Rúa Travesa, 20, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 55 60 59​Website:
A Curtidoria Restaurante

At A Curtidoria Restaurante you can choose between various types of excellent dishes. This is a great place for a romantic one-on-one or for special occasions with your loved ones.

​Address: Rúa da Conga, 2-3, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 55 43 42​Website:
La Tacita d'Juan

La Tacita d'Juan offers an extensive menu with different dishes like soups, salads, fish and much more. You can find this stylish restaurant in the centre of Santiago de Compostela.

​Address: Calle del Hórreo, 31, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 56 20 41​Website:
Asador Gonzaba

This steakhouse is claimed to be highly recommended if you are a meat lover. At Asador Gonzaba you can choose from various types of grilled dishes like meat, fish and vegetables.

​Address: Rua Nova de Abaixo 17, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 59 48 74​Website:
A Casa da Viña

If you are looking for a place with both traditional and Japanese influences, you have come to the right place. At A Casa da Viña you can also, as the name foretells, choose between various types of wines in a pleasant environment.

​Address: Rúa de San Lázaro, 54, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 58 64 59​Website: http://www.acasadaviñ
Restaurante Roberto

If you want to enjoy a great meal in a traditional atmosphere you can visit Restaurante Roberto. Choose between dishes like “catch of the day” and fried asparagus with cheese.

​Address: San Xulian de Sales, Vedra, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 511 769​Website:
La Cavita

La Cavita is a modern restaurant in the heart of Santiago de Compostela. Here you can enjoy colourful dishes like hamburgers, meat, sandwiches and tasty drinks.

​Address: Rúa de San Pedro de Mezonzo, 9, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 93 50 98​Website:​Opening hours: Mon-Sat 1.30pm-5pm and 8pm-12am. Weekends to 1.30am
La Tagliatella Santiago de Compostela

If you have cravings for Italian food you can come to La Tagliatella Santiago de Compostela. Bring your friends and family for dinner in a cosy atmosphere and choose between a good pasta and a pizza.

​Address: Rúa de Frei Rosendo Salvado, 10, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 881 93 98 22​Website:
China Ming

Chino China Ming is a Chinese restaurant highly recommended by its guests. Here you can enjoy Chinese dishes like spring rolls, noodle soup and grilled prawns.

​Address: Avenida de Romero Donallo, 25, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 59 36 73​Website:​Opening hours: Closed on Tuesdays

Kunsthalle is a modern, stylish restaurant where you can enjoy beautiful, tasty dishes. In the same place you can also enjoy art exhibitions and architecture.

​Address: Rúa da Conga, 8, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 57 51 70​Website:
Casa Marcelo

Keep in mind not to have eaten much before you enter Casa Marcelo. The gourmet menu comprises ten dishes that can only be enjoyed fully if you are really hungry. There is an open kitchen which gives you a unique insight to the cuisine.

​Address: Rua Hortas, 1, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 558 580​Website:
Restaurante San Jaime

If you are looking for a peaceful and elegant place to enjoy a good meal, this might be the place for you. The view of the Cathedral is breath-taking and the menu delightfully varied.

​Address: Rúa da Raiña, 4, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 57 22 57​Website:
O Curro da Parra

The restaurant O Curro da Parra lies in the heart of Santiago de Compostela, with an intimate and elegant feel to it. The food is tasty and creatively presented and the prices are reasonable.

​Address: Rúa Travesa 20, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 55 60 59​Website:
O Dezaseis

This is a favourite with the locals and has a cosy and friendly atmosphere to it. Located near the Galician museum, the restaurant is in a cellar with stone walls, beams and old farm gear.

​Address: Rúa de San Pedro, 16, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 564 880​Website:​Opening hours: Mon-Sat 2pm-4pm and 8.30pm-12am
Restaurante Maria Castana

A good rule of thumb is usually to find the place most enjoyed by the locals, Restaurant Maria Castana is one of those places. The service is outstanding and the ambience authentically Galician.

​Address: Raina, 19, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 560 137
Small enough to be strongly influenced by its university, Santiago de Compostela revels in a continuously refreshed influx of youthful energy and creativity that treats the grand stone structures as the most magnificent stage set. Wander the streets of Santiago and rest your legs at one of the cosy cafés.
Café Costa Vella

This café, being part of the hotel by the same name, also welcomes non-guests for a relaxing break. Here you can sit down in a beautiful garden surrounded with pleasant views.

​Address: C/ Porta da Pena, 17, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 56 95 30​Website:
O Rei Do Bocadillo

This is a very popular place amongst the locals, serving tasty, healthy and fast food. "Bocadillos" in Spain is a baguette, sliced in half, filled with cold cuts, Serrano ham and Spanish Chorizo sausage.

​Address: C/ Rosalia de Castro, esquina Montero Ríos, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 590 538​Website:
Paraíso Perdido

Paraíso Perdido is a café with a unique atmosphere. The hot chocolate is absolutely yummy and the coffee is claimed to be the best in town. This place is popular with locals and tourists alike.

​Address: San Paio de Antealtares 3, Santiago de Compostela
O Café Casino

O Café Casino offers a cosy and traditional atmosphere. This hangout is popular with the tourists and offers food like chocolates and sandwiches at reasonable prices.

​Address: Rúa do Vilar 35, Santiago de Compostela​Website:
Cre Cottê

Cre Cottê is a cosy chill-out place situated in a centuries old building. From here you will have beautiful views of the historical city, and best of all, they serve seriously nice crêpes.

​Address: Quintana, 1, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 577 643
The Old Town centre of Santiago is full of happening bars, and the best way to fully enjoy your night out is really to go from bar to bar, have a drink and talk to the people you meet. The university ambience in Santiago de Compostela makes the nightlife of the city very lively, and the over one thousand years of pilgrimage from all over the world has given the nightlife a mix of cultural touches.
Fuco Lois

Meters away from the great cathedral you can find this quaint and rustic pub, famous for its mojitos, sangria and mojitos. The music that will put your mind at ease is mostly blues and jazz.

​Address: Rúa de Xelmirez 25, Santiago de Compostela​Website:​Opening hours: Mon-Thu 4pm-3.30am. Fri-Sat 5pm-4.30am, Sun 6pm-3.30am
Pub Modus Vivendi

Pub Modus Vivendi was the first pub in Galician history and is still going strong today. Situated in the stables of an 18th century country house, the atmosphere is very much alive and the music features live music as well as DJ’s.

​Address: Praza Feixoó, 1, Soto, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 576 109​Website:
La Borriquita De Belém

At La Borriquita De Belém you can sip on sweet Mojitos, Caipirinha and Andalusian wines while enjoying the live jazz and Bossa Nova music. Some nights there are flamenco shows to heighten the mood even more.

​Address: Rúa de San Paio de Antealtares 22
O Beiro

For three generations, the "vinoteca" O Beiro has been managed by the same family. Their speciality is Galician and Iberian wine, cheese and ham, of high quality.

​Address: Rua Raíña, 3, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 981 581 370​Website:
Discoteca Liberty

Discoteca Liberty is one of the busiest places in town. You could call this place half pub, half disco and most importantly, all energy. Dance the night away at this pumping "discoteca".

​Address: Calle de Alfredo Brañas, 6, Santiago de Compostela
Santiago de Compostela has two particular local crafts – silverware and a black gem called jet stone, used for jewellery and amulets. The shops in the area around the Cathedral has a good selection of these and of other hand crafts. The rest of the old town is full of shops of all kinds. The streets or ’rúas’ Nova, Vilar, San Pedro, Caldeirería, Preguntoiro and the squares Toural and Cervantes, along with the ones surrounding the cathedral, are the main shopping areas in the old town. El Ensanche – New Town – is a well-defined shopping area in Santiago. It is the central shopping area and its main areas are primarily on the streets of Xeneral Pardiñas, Doutor Teixeiro, República de El Salvador, Montero Ríos, Avenido Alfredo Brañas and Prazas Roxa and Galicia. Other important streets, such as Rosalía de Castro, Fernando III el Santo, República Arxentina, A Rosa and Santiago de Chile, complete a very attractive shopping range. Here you can easily walk around shops of international brands, prestigious Spanish franchises, Galician fashion, food shops and gift shops just to mention a few.
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Santiago Airport

Santiago Airport is located ten kilometres northeast of the city. Taxis are waiting just outside the terminal, and the 15-20 minute ride to the city centre costs around €20. The fares start at €3.65. Euro Taxi (Adapted): +34 981 535 154 Radio Taxi: +34 981 569 292 You can also take a bus to the central bus station in Santiago. A single tickets costs €3 and a return ticket €5.10. The bus operates from 7am-1am with departures every half an hour. +34 981 563 238

​Address: Santiago Airport, Santiago de Compostela​Phone: +34 902 404 704 / +34 91 321 10 00​Website:​More info: Prices updated November 2013
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