Book flights to Stockholm for a superb Swedish escape. As capital cities go, Stockholm is surely up there among the most beautiful, and if you’ve never been, it’s really well worth a visit. The nightlife in Stockholm is great, the people are beautiful, the food is absolutely fantastic, and the city is a joy to explore - but the most incredible sightseeing you can do is get a boat ticket and explore the amazing Stockholm archipelago. Book cheap flights to Stockholm and go island-hopping!
City: 1,4 million Region: 2,1 million
Swedish kronor (SEK) 1 krona = 100 öre
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Stockholm is an eclectic mix of the medieval and the ultramodern, with everything from photography and contemporary art to handicrafts and cultural history. You can reach most attractions on foot, many of which are perfect for families. Make sure to take in Stockholm from the water. A city built on fourteen islands with a large, centrally located national park also offers incredible water views. And don’t miss a boat trip to one of the 30,000 islands in the archipelago. The Stockholm Card gives you free entry to 80 museums and attractions, free sightseeing and free public transportation. Find even more tips at
The Royal Swedish Opera

Welcome to summer concerts and guided tours! The concerts take place in the Golden Foyer with artists and musicians from the opera house. The guided tours will be held in English and Swedish.

​Address: Gustav Adolfs Torg 2, Stockholm​Website:​Opening hours: Concerts: June 25 - Aug 29, Wed - Fri 7 PM Guided tours: June 3 - Sept 13, Tue - Sat 11 AM and 1 PM Sept 18 - Oct 11, Fri-Sat 1 PM
The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is one of Europe's largest palaces! This is the official residence of the Swedish king and it features more than 600 rooms and five museums. You should not miss the parade of soldiers and the daily changing of the guard.

​Address: Gamla stan, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 402 61 30​Website:
The Vasa Museum

With over one million visitors a year, The Vasa Museum hosts the only preserved 17th century ship in the world. This 69 metre long treasure sank in 1628 and was salvaged in 1961, 333 years later.

​Address: Galärvarvsvägen 14, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 519 548 00​Website:
The Bergian Garden

The Bergian Garden is a botanical garden with greenhouses. Experience plants from all over the world: Edvard Anderson’s greenhouse with plants from Mediterranean climate and the tropics, the world’s largest water lily in the unique Victoria House. Lush kitchen and herb garden, Japanese pond and much more.

​Address: Gustafsborgsvägen 4, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 54 59 17 00​Website:​Opening hours: Open all year round​More info: Café, restaurant & museum shopSubway: Subway to Universitetet
Birka - The Viking City

In Birka, also known as the first city in Sweden and one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites, you can travel back in time to the 750's. In this old Viking city you can go on guided tours and experience what life was like back then. Birka is located in the archipelago on an island called Björkö which can easily be reached by boat.

​Address: Birka, Stockholm​Website:
Bonniers Konsthall Contemporary Art Gallery

Since 2006, Bonniers Konsthall, a leading site for Swedish and international contemporary art, offers Stockholm’s most exciting and cutting-edge exhibition program. The glass building, designed by Johan Celsing Architects, also contains a gallery shop and a cafe and restaurant.

​Address: Torsgatan 19, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 736 42 48​Website:

Fotografiska is among the largest assemblages of contemporary photography in the world. The bistro at Fotografiska has a view of Stockholm’s bay and is run in partnership with celebrity chef Paul Svensson. Since opening in 2010, over one million people have experienced world-class art and flavours. Free entry with the Stockholm Card!

​Address: Stora Tullhuset, Stadsgårdshamnen 22, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 50 900 500​Website:
Old Town - Gamla Stan

Stockholm’s oldest attraction is much more than the ultra-touristy street of Västerlånggatan. Here you will find some of the city’s best restaurants and several bars with live music. Gamla Stan also has small curiosity, antique and handicraft shops, a multitude of cafés and small hotels, as well as several gay bars and cafés.

​Address: Gamla Stan, Stockholm
Gröna Lund Tivoli

In the summer time the Gröna Lund Tivoli is one of the main attractions on Djurgården Island. This Tivoli offers numerous fun rides, lotteries, concerts and much more. Everything you need for a day full of fun.

​Address: Lilla Allmänna Gränd 9, Stockholm​Phone: +46 10 708 91 00​Website:​Opening hours: Opening hours vary depending on the season

The Story Train is central to Junibacken, with its journey through the fabulous stories of Astrid Lindgren, but you will also meet many other famous figures such as Alfie Atkins, Festus and Mercury and Mulle Meck. Story-time characters come to life, and you can play and make noise, relax in a cosy corner, feel chills along your spine, discover and learn, and go to the theatre.

​Address: Galärvarvsvägen, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 587 230 00​Website:​Opening hours: Jan-may, sep-dec: Tuesday-Sundag 10 am-5 pm, June Aug open every day 10 am-5 pm, July open every day 10 am-6 pm
Kaknästornet TV-tower

The Kaknästornet TV-tower is 155 meters (509 Feet) tall and offers the best view of Stockholm! Relax in the café/sky bar (floor 30) or enjoy first class dining in a beautiful environment (floor 28).

​Address: Mörka Kroken 28-30, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 667 21 80​Website: http://www.kaknastornet.seSubway: Bus 69/69K
Moderna Museet

The Moderna Museet is a place for lovers of art and culture, whether young or old. Here you will find one of Europe’s most distinguished collection of modern and contemporary art with key works from the hands of Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol and many others. The museum is situated on the beautiful island of Skeppsholmen downtown Stockholm. There is a Restaurant, an Espresso Bar and a Shop.

​Address: Excersisplan, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 520 23 500​Website:
Nordiska museet

Welcome to Sweden’s largest museum of cultural history! Discover Swedish trends and traditions and enjoy exhibitions on a wide range of subjects, for example fashion, interiors, furniture, table settings, textiles, folk art, doll’s houses and the Sami, one of the world’s indigenous peoples.

​Address: Djurgårdsvägen 6, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 519 546 00​Website:​Opening hours: Daily 10 am-5 pm. Wednesdays open until 8 pm (Sept-May)
Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde

Prince Eugene’s former home is one of Sweden’s most popular art museums. Visit the prince’s reception rooms and see his collection as well as temporary exhibitions. A beautiful flower and sculpture garden surrounds the museum.

​Address: Prins Eugens väg 6, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 54 58 37 00 ​Website:​Opening hours: Tuesdays – Sundays 11 am – 5 pmThursday evenings – 8 pm (Mondays closed)

Meet historic Sweden! Skansen is home to 150 buildings and farms transported from different parts of the country. Stroll among the beautiful gardens with flower beds and functional plants. See Nordic animals, particularly predators and native Swedish breeds. Celebrate this year’s traditional festivities and enjoy the wide variety of programs. Museum shop with handicrafts and Swedish design.

​Address: Djurgårdsslätten 49-51, Djurgården, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 442 80 00​Website:

SkyView takes you on an exciting journey along the outside of the Ericsson Globe. From the top, 130 meters above the sea level, you enjoy an unbeatable view of Stockholm. SkyView consists of two glass gondolas, that each can hold 16 people. The ride takes about 20 minutes.

​Address: Globentorget, Stockholm​Phone: +46 771 811 000​Website:​Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9.30 am-6 pm, Saturday-Sunday 9.30 am-4 pmSubway: Green line Globen station
Museum of Spirits & Absolut Art Collection

Spritmuseum (Museum of Spirits) invites visitors to an unforgettable journey, from pleasure to pain, from park bench to cocktail party, through scenery, experience, scents, tastes... Explore the Absolut Art Collection with works by Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst and others. Visit the shop and the restaurant.

​Address: Djurgårdsvägen 38-40​Phone: +46 8 1213 1300​Website:​Opening hours: 1.6-31.8: Mon, Wed-Sun: 10-18, Tue: 10-20. The restaurant is open to 22, Sunday to 20. Closed 22 June. 1.9–31.5: Mon, Wed-Sun: 10-17, Tue: 10-20. Closed: 23, 24, 25, 31 Dec.Subway: Bus 44, tram 7, ferry to DjurgårdenTickets: Adult: 100 SEK0-12 years free
The Swedish History Museum

The history of Sweden, from prehistory to the present. Meet the Vikings in the largest collection of Viking finds in the world. See over 250 kilograms of gold and silver treasures in the Gold Room. Restaurant and museum shop.

​Address: Narvavägen 13–17​Phone: +46 8 519 556 00​Website:
Stockholm from the water

Stockholm is full of fantastic water views. On Stockholm Sightseeing’s guided boat tours you enjoy the city’s lovely scenery as you learn more about Stockholm. Choose between boat tours around the city or in the nearby national park. Commentary in up to 11 languages on certain tours.

​Address: Nybrokajen/Strömkajen, Stockholm​Website:
Stockholm in 75 minutes

Experience Stockholm with Panorama Sightseeing´s unique glass buses. The route takes you through the central parts of the city and Royal Djurgården national park. It passes famous attractions, for example City Hall, Royal Palace and famous Fjällgatan view.

​Address: Gustav Adolfs torg, Stockholm​Website:​More info: Commentary in 10 languages
Stockholm Concert Hall

Living Worlds - exhibition by renowned photographer Mattias Klum. Free admission to exhibitions and mini concerts. Daily guided Nobel Tours. And do not miss our summer concerts in August with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra!

​Address: Hötorget, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 50 66 77 88​Website:
The museum of Medieval Stockholm

The Museum of Medieval Stockholm describes the emergence and medieval development of the town and is built up round some of the permanent heritage monuments which came to light during the archaeological excavations on Helgeandsholmen (The Island of the Holy Spirit) between 1978 and 1980.

​Address: Strömparterren, Norrbro (City)​Phone: +46 8 508 31 620​Website:
The Stockholm City Museum and the Millennium Tour

The City Museum tells the history of Stockholm and its inhabitants. It is housed in an imposing 17th century palace in the heart of Stockholm. The museum also arranges walking tours of various parts of the city or on various themes, for example the Millennium Tour (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) in Stieg Larsson’s and Lisbeth Salander’s footsteps.

​Address: Ryssgården, Slussen (Södermalm)​Phone: +46 8 508 31 620​Website:​Opening hours: Tues – Sun 11 – 17 Thur 11 -20 Mon Closed
Rooftop tours

A guided experience with giddying views and a dose adrenaline. A rooftop tour is fun, unique and educational. Enjoy Stockholm from the roofs of the old parliament building at Riddarholmen, centrally located, close to the underground station at Gamla stan. Take the chance to learn more about Stockholm from a completely new perspective.

​Phone: +46 8 22 30 05​Website:​Opening hours: Monday-Friday 11 am-3 pm
The National Museum of Science and Technology

Play your favourites in Game On 2.0 – the largest video games exhibition in the world, featuring hundreds of original games. Visit the interactive exhibition 100 innovations or challenge your friends in Sports. Watch a film with all your senses in Cino4 – Sweden’s first 4D cinema!

​Address: Museivägen 7, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 450 56 00​Website:
Tom Tits Experiment

Here you find untold wonders to discover together, both indoors and outdoors. It’s easy to learn when you’re having fun. EVERYTHING here is for experimenting. Find out how satisfying it is to share the feeling of discovery with children of all ages.

​Address: Storgatan 33​Phone: +46 8 550 225 00​Website:​Opening hours: Open 10-18​More info: 35 minutes by commuter train from Stockholm
The World Heritage the Woodland Cemetery

When the Woodland Cemetery (Skogskyrkogården) was created at the beginning of the 1900s, it was unique with the combination of nature and architecture, and completely unlike any cemetery before. Today, it is considered one of the most important creations of modern architecture and was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1994.

​Address: Sockenvägen, 492​Phone: +46 8 508 31 730​Website: http://www.skogskyrkogarden.seSubway: Skogskyrkogården
Yasuragi Hasseludden

Yasuragi Hasseludden is a peaceful oasis where you can enjoy Japanese baths, activities and treatments as well as fabulous meals in the Teppanyaki or Tokyo restaurants. An overall experience inspired by the best from Japan. Go here by car or bus, or enjoy a boat trip through Stockholm’s stunning archipelago!

​Address: Hamndalsvägen 6, Saltsjö-Boo, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 747 61 00​Website: http://www.yasuragi.seSubway: Bus: Hamndalsvägen. Pier: Hasseludden
In recent years, Stockholm has been featured and praised as one of the most exciting food capitals of the world. Whether you want to experience classic Swedish cuisine in the form of a smorgasbord or contemporary gastronomy focusing on slow food and featuring local ingredients, Stockholm offers an impressive selection. Do as the Swedes do: eat lunch. “Dagens lunch”, which means today’s lunch, is an affordable option served at midday. Every neighbourhood has excellent restaurant options, but the most concentrated restaurant areas are in Gamla Stan and SoFo on Södermalm. Find even more tips at
Bistro Barbro

In Hornstull, one of Stockohlm's trendier areas, you can find the charming restaurant Bistro Barbro. The menu consists of innovative Japanese dishes and in the basement you can find Sweden's first movie bar.

​Address: Hornstulls strand 13, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 550 602 66​Website:
Brasserie Le Rouge

More is more at Le Rouge, expect French extravagant fin-de-siècle and a delicious Italian composed menu. You can also visit the bar next door called Le Bar Rouge and enjoy a drink at one of Stockholm’s most popular hang-outs.

​Address: Brunnsgränd 2-4, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 505 244 30​Website:
Den Gyldene Freden

Den Gyldene Freden welcomes you to a restaurant situated in a medieval basement in the Old Town. This restaurant serves dishes from a classic Swedish cuisine with a modern touch.

​Address: Österlånggatan 51, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 24 97 60​Website:

Djuret, which means ‘The Animal’, serves only one type of animal each season in a striking décor. The animal, that could be everything from a lamb to a moose, is teamed with a great selection of wines.

​Address: Lilla Nygatan 5, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 506 400 84​Website:
Dramaten - Frippe, Pauli and Terrassen

Dramaten is filled with celebrities, dramatic, but still relaxed! Frippe is the neighbourhood restaurant where you can take a bite before the theatre or just sit and converse over a glass of wine. Pauli’s Terrace, with its view, is one of Stockholm’s musts!

​Address: Nybrokajen 2, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 665 62 66​Website:
Ersta Terrass

Ersta Terrass offers great views, good food, coffee or a glass of wine and a nice terrace.

​Address: Fjällgatan 45, Stockholm​Website:​Opening hours: Opening hours vary depending on the season
Fem Små Hus

Fem Små Hus serves classic Swedish food. The ingredients are selected with care and the cooks prepare everything from scratch. The wine cellar is well stocked and the sommeliers will happily guide you through the wine list. There’s been a restaurant in the building since the 17th century.

​Address: Nygränd 10​Phone: +46 8 10 87 75​Website:
Grossmanns and GQ

Fresh ingredients and impeccable quality is a prerequisite for an excellent dining experience. In order to ensure that everything is first class, we work with local producers who are committed to organic and natural farming. We rarely serve food that has been transported unnecessarily. It is only when we do not find quality ingredients near home that we set out on our culinary travels, usually ending up visiting good friends in southern Europe. Restaurant GQ strives for an authentic experience, from farm to fork.

​Address: Kommendörsgatan 23, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 545 674 30​Website:
Gute Grill

At Gute Grill you get rustic and well-made cuisine made from local products of Gotland. A wide range of beer from the island Gotland, drinks and wine from all over the world. Choose between typical Swedish, modern, ecological, or classic dishes from Gotland in downtown Stockholm close to Stureplan.

​Address: Brunnsgatan 6, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 20 22 36​Website:​Opening hours: Monday-Saturday from 11 am-1 am and lunch Monday-Friday 11 am-2 pm
Haga Forum

Located at the south gate in the Royal Haga Park, Haga Forum is flaunting magnificent views over Brunnsviken. At Haga, the classical cuisine meets the modern exciting culinary arts. Take a stroll in the park and do not miss the amazing brunch on the weekends!

​Address: Annerovägen 4, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 33 48 44​Website:
Hermans Vegetariska Restaurang

Vegetarian food does not have to be boring and Herman's sets out to prove so. With inspiration from all over the world, Herman’s vegetarian restaurant offers exciting dishes and a panoramic view of Stockholm's inlet.

​Address: Fjällgatan 23B, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 643 94 80​Website:
Oaxen Krog & Slip

Located in the beautiful island of Djurgården, restaurant Oaxen is truly a gem when it comes to gourmet dining. The restaurant is divided into two parts, the casual bistro called “Slip” and the fine dining part called “Krog”.

​Address: Beckholmsvägen 26, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 551 531 05​Website:

The fresh and stylish restaurant Pontus! ranges over several levels. This place is great for a get-together with friends and offers both Swedish and International delicacies.

​Address: Brunnsgatan 1, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 545 273 00​Website:

Since 1897 the culture elite has been dining at Prinsen, a restaurant with a pleasant and cosy atmosphere. This is a great place to try Swedish classic dishes such as the renowned Biff Rydberg.

​Address: Mäster Samuelsgatan 4, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 611 13 31​Website:
Restaurant Ekstedt

Niklas Ekstedt is one of Sweden’s famous TV chefs and was awarded his first start in Guide Michelin 2013. The warm and welcoming Restaurant Ekstedt offers a Scandinavian cuisine together with an awareness of its sources.

​Address: Humlegårdsgatan 17, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 611 12 10​Website:
Skansens Restauranger

This is as Swedish as it gets! In classical soil at Skansen, you can enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine on the Terrace or our famous Swedish smorgasbord restaurant Solliden. Visit Solliden during the so called Allsång (sing-along) in summer.

​Address: Djurgårdsslätten 49, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 566 370 00​Website:

Stadshuskällaren breathes tradition and culinary pride in their high-vaulted cellar. Here you can enjoy everything from classic Swedish menu or your choice Nobel menu from 1901-onward.

​Address: Hantverkargatan 1, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 506 322 00​Website:
Strömma Kanalbolaget

Strömma Kanalbolaget’s classic boats offer lunch or dinner cruises in the archipelago. Traditional Swedish and archipelago inspired food is served on board. Proud Stockholmers mix with food lovers from all over the world. Cruise length from 2 to 3.5 hours.

​Address: Nybroviken and Stadshusbron, Stockholm​Website:

In the centre of Stureplan, Stockholm’s entertainment district, you can find this classic brasserie with several bars. This place is very popular in the summertime when the alfresco section is open.

​Address: Stureplan 2, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 440 57 30​Website:
The Flying Elk

This gastro pub can be found in the Old Town and offers everything from Swedish classic dishes to British pub grub. After dinner you can visit Gaston next door, a wine bar that offers an extensive beer list.

​Address: Mälartorget 15, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 20 85 83​Website:
Stockholmers love their coffee and happily spend a few hours a week at one of the city’s many cafés. Several of the year’s holidays are also associated with typical Swedish baked goods: Swedish princess cake for birthdays, saffron buns and gingerbread cookies at Christmas, Easter buns at the beginning of the year and marzipan chicks when Easter arrives. Otherwise, the most Swedish thing you can eat is the cinnamon bun. There is even an official cinnamon bun day, which is October 4. Every neighborhood has typical Swedish cafés. City and Östermalm have the most classic cafés while Gamla Stan and Södermalm have many small, charming and character-filled coffee shops. The Swedish word for a coffee break is “fika”. Find even more tips at

Awarded Stockholm’s best breakfast spot, Bakverket in SoFo is extremely popular and crowded. Bakverket serves breakfast, pastries and home-made bread all day long.

​Address: Bondegatan 59, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 6409107​Website:​Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm. Saturday-Sunday 10 am-5 pm
Bianchi Café & Cycles

Bianchi Café & Cycles opened in 2010 and is highly appreciated by its customers. Here you can have a coffee, try some Italian food and shop for a bicycle, all at the same time.

​Address: Norrlandsgatan 20, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 611 21 00​Website:​Opening hours: Daily
Café Blå Lotus

Inspired by the Orient, Café Blå Lotus offers a cosy decor and great variety of coffee and teas. Here you can enjoy great home-made pastries that will satisfy your taste buds.

​Address: Katarina Bangata 21, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 644 50 43​Website:
Café Copacabana

In the Hornstull area you can find the bohemian Café Copacabana, located in the same building as the Rio movie theatre. Here you can enjoy orange-chili hot chocolate and a great view of the water.

​Address: Hornstulls strand 3, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 669 29 39​Website:​Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 9 am-9 pm. Friday 9 am-7 pm. Saturday-Sunday 10 am-7 pm
Café Sirap

If you have cravings for American-style pancakes, Café Sirap offers a wide range of pancakes with different toppings. You can enjoy a great breakfast here every Monday to Friday between 8.30 am and 11 am.

​Address: Surbrunnsgatan 31A, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 612 94 19​Website:​Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8.30 am-4 pm. Saturday-Sunday 11 am-5 pm
Café String

This place has an extremely popular breakfast buffet in the weekends. At Café String you can also enjoy a great lunch, something sweet or coffee in a colourful vintage décor.

​Address: Nytorgsgatan 38, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 714 85 14​Website:​Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 9 am-8 pm. Friday 9 am-7 pm. Saturday-Sunday 10 am-7 pm

Chaikhana offers a great variety of pure and blended teas. Afternoon tea has become increasingly popular, so why not try it and enjoy a cup in the picturesque Old Town.

​Address: Svartmangatan 23, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 24 45 00​Website:

With an ideal location right next to the Royal Palace, Chokladkoppen offers a cosy café with exquisite pastries and sandwiches. Rumours say that the house was built in the 1520’s.

​Address: Stortorget 18, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 20 31 70​Website:​Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 10 am-10 pm. Friday 10 am-11 pm. Saturday 9 am-11 pm. Sunday 9 am-10 pm

This trendy café was built in 1997 and designed by London W8. Here you can enjoy a wide selection of light meals like salads and sandwiches as well as pastries.

​Address: Karlavägen 75, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 660 09 96​Website:​Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 8 am-9 pm. Friday 8 am-7 pm. Saturday-Sunday 11 am-7 pm
Fåfängan Restaurant & Café

From Fåfängan you get one of the greatest views in Stockholm. In the summertime you can relax in the outdoor seating area while sipping on a cup of coffee. The brunch on Saturdays and Sundays is very popular.

​Address: Klockstapelsbacken 3, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 642 99 00​Website:

In a secluded part of the city centre you can find the Observatory Museum and café Himlavalvet. Sit down and enjoy waffles, sandwiches, home-made bread and hot and cold drinks.

​Address: Drottninggatan 120, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 31 40 41​Website:
Kafé Esaias

This coffee bar serves high-quality coffee and light meals like sandwiches, soups and salads. Kafé Esaias is claimed to be one of the best coffee bars Stockholm and you find it in the Norrmalm area.

​Address: Drottninggatan 102, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 684 396 00​Website:​Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm. Saturday-Sunday 10 am-5 pm
Mean Coffee

Near the Central Station you will find Mean Coffee, an ambitious coffee bar serious about their coffee and sandwiches. Here you can have a great cup of coffee or grab a breakfast on-the-go.

​Address: Vasagatan 38, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 21 16 50​Website:​Opening hours: Monday-Friday 7 am-5 pm
Petite France

An abundance of French specialties can be found at the Petite France Bakery. Choose between brioches, croissants and other types of tasty pastries. Here you can also enjoy a lovely breakfast and lunch.

​Address: John Ericssonsgatan 6, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 618 28 00​Website:​Opening hours: Café: Monday-Friday 8 am-6 pm. Saturday-Sunday 9 am-5 pm. Bistro: Wednesday-Sunday 6 pm-11 pm
Rosendals Garden Café

This garden café is located on Djurgården Island and claimed to be one of Stockholm's true hidden gems. In the summers this place is an absolute must. Enjoy light dishes like salads, soups and home-made pastries.

​Address: Rosendalsterrassen 12, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 545 812 70​Website:

At Saturnus you will find legendary cinnamon rolls. They are not only good, they are also super large. This small café offers great pastries and drinks in an intimate atmosphere.

​Address: Eriksbergsgatan 6, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 6117700​Website:​Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8 am-8 pm. Saturday-Sunday 9 am-7 pm

Being the oldest café in Stockholm, Sturekatten offers a traditional café situated in a 16th century building right in the centre of the city. Here you can enjoy classic bake shops goods while reading a good book.

​Address: Riddargatan 4, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 611 16 12​Website:​Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9 am-7 pm. Saturday 10 am-6 pm. Sunday 11 am-6 pm. Closed on Christmas and Christmas Day

Vetekatten is one of most popular cafés in Stockholm, a favourite with both locals and tourists. Here you can enjoy traditional Swedish pastries and coffee of superior quality.

​Address: Kungsgatan 55, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 20 84 05​Website:​Opening hours: Monday-Friday 7.30 am - 7.30 pm. Saturday 9.30 am - 5 pm. Sunday 9.30 am-5 pm

With a welcoming and personal style, café Vurma offers a high cosy factor with a colourful interior. This popular café can be found in numerous locations around Stockholm. Vurma Kungsholmen Polhemsgatan 15 +46 8 650 93 50 Vurma Södermalm Bergsundstrand 31 +46 8 669 09 60 Vurma Östermalm Birger Jarlsgatan 36 +46 8 611 00 45

​Address: Gästrikegatan 2, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 306230​Website:
18 Smaker

If you enjoy ice cream you will enjoy 18 Smaker. This place serves home-made ice cream, a total of 18 flavours. The flavours change every season and are made of organic ingredients.

​Address: Timmermansgatan 15, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 462 03 95​Website:​Opening hours: Wednesday-Friday 12 pm-6.30 pm. Saturday-Sunday 12 pm-5 pm
How about clubbing in an opera house, mingling under the stars on a terrace or lounging on a boat deck sipping drinks? Stockholm has trendy nightlife, from cool, sophisticated Stureplan to the bohemian clubs and bars of Södermalm and Gamla Stan. In the summertime, the city’s nightlife moves outdoors and revellers take in long, light nights when the sun never sets. These are Stockholm’s party neighbourhoods: Stureplan In Stockholm, Stureplan is the symbol of luxury and indulgence. This is where the young, rich, famous and beautiful hang out. Lines are long for the most popular clubs, and many have selective entry. Arrive early. Södermalm Rock, reggae, rockabilly, bohemian, electronic, gay or lesbian. Södermalm blends all styles. This is a more relaxed, less expensive alternative to the luxury of Stureplan. Nightlife spots are primarily in Slussen, Mariatorget, Nytorget and Medborgarplatsen. Gamla Stan Nightlife in Gamla Stan is characterized by small, intimate pubs with traditional interiors. Here you will find several bars with an older scene and offering live music; bars with a younger crowd have popped up in recent years. LGBTQ Stockholm has no specifically gay neighbourhood. You can show your love openly. Locales flying rainbow flags are sprinkled throughout the city, but most gay bars, clubs and restaurants are in Gamla Stan and Södermalm. Find even more tips at

At Kungsgatan 18 you can find several clubs under one roof. Ambassadeur is truly a versatile nightclub with something to suit most tastes. Here you can listen to everything from vocal house and R&B to soul and pop hits from the 1980’s.

​Address: Kungsgatan 18, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 545 076 00​Website:

Berns is not only a nightclub, the well-preserved 1860’s building also features a whole entertainment mecca with bars, dance floors and alfresco areas in the summer. This is a great place to go see international artists perform on stage in the gorgeous hall.

​Address: Berzelii Park, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 566 322 00​Website:
Casino Cosmopol Stockholm

In days gone by, this fine traditional old building in the heart of Stockholm played host to dazzling movie premiers. Today, they invite you to Stockholm´s international casino with all the classic casino games as Roulette, Black Jack, Caribbean Stud Poker, Punto Banco and Poker together with a wide range of modern slot machines and, of course, pleasant restaurants and bars. Enjoy the surroundings over a three-course meal or take a seat at the bar and drink, basking in the atmosphere.

​Address: Kungsgatan 65, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 781 88 00​Website:
Debaser Medis

Debaser Medis offers one of the best live stages in Stockholm. You can find this club in Södermalm, an area popular with the trendy crowd. Come here for concerts or clubbing in a nice, relaxed atmosphere.

​Address: Medborgarplatsen 8, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 694 79 00​Website:

Fasching is one of Stockholm’s legendary jazz clubs. The club has both concerts and club nights all year around with music ranging from latin and soul to jazz.

​Address: Kungsgatan 63, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 20 00 66​Website:
Golden Hits

Golden Hits takes you back in time. This is the perfect place to sing karaoke, listen to pop hits and dance in the cheery disco atmosphere.

​Address: Kungsgatan 29, Stockholm​Phone: +468 505 560 80​Website:

Gården is the city’s new living room during the outdoor eating season. An attractive waterhole for lunch, drinks after work, dinner and an evening out. The restaurant can seat 650 guests and has a wonderful lounge area, refreshing drinks and a well-composed menu. Summer 2011 also saw the launch of the new concept Burgers n’ Stuff at Gården.

​Address: Skolgården Norra Latin, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 51 94 22 77​Website:
Hells Kitchen

Other clubs close around three, but at Hells Kitchen the party never ends. If you want to get in, you better get there early. This nightclub mainly plays mainstream house and dance music, perfect for dancing all night long.

​Address: Sturegatan 4, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 545 076 01​Website:

This hip and trendy place, inspired by the 1940’s American movies, is popular with the media crowd. Here you can enjoy a few classic drinks with your friends and order something filling from the bar.

​Address: Regeringsgatan 66, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 20 60 10​Website:

Landet, both a bar and restaurant, has despite its location outside the city become increasingly popular. This is a good place to enjoy a tasty dinner followed by a drink in the bar and, during club nights, dancing.

​Address: Lm Ericssons väg 27, Hägersten, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 410 193 20​Website:

Right next to Spy Bar, at the hub of Stureplan, you can find Laroy. This is where the partying youth like to spend their evenings and nights. During the summer months they open up the outdoor service area, the perfect place to enjoy a tasty drink in the sun.

​Address: Biblioteksgatan 23, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 545 076 50​Website:
Lemon Bar

If you feel like listening to Swedish pop hits and have a drink, Lemon Bar at Kungsholmen is a great alternative. This small bar is a real gem and offers a great atmosphere and mixed clientele.

​Address: Scheelegatan 8, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 650 17 78​Website:
Marie Laveau

Marie Laveau is a favourite of Stockholm nightlife. This is a popular place to go for after work and it attracts a mixed crowd with its lively club scene.

​Address: Hornsgatan 66, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 668 85 00​Website:
Morfar Ginko

Morfar Ginko is a great place for mingling and hanging out. It could be their DJ’s, the cool bar and the Ping-Pong that make this bar one of the most popular ones in Stockholm.

​Address: Swedenborgsgatan 13, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 641 13 40​Website:
Och Himlen Därtill

At Och Himlen Därtill in Södermalm you can enjoy a 360-degree view from the top of a skyscraper. This is not only an elegant cocktail lounge, but also a restaurant, perfect is you feel like something to eat.

​Address: Götgatan 78, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 660 60 68​Website:

The old ship at Stadsgårdskajen houses Patricia, a place with a total of seven bars, a restaurant and a nightclub. Here you can dance to a great variety of music such as pop, rock and party tunes.

​Address: Södermalm Kajplats 19, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 743 05 70​Website:
Pet Sounds Bar

This relaxed bar in Södermalm is operated by the record store Pet Sounds Records that you can find right across the street. This is the perfect place for a few well-mixed drinks in good company. In the cellar space you can enjoy live DJ’s, events and club evenings.

​Address: Skånegatan 80, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 643 82 25​Website:

At popular Solidaritet you can dance to the music of well-known DJ’s all night long. In the summertime you can also enjoy the open roof and drinks right under the sky. Solidaritet restaurant and nightclub is centrally located in Stureplan.

​Address: Lästmakargatan 3, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 678 10 50​Website:
Spy Bar

Spy Bar is one of the most famous nightclubs in Stockholm and mostly attracts media folks and the alternative crowd. It is recommended to come here early as the club fills up very fast.

​Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 20, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 545 07 655​Website:
White Room

White Room offers a stylish nightclub right in the middle of Stureplan, a trendy area in Stockholm. This club is well recognized with the 'in-crowd' and lets the champagne flow until morning.

​Address: Jakobsbergsgatan 29, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 545 076 00​Website:
It is hard to name the best place to experience Swedish design, not because of any shortage, but because design permeates everything—from the streets to shops and restaurants. Stockholm has four shopping neighbourhoods, each with its own special character. City/Norrmalm City is a hub for malls and department stores. Major clothing chains are also found here. Fashion is geared toward a younger crowd and tends to be affordable. By all means, don’t miss any of the newer malls and department stores, PUB, Illums Bolighus and MOOD, or the exclusive NK. Östermalm Östermalm is Stockholm’s exclusive neighbourhood. Most international brands and speciality shops focusing on design, fashion and jewellery are around Stureplan and Birger Jarlsgatan. Find Sweden’s leading fashion brands around Biblioteksgatan and the area known as Bibliotekstan. Auction houses and exclusive antique shops are located along Arsenalsgatan and Nybrogatan. The area bordered by Sibyllegatan, Östermalmstorg, Karlavägen, Stureplan and Strandvägen has some of the city’s best interior design shops. Gamla Stan Gamla Stan is so much more than Västerlånggatan, the touristy souvenir street. Visit Gamla Stan in your hunt for authentic handicrafts, art and curiosities. Many small speciality shops and true gems can be found here, especially along Köpmangatan and Österlånggatan. Stroll along Lilla and Stora Nygatan, or lose the map and wander freely. Gamla Stan is not big. Södermalm The southern island, Södermalm, is like a city within a city with its characteristic relaxed, bohemian vibe. Here you will find many speciality shops, particularly ones featuring design and vintage fashion. Central areas of Södermalm include Götgatan, Skånegatan and the area known as SoFo, which stands for South of Folkungagatan. A cluster of handicraft shops can be found around Slussen and along Hornsgatan, while Hornstull and Mariatorget are popular up-and-coming neighbourhoods. Find even more tips at
Alewalds Outdoor & Sports

In Alewalds Outdoor & Sports You will find more than 250 brands in outdoor equipment. If you want to live an active outside life we have it all, from mosquito nets to kayaks and functional clothes with high fashion. We have a large range of cross country-products and is the official Vasaloppet Store.


The main shopping street of Östermalm is called Biblioteksgatan. This is where you find International top brands, like Diesel and Urban Outfitters, and Swedish brands like Tiger lined up one after another.

​Address: Biblioteksgatan, Stockholm
Bottega Veneta

It is not just another luxurious Italian brand it’s the leader of exclusive artisanship and unique designs. Bottega Veneta is known for its prestigious intrecciato (woven leather) find a nice selection of handbags, accessories, shoes & jewellery at the store on Birger Jarlsgatan.

​Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 8​Phone: +46 8 611 6688​Website:
Bruno Gallerian

Bruno is a confluence of Scandinavian and international fashion. One of the best Asian restaurants in Stockholm is also located here. Bruno is: Hope, Whyred, Filippa K, Aplace, H&M, American Apparel, 3 and Restaurant Ljunggren.

​Address: Götgatan 36, Stockholm​Website:

Commonly known as the shopping street in Stockholm, Drottninggatan is definitely a good place to start your shopping spree. The street runs all the way from Gamla Stan to Odenplan, so make sure you have a lot of time.

​Address: Drottninggatan, Stockholm

Welcome to Fältöversten, a popular department store close to Östermalmstorg. An interesting blend of shopping and restaurants makes it a great place for those who appreciate the good things in life. Experience everything from delicacies and Armani to Systembolaget and Sweden’s best grocery store. The nearest tube station is Karlaplan, welcome to Fältöversten!

​Address: Karlplan 13, Stockholm​Website:

Gallerian is a large shopping centre located next to Kungsträdgården, which means The Royal Gardens. At this shopping centre you can find cafés and some of the most popular shops in Sweden. Get your spending trousers on and do not forget to bring you wallet.

​Address: Hamngatan, Stockholm​Website:
Gamla Stan

When in Stockholm, no visit will be complete without a visit to Gamla Stan. Gamla Stan has earlier in the guide been mentioned as Stockholm’s oldest attraction. This is where you will find souvenir shops, quirky shops, cosy cafés, hip restaurants and beautiful old buildings.

​Address: Gamla Stan, Stockholm
Mood Stockholm

Enjoy, Shop, Explore. If you are starting to think that all cities have the same stores and the same shopping malls, make a visit to MOOD Stockholm, a place for people to meet, eat and shop. Here you will find a unique collection of stores and restaurants gathered together in a fantastic environment.

​Address: Regeringsgatan 48, Stockholm​Website:

Mulberry is a piece of celebrated British luxury famous for high-quality leather bags, accessories and ready-to-wear. At the store on Birger Jarlsgatan you can find iconic styles as the Bayswater and Alexa, but also handbags as well as ready-to-wear and accessories from the latest collection.

​Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 10​Phone: +46 8 611 46 88​Website:
NK - The great department store

Steeped in tradition, NK is Stockholm’s most luxurious department store, established 1902. Swedish and international fashion, cosmetics, jewellery, crystal, ceramics, design, fine foods and much more.

​Address: Hamngatan 18-20, Stockholm​Website:
Hötorget and surroundings

In the area around Hötorget you will find lots of shopping opportunities. Two streets that run right next to Hötorget, called Sergelgatan and Kungsgatan, have much to offer. Nearby you can also find Drottninggatan and PUB.

​Address: Hötorget, Stockholm

Stockholm’s oldest department store PUB opened in 1882, today a modern shopping experience. Here you will find carefully selected interior items, Scandinavian design, fashion and beauty meet restaurants and cafés in an eclectic and genial atmosphere.

​Address: Hötorget, Stockholm​Website:

Ringen, The Ring, in Södermalm is a small, bustling shopping centre. This is the perfect place to stop by when touring this area of town. Here you can enjoy a quick meal in the food court, buy food in the grocery store or go shopping.

​Address: Götgatan 132, Stockholm​Website:
Sickla Köpkvarter

Sickla, Stockholm's business quarter, is located approximately 20 minutes from the city centre. This place is not only famous for its businesses and shops but also for its culture, theatres, cinema and library.

​Address: Simbagatan, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 644 21 28​Website:
SKHLM Skärholmen centrum

Go approximately 20 minutes south on the metro and you will come to Skärholmen and the large shopping centre Skärholmen centrum. In the same area you can also find the world's largest IKEA and the entertainment complex Heron City, offering cinemas and bowling alleys.

​Address: Bredholmsg. 4, Stockholm​Website:​Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10 am-8 pm. Saturday 10 am-6 pm. Sunday 11 am-6 pm

With an exciting mix of small shops, food, restaurants and a cinema, Söderhallarna truly offers a unique shopping experience. Enjoy the smells and the exciting range of products here.

​Address: Söderhallarna 110, Stockholm​Website:

Find everything from grocery stores to clothing shops at Västermalmsgallerian. Jump off at Fridhemsplan metro station and you will be right there. In the surrounding area you can also find small shops and cosy cafés.

​Address: St Eriksgatan, Stockholm​Website:

Wolford has positioned itself on the world market as a luxury brand for stockings, ready-to-wear items, underwear and bathing suits and stands for high quality products characterised by timeless elegance and maximum comfort. Please experience our beautiful Autumn/Winter collection in the Wolford Boutique and you will be guided into the World of Wolford.

​Address: Smålandgatan 20, Stockholm​Phone: +46 08 611 0804​Website:

At Åhléns you can find just about everything. This large department store is located right in the middle of the city and offers everything from perfumes and makeup to clothes, toys, books and much more.

​Address: Klarabergsgatan 50, Stockholm​Phone: +46 8 676 60 00​Website:
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Västerås Airport is located about 80 minutes west of Stockholm. Two bus companies, Swebus and Flygbussarna, serve the airport. The bus from Västerås costs about SEK150 and takes about 80 minutes. Flygbussarna, Swebus, The Stockholm Card,

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