Book flights to Vilnius with Ryanair and get to know the lovely Lithuanian capital. Vilnius is a city with real heart, and nowhere does that heart beat as strongly as in the beautiful Old Town. Spend a blissful day strolling around here, browsing the shops, stopping for coffee and a pastry, and just soaking up the atmosphere. Any visit to Vilnius should absolutely include a trip to the Republic of Užupis, just over the River Vilnia, where – true story – the residents erected a statue of Frank Zappa to replace one of Lenin, and from there decided they wanted total independence. It’s a fantastic, artistic place, and an absolute must-see when you book flights to Vilnius.
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No visit to Vilnius is complete without a visit to the self-declared Republic of Užupis, just across the sparkling river Vilnia, and behind the spectacular red Gothic façade of St. Anne’s Church. Just be sure not to miss the prominently displayed constitution (it is in Lithuanian, French and English) which states, among other things, that: “Every dog has the right to be a dog.” Other places of special interest include Vilnius University, the Hill of Three Crosses, the Gates of Dawn, the Presidential Palace, the Town Hall, Ponar Memorial, Kalvariijų market, not to mention countless other museums, galleries, churches and statues. Just one thing is certain when it comes to Vilnius: one visit is never enough.
Cathedral - Basilica

The Cathedral Basilica is Lithuania‘s most important sanctuary and a witness of the nation‘s baptism in 1387. This is also one of the greatest architectural examples of classicism style in Vilnius. In the Cathedral`s catacombs you can find a museum of its history. Visitors can book an excursion (in the Cathedral`s parsonage) and be professionally guided.

​Address: Katedros sq. 1, Vilnius​Phone: +370 5 261 07 31​Website:
Gediminas’ Tower of the Upper castle

The tower, a long standing symbol of Vilnius, is located on the 48 metre-high hill. It is named after the City’s founder, Gediminas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania. This is the only remaining part of the Upper Castle, which stood here from the 10th until late 14th century. There is an observation deck on the top of the tower, a great place to appreciate a magnificent panorama. Gediminas’ Tower can be reached by foot or a funicular.

​Address: Arsenalo str. 5, Vilnius​Phone: +370 5 261 7453​Website:
Vilnius University ensemble

The impressive Vilnius University ensemble was established in 1579 and represents different architectural styles: Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classicism. The ensemble consists of thirteen enclosed courtyards, Sts. Johns Church and the highest viewing point of the Old town. The 68 metres high campanile offers a breath-taking view of the Old Town and span less distances of Vilnius.

​Address: Universiteto str.3/ Šv. Jono str. 13, Vilnius​Phone: +370 5 219 3029​Website:
Pilies street

Pilies Street is the oldest and most flamboyant street in the Old Town of Vilnius. It has preserved its old and unique look and you can see traces of old architecture everyone: small yards, arches, arcades, original steps and basements. Nowadays it is also a place where you can find numerous cafés, restaurants and souvenir shops.

​Address: Pilies str., Vilnius
Ensemble of St Anne's and Bernardines Churches

The St. Anne's and Bernadines Churches are a fine Lithuanian Gothic ensemble located just next to each other. St. Anne’s Church, constructed from 33 different kinds of clay bricks, is the most outstanding and enchanting Gothic building in Lithuania. It dates back to the late 15th century and is still almost unchanged.

​Address: Maironio str. 8 - 1, 10, Vilnius​Phone: 370 68 240 216​Website:
St Peter and St Paul's Church of

This church is a masterpiece from the 17th century and one of the most significant Baroque monuments in Lithuania. It is famous for its exceptional interior where one can see about 2,000 stucco figures.

​Address: Antakalnio str. 1, Vilnius​Phone: +370 5 234 0229
Republic of Užupis

The Užupis district is sometimes compared to Montmartre in Paris or Christiania in Copenhagen. It is a self-declared republic of artists. The district has its own president, constitution (displayed on the wall in Paupio Street), anthem, military, day of celebration (April Fool's Day) and a guardian (the bronze angel). Užupis stands for creativity and uniqueness.

​Address: Užupis district, Vilnius
Hill of Three Crosses

Once you reach the top of this hill, a terrific view of the city opens up before your eyes. Three white crosses standing on the top symbolize Lithuanians' mourning and hope. The first crosses were erected in the 17th century in memory of the martyrs, but were removed during Stalin’s rule and then rebuilt in 1989. A journey to the top of this hill makes a lovely hike through a peaceful and green area of the city.

​Address: T. Kosciuškos str., Vilnius
Literatų street

This lovely street is like an open-air gallery. Its walls are decorated with small objects made of metal, wood and glass as tributes to writers who have influenced Lithuanian literature.

​Address: Literatų str., Vilnius
Gediminas Avenue

Gediminas avenue is the main street of Vilnius, where most of the governmental and cultural institutions of Lithuania are concentrated. Nowadays it is also a very popular shopping and dining street. It is partially a pedestrian street in the evenings when traffic is prohibited.

​Address: Gedimino ave., Vilnius
Museum of Genocide Victims (KGB)

This museum is set up in the former KGB headquarters where soviet crimes were planned and committed in the course of fifty years. Here you can go see modern expositions acquainting its visitors with the loss of independence, repressions of the soviet authorities and information about the genocide victims.

​Address: Aukų str. 2A, Vilnius​Phone: +370 5 249 8156​Website:​Opening hours: Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
Amber Museum and Gallery

The Amber Museum and Gallery offers informative displays of the “Baltic Gold“ as well as temporary exhibitions of amber jewellery. The museum hosts a unique collection of inclusions and the whole history of amber, from its formation to its possible applications, are presented in an interesting and modern manner.

​Address: Šv. Mykolo str. 8, Vilnius​Phone: +370 5 262 3092​Website:
National Art Gallery

The National Art Gallery is a modern multifunctional centre of art and culture. Visitors become acquainted with a permanent exposition, presenting Lithuanian modern and contemporary painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, objects, installations, and video art. Here you can also take part in cultural events, lectures and educational programs.

​Address: Konstitucijos ave. 22, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 12 29 97​Website:
Park of Europe

One of the most impressive contemporary art museums where art and nature merge is situated 19 kilometres from the centre of Vilnius. The Park of Europe was founded in 1991 and seeks to give a meaning to the geographical centre of Europe in the language of art. About 100 sculptures created by different artists of the world are displayed there.

​Address: Joneikiškių village, Vilnius region​Phone: +370 52 37 70 77​Website:
Frank Zappa Statue

This monument is dedicated to eminent American composer, guitarist and singer Frank Zappa. His music and iconoclastic character earned him a spot on the Soviet‘s list of banned artists, which impelled to build a statue for him right after the independence.

​Address: Kalinausko str. 1, Vilnius
Over the centuries Lithuanians have created a unique palette of dishes, influenced by the culture of various nationalities. A distinctive trait of Lithuanian cuisine is the preponderance of potato dishes. The most impressive of these is cepelinai (‘Zeppelins’), large boiled potato dumplings (made from grated raw potato) with fillings of minced meat or cottage cheese. Other traditional potato dishes are various types of kugelis (potato loaf) and potato salad, potato pancakes made from grated raw potato or boiled potato (sometimes – with a meat filling), and small potato dumplings with mushroom or berry filling. Perhaps the most exotic Lithuanian dish is vėdarai or ‘potato sausages’ – pork intestines stuffed with grated raw potato, baked in a wood stove or electric oven. Soup is very popular in Lithuania. One of the most interesting Lithuanian soups is šaltibarščiai (cold beetroot soup), which is made from beets/beetroot, kefir (a fermented milk product), greens and boiled eggs. This dish is most popular when served on a hot summer day. The city is peppered with restaurants that can cater to all tastes and budgets. Vilnius has a staggering array of outstanding places to dine, offering the best in French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Mexican, Indian, Russian, German and Kosher food, as well as many cutting-edge international restaurants. And of course, no visit to Vilnius could be complete without experiencing one of the city’s many welcoming Lithuanian restaurants.

Balzac offers an authentic French cuisine and good selection of over 40 French wines imported directly from France. The restaurant is located in the very heart of Vilnius, just next to the Town Hall Square, and welcomes you around an exquisite meal in a warm atmosphere with French music.

​Address: Savičiaus str. 7, Vilnius​Phone: +370 61 48 92 23​Website: ​More info: French Cuisine
La Boheme

“La Boheme”, established in an 18th century building, offers a cosy atmosphere with a lot of candles and fireplace. At the restaurant you can enjoy a glass of wine choosing from 137 types of wine from all over the world and a good quality dishes from the French, Italian or Spanish cuisine. At the evenings you can enjoy live music.

​Address: Šv. Ignoto str. 4/3, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 12 10 87​Website:​More info: French Cuisine

The restaurant is established under the open sky and calls together up to 600 guests. Here, apart from eating or drinking, enjoying the fresh air or nature you will hear something that no other restaurant is in possession of: the sound of brawling waterfalls.

​Address: Belmonto str. 17, Vilnius​Phone: +370 68 61 46 56​Website:​More info: Lithuanian Cuisine
Čili Kaimas

The wonderful Old Town in Vilnius would not be the same without the Čili Kaimas restaurant next to Town Hall Square, seating a full 410 people and covering two levels. The resident rooster inside crows every hour, carp and sturgeon swim in the pool, adders slither in the terrarium and the mood of times past is enhanced by the authentic old swords, helmets and armour. The cosy outdoor terrace opens its doors to guests when it is warm outside.

​Address: Vokiečių str. 8, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 31 25 36​Website:​More info: Lithuanian Cuisine
Forto Dvaras

“Forto Dvaras” was the first restaurant in Lithuania to offer certified meals from the Gastronomic Heritage Foundation. These are meals made in the traditional way, using products of local origin. You can hear Lithuanian music playing in a cosy atmosphere of an old estate, decorated with elements of the old graphics and pictures from authentic books.

​Address: Pilies str. 16, Vilnius​Phone: +370 65 61 36 88​Website:​More info: Lithuanian Cuisine

Restaurant “Lokys” opened in 1972 and is one of the oldest restaurants in Vilnius, located in the olden merchant’s house where restaurant cellars, decorated with hunting trophies, remind us of the 15th century. In addition to the attentive service, game roasts (boar-meat, roe-dear, venison meat roasts, quail and even beaver meat stew) made according to traditional recipes help to create a unique hospitality atmosphere for every guest.

​Address: Stiklių str. 8, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 62 90 46​Website:​More info: Lithuanian Cuisine
Marceliukės klėtis

The Lithuanian cuisine restaurant Marceliukes Kletis cares, not only for the guests to eat and drink well, but also to have a great time during their visit. In order to introduce you to Lithuanian traditions and culture, we offer special menus, folk show with dancers, pleasant atmosphere and hospitable service.

​Address: Tuskulėnų str. 35, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 72 50 87​Website:​More info: Lithuanian Cuisine

Žemaičiai offers a brilliant collection of medieval cellars designed for a slightly upmarket dining experience, ignore the international dishes and plunge into the traditional food. Those eating in groups should consider one of the big mixed platters, which are both good value and fun to share.

​Address: Vokiečių str. 24, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 61 65 73​Website:​More info: Lithuanian Cuisine
Marché de Provence

Marché de Provence is a really great-looking restaurant that serves dishes from France and the Mediterranean region in general. This restaurant has a large list of wine too, the staff know what they are talking about and the use of fresh herbs in every dish really makes the place stand out from the crowd.

​Address: Pilies str. 27, Vilnius​Phone: +370 68 67 77 07​Website:​More info: French Cuisine
La Provence

If you are looking for something close to what you might find in old Europe, the search, as they say, is now over. This could be the most mouth-watering choice in the Old Town, La Provence is leagues ahead the competition. Savoury fish choices include red mullet, monkfish and fresh, hot and smoked halibut. But if you really want to throw caution to the wind, take on the lamb knuckles or roebuck fillet with cherry sauce. La Provence also houses the most uncompromising wine list in town.

​Address: Vokiečių str. 22, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 62 02 57​Website:​More info: French Cuisine
Bunte Gans

Bunte Gans churns out excellent German cuisine and other dishes in Old Town. The imaginative, good value food on offer includes schnitzels, bratwurst, bangers and mash, lamb, boar, beef steaks, fresh fish and the house special dish of goose with fried potatoes and a host of other vegetables. There’s live music during the weekends and an extensive range of drinks including Riesling, Grauer Burgunder and the recommended German beer Zoller-Hof from Schwabia.

​Address: Aušros vartų str. 11, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 12 83 12​Website:​More info: German Cuisine.

The first Chagin’s restaurant opened in Vilnius in 2001. Its name is associated with the famous Russian academician, talented architect Nikolay Chagin. At Chagin’s restaurant you will enjoy an authentic atmosphere of 19th century Russian nobility and dishes of Russian cuisine based on old national recipes.

​Address: Basanavičiaus str. 11, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 61 55 55​Website:​More info: Russian Cuisine
California Gourmet

Restaurant “California Gourmet” is established in the heart of Vilnius Old Town at the five star Ramada Hotel & Suites Vilnius, owned by the biggest network of the American hotels. This gourmet restaurant offers the ultimate fine dining experience, from a sophisticated décor to mouth-watering food. The menu is impressive and includes legendary foie gras pate and other dishes like duck liver and fresh seafood like oysters, lobster and scallops.

​Address: Savičiaus str. 2, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 38 83 88​Website:​More info: International Cuisine
The Old Green House

The Old Green House is established only a few steps away from the Cathedral Square in a 19th century house, which is one of the few wooden houses remaining in Vilnius. At the restaurant you can have a refreshing glass of beer, with 14 types of the Lithuanian and imported beer on tap to choose from, or taste The Old Green House light, special, strong or brand beer brewed according to a special recipe. Those, who decide to have a solid meal, can choose from a wide menu of salads and grilled steaks. On the summer you are welcome to stop by the closed courtyard, where you can forget the heat and bustle of the city, and listen to live music in the evenings. You are also welcome to enjoy the fireplace during cooler evenings.

​Address: L. Stuokos-Gucevičiaus str. 5, Vilnius​Phone: +370 616 99559​Website:​More info: International Cuisine
Ida Basar

Ida Basar is the first and the only Restaurant/Museum in the Baltic States which besides presenting by the time forgotten culinary heritage invites to enjoy more than 6000 exhibits. Ida Basar introduced the menu of the Great Duchy of Lithuania grandees of the 17th and 18th centuries and international cuisine.

​Address: Savičiaus str. 3, Vilnius​Phone: +370 5 262 8582​Website:​More info: International Cuisine

Neringa has maintained its style and spirit through many years, therefore it attracts both old visitors and modern youth. The restaurant surprises with its new ideas, high quality food, good service and original classical surroundings. Here you can find a wide assortment of European and Lithuanian dishes that will please every visitor. Besides new dishes, renewed every season, the restaurant is proud of its old dishes that have been popular for more than 30 years.

​Address: Gedimino ave. 23, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 61 40 58​Website:​More info: International Cuisine
Prie Katedros

The brewery-restaurant Prie Katedros is located in one of the most beautiful places in Vilnius, which is Gediminas Avenue. Here you can experience the oldest brewing traditions and taste three kinds of locally produced beer. The cosy atmosphere and the delicious European cuisine will make you feel really special. The restaurant has 4 rooms, 96 seats and a VIP hall for various occasions. The restaurant also arranges excursions. Tours have to be booked in advance.

​Address: Gedimino ave. 5, Vilnius​Phone: +370 60 57 75 55​Website:​More info: International Cuisine

Many have stated that Medininkai is one of the best restaurants in Vilnius after dining here. The restaurant is located right in the heart of Vilnius Old Town. It has the privilege of having a 16th century courtyard that offers its guests the opportunity to have lunch or dinner outside in the pleasant atmosphere of old Vilnius during summer. Today it follows the tradition of offering exceptional international cuisine, as well as a number of Lithuanian masterpieces, first-class service in surroundings of refined elegance and impeccable hospitality. The excellent cuisine together with high level service will leave you a memorable experience.

​Address: Aušros vartų str. 8, Vilnius​Phone: +370 60 08 64 91​Website:​More info: International Cuisine

At this restaurant you can enjoy freshly caught seasonal fish from the Baltic Sea, Curonian Lagoon and Lithuanian lakes and rivers. The restaurant‘s chef updates the menu twice a year. Everyone can enjoy lovely and gourmet dishes while listening to the sound of live music.

​Address: Didžioji str. 31, Vilnius​Phone: +370 68 21 91 72​Website:​More info: International Cuisine
Nightlife in Vilnius caters to every budget and taste. You can enjoy a beer at one of the many pubs here or hit one of the clubs. Make sure you dress well as face control is on the rise here.
In Vino

This is the place that started the wine-boom in Vilnius and it is still avant-garde. The tapas menu is extensive, and even by Spanish standards the real deal. This place is a long-time favourite of everybody who is anybody, from artists and actors to hard-boiled business people and even an odd merry politician.

​Address: Aušros Vartų str. 7, Vilnius​Phone: +370 521 21 210​Website:​More info: Wine bar
Notre Vie

This little wine bar, situated right in the heart of the Old Town, is a real gem. All the wines served here are carefully selected and brought directly from the wine farms by the owners themselves. This is an exceptional wine bar standing for high quality, uniqueness and exclusivity, not to mention the cosy interior and live jazz evenings.

​Address: Stiklių str. 10, Vilnius​Phone: +370 614 24 521​Website:​More info: Wine bar

Franki is a perfect place for intimate conversations over a glass of wine, with French music in the background. The interior has a homely feel to it with many old pictures and posters on the walls, antique mirrors and commodes. You can listen to live music here on the weekends.

​Address: Vilniaus str. 35, Vilnius​More info: Wine bar
Studio 9

Located in Vilnius downtown and defining itself as a social grill and lounge, Studio 9 is an exceptional mix of actual music, a pleasant atmosphere and delicious food. This could be one of the trendiest venues in the capital of Lithuania and offers tasty burgers, pizzas, steaks, salads and a wide range of musical performances by talented artists and DJ’s.

​Address: Gedimino 9, Vilnius​Phone: +370 698 52 999​Website:​More info: Live music bar

The art factory Loftas is a very well-known place for the trendy and up to date people. This venue is based inside a fabulous old factory in Vilnius Newtown and offers creative opportunities, outlets and events including parties, fashion shows, educational seminars, film screenings and much more. Loftas is popular for big music shows with worldwide known live bands and DJ’s.

​Address: Švitrigailos str. 29, Vilnius​Phone: +370 621 99 580​Website:​More info: Live music bar

Artistai is a lively place with a youthful vibe and has been on the Vilnius’ party scene for a long time. This place is especially loved by students and draw in crowds with a mixture of popular hits and timeless pop classics. This place has a courtyard too where frequent live music concerts are being performed.

​Address: Šv. Kazimiero str. 3, Vilnius​Phone: +370 521 21 268​Website:​More info: Live music bar

Soulbox is not only a place with live music (which is played almost daily) but also of tasty and affordable food. This place has a soulful interior and is claimed to be one of the hottest spots in town.

​Address: Vilniaus str. 33, Vilnius​Phone: +370 607 77 633​Website:​More info: Live music bar
Gringo pub

With its friendly staff and a carefully selected beer menu, this bar stands out. The free wireless internet and table football only make it better. There is live soccer on the screen and draught beers including Guinness and Stella Artois to go with it.

​Address: Vilniaus str. 31, Vilnius​Phone: +370 654 90 541​Website:​Opening hours: Open daily from 11 am​More info: Bar
Piano Man Bar

Mixed and chirpy crowd, great drinks selection, friendly bartenders and good music make this bar a real charming one. It is hard not to have a good time at the Piano Man.

​Address: Islandijos str 1, Vilnius​Phone: +370 630 09949​Website:​More info: Bar

Cozy is a café, restaurant and a DJ-bar. The charming old premises date back to 1536 and offers a warm interior with delicious food and friendly staff. This is a great place to sit back and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

​Address: Dominikonų str. 10, Vilnius​Phone: +370 526 11 137​Website:​More info: Bar
Havana Social Club

This club gathers different kinds of people and creates a friendly and lively vibe. On Thursdays there is live music on stage, while weekends are taken over by famous DJ’s, who know how to create unforgettable parties. During daytime you can enjoy food in the restaurant or enjoy Cuban rum in the evening, while sitting in a comfy armchair and listening to your own selected songs from a vinyl collection.

​Address: Šermukšnių str. 4A, Vilnius​Phone: +370 526 10 812​Website:​More info: Night club
Berlin Bar & Club

Berlin Bar & Club is inspired by one of the most cosmopolitan European cities. This cocktail bar offers European nightlife with cocktails, music and Berlin atmosphere.

​Address: Islandijos st. 1, Vilnius​Phone: +370 61 58 60 82​Website:​More info: Night club
The main shopping areas in Vilnius can be divided neatly into the two areas of Old Town (pedestrian streets where you can find antiques, amber, linen, books old and new, some nice pieces of art, handcrafts) and parts of the city’s classiest retail street, Gedimino (designer clothes, fashion shops, more charming crafts). In the Old Town, the very heart of the city, you can find excellent shops, prestigious boutiques and street markets specialising in local arts, crafts and souvenirs. The most well-known areas for shopping in the Old Town are Pilies and Didžioji streets. The city’s markets are also well worth a visit for an authentic, blast to the past experience if nothing else, as indeed are the increasing number of large shopping and leisure centres around the edge of the city. There you will find all the clothing, footwear, food and other numerous shops not listed here. They are usually open from early morning to late at night. All ladies will love the linen and amber. According to local legend, amber originates from the tears of the sea goddess Jūratė and the stones from her castle, which was destroyed by Perkūnas, the pagan god of thunder, when he discovered her passionate love affair with the mortal fisherman Kastytis. Ask most people and they will tell you amber is a dark honey colour. However, visit anywhere selling the stuff and you will soon see it come in such diverse colours as blue, black, white and yellow. White amber is called royal amber and is widely available in Lithuania. Meanwhile the other good linen is woven from the fibres of the flax plant and is a completely natural resource, perhaps the most ecologically sound fabric of all. This fabric that really breathes, is available for just about any part of the body or home.
Senasis Kuparas

Senasis Kuparas presents a unique collection of original icons, excellent reproductions of famous painters’ works, silver, furniture, enormous variety of any kind of souvenirs and much more.

​Address: Dominikonų str. 14, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 621 024​Website:
Vilnius Antiques Centre

This is a place worth a visit if you want to snoop around for decadent antiques. Here you can find opulent silverware, inlaid walnut furniture, pottery, elaborate hand-blown glass and gilt-framed religious paintings as well as a wide selection of other curiosities.

​Address: Dominikonų str. 16, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 626476​Website:
Admondo Antiques

This is one of the oldest art and antiques centres in Vilnius, which opened in heart of Vilnius in 1990. From the 1990‘s onwards and now it offers its clients beautiful collections of art works bringing together paintings, drawings, furniture, art objects, religious artefacts from the 16th to 20th centuries. The art and antiques gallery regularly presents the great names in the fine arts world fusing Old Masters and Lithuanian modernists, German romanticists and Russian realists, representatives of European modernism and Lithuania's Jewish art. Admondo Antiques bases its activities on values of professionalism and authenticity.

​Address: Didžioji str. 27, Vilnius​Phone: +370 605 22222​Website:
Amber Museum and Gallery

The Amber Museum and Gallery offers informative displays of the “Baltic Gold“ as well as temporary exhibitions of amber jewellery. The museum hosts a unique collection of inclusions and the whole history of amber, from its formation to its possible applications, are presented in an interesting and modern manner.

​Address: Šv. Mykolo str. 8, Vilnius​Phone: +370 5 262 3092​Website:
Beata Amber

The base activity of company is production and trading of amber jewellery and semi-products for amber jewellery, trading with raw amber material as well. "Beata" production is valued in the biggest world markets - such as Asia, Far East, Middle East, Europe, USA. The company is annually participating in different International Jewellery Fairs. As much a wholesaler as retailer, you can pick up amber at a variety of stages of production. Here guest could purchase serious jewellery works, souvenirs and various knick-knacks from wide variety. You can even make your own jewellery creation. The master will materialise all possible wishes by your desire and put amber in any desirable form.

​Address: Stiklių str. 9; Antakalnio str. 60​Phone: +370 52 344685​Website:

This is a family company from 1992. If you need to bring a gift home, that represents the country and reminds you of your stay in Vilnius, you will definitely find something here. You will find everything that can be made from amber in these shops. There is offer of more Lithuanian souvenirs such as wooden flatware, wooden toys, ceramics, plates, cups and T-shirts with Lithuanian motives, national dolls and candles.

​Address: Aušros Vartų str. 13; Aušros Vartų str. 4; Pilies str. 23; Pilies str. 32, Vilnius​Phone: +370 687 81817​Website:
Linen-Amber Studio

This is one of the most stylish and prestigious Lithuanian amber, linen and gift stores, conveniently situated in the heart of the Old Town. In the historic city centre there used to be craft workshops, shops, merchants' houses and nobility mansions.

​Address: Didžioji str. 5, Vilnius​Website:
AV17 Gallery

Open, pulsing, alive, the AV17 GALLERY cherishes all these qualities. This is the only gallery which concentrates its activity on both visual arts and contemporary jewellery. The contemporary art exhibitions change monthly with different types of art. Exhibitions of jewellery, painting, graphics, photography, sculpture and video art are organised here. There is also an exhibition of unique jewellery and small plastic pieces with amber.

​Address: Aušros Vartų str. 17, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 6125791 ​Website:
Alex Pogrebnojus & Vida Simanavičiūtė (A&V)

A&V was created by the duo of Aleksandras Pogrebnojus and Vida Simonavičiūtė. A&V stands out in the context of European fashion. This non-commercial brand represents intellectual fashion and attracts customers who value unique clothes and accessories. The authentic signature style of A&V is the combination of Lithuanian heritage and global trends, meticulous design, professionalism and snappy criticism of modern values, finesse and reserved boldness. When creating their collections, designers primarily focus on the functionality, quality, aesthetics and comfort of their clothes and accessories. Aleksandras Pogrebnojus and Vida Simanavičiūtė create exquisite avant-garde collections both for men and women

​Address: Aušros Vartų str. 17, Vilnius​Phone: +370 687 52802​Website:
Boutique Privilege

Boutique Privilege is a small shop which specializes in elite and fashionable items such as handmade jewellery, accessories and clothing. All handmade things here are unique and original. To ensure that all things are authentic Boutique Privilege gives a certificate. Men can also shop for accessories like bracelets, original watches and accessories from leather.

​Address: Šv. Mykolo str. 12, Vilnius​Phone: +370 686 04486 / +370 675 07311​Website:
Boutique Lino Kopos

The name means linen dunes, which sounds like a laundry nightmare, but is actually a fair reflection of the range and beauty of creations made exclusively from this versatile natural fibre. The design studio is the shop of the Lithuanian fashion designer Giedrius Šarkauskas, who creates designs garments for both sexes. Giedrius label is absolutely unique, very specific for Lithuania, with a comfortable fit, ecological and beautiful. His collections include cold season outerwear.

​Address: Krokuvos str. 6, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 751200​Website:
Fashion House Juozas Statkevičius

Juozas Statkevicius is the most prominent Lithuanian fashion designer, well-known far beyond the borders of the Baltic States. In fact, he is the first designer from the Baltics to present his haute couture collections in Paris (in 2001 and 2002) and the first Lithuanian who has made appearance on glossy pages of “Elle“ and “Voguefashion“ magazines. The designer considers that fashion exists for one single reason, the love towards a woman, and his creative style is a perfect manifestation of that. His designs are like exquisite dreams, acted out in garments, with every elaborate and evocative detail telling its own story.

​Address: Odminių str. 9-10, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 625572​Website:
Julija Fashion House

Surplus to the Lithuanian designer Julija’s haute couture offers a range of off-the-peg clothing for women of all shapes and sizes available at reasonable prices. Applying a soft touch with stunning effect, Julija is the sort of designer who would like to get to know the customers before getting dressed. Julia’s works cherish the mature woman, respecting every curve of her body, blending simplicity and grace for an effective look. She can not only design personal wardrobe, but whole house too.

​Address: Stiklių str. 7, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 310609 / +370 619 64020​Website: /
Ramunė Piekautaitė Boutique

Here you can find plenty of experience and respectable fashion, home to the internationally successful local designer Ramunė Piekautaitė. At home and abroad she has been appreciated for her special character, described as romantic, sensual, reserved, but luxurious, aristocratically elegant and confidence. For many years Piekautaitė has faithfully maintained the style and philosophy of her fashion home, but each collection still surprises with its new design solutions, which never miss the global fashion trends. This designer creates fashion that is easy to understand, apply and love, inspired by the lifestyle and situation of the contemporary woman.

​Address: Didžioji str. 20, Vilnius​Phone: +370 5 279 1874​Website:
Serge Gandzumian Fashion House

Serge Gandzumian is a talented fashion designer. He is adaptable enough to design for both men and for women, mostly in a minimalist yet sophisticated style.

​Address: Subačiaus str. 15/2, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 127055​Website:

Zoraza Design House is a creative workshop with art, fashion and interior design. Most of the works are inspired by the past centuries, the most famous artists and different styles and cultures.

​Address: Stiklių str. 6, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 120084​Website:

A huge place full of shops and the flocks that visit them. In case shopping isn’t your thing, you can try ice-skating, bowling, or see a film. There’s also a good range of restaurants, a supermarket and free car park. Not very central, find it about 3km north of the action.

​Address: Ozo str. 25, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 492879 ​Website:

This place is located in the heart of the business district just north of the river. Spread over three floor, you can find mostly clothes shops, a couple of restaurants and a handful of little pods for drinking coffee in.

​Address: Konstitucijos ave. 7A, Vilnius​Website:

The large Ozas shopping centre offers gargantuan shopping and restaurant services. Here you can find a veritable cavalcade of shops selling everything from designer clothes to food. A cinema and entertainment for children can also be found here.

​Address: Ozo str. 18, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 100150 ​Website:

At Panorama you can find loads of retail outlets, entertainment centres and restaurants close to the centre in Žvėrynas. This shopping centre concentrates on many high street names, with a wide assortment of outfit and accessories under one roof.

​Address: Saltoniškių str. 9, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 195811​Website:
Halės Market

The beautifully restored brick building dating from the 1900’s is more than worth a look inside. A trip through the doors rewards visitors with a nasal blast of several tonnes of smoked meat, which can be bought in here along with a few other specialities including fresh fruit and vegetables plus a nice range of locally-produced honey.

​Address: Pylimo str. 58/1, Vilnius​Phone: +370 52 625536​Website:
Kalvarijų Market

Kalvarijų Market features everything from old ladies selling garlic bulbs and carrier bags to the occasional bargain goat (cash only). This is one of the best places in town for meat, locally-produced honey and cameras manufactured in the CCCP, tropical fish, man bags, Minsk bicycles and cheap cigarettes from the Roma girls near the main entrance.

​Address: Kalvarijų str. 61, Vilnius​Phone: +370 696 35718​Website:
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Vilnius International Airport

Vilnius International Airport is located on a plateau to the south of Vilnius. It is located only 5 kilometres away and the journey takes approximately 15 minutes. You can get to and from the airport easily by train, bus, minibus or taxi. Car rental companies are represented at the airport. A special scheduled train runs from the airport to Vilnius Railway Station. A covered pedestrian walkway (located just outside the airport terminal) connects the airport terminal with the railway stop. It runs roughly once an hour and the journey takes about 7 minutes. City buses 1 and 2 also provide a service to and from the airport. A minibus is another mean of transport that connects the airport and the city centre. The city can be reached by taxis and there is no fixed price, but the journey should cost between €10-20.

​Address: Vilnius International Airport, Vilnius​Phone: +370 5 230 6666​Website:​More info: Prices updated February 2014
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