If you fancy a hand of cards then Altenburg is for you. Playing cards have been produced here for over 500 years and in the centre of the town is monument to the national card game ’skat’ which was first played here. The town goes back over 1000 years and has an impressive castle set on a rocky outcrop, with market squares and a magnificent Town Hall. The brewery is a very important part of the town and you can still buy collapsible top hats on Rossplan Square. The Skat fountain on Bruhl Square is said to bring you good luck if you baptise your cards under the water.
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Altenburg is rich in sights and history. Here you can stroll around and look at towers, castle, parks and old buildings. The city also offers many interesting museums and those who are interesting in beer there is Altenburg Brewery and Museum.

Romance will be in the air as you stroll around this attractive part of the town with its many ancient tiny houses. Take your time here to enjoy the history and relax with a cup of coffee.

​Endereço: Nikolaiviertel, Altenburg
Castle and Playing Card Museum and Card Fountain

You will find the playing card museum inside the castle walls whilst the card fountain is in an old town square. The museum contains a large playing card exhibition and other ducal collections such as antique porcelain and furniture.

​Endereço: Schloss 2-4, Altenburg​Web site: http://www.cms.residenzschloss-altenburg.de
Lindenau Museum

This houses one of Europe’s finest collections of Italian Renaissance Art, ceramics and classical statues and is considered one of the most important art museums in East Germany. There is a café on site and also a shop.

​Endereço: Gabelentzstr 5, Altenburg​Telefone: +49 3447 89553​Web site: http://www.lindenau-museum.de
Theater Altenburg-gera

Theatre Altenburg-gera was built in 1869 and was once the Royal Theatre. It is well worth a look inside as it has a beautiful historical interior. Approximately 165,000 people visit the theatre annually.

​Endereço: Theaterplatz 19, Altenburg​Telefone: +49 3447 5850​Web site: http://www.tpthueringen.de
Altenburg Brewery and Museum

Experience the Art Noveau brewing room and get a chance to sample some of the local beer. Special evenings mean you can try a few samples and enjoy some local food. For beer connoisseurs there is a chance to drink as much beer as you can in an hour, quite a challenge!

​Endereço: Brauereistraße 20, Altenburg​Telefone: +49 3447 31290​Web site: http://www.brauerei-altenburg.de
Altenburg Distillery

Altenburg Distillery invites you to a place where you can try the many different liqueurs from the region and find out how they are made. They have a factory shop if you find something that is in particularly tasty.

​Endereço: Am Anger 1-2, Altenburg​Telefone: +49 3447 554 60​Web site: http://www.destillerie.de
Altenburg Towers

Visit Altenburg’s many towers and get a bird’s eye view of the town. You can choose from the towers in the castle to Nikolaiturm in the old town or the tower gallery at the Brüderkirche. Another alternative is the watchman’s apartment at Bartholomew’s Church.

​Endereço: Altenburg
Talk to the locals and get along to one of the many local festivals and enjoy some regional fare. German food is always wholesome and there are always plenty of takeaway stalls in the town. Pork is a popular meat as is chicken. Sauerkraut is great with bratwurst and meats. The local specialities include goat cheese, “Mutzbraten” roasted pork chops with a dark coat of herbs, “Rostbrätel” a pork steak with onion sauce and minced potatoes and “Bierfleisch” pork chops sautéed with dark beer.
Gasthaus Gesecus

Gasthaus Gesecus is a very small Altenburg inn that is famous for their regional dishes cooked by the owner. It is a chance to step back in time and imagine Germany in another life.

​Endereço: Topfmarkt 2, Altenburg​Telefone: +49 3447 315 066​Web site: http://www.gasthaus-gesecus.de
Fisch Dünewald

The popular local fish monger loves to cook his fresh fish for his guests during lunch and early evening. No set menu, but whatever arrives that day together with a good glass of wine. This is an ideal place for a long chat.

​Endereço: Weibermarkt 2, Altenburg​Telefone: +49 3447 314 000​Web site: http://www.duenewald-fisch.de
Gastwirtschaft Kulisse

Gastwirtschaft Kulisse is a good place to meet people. There is an enormous bar and large portions of good food which makes this a popular place to eat. Hot food is served from 17.00 until 24.00 every day.

​Endereço: Theaterplatz 18, Altenburg​Telefone: +49 3447 500 939​Web site: http://www.kulisse-abg.de
Ratskeller Altenburg

Ratskeller Altenburg is a town house inn which is part of the 16th century town hall. Located in the centre of the town, it offers lots of regional specialities served in four different rooms.

​Endereço: Markt 1, Altenburg​Telefone: +49 3447 311 226​Web site: http://www.ratskeller-altenburg.de
Restaurant Brunello

Restaurant Brunello´s menu focus on Mediterranean specialities and changing theme dishes in a former court official’s large villa. Beautiful views of the castle. Sitting in the winter garden, on the terrace or the panelled salon you will feel like transported back 100 years.

​Endereço: Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 14, Altenburg​Telefone: +49 3447 890 077​Web site: http://www.brunello-altenburg.de

The “gemütliche” dark panelled inn is the favourite place for all card players who play Germany’s national card game “Skat” over jugs of beer and hearty local dishes.

​Endereço: Am Rossplan 08, Altenburg​Telefone: +49 3447 56 610​Web site: http://www.hotel-rossplan.com​Mais informação: Hotel am Rossplan
Steakhouse Theatercafé

Steakhouse Theatercafé is located just opposite the theater and with an impressive view up to the castle. They offer a good choice of steaks and other meat menus at reasonable prices.

​Endereço: Theaterplatz 9, Altenburg​Telefone: +49 3447 515 869​Web site: http://www.steakhaus-altenburg.de
Altenburg have many cafés that you will discover a long you stroll. Take your time to find the true gems in the city, many of them will take you back to the old Germany.
Eiscafe Venezia

this cafe is loved by young and old, the Duomo family serves real Italian ice cream, cafe latte and Campari just like they were at home. This is a popular meeting place for all ages at the central market place.

​Endereço: Weibermarkt 1, Altenburg​Telefone: +49 3447 509 159​Web site: http://www.eiscafevenezia.com
La Inesse

La Inesse is an Italian deli in a flower shop that serves a good choice of Mediterranean foods. They offer delicious lunch and have the perfect coffee to end your lunch with.

​Endereço: Weibermarkt, Altenburg​Telefone: +49 3447 513289
Café Domizil

Café Domizil serves delicious home-made Kuchen and Torten in a historical setting. Here you can have breakfast or light lunch. Open from 8.00 to 18.00 in the early evening. It has a terrace on the main market square.

​Endereço: Markt 8, Altenburg​Telefone: +49 3447 371 080​Web site: http://www.cafe-domizil.de
Café Volkstädt

Time has stood still in this Altenburg favourite which has been in the hands of the Mehlwitz family for over 50 years. The pastry and fruit cakes are a local must for weddings and festivities.

​Endereço: Burgstrasse 13, Altenburg​Telefone: +49 3447 311 318
Cafe Giulio Bahnhofcenter

Cafe Giulio is located in the train station and is a great place to go to for a snack. Their coffee is freshly roasted and comes solely from the company Seeberger. In summer time they have a delicious frozen yoghurt.

​Endereço: Fabrikstraße 31, Altenburg​Telefone: +49 3447 515 0730​Web site: http://www.cafe-giulio.de
Altenburg is not a late night town except when there is one of the many shows, special parties, festivals or concerts taking place, however many of the restaurants and bars organize theme evenings, dances or house parties. This is a good opportunity to meet people. Young people often start their evening in Altenburg and move on towards Leipzig or Zwickau.
Villa Bar

Villa Bar is the in place of the younger Altenburg crowd with many students coming home from Leipzig or Jena enjoying jazz, house music, parties or concerts. Excellent cocktails, a terrace in a large garden and good value for the money.

​Endereço: Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 14, Altenburg​Telefone: +49 173 357 3132​Web site: http://www.villabar.de
Finnegans Irish House

An Irish pub, where ever you are, is always a safe bet for a cold, good tasting beer. At Finnegans they also serve traditional Irish food and have a menu of 40 different types of whiskey.

​Endereço: Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 2, Altenburg​Telefone: +49 3447 488 5274
Restaurant & Beer Garden Backdrop

Here you can enjoy the sense of how Altenburg use to feel like back in the days. You could eat here as well, but most guest comes here for the beer garden.

​Endereço: Theater Square 18, Altenburg​Telefone: +49 3447 500 939
Häfner's wine store

80 different spirits, whiskeys and liquors which you can select from and take back home. At the store you can relax with a great tasting sparkling glass of champagne or wine.

​Endereço: Leipziger Straße 31, Altenburg​Telefone: +49 3447 511 037​Web site: http://www.wein-whisky-haefner.de
Altenburger Hof

Visit the cocktail bar in the Altenburger Hof hotel. The cocktails are imaginative, delicious and beautifully made which you can enjoy in the relaxing atmosphere.

​Endereço: Schmöllnsche Landstraße 8, Altenburg​Telefone: +49 3447 5840​Web site: http://www.altenburger-hof.de
There are plenty of opportunities for purchasing local wares and beverages together with beers and schnaps at the Brewery Museum.The main shopping area is on and around the five historical marketplaces of the old town and within easy walking distance. Altenburg Liqueur can be obtained in many different varieties from the Distillery. Altenburg mustard comes in more than 150 varieties and is available from the Mustard Shop on Moritzstrasse. Altenburg playing cards and special editions of the “Spielkartenladen” can be found in the Tourist Information in the main market place. This is also the largest souvenir shop with an extensive choice of regional specialities and products such as the famous goat cheese. Wednesdays and Saturdays are market days with farmers bringing their goods to sell. Historical books and antiquities can be purchased in the many little shops on the cobble-stoned streets of old town around the market place. Local pottery can be bought in several workshops in Altenburg and the villages round about.
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