Hungary does not have a coast anymore but it does have the Hungarian Sea, otherwise known as Lake Balaton. The lake has been popular since the Magyar tribes first galloped into the Carpathian Basin in 896 and shows no signs of losing its appeal. Around the 77 kilometre long lake is a collection of towns and resorts. Hévíz-Balaton Airport is situated 20 kilometres from Keszthely at the southern end of the lake. From there, hire a car or take a bus and explore some of the resorts. Balaton is not one single town but a collection of resorts dotted along the shore, each with its unique character: Balatonfüred’s elegant spa, Tihany’s abbey, Siófok’s nightlife, Keszthely’s history, Hévíz’s giant thermal lake and of course, all manner of water sports on the lake itself.
Keszthely: 22,000 Siófok: 24,000 Balatonfüred: 13,300
Hungarian Forint (Ft or HUF) = 100 fillér
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Lake Balaton is a real Hungarian treasure. This large lake has numerous places along the shores and visitors will have no difficulties finding fun things to do.
Badacsony Wine Region

The volcanic hills on the northern shore, the most eye-catching being the table-shaped Badacsony, are famous for their refreshing white wines and breathtaking views. The rich, volcanic soil is perfect for growing wine. The area around Balatonfüred and the nearby village of Csopak, is famed for crisp and dry white wines.

​Endereço: Patakvölgyi utca 18, Csopak​Web site:
Balatonfüred Resort

Balatonfüred has two marinas, three lidos, a string of carbonated mineral water springs and beautiful listed buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. You will also find many fine restaurants and cafés here.

​Endereço: Balatonfüred
Tihany Peninsula

The ‘Pearl of the Balaton’ is just 10 kilometres across the gulf from Balatonfüred. The Benedictine abbey dominates the skyline and the Tihany peninsula was declared Hungary’s first national park in 1952. To escape the crowds, walk inland to the Belsõ-tó (Inner Lake) a volcanic crater filled with calm fresh water and surrounded by grasslands, vineyards, orchards and fragrant lavender fields. Tihany Tourinform:

​Endereço: Kossuth Lajos utca 20, Tihany Peninsula​Telefone: +36 87 448 481
Tapolca Cave Lake (tavasbarlang)

This is a romantic cave lake. Here visitors can row little boats fed by thermal springs and visit an 18th century water mill that is now a hotel.

​Endereço: Tapolca Transdanubian Hills​Mais informação: 10 kilometres north of Lake Balaton
Festetics Castle, Kezthely

The Festetics Castle was built by György Festetics in 1745 in Keszthely and it is one of the largest and most beautifully restored buildings in Hungary. Each of the 101 rooms has its original furniture.

​Endereço: Kastély utca 1 ​Telefone: +36 683 314 194 ​Web site:
Balaton Museum, Keszthely

The Balaton Museum concentrates on the lake and its flora and fauna. Here you can also learn about the history of fishing and boats, its spas and some of its archaeological finds.

​Endereço: Múzeum utca 2, Keszthely​Telefone: +36 83 312 351​Web site:

Situated on the southern tip of Lake Balaton, 5 kilometres inland from Keszthely, the lake (Gyógy-tó) dates back to a very early geological period. Hévíz is at its best in winter, sitting in steamy hot water while snow or rain falls gently on your head.

​Endereço: Tófürdõ, Hévíz
Siófok - Party Central

The flatter southern shore is famous for its summer party capital Siófok. The 17 kilometre-long beach hosts a summer-long water festival. In winter there is still plenty to do, from walking to yachting to enjoying the endless nightlife possibilities. This place is also packed with nightclubs, discos and bars.

​Endereço: Beach, Siófok
Balaton Uplands National Park

Balaton Uplands National Park was founded in 1997 and extends over 57,000 hectares from Lake Balaton’s western tip as far as Tihany. Its natural resources and unique fauna and flora make the park one of the most significant sites in the region.

​Endereço: Kossuth utca 16, Csopak​Telefone: +36 87 555 291​Web site:
Kis-Balaton (Little Balaton)

Kis-Balaton is part of the Balaton Uplands National Park. It is also one of Europe’s top wetland nature reserves and a favourite spot for birdwatchers.

​Endereço: Kis-Balaton​Web site:
Bison Reserve (Bivalyrezervátum)

The Bison Reserve is located 30 kilometres south of Keszthely, and is home to around 100 bison remaining from the 200,000 creatures living in Hungary before World War I. Bison are housed indoors during the winter.

​Endereço: Zalakormár, Kápolnapuszta
Sailing on The ‘Hungarian Sea’

For sailors without the necessary sailing skills or paperwork, courses are also available and enable sailors to gain the international certificate. English-speaking schools include Sail & Surf.

​Endereço: Club Tihany, Tihany​Telefone: +36 30 227 89 27​Web site:
Lake Balaton is a gourmet’s heaven. The lake is surrounded with resorts devoted entirely to entertainment and leisure. Resorts such as Balatonfüred, Keszthely and Siófok are crammed with restaurants, bars, cafés and nightclubs offering mostly sturdy, meaty Hungarian cuisine, although Italian restaurants are extremely popular also. The lake is home to 40 different kinds of fish and many of these make their way onto the table. The volcanic soil around Badacsony produces some of the best white grapes in the country and the wine makes a superb accompaniment to fish suppers.
Blaha Lujza Restaurant

Blaha Lujza Restaurant is situated near the lake. This restaurant is part of a small hotel and offers a wide range of food like Hungarian, international and vegetarian dishes.

​Endereço: Blaha Lujza utca 4, Balatonfüred​Telefone: +36 87 581 210​Web site:
Borcsa Étterem

At Borcsa Étterem you can try some meaty Magyar dishes supplemented by pizzas and ice cream. The upper level of the restaurant resembles a cruise ship. Here you can also enjoy Kronenburg beer specialties.

​Endereço: Tagore sétány, Balatonfüred​Telefone: +36 87 580 070​Web site:
Cimbora Grill Kert

This is a restaurant that features a lovely garden and a grill on the terrace for all kinds of meaty dishes. Here you can also choose excellent local wines from the menu.

​Endereço: Széchenyi utca 23, Balatonfüred​Telefone: +36 87 482 512​Web site:

Roxy is a brick walled restaurant and bar near the water tower. Here you can enjoy pizzas and pastas as well as Hungarian and German dishes in good-sized portions.

​Endereço: Fo u. 166, Siófok​Telefone: +36 84 506 573

At Bacchus you can enjoy as great dinner in an atmospheric rustic hotel restaurant. Here you can choose wine from an excellent wine list and even visit the wine museum.

​Endereço: Erzsébet kiralyné utca 18, Keszthely​Web site:
The entire circumference of Lake Balaton is filled with bars, cafés and places to taste the delicious wines and life-enhancing mineral waters from the region.
Rege Cukrászda

If you are looking for a place to rest your legs, Rege Cukrászda would be a good alternative. Here you can enjoy great coffee and cakes opposite the Tourinform Office at Tihany.

​Endereço: Kossuth utca 22, Tihany​Telefone: +36 87 448 280​Web site:
Café Molo

Café Molo is a funky beach house café that serves Mediterranean dishes and excellent iced coffee. This is a perfect place to anjoy a good cup of coffe right next to the beautiful Lake Balaton.

​Endereço: Szent István sétány 1, Siófok​Telefone: +36 84 317 617 36​Web site:
Café Pelso, Keszthely

The elegant coffee and cake-eating venue Café Pelso can be found on Keszthely’s main square. Here you can choose from a wide selection of teas from all over the world.

​Endereço: Fõ tér, Keszthely
Marzipan Museum and Pastry Shop

At the Marzipan Museum and Pastry Shop you can enjoy amazing ornamental works created in marzipan. You can also sample the tempting marzipan desserts.

​Endereço: Katona József utca 19, Keszthely​Telefone: +36 83 319 32​Web site:

Kedves is claimed to have some of the best cakes. These you can enjoy in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere accompanied by a nice cup of coffee.

​Endereço: Blaha Lujza utca 7
Lake Balaton’s bars have delightful terraces in the spring and summer overlooking the waterside and an excellent spot for sipping on local chardonnay and chilling out. The main Balaton destination for party-goers is Siófok. This resort is entirely given over to hedonism, especially in the warmer months, when ravers stay up until dawn, often rounding the night off in style with a dip in the lake. The resort of Balatonfüred, on the northern shore opposite is more sedate, however it too lets its hair down during the many wine festivals in the autumn.
Beach Party Café

This place is great for enjoying a couple of drinks in the sun with your friends. Beach Party Café is a part outdoor and part indoor café and also features an exclusive dance club.

​Endereço: Petőfi Sétány 3, Siófok​Web site:
Easy Rider Music Club & Pub

Easy Rider Music Club & Pub can be found in Keszthely. This place is especially popular with local students and can from time to times be quite noisy.

​Endereço: Kossuth Lajos utca 79, Keszthely​Telefone: +36 83 319 842
Flört Dance Club

Flört Dance Club is a techno, high-tech dance club, running since 1989. The club also features different DJ's and events like Valentine parties.

​Endereço: Sió utca, Siófok​Telefone: +36 20 333 33 03​Web site:
Palace Disco Pizzeria

Palace Disco Pizzeria is a hot and sweaty dance club, the perfect place to dance you shoes off and let your hair down. Beware that this place is not for the faint-hearted.

​Endereço: Deák Ferenc utca 2, Siófok​Telefone: +36 30 200 88 88​Web site:
Balatonfüred Macho Pub

Balatonfüred Macho Pub is a Mexican-themed pub with some good Tex-Mex food and Latin American cocktails. Here you can also enjoy games like a pool table, darts and live music on Friday evenings.

​Endereço: Vasút utca 4, Balatonfüred​Telefone: +36 30 620 35 22
Lake Balaton is a holiday and relaxation destination with an abundance of hotels, restaurants and swimming pools but very few opportunities for shopping. Keszthely’s main street has a few supermarkets where you can pick up all the necessities and a lively market on Wednesdays and Saturdays where you can find everything from clothes to food and wine. Keszthely also has a Tesco superstore if you forget anything from home. Tihany has many shops selling souvenirs, not just tacky objects but hand-crafted goods such as embroidered tablecloths, carved wooden toys, ceramics and folk items. From one of the many wine cellars in the Badacsony region, visitors can purchase home-made wine to take away. You can even take along an old plastic soft drink bottle and fill it up with something stronger. Balatonfüred also has many good souvenir shops and stalls along the shoreline where you can buy beach towels, sunglasses and suntan lotion. When the wine festival takes place in Balatonfüred, it is also possible to buy many excellent local wines at bargain prices.
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