To experience the quieter side of the Spain’s sunny southern coastline, book flights to Almeria with Ryanair. Although it’s the hottest and sunniest section of Spain’s beautiful coast, Almeria is that little bit less travelled than its neighbouring provinces, and you’re far more likely to be able to find a quiet (if not actually deserted) stretch of beach to lie out on and work on your tan! The city itself is a fascinating place to explore, and we highly recommend a visit to the Alcazaba before you make your way to whichever beach you intend to sprawl out on! Book flights to Almeria today.
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A stroll from the traditional heart of the city is rewarding. Try walking from Puerta de Purchena through the labyrinthine streets of the historic quarter to the busy port via colonnaded squares and the fortified Cathedral. Make sure you take time for a coffee or copa (glass of wine) along the way, and do not miss the lively Mercado (food market) just off the Rambla.
La Alcazaba Monument

The Alcazaba Moneument is a 10th-century fortress with three huge enclosures, gardens, and the Walls of Hayrán marching down the valley to the San Cristobál hill opposite. Warrens of cave houses are cut into the rock below. From here you will have great views of the city and port, and the most legendary sunsets.

​Address: La Alcazaba, Calle Almanzor, Almería​Phone: +34 950 801 008​Website:​Opening hours: Opening hours vary depending on the season. Closed on Mondays
Cathedral of Almeria

With its towers, buttresses and sturdy walls, the 16th-century Cathedral did duty as a fortress against pirate raids from North Africa. The cathedral's spacious interior soars gracefully.

​Address: Plaza de la Catedral, Almería
Arabic Aljibes

The Arabic Aljibes are perfectly preserved 11th-century Moorish water cisterns. These wells used to part of the water network that supplied both the inhabitants of Almería and the troops.

​Address: Calle Tenor Iribarne, Almería​Phone: +34 950 273 039​Website:
Museo del Aceite de Oliva

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Castillo de Tabernas comes from a farm by the Tabernas desert. The farm is about 470 acres and contains more than 90,000 olive trees. In the museum you will find olive presses and tapas in the café.

​Address: Calle Real, 15, Almería​Phone: +34 950 620 002
Centro de Arte

The Centro de Arte has been open since 1998 and boasts modern art and changing exhibitions. The appealing facilities are sometimes used for other cultural events.

​Address: Plaza Carlos Cano, Almería​Phone: +34 950 266 112​Website:
Cowboy Country

From "Lawrence of Arabia" to "A Fistful of Dollars" and David Beckham’s Pepsi ad, countless films have been shot in the desert hinterland outside Almería. The old movie lots are nowadays theme parks. Mini Hollywood/Oasys is the best known:

​Address: Carretera nacional 340 a, Tabernas, Almería​Phone: +34 950 365 236​Website:
Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park

The 34,000-hectare Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park has beautiful unspoiled beaches, bird-filled lagoons and mountains plunging to the sea. Buses run to villages and the lively Mojácar. You can also rent a cycle or car to explore the area.

​Address: Cabo de Gata, Nijar, Almería​Phone: +34 950 160 435​Website:
Plaza De Toros

Plaza De Toros is located in Roquetas De Mar and opened in 2002. It has become a modern arena not only for bull fighting but also for concerts, events and exhibitions. At Plaza De Toros you can also walk through the exhibition at the bull fighting museum.

​Address: Avenida Curro Romero, Roquetas de Mar​Phone: +34 950 325 274​Website:
Mojacar Marina Golf

If you want to play a game of golf, go up north to the Marina Golf in Mojacar. At the golf club you will have everything you need to play, whether you are a beginner or pro. Amenities on site include a restaurant, shop and much more.

​Address: Marina de la Torre, Mojácar​Phone: +34 950 133 235​Website:
Museo Refugio De La Guerra Civil

The Spanish Civil War affected the population tremendously. Because of the bombings, the citizens of Almería decided to undertake a construction of underground bunkers, shelters. Today you can visit these bunkers and go all the way back to the Civil War.

​Address: Plaza Manuel Perez Garcia, Almería​Phone: +34 950 268 696​More info: You have to book a visit in advance at the ticket office or by telephone. Groups can book by email:
Casa del Cine

Casa del Cine is located in a house in the outskirts of town. It is well worth a visit if you like film. John Lennon has stayed here for a few months. Booking your visit in advance is advisable.

​Address: Calle Camino Romero, 2, Almería​Phone: +34 950 210 030​Opening hours: Closed on Mondays​More info:
Constitution Square

The unique Constitution Square is one of the oldest squares in the city. In the Moorish times this was the main market place. Activities such as bullfights and 'fiestas' have been held here.

​Address: Plaza de la Constitución, Almería
Cable Inglés

Cable Inglés, also called 'Ore Dock', is an iron architecture masterpiece. It is located next to the Levante dock on Almadrabillas beach. If you enjoy architecture this is a must see.

​Address: Playa de las Almadrabillas, Almería
The Island Diver

Exploring the seaside of Almería on a yatch is a well appreciated tour with this sailing and diving club. Go with 'The island Diver' to the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata and let the crew consisting of sailor, biologists and divers tell you all its secrets.

​Address: Juan Sebastian Elcano, 76, Almería​Phone: +34 628 142 704 / +34 626 521 175​Website:​Opening hours: Customer service is open 9am-9pm
Museum of Almería

Museum of Almería is a museum exhibiting important and varied archaeological remains from the region of Almería. The museum also exhibits a wide range of ethnographic objects.

​Address: Carretera de Ronda, 91, Almería​Phone: +34 950 175 510​Website:​Opening hours: Opening hours vary depending on the season. Closed on Mondays
Fish, fried, grilled and casseroled, grilled meats and spicy Arab-influenced dishes feature the menus in Almería. Try 'sopa de Almería' (shellfish soup), embutidos (cured meats), gachas (spicy clam stew) and patatas a lo pobre (sautéed potatoes with green peppers). At night, head for the Puerta de Purchena, where everyone seems to be. The surrounding narrow streets are packed with popular restaurants and busy bars.
Casa Sevilla

This restaurant is a feast of the Andalusian cuisine featuring beautiful seafood dishes and Argentinian beef. The Vinoteca next door offers a vast wine list where you have a range of bottles to choose from.

​Address: Calle Rueda López Galerías Almericentro, Almería​Phone: +34 950 272 912​Website:​Opening hours: Open 1pm-4pm and 8pm-12am
Restaurante Valentin

Restaurante Valentin has an intimate setting and classy food. Mediterranean seafood is this restaurant's specialty. The restaurant opened its doors to the public in 1987 and has since gone through several exciting improvements.

​Address: Calle Tenor Iribarne, 7, Almería​Phone: +34 950 264 475​Website:​Opening hours: Open 1pm-4pm and 8pm-12am
Martin Fierro

This restaurant has South American flair with beef from Argentina. The signature dish is fillet steak cooked on a wood fire. If you are lucky you could spot a celebrity here, they all sit down for a tasty meal after shooting a film. David Beckham is one of many celebrities who have been spotted here.

​Address: Carretera de Ronda, Almería​Phone: +34 950 276 853
El Romeral

El Romeral serves Andalucian dishes including alpujarras salad, fried fish and a mixed grill platter of fish and seafood. The seafood is purchased daily from the local fish market so you’ll have to look far and wide to match this quality.

​Address: Carretera Ingenio 49, Almería​Phone: +34 950 221 026​Website:
La Encina

La Encina is a lovely restaurant with imaginative Mediterranean and Spanish food located near the Alcazaba in a house built 1860. For an informal dinner you can visit the tavern that serves tapas.

​Address: Calle Marín 16, Almería​Phone: +34 950 273 429​Website:

Salmantice is a charming restaurant located in the new district in Almería. The interior is minimalist and the food traditional, with a touch of modernism. Choose between dishes like grilled octopus and roasted lamb.

​Address: Calle Costa Balear 16, Almeria​Phone: +34 950 625 500​Website:
Taberna Vasca

Creativity and high quality tapas are what to expect at Taberna Vasca. The concept of tapas is different here, the cuisine is personalised and the creations amazing. Enjoy all the different dishes in a relaxed atmosphere.

​Address: Padre Alfonso Torres, 4, Almería​Phone: +34 950 268 623
Casa Puga

This restaurant is located in the historic centre of Almería. Come here to enjoy a variety of tapas where quality and culinary traditions have been passed from generation to generation.

​Address: Calle Jovellanos, 7, Almería​Phone: +34 950 231 530​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Sat 12pm-4pm and 8pm-12am
Urban Diner

Urban Diner is a true American Diner in Almería. Coming inside the restaurant you will find yourself in a plenitude of America in the 1950's. Enjoy freshly made hamburgers, sandwiches or milkshakes, all of it right next to the beach.

​Address: Avenida Cabo de Gata 219, Almería​Phone: +34 950 187 009​Opening hours: Sun-Thu: 1pm-1am. Fri-Sat: 1pm-2am
Tango RestoBar

If you are looking for a good barbecue meal you should visit this restaurant that serves Argentinian meat. You can come here for both breakfast or dinner, or to have a cup of coffee on the terrace.

​Address: Perez Galdos, 14, Almería​Phone: +34 950 651 108​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon 8am-12pm and Tue-Sun 8am-12am
Goleta 55

Goleta 55 is a fast food restaurants that serves hamburgers, sandwiches, pizzas and much more. Also serving gluten free meals makes this fast food restaurants unique.

​Address: Camino de la Goleta, 55, Almería​Phone: +34 950 228 604​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon 1.15pm-4pm and 8.15pm-12am. Closed on Mondays
La Piemontesa

This Italian restaurant chain is located in many cities around Spain. La Piemontesa is beautiful and elegant and you can choose between a number of pastas and sauces. This is the perfect restaurant for a romantic dinner.

​Address: Rambla de Obispo Orberá, 2, Almería​Phone: +34 950 268 367​Website:
La Mazmorra Restaurante

This is a cosy, homely restaurant and bar that serves tapas and creative specialties. Choose between homemade lasagne, quesadillas and much more. Come here and enjoy the excellent cuisine at La Mazmorra Restaurante.

​Address: Calle La Pilarica, 7, Almería​Phone: +34 950 624 593​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Sun 1pm-4.30pm and 8pm-12.30am
Restaurante Natividad

This restaurant is claimed to be one the best ones in Almería. Restaurante Natividad serves a Mediterranean cuisine in a cosy atmosphere. You should come here for a nice dinner with family and friends.

​Address: Calle Árbol de la Seda, 1, Almería​Phone: +34 950 885 444​Website:
La Gruta

Located only four kilometers from Almería, La Gruta is carved into the cliffs between Almería and Rocquetos. From the restaurant you will see the Mediterranean while enjoying a great meal in a magical atmosphere.

​Address: Carretera Nacional 340, Almería​Phone: +34 950 239 335​Website:
The city is famous for its excellent tapas bars, serving an array of imaginative and tasty snacks. Look for lunch in the old town and around the cathedral, or join market shoppers at eateries around the Mercado.
La Dulce Alianza

The luscious pastries and smart chocolates are a feast for the eyes. Have a cup of tea in style in this historic pastelería with terrace tables outside for people-watching on the paseo, and a cool interior café at the back.

​Address: Paseo de Almería 8, Almería​Phone: +34 950 237 379​Website:
Capri Cafetería Y Confitería

Delicious pastries, coffee, icy granitas and many more treats are served at this café. You can find the Capri Cafetería Y Confitería on two addresses in the city.

​Address: Calle Méndez Núñez 14, Almería / Calle Navarro Rodrigo, 21, Almería​Phone: +34 950 237 685​Website:
Teteria Almedina

Teteria Almedina offers everything from mint tea and pastries to a good, filling tagine. The menu holds classic North African fare and the café/restaurant is located in the Moorish medina district.

​Address: Calle Paz 2, Almería​Phone: +34 629 277 827​Website:​Opening hours: Open 1pm-11pm
El Barril

This Wild West movie memorabilia decorates this colourful seafront promenade. El Barril also serves tapas.

​Address: Parque Nicolás Salmerón 7, Almería​Phone: +34 950 254 812​Opening hours: Mon: 7am-4pm. Tue-Fri: 7am-12am. Sat: 8am-12am. Sun: 8am-4pm
Taberna Vasca

This venue caters whether you’re looking for an entire meal or a more snack-sized bite. In addition to tasty food, they also have typical Basque drinks such as the natural cider Astiazarán "Zubieta"and "GetariakoTxakolina".

​Address: Calle de Padre Alfonso Torres, 4, Almería​Phone: +34 950 268 623
Almería is teeming with lively, friendly tapas bars where tasty treats are served up with your drinks. Bar-hopping here guarantees a good night out. Music bars open late and close from about 4am. Summer disco marquees near the beach start to get wild around 3am. The buzzy bar zone is around Calle Trajano and Plaza Masnou between the Cathedral and Paseo de Almería.
Bodega Montenegro

This is a neighbourhood bar stacked with barrels where you can drink local wines and eat seafood tapas. The winery that supplies Modega Montenegro with rich wine has been around, perfecting its craft, for more than half a century.

​Address: Plaza Granero 3, Almería​Phone: +34 950 233 051​Website:
Mae West

This is a huge Irish theme bar that is very popular and usually packed until 6am. Certain evenings they arrange Salsa nights, complete with free lessons in the beginning of the night.

​Address: Parque Nicolás Salmerón 17, Almería​Phone: +34 950 253 520​Website:
La Parada

La Parada is a coffee pub, which means you get the chill vibes of hanging out over a good conversation and a nice cup of coffee, mixed with good music and glasses of vino.

​Address: Calle Eduardo Pérez, 5, Almería​Phone: +34 950 268 608​Website:​Opening hours: Open Sun-Thu: 3pm-3am. Fri-Sat: 3pm-4am
Galeón Música Latina

Salsa and more Salsa, could you ask for more than that? Relaxed yet fiery hot, that is the atmosphere that greets you at this top notch dance venue.

​Address: Calle Antonio González Egea, 4, Almería​Phone: +34 622 169 189​Website:
Manhattan Karaoke Show Bar

Manhattan Karaoke Show Bar is located in Playa Serena and offers first class entertainment from Friday to Tuesday. Friday and Saturday night entails karaoke and Sunday night a cabaret show.

​Address: Playa Serena, Roquetas de Mar, Almería
In the historic district, little specialist shops crowd among tapas bars in the narrow streets, radiating out from the Puerta de Purchena and along Calle de las Tiendas and Calle Real. Take the opportunity to look for eye-catching ceramics, textiles and pottery made in the villages of Almería province, where the desert-dry climate has turned water storage into an art. Jugs are made using centuries-old techniques, in shapes inspired by Phoenicians and Arabs. The Moorish influence can also be seen in decoratively woven Jarapas blankets. You will find tagine cooking pots at Bazar Arabe on Calle Almanzor next to the Alcazaba. Stock up on food specialities at the busy covered Mercado. Go south from there, on Calle de los Reyes Católicos, for the excellent El Libro Picasso bookshop. The Paseo de Almería is good for fashion and shoes, with the Marin Rosa department store and fashion staples Mango, Zara, and Women’s Secret lingerie. Off the Paseo, along Calle Rueda Lopez, La Vinoteca wine cellars in the Galeria Almericentro shopping centre have a mind-blowing selection of wines. In the city’s business district, the Mediterráneo shopping centre on Avenida del Mediterráneo has plenty of fashion stores and a supermarket.
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Almeria Airport

Almería’s shiny airport is located 9 kilometres east of the city. The local bus 20 runs from outside the arrivals terminal to the city centre once every hour from 7.25am-10.25pm. The bus to the airport runs every day from 6.45am-9.45pm. The journey takes about 35 minutes. An ordinary ticket is €0.95. +34 950 170 050 There are two different taxi companies offering their services at the airport: Radiotaxi +34 950 222 222 / +34 950 226 161 Tele Taxi +34 950 251 111 Europcar, Hertz and Goldcar Rentals offer car rentals at the airport. Malaga’s big Pablo Picasso airport is located about 200 kilometres from Almería.

​Address: Aeropuerto de Almería, Almería​Phone: +34 950 113 700​Website:
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