Book flights to Bologna with Ryanair, for an unforgettable break in a beautiful Italian city. We’re talking about the actual birthplace of Italian pasta sauce and the world famous spaghetti Bolognese (as well as sliced lunch meat), and home to the oldest university in the world. Bologna has a brilliant nickname too; ‘La Dotta, La Rossa, La Grassa’ – the wise one, the red one, the fat one. If this doesn’t give you a great sense of the city, then nothing we say possibly could; just book flights to Bologna and see for yoursef!
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Bolognas town centre is one of the best conserved in Europe, and is full of beautiful palaces and churches packed with art works that bear witness to the cultural importance of the city over the centuries. The historical city center is also considered to be one of the largest in Europe.
Torre Degli Asinelli and Torre Della Garisenda

These two leaning towers - built in the 12th century - are one of the main symbols of Bologna. The tallest tower is the Torre degli Asinelli, with its 98 metres. It’s worth making an effort to climb this tower because of the magnificent views from the top.

​Address: Piazza di Porta Ravegnana, 40126 BolognaTickets: Admission fee: 3 euro
Palazzo d'Accursio o Comunale

The Palazzo Comunale is Bologna’s town hall and is home to a large collection of Renaissance paintings and other pieces of art.

​Address: Piazza Maggiore 6, 40121 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 203 040​Website:
Basilica of San Petronio

Basilica of San Petronio is one of the largest medieval churches in Italy. The inside is full of Gothic archways, stained glass windows and doors from the 15th and 16th centuries.

​Address: Piazza Maggiore, 40124 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 231 415​Website:
Complesso di Santo Stefano

Extraordinary edifice consisting of four medieval churches. The most interesting is the church of the Sepolcro, which preserves a representation of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.

​Address: Via S. Stefano 24, 40125 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 223 256
Basilica of San Domenico

This is the birthplace of the Dominican order and the resting place of the remains of its founder. Beautiful Romanesque façade and Gothic chapels.

​Address: Piazza S. Domenico 13, 40124 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 640 0411
Terme San Luca - Pluricenter

Terme San Luca provides baths, hydro-massage, thermal pools and a wellness center among other. With more than 25 years of history it is one of the oldest spas in Bologna, even if the spa-culture is dated further back in time than that. The first “calidarium” in Bologna was built by Emperor Augustus more than 2000 years ago.

​Address: Via Agucchi, 4/2 (ang. Via Emilia Ponente), 40133 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 382564​Website:
Pasta course and Italian cooking class at Agriturismo San Giuliano

Want to learn how to cook a perfect pasta bolognese? Where else to do it than in Bologna, the home of the worlds famous sauce. Agriturismo San Giuliano organizes classes in pasta making and cooking traditional Italian food. They can hold the courses in italian, english french or spanish.

​Address: Via Galletta 3, 40068 San Lazzaro di Savena​Phone: +39 051 6251 141​Website:
Ducati Museum

If motorcycles fascinates you the Ducati Museum is a must. At the Ducati Factory in the outskirts of Bologna you can see the history from the year of 1926 until today of this world famous brand.

​Address: Via Antonio Cavalieri Ducati 3, 40132 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 6413343​Website:
Certosa di Bologna

This cemetery, dated to be one of the oldest in Europe is known for its unique sculptures, architecture and Etruscan tombs. Just beside the graveyard you find the area where the non-Catholic persons were buried, a Jewish cemetery, and a crematory area.

​Address: Via della Certosa 18, 40133 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 6150811​Website:
University of Bologna

The city of Bologna is famous for its university, that was the first university in the world. Some of the famous people who has been teaching here are Nicolaus Copernicus and Francesco Petrarca. Today the university has more than 100,000 students and that makes it the largest in Italy.

​Address: Università di Bologna Via Zambon 33, 40126 Bologna​Website:
MAMbo -Bologna Modern Art Museum

Opposed to all the old history of Bologna MAMbo shows art from from World War II to the present day combined with well-known Italian and foreign artists. You can easily spend a couple of hours at their 9,500 sq. metres.

​Address: Via Don Minzoni 14, 40121 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 6496611​Website:
The Ferrari Museum

The Italians see their luxury car brand Ferrari as a religion and their beautiful cars as saints. In the city of Maranello just outside Bologna the factory is located and in a seperate building next to it, a 2,500 square meter museum welcomes guests to see the history of the brand and to be fascinated by the fast cars.

​Address: Via Dino Ferrari 43, 41053 Maranello ​Phone: +39 0536 949713​Website:​Opening hours: October 1st to April 30th: everyday (holidays included) from 09.30 to 18.00. Open all day. May 1st to September 30th: everyday (holidays included) from 09.30 to 19.00. Open all day.
Teatro Comunale di Bologna

Teatro Comunale di Bologna was designed by the architect Antonio Galli Bibiena and was inaugurated in 1763. Today it is the heart of Bolognas culture life and it is considered to be one of the most important opera venues in Italy.

​Address: Via Ottorino Respighi 1, 40126 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 529 902​Website:
The Lamborghini Museum

Since the museum opened in 2001 visitors can see the world famous and coveted Lamborghini cars being made. The factory and museum is situated 35 km from Bologna in an area known as “Terra dei Motori” (Motor Valley).

​Address: Via Modena, 12 I, 40019 Sant’Agata​Phone: +39 051 6817 611​Website:​Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10.00 - 12.30 and 13.30 - 17.00
Bologna is renowned for its rich cuisine. You should at the very least try mortadella (a sort of salted pork meat) and tagliatelle (handmade noodles) with meat sauce and lasagna, which, by the way, was invented in this city.

One of the most elegant restaurants of the city, situated in an old building in the city centre. The menu contains both traditional dishes and creative ones based on fish, meat and mushrooms. The fresh pasta is very good. If you go there late in the evening, you can sometimes spot famous Italian theatre actors.

​Address: Via della Zecca, 2​Phone: +39 051 235 536​Website:

Born in the 1920's, this restaurant is known as the temple of the Bolognese cuisine. Recommended dishes: fresh pasta (tortellini, tortelloni, lasagna, tagliatelle), roasts, mushrooms and dessert ’Diana’ with hot chocolate and ice cream. The furniture and atmosphere are a ticket back to the 1950's.

​Address: Via Indipendenza, 24​Phone: +39 051 231 302​Website:

Posta is recommended for its typical Tuscan cuisine and its romantic atmosphere with candle lit tables. The waiters are pleasant and fast working. Recommended dishes are: fresh pasta, sweets, vegetable soup and grilled meat. This is a good place for wine buffs.

​Address: Via della Grada, 21, 401 22 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 649 2106​Website:

A well-known restaurant frequent visited by famous artists and singers. The walls are covered with photographs and the restaurant is renowned for its excellent food. Try tortellini with cream and walnuts, tagliatelle with meat sauce and grilled meat. Good wine.

​Address: Via Augusto Righi 8, 40126 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 235 438​Website:
La Tua Piadina

Whichever kind of piadina (a sort of pizza bread with fillings) you fancy, you will find it here, from the thick piadina of Bertinoro to the thin kind from Riccione. They also have a kind of vegetarian piadina and flavours such as Nerella with walnuts.

​Address: Via Borgonuovo, 17​Phone: +39 051 270 959
Pizzeria Ristorante Vito a San Luca

If you want a good pizza, try this restaurant opposite the Madonna of San Luca Sanctuary. It also offers generous salads, bruschettas, desserts and ice cream and a good selection of red and white wines.

​Address: Via di Monte Albano, 5​Phone: +39 051 437 711​Website:
Al Montegrappa da Nello

Do as the celebrities that visit Bologna, eat your dinner at Al Montegrappa da Nello. Elvis Costello, Lou Reed and Rupert Everett are just a few of the famous people who have eaten here and on the walls you'll find more photos of their celebrity guests. The restaurant is located right in the heart of the historical center and serves traditional Bolognese dishes.

​Address: Via Montegrappa 2, 40100 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 236331​Website:
Aires del Plata

Specialized in Argentinian meat, this restaurant serves steaks grilled on charcoal. The dining room is decorated in lively colours and has a rustic atmosphere. It is recommended to make a reservation in advance.

​Address: Via dell'Abbadia 4, 40122 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 239 846​Website:

Tired of the Italian food at restaurant India you can indulge in, as the name of the restaurant reveals, Indian food. In the cosy dining room, decorated with Indian furniture and details they serve dishes spiced with only the best products.

​Address: Via Nazario Sauro 14/a, 40121 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 271095​Website:
Cá Shin

This is not a typical restaurant. This place cares for healthy eating and want to learn everybody how to do it. Except food and drinks they offer activities for adults and children such as bread making, cooking classes and courses in growing tomatoes and courgettes. The products in their dishes comes form their own garden or from local farmers. In the summer concerts and theatre performances are held in the garden.

​Address: Via Cavaioni 1, 40136 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 589419​Website:

Located in the heart of the historical city Battibbecco serves high quality food. The restaurant is elegant but still has a warm and welcoming environment. It has been around for over 30 years and is famous for the excellent fish dishes.

​Address: Via Battibecco 4, 40132 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 263 579​Website:
I Portici

Inside the designhotel Portici Hotel Bologna you find their Michelin starred restaurant. This gourmet restaurant will satisfy all your senses and give you a fantastic memory of Bologna.

​Address: Via Indipendenza, 69, 40121 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 42185​Website:​Opening hours: Closed on Sundays and Mondays
Cantina Bentivoglio

To the sound of jazz traditional Bolognese cuisine are made and served. In an old cellar this large restaurant offers more than 400 domestic and international labels of wine. Enjoy a whole meal or just some slices of cheese and matching wines.

​Address: Via Mascarella 4/B, 40126 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 265416​Website:

If you love sushi you have to spend an evening at Sosushi. This chain with 22 restaurants throughout Italy offers highquality hand made sushi but also salads, soups and lovely desserts.

​Address: Via Belvedere 10/c 40123, Bologna​Phone: +39 051 272068​Website:

A superb restaurant to try Italian seafood and fresh fish. With a location in the historical city center it might be nice to sit outdoors on their veranda during the summer months and watch the people stroll by.

​Address: Via de' Gombruti 2/D, 40100 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 239 645​Website:
As a student city and as the symbol of the good life, Bologna is well known for the efficiency of its services and the welcoming nature of its people, who are somewhat envied for their joie de vivre. What better place to do the same than at one of the many cafés of the city.
Roxy Bar

"... and then we’ll meet to drink whisky at the Roxy bar." This spot, right under the two towers, is well known because it was celebrated by Italian singer Vasco Rossi in one of his most famous songs ("Vita Spericolata, A Reckless Life"). Don’t miss this place for a drink.

​Address: Via Rizzoli 9, 40125 Bologna ​Website:
Caffe Terzi

Caffe Terzi is a very prestigious café with a passion for coffee and tea that is hard to find elsewhere.

​Address: Via Guglielmo Oberdan 10, 40126 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 0344 819​Website:
Il Duca d’Amalfi

In a quiet courtyard off Piazza Maggiore lies this picturesque café. The large outdoor area is perfect for a relaxing or energizing cup of coffee.

​Address: Piazza De’ Celestini
Il Caffe’ Della Corte

"The Coffee Court" offers breakfast, hot and cold food, snacks and lunch. This elegant café is close to the two towers and has a beautiful "loggia" outside.

​Address: Corte Isolani 5​Phone: +39 051 261555​Website:
La Sorbetteria Castiglione

There are ice cream parlors all over the city, but not all of them serve the authentic Italian ice cream that La Sorbetteria Castiglione does. This is not hard to comprehend, considering that the owners constantly strive to improve.

​Address: Via Castiglione 44, 40124 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 233 257​Website:
Don’t miss the apéritivo venues (usually open from 18.30-21.30) that today are an important habit both for young and old. It’s also an easy way to get to know Italian people. In Bologna, nightlife starts at 19.00 for the apéritivo, and goes on until late at discos and music bars.
Le Stanze

A very charming bar on campus. It is located in a 18th century house and the walls are covered with beautiful frescoes. This is a good bar to go to after dinner. They have exceptional cocktails such as caipiroska with vanilla or licorice. The music is varied (classical, jazz, house and acid).

​Address: Via Borgo di San Pietro, 1​Phone: +39 051 228 767
La Scuderia

This is one of the most attractive places in the university area and an ideal venue for an apéritivo, dinner or after dinner. You can while away a few relaxing hours listening to different kinds of music from the 70's, 80's, beat, jazz, rock, etc.

​Address: Piazza Verdi, 2​Phone: +39 340 693 9724​Website:
Soda Pops

Soda Pops is a hot and happening disco in the city center. Every night provides a new theme, Monday for example means Latin rhythms and moving hips, while Wednesday is groovy hip hop and r’n’b.

​Address: Via Castel Tialto, 6, 40125 Bologna​Phone: +39 051 272079​Website:
Hobby One

Hobby One might be the best place to be on a Saturday, with fantastic cocktails, glamorous people and inspiring music.

​Address: Via Mascarella n 2/a, Bologna ​Phone: +39 051 221 164​Website:
Irish Pub Celtic Druid

If you’re in the mood for Irish, this is where you should go! The Irish Pub Celtic Druid originated as a small beerhouse in the 80’s, and today they boast a wide selection of beer on tap. Sláinte!

​Address: Via Caduti di Cefalonia 5/c, 40128 Bologna ​Phone: +39 051 227 518​Website:
Italian fashion and food should be the key themes for Bologna’s visitors. There’s a reason Italy is one of the main fashion nations, and browsing the windows in Galleria Cavour, just ten minutes on foot from Piazza Maggiore, will make you see why. Here you can find Armani and other main Italia griffes’ clothes and accessories, such as Gucci, La Perla underwear, Magli shoes and la maison Bulgari jewelleries. Other fashion shops are located all around the centre of Bologna, mostly in Via Farini, Via Ugo Bassi, Via Indipendenza and under the Portico del Pavaglione. For food, try Tamburini (Via Caprarie, 1,, the most famous Bolognese delicatessen. Here you can feast over an impressive variety of salted pork meat, cheese, pasta and wine. Another nice shop is Atti (bakery and fresh pasta) in Via Drapperie, 6.
Fidenza Village

Sixty minutes from Milan and Bologna, Fidenza Village is home to more than 100 outlet boutiques offering savings of up to 70% on the recommended retail price of previous seasons’ collections from leading Italian and international brands.

​Address: Via San Michele Campagna, Località Chiusa Ferranda, Fidenza​Phone: +39 0524 33 55 1​Website:
Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport

The Bologna airport "G. Marconi," is located 9 km from the city. The airport coach gets you into the city for €6. You find more information and time table at: Cabs takes you to and from the ariport for about €20 (with a €3 supplement during the night). +39 051 372727

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