Book flights to Bremen with Ryanair, and explore a small but perfectly formed little city that enchanted the Brothers Grimm, and will likewise totally enchant you. Whether it’s by chatting with remarkably friendly locals or weaving your way through the winding alleyways of the Schnoor-Viertel, it won’t be long until you see why Bremen is – literally – a fairytale setting. Sit outdoors and sip a beer in Bremen’s main square, wander through toy-town streets, learn a little more about the city’s famous fairy tale – just book flights to Bremen and let yourself be completely charmed by this gorgeous part of Germany!
City of Bremen: 548,319 (State of Bremen: 661,301)
Euro, €1 = 100 cents
Weather forecast
+5 ...10°C
People used to meet, deal and debate on Market square and still do so today. Rumoured to be Germany’s most beautiful, the town hall (Rathaus) is now a UNESCO world heritage site. Meeting, debating and socialising still form the bedrock of life in Bremen. It’s something you can do around the clock in an impressive array of bars, bistros, cafés and restaurants. You need to be fit after all. A city packed to the rafters with cultural surprises and distinctly un-metropolitan quirkiness is waiting to be discovered.
Bremen Town Musicians

The best-loved representation of the Town Musicians is the internationally acclaimed bronze sculpture by Gerhard Marcks dating from 1951. It stands on the western side of the town hall.

​Address: Am Markt 21, 28195 Bremen​Website: tram 2,3: stop Obernstrasse
Sightseeing tour by coach

Get to know the real Bremen: 1,200 years of history and Hanseatic heritage, plus a fabulous mix of the traditional and the modern.

​Phone: +49 421 30 800 10​Website:​Opening hours: daily 11am from main railway station, 12.30pm from Domsheide/GlockeTickets: 13,90 per person
Daily guided walk

Discover the charm of Bremen´s historical city centre on foot and learn more about the city´s history and people.

​Address: Tourist-Information: Langenstrasse 2-4/marketplace​Phone: +49 421 30 800 10​Website:​Opening hours: daily at 2pm, additional tours at 11am on Saturdays from Apr to OctSubway: tram 2,3: stop: ObernstrasseTickets: 6,90 € per person
Town Hall - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Built between 1405 and 1410 in the Gothic style, it is one of the greatest testaments to north German architecture. Its facade is fascinating and one of the most striking in Europe. It was created by Lüder von Bentheim, in the Weser Renaissance style, as part of a reconstruction project which took place 200 years later. Book ticket online:

​Address: Am Markt 21, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 30 800 10​Website: tram/bus to DomsheideTickets: 5.00 per person
Schnoor quarter

Bremen's oldest district, the Schnoor quarter, is a maze of lanes lined with little 15th and 16th century houses set close together like pearls on a string (German: "Schnur"). Artists, goldsmiths and gallery owners work cheek by jowl in the winding narrow streets and tiny squares. Small cafés and restaurants cater even for the most refined palate.

​Address: Schnoorstrasse​Website: www​Opening hours: In the Schnoor, shops are open on Sundays between 11am and 4pm from 1 April to 31 December.Subway: tram 2,3,4,5,6,8 / bus 24,25: stop Domsheide

Böttcherstraße was built in the 1920's, the 110 metre-long lane houses shops and restaurants, Bremen’s casino, museums, workshops and the carillon.

​Address: Böttcherstraße​Phone: +49 421 33 88 20 ​Website: wwwhttp://.boettcherstrasse.deSubway: tram to Domsheide
Kunsthalle art gallery

The Kunsthalle's collection of paintings and sculpture spans a period from the 15th century to the present day and includes works by Delacroix, Liebermann, Corinth, Modersohn-Becker and Beckmann. With some 220,000 prints and drawings, the graphics gallery contains one of the largest collections in Europe, featuring mostly German and French drawings and prints from the 19th century. Book ticket online:

​Address: Am Wall 207, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 329 080​Website: www​Opening hours: Closed on MondaysSubway: tram 2,3,4,5,6,8 / bus 24,25: stop Domsheide
St. Petri Dom

St. Petri Dom is a gothic cathedral with over 1,200 years of staying power. World-famous organ and crypt.

​Address: Sandstraße 10-12, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 36 50 40​Website: wwwhttp://.stpetridom.deSubway: tram/bus to Domsheide
Bremen Ethnological Museum

A number of connected galleries on nature, culture and trade combine to create a journey of discovery around the world, with engaging insights into overseas civilisations. The museum brings a dazzling variety of world cultures to life. Book ticket online:

​Address: Bahnhofsplatz 13, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 160 38 101​Website: wwwhttp://.uebersee-museum.deSubway: tram 1,4,5,6,8,10 / bus 24,25,26,27,63: stop Hauptbahnhof
Schlachte Embankment

Soak in the maritime climate and longingly watch historic and modern ships float past as you relax in one of the countless beer gardens and restaurants. Pleasure cruises to many destinations depart daily.

​Website: wwwhttp://.schlachte-bremen.deSubway: tram or bus to Am Brill and Domsheide
Universum Bremen

Universum Bremen presents science as an adventure, with more than 250 exhibits in the Science Center and EntdeckerPark plus temporary exhibitions in the SchauBox. Book ticket online:

​Address: Wiener Strasse 2, 28359 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 33 46 0​Website: wwwhttp://.universum-bremen.deSubway: tram 6: Stop: Naturwissenschaften 1 / Universum
Botanika - the green science center

3,000m² of entertainment and interesting information on nature and plants, sensory stimulation, biodiversity and culture from various regions of Asia. In the discovery centre, interactive exhibits bring the fascinating world of plants to life in new and exciting ways. Book ticket online:

​Address: Deliusweg 40, 28359 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 277 00 44​Website: wwwhttp://.botanika-bremen.deSubway: tram 4,5 / bus 20,21,30,34: stop Bürgermeister-Spitta-Allee
Beck's Brewery Tour

The tour (2 hours) provides a wealth of fascinating information about the brewery, the art of beer brewing and the Beck`s and Haake-Beck brands. It covers the museum, ingredients store and brewhouse, and runs past malt silos, fermentation and storage tanks. The tour is followed by beer tasting in the guest room. Book ticket online:

​Address: Am Deich 18/19, 28199 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 50 94 5555 ​Website: www​Opening hours: Thursdays - SaturdaysSubway: tram: 1, 2, 3 / bus 25, 26, 27, 63: stop Am Brill
The Bürgerpark

The Bürgerpark is one of Germany’s best-maintained country parks. Together with the adjacent woodland, it covers an area of 202 hectares.

​Phone: +49 421 342 070​Website: wwwhttp://.buergerpark.deSubway: tram 6,8 and bus 24: stop Am Stern / bus 26,27: stop Bürgerpark
Theater am Goetheplatz

With seating for more than 800 people, the classically elegant Theater am Goetheplatz is the largest venue of the Bremen Theatre ensemble. Its programme includes opera, operettas, plays and dance theatre. The playhouse also contains the Bremen theatre gallery which hosts temporary exhibitions.

​Address: Goetheplatz 1-3, 28203 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 36 53 333​Website: wwwhttp://.theaterbremen.deSubway: tram 2,3: stop: Theater am Goetheplatz

Bremen's former docklands are being transformed into a vibrant quarter for the 21st century, with a great selection of cafés, bars and restaurants. Lots to see and do, new events all the time, modern architecture and the charm of historical warehouse buildings: this port district in the midst of change combines its maritime past with a pioneering present.

​Phone: +49 421 30 800 10​Website: wwwhttp://.ueberseestadt-bremen.deSubway: tram 3: stop Konsul-Smidt-Strasse
Airbus Defence & Space

Bremen is one of the leading centres in Europe for space travel. The European contribution to the International Space Station (ISS) was built at Airbus Defence & Space. How do people live, sleep, and carry out research in zero gravity? Answers to these and other questions are provided in a replica of the Columbus module during the guided space tour (German only). Book ticket online:

​Address: Airbus-Allee 1​Phone: +49 421 539 0​Website: wwwhttp://.astrium.eads.netTickets: 16,50 per person
Werder Bremen Football Club

One of the most beautiful arenas in the German Bundesliga, between August and May the Weser Stadium provides the setting for gripping, exciting and attractive football matches played by Werder Bremen, the 2004 German Champions and German Football Association (DFB) cup winners. Hot tip: It's possible to explore the stadium as part of a guided tour. Another attraction is the Wuseum, the Werder Bremen museum.

​Address: Franz-Böhmert-Straße 1c​Phone: +49 1805 93 73 37​Website: http://www.werder.deSubway: tram 2,3,10: stop St.-Jürgen-Straße/Weserstadion
Maritime mile

Bremen's seafaring traditions are especially well preserved in the Vegesack district to the north, where Germany's first man-made harbour was created almost 400 years ago. Today the recently completed 1.8km maritime mile along the river Weser boasts a range of attractions including the multimedia Spicarium exhibition, captains' houses, the signal station and the towboat Regina.

​Phone: +49 421 222 399 0​Website: wwwhttp://.maritimemeile-bremen.deSubway: bus/train Regio S-Bahn (RS) 1: stop Bremen-Vegesack

Take a trip right into the heartbeat of the local art world. This little village surrounded by marshland is a celebrated artist colony.

​Phone: +49 479 293 58 20​Website: wwwhttp://.worpswede.deSubway: train/bus to Worpswede
Cosmopolitan flair meets distinctly down-to-earth garb in Bremen. Watch the foam bubbles burst on countless versions of international cafés and restaurants serving hearty local specialities. Kohl und Pinkel (cabbage and spicy sausage) keep Bremen fans on their culinary toes between October and February. Knipp, a poor man’s mix of grits and bacon served with fried potatoes and apples, is also enjoying undying popularity. Bremen is also a destination for wine - Bremer Ratskeller has the world’s largest collection of Wine - and beer - Bremen is home of Beck’s Beer.
Bremer Ratskeller

Bremer Ratskeller has been going strong since 1405, it’s rumoured to be God’s very own wine cellar, and the atmosphere in this world heritage building will leave you addicted. A German foodie institution not to be missed under any circumstances as it also has the world’s largest collection of German wines.

​Address: Am Markt, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 321676 ​Website: http://www.ratskeller-bremen.deSubway: tram/bus: stop Domsheide
Übersee Restaurant

Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, international specialities, breakfast, brunch, cakes and gateaux, lounge with 35 seats, events for up to 500 people.

​Address: Bahnhofsplatz 13, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 9579986 ​Website: tram/bus: stop Hauptbahnhof
Concordenhaus in the Schnoor quarter

Restaurant serving Bremen specialities. Informal atmosphere, large, historical dining room seating up to 72 people.

​Address: Hinter der Holzpforte 2, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 8980740 ​Website: http://www.concordenhaus.deSubway: tram/bus: stop Domsheide
Restaurant Jon-Luk

A modern take on traditional Bremen cuisine. Fresh, simple, north German fare.

​Address: Am Wall 135​Phone: +49 421 68427218 ​Website: http://www.jon-luk.deSubway: tram/bus: stop Herdentor

Restaurant in Bremen’s Atlantic Grand Hotel serving gourmet specialities from the grill and tartare dishes – fantastic creations in a unique setting.

​Address: Bredenstraße 2, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 620 625 33​Website: bus: stop Martinistrasse
Beck´s in´n Snoor

A cosy restaurant in Bremen´s pretty old quarter serving an extensive range of food and drink on three floors.

​Address: Schnoor 34/36, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 323130 ​Website: http://www.becks-im-schnoor.deSubway: tram/bus: stop Domsheide
Intermezzo – café & bistro

Restaurant next to the cathedral and Die Glocke concert hall with one of the city’s most beautiful summer gardens. Fresh, Italian cuisine.

​Address: Domsheide 6-8, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 3366888 ​Website: http://www.theatro.deSubway: tram/bus: stop Domsheide
Schüttinger Brewpub

Schüttinger Brewpub is the best brewpub in Bremen! Rustic, cosy pub serving house beer and hearty food.

​Address: Hinter dem Schütting 12-13, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 337 66 33​Website:
Haake-Beck Ausspann

Housed in a converted warehouse in Bremen’s old quarter, the restaurant serves traditional German cuisine on several floors with many cosy corners and rooms.

​Address: Schnoor 1-2, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 321124 ​Website: http://www.ausspann.netSubway: tram/bus: stop Domsheide
Hofbräuhaus Bremen

Everyone knows the Hofbräuhaus in Munich. Now there is one in Bremen! It boasts seating for 600 people inside and 200 outside in the cosy beer garden. Waitresses in Dirndl and waiters in Lederhosen serve traditional Bavarian dishes and drinks. At the weekend there is a Bavarian band playing. The place also has 3 large screens that show live sports.

​Address: Ostertorstraße 11, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 244 17 71 ​Website:​More info:
Theatro - café, tapas y más

Restaurant and café at the Goethe Theatre, on the 'cultural mile' near the Kunsthalle art gallery. Fresh Mediterranean cuisine from tapas to pizza.

​Address: Goetheplatz 1-3, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 326080​Website: http://www.theatro.deSubway: tram: stop Theater am Goetheplatz
Knurrhahn fish restaurant

If you are looking for delicious seafood dishes at reasonable prices, this is the place for you. Specialities from the region, modern fish creations, salads and snacks.

​Address: Schüsselkorb 32-33, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 323128​Website: http://www.fischrestaurant-knurrhahn.deSubway: tram/bus: stop Schüsselkorb

Franco-German cuisine, historical vaulted cellar, storybook medieval banquets, meat from the spit.

​Address: Ostertorstraße 30/32​Phone: +49 421 325050 ​Website: tram/bus: stop Domsheide
Luv Restaurant, Café & Bar

Luv Restaurant, Café & Bar offers international cocktails, breakfast (Sat-Sun)—please book in advance—daily lunch specials, cakes and international food and drink.

​Address: Schlachte 15-18, 28195 Bremen - Schlachte​Phone: +49 421 165 55 99​Website: ​More info:

At Osteria both locals and tourists cram in for an abundance of fresh Italian food, while the resident guitar player strums a fun and casual spirit.

​Address: Schlachte 1, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 339 82 07​Website:​More info:
‘Pannekoekschip’ Admiral Nelson

An authentic replica of a frigate, serving pancakes in all conceivable variations and other dishes. This charming vessel offers a pirate-themed adventure for all ages.

​Address: Schlachte/Anleger 1, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 3649984 ​Website: http://www.admiral-nelson.deSubway: tram/bus: stop Domsheide
Theaterschiff Bremen

Wine and dine on Bremen’s legendary floating theatre ship. Theaterschiff Bremen is bistro and restaurant in one. It is essential to book in advance.

​Address: Tiefer 104/Anleger 4, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 790 86 02​Website:​More info:
Meierei Bürgerpark

Gourmet restaurant; open fire; garden and terrace with waiter service; wine tasting

​Address: Bürgerpark 1, 28209 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 3408619Subway: tram/bus: stop Busestraße
emma am see

The new restaurant in the middle of Bremen’s Bürgerpark. Classic dishes, refreshing drinks and an exceptional setting on the shores of the lake.

​Address: Bürgerpark, 28209 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 84138470 ​Website: http://www.emma-am-see.deSubway: bus: stop Findorffallee/Torfhafen
Restaurant RIVA

Sun-drenched Mediterranean cuisine overlooking the waters of the Weser, large sun terrace with views of the river and the neighbouring Landmark Tower.

​Address: Konsul-Smidt-Straße 88, 28217 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 38039162​Website: http://www.riva-restaurant.deSubway: tram: stop Konsul-Smidt-Strasse
Restaurant HANSEN

The best German food in Bremen. Right on the waterfront at the Europahafen with a large sun terrace.

​Address: Konsul-Smidt-Straße 8m, 28217 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 43180808 ​Website: http://www.hansen-restaurant.deSubway: tram: stop Konsul-Smidt-Strasse
Sit down and relax in one of Bremen’s many cafés. Whether you are in the mood for something sweet or perhaps a beer you will find a place which offers both.
Kaffee Mühle

At Kaffee Mühle you can enjoy coffee, beer and snacks in an old windmill. Unbeatable views and relaxing atmosphere from lunchtime to midnight. Also open during sunny summer mornings.

​Address: Am Wall 212, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 144 66​Website:
Konditorei Knigge

Successful for the past 120 years. Fresh pastries and homemade food. Ideal for vegetarians and diabetics.

​Address: Sögestraße 42, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 18396​Website:
Café Classico

Traditional café opposite the town hall, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and homemade speciality cakes and ice cream.

​Address: Am Markt 17, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 1784694 ​Website: http://www.classico-bremen.deSubway: tram/bus: stop Domsheide
Teestübchen im Schnoor

A quaint little café serving tea, coffee and homemade cakes. Evening meals served in the Worpsweder Stube restaurant.

​Address: Wüste Stätte 1​Phone: +49 421 323867​Website: http://www.wueste-staette.comSubway: tram/bus to Domsheide
Konditorei Café im Schnoor

Traditional patisserie offering Bremen specialities.

​Address: Marterburg 32, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 324532​Website: http://www.schnoorkonditorei.deSubway: tram/bus: stop Domsheide
Café Sand

Wicker beach chairs, beach volleyball, indoor and outdoor dining and plenty of sand - enjoy that holiday feeling at the heart of the city!

​Address: Strandweg 106, 28201 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 556011​Website: tram: stop Wilhelm-Kaisen-Brücke or on foot along the Weser to Sielwall ferry
Rauchs CaféBar

Small and friendly owner-run café with a Mediterranean atmosphere, serving breakfast and delicious Bremen coffee specialities.

​Address: Langenstraße 74, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 1723923 ​Website: http://www.rauchscafe.deSubway: tram/bus: stop Am Brill
Haus am Walde

Getting everything to your table as fresh as possible is the motto here – hearty fare with Mediterranean influences and homemade cake. Beautiful summer terrace.

​Address: Kuhgrabenweg 2, 28359 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 212765 ​Website: http://www.hausamwalde-bremen.deSubway: tram/bus: stop Universität/NW1
From swish and arty to smoky and cosy, Bremen’s bars are a mixture of old sailors’ dens and ultra-hip hangouts. Often grouped in clusters, hopping from one to the other is all the rage. Mix a fiercely liberal past, a vibrant university town and a big cosmopolitan harbour and you get Bremen’s nightlife. Salsa, tango, rock—swoon and rave your night away to your heart’s content. It’s all there and it’s densely packed.
Lemon Lounge

Lemon Lounge is a groovy cocktail bar and Bremen´s place to be. Its funky drinks galore when the six barkeepers fight it out for the most mouth-watering creation.

​Address: Am Wall 164, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 514 88 55​Website:
Café & Bar Celona

A place to forget about your everyday cares and enjoy tapas, wine and good conversation in a Mediterranean-style setting with views of the river Weser.

​Address: Schlachte 32, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 8977918 ​Website: tram/bus: stop Am Brill

Stainless steel, glass and wood sweetened with a modern coffee and dessert bar. Pop in for a fluffy coffee or even a light snack anytime from 11.00 until late.

​Address: Schlachte 30, 28195 Bremen​Phone: 4+49 21 1695 454​Website: http://www.camarillo-bremen.deSubway: tram/bus: stop Am Brill

Mexican specialties, big cocktail menu, happy hour every day 5-8 pm.

​Address: Schlachte 26, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 16854 00​Website: tram/bus: stop Am Brill
Bodega del Puerto

Traditional tapas bar with a flavour of southern Spain. Classic Spanish dishes complemented by German fare.

​Address: Schlachte 31, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 178 37 97​Website: http://www.bodega-bremen.deSubway: tram/bus: stop Am Brill
Bolero Schlachte

Delicious Mediterranean specialities, pasta dishes, salads and steaks along with freshly drawn beer and exceptional cocktails. Enjoy and feel at ease in the relaxing atmosphere. Happy Hour every day from 5 to 7 pm.

​Address: Langenstraße 68, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 70 76 70​Website: http://www.bremen.bolerobar.deSubway: tram/bus: stop Am Brill
feldmann's Bierhaus

Gastropub serving delicious traditional hearty Bremen fare as well as the full range of Haake-Beck beers and the tasty Feldmann's Dunkel.

​Address: Schlachte 19/20, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 168 91 92​Website: http://www.feldmanns-bierhaus.deSubway: tram/bus: stop Am Brill
Kangaroo Island

Small Australian bar with charming flair. A warm welcome awaits at Kangaroo Island. 250 different drinks to choose from. Not to mention fresh pizza, straight from the oven.

​Address: Schlachte 30a, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 168 95 95​Website: http://www.kangaroo-island.deSubway: tram/bus: stop Am Brill
Red Rock

The bar with an international feel serving 55 different beers from 28 countries. All major sporting events are shown on big screens. Separate smoking area.

​Address: Schlachte 22, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 1783605​Website: http://www.redrock-bremen.deSubway: tram/bus: stop Am Brill
Casino Bremen with bleibt7 Bar

The Casino Bar offers a unique ambience, as well as snacks, cocktails and any drink your heart desires. Place your bets! Smoking areas available.

​Address: Schlachte 26, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 329000 Subway: tram/bus: stop Am Brill

At Sinatra’s you find tunes for those over 25. Fridays, Saturdays and before holidays, this stylish establishment is a household name full of roaring oldies and cracking classics.

​Address: Rembertiring 18, 28195 Bremen ​Phone: +49 421 328 585​Website:

Soho Club is Bremen’s most exclusive destination for a night out! This trendy hotspot is renowned for fantastic parties that go on until the early hours.

​Address: Konsul-Smidt-Str. 8D, 28217 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 388950 ​Website: http://www.soho-bremen.deSubway: tram: stop Konsul-Smidt-Strasse

Restaurant, bar, lounge - all under one roof at the CHILLI CLUB. Stylish, part of the scene, located on the Weser and close to the Weser Tower. Urban design, modern Asian cuisine and creative cocktails.

​Address: Am Weser-Terminal 8, 28217 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 390 99 000​Website:

The exclusive Dance Club in Bremen.

​Address: Am Weser-Terminal 4​Phone: +49 421 89 89 89 89​Website: http://www.adiamo-bremen.deSubway: tram: stop Eduard-Schopf-Allee
You can’t escape Bremen’s independent and non-conformist soul. For a spot of individualistic Bremen spirit, the twisty 16th-century Schnoor quarter is unbeatable. Fishermen and artisan cottages burst with galleries, goldsmiths and eccentric retail quirkiness. Keep a preying eye open for aromatic teas, jewellery and hand-painted crockery. Those with a penchant for fine spirits will find their holy grail around the main market square: Ratskeller stocks some of Germany’s best wines. Just down the road, beautifully hand-crafted toys line the shelves of Martinshof. Sögestrasse comes up trumps with swish but traditional fashion houses, Stiesing and Roland-Center. All things classy and pricey congregate around Fedelhören, where delicatessen shops and antiquities rub shoulders with designer boutiques. On a rainy day, head for Domshof Passage. This glass-covered shopping mile is packed with exclusive little shops and boutiques to tempt even the most dedicated retail enemy. There is also the Ostertorviertel, or simply "Viertel", which is a lively quarter around the Ostertorsteinweg with pubs, discotheques, cinemas, boutiques and shops with groceries from all over the world.

With around 1,200 different varieties, the Bremen Ratskeller probably has the world's largest selection of German wines. Expert advice and home delivery service available.

​Address: Schoppensteel 1, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 337788 ​Website:​More info: tram/bus: stop Domsheide
Bremer Bonbon Manufaktur (candy store)

On Böttcherstrasse you can salivate while watching candy artisans at work, at Bremer Bonbon Manufaktur.

​Address: Böttcherstraße 8, 28195 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 36491231​Website:​More info: tram/bus: stop Domsheide
Fun Factory Store

Right in the "Viertel" a popular area and also the traditional party mile of this Hanseatic city, the FUN FACTORY store has quickly established itself as a customer magnet.

​Address: Ostertorsteinweg 12, 28203 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 57890803​Website:​More info: tram: stop Wulwesstraße oder Sielwall

Shopping and leisure complex on the banks of the Weser: with shops, restaurants, cinema and events, the Waterfront offers something new all year round.

​Address: AG-Weser Strasse 1, 28237 Bremen​Website:​More info: tram: stop Use Akschen
Birgitta Rust Piekfeine Brände

Glimpse behind the scenes at a distillery. Exquisite fruit schnapps and spirits. Seminars on distilling and schnapps appreciation. Tastings and tours. Book ticket online:

​Address: Hoerneckestr. 3, 28217 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 46070790​Website:​More info: tram: stop Europahafen
Ochtum Park

The Ochtum Park is the largest factory-sales centre in Northern Germany. 43 Top brands over 22,000 square meters with 2,200 free parking and four restaurants make the Ochtum Park a shopping magnet for a hinterland of 15 million enthusiastic customers. Shop 'till you drop.

​Address: Bremer Straße 107, 28816 Stuhr​Website:​More info: bus: stop Ochtum Park (IKEA)
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Bremen Airport

Bremen is served by Bremen airport which is located a mere 3.5 kilometres outside the city centre. The tram takes you right to the centre every 10 minutes.

​Address: Flughafenallee 20, 28199 Bremen​Phone: +49 421 559 50​Website:
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