Book flights to Catania to discover the beauty of eastern Sicily. Catania itself is a bustling and vibrant city located under the watchful eye of Etna, and it’s really a wonderful place to spend some time. But if you venture just a little further afield from the city, you’ll get a real taste of just what Sicily has to offer the intrepid tourist. Trekking through national parks, climbing volcanoes, playing a round on top-notch golf courses, and scuba diving in the sparkling Sicilian coast are just some of what’s on offer when you book cheap flights to Catania with Ryanair.
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Catania is a beautiful city which has many lovely, cultural sights. Pay a visit to Piazza del Duomo which has become a UNESCO world heritage, the Museo Civico Belliniano or if you prefer being out in the nature take a bus to Etna, Europe´s largest active volcano.
Monastero San Benedetto

The Monastero San Benedetto, situated in via Crociferi –heritage of Unesco – is symbol of Catania. It’s identifiable by the arch which unites the Monastery’s main abbey and the Church of Saint Benedict – one of the beautiful baroque churches in Sicily – to the little abbey, wherein the MacS has its place.

​Address: via Crociferi 11 - ingresso da Via Teatro Greco 2, Catania​Phone: +39 095 715 2207​Website:
Piazza del Duomo

In the heart of Catania, Piazza del Duomo, encircled by impressive Baroque buildings, recently became a UNESCO world heritage site. In the middle of the square is Fontana dell’Elefante, Catania’s most famous monument – the lava stone Elephant Fountain.

​Address: Piazza del Duomo
Basilica Cattedrale Sant’Agata

Piazza del Duomo is also home to Basilica Cattedrale Sant’Agatal. Behind the marble walls is the final resting place of the city’s patron saint, Agata. Every February processions are held in her honour.

​Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 163, Catania​Phone: +39 095 320044​Website:

The small town of Caltagirone, 42 miles from Catania, is at the heart of Sicily’s ceramic handicraft tradition. The town also offers beautiful architecture, so don’t miss the richly decorated walls of the Scala dei Santa Maria steps. Along the stairs there are old, historic buildings.

​Address: Caltagirone
Museo Civico Belliniano

Sicily’s most famous composer is Vincenzo Bellini (1801-1835), who was born in Catania. His operas like ’Norma’, ’La Straniera’ and ’Sonnambula’ are famous all over the world. The museum honouring Vincenzo Bellini, Museo Cicico Belliniani, is one of the nicest in Catania.

​Address: Piazza San Francesco d’Assisi, 3, Catania​Phone: +39 095 715 05 35​Website:
Teatro Romano & Odeon

At Via Vittoria Emanuele you will find Catania’s best kept ruins from Roman times. The Roman Theatre, including gladiator tunnels and the circular auditorium Odeon lie next to each other, surrounded by other buildings.

​Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele, 266, Catania​Phone: +39 095 7150508

Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano, stands about 3,330 metres high between Catania and Taormina. It erupts regularly, most recently in 2012, and since 2002 visitors are not allowed to climb to the top of any of its four craters. Regular buses depart for Etna from Catania.

​Address: Etna
Museo Storico dello Sbarco in Sicilia 1943

Sicily played an important role in the liberation from the German occupation during World War II. This museum, the Historical Museum of the Landing in Sicily 1943, displays memories and history from that time, and often leaves its visitors emotionally concerned.

​Address: Le Ciminiere, Viale Africa, Catania​Phone: +39 095 4012621​Opening hours: Closed on Mondays
Monastero dei Benedettini

Come here for a stroll in the beautiful surroundings or a guided tour of the area. Monastero dei Benedettini, from the 16th century, is one of the biggest Benedictine monastery in Europe and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today it hosts a part of the University of Catania and you find it just 10 minutes from the Cathedral square.

​Address: Piazza Dante, 32, Catania​Phone: +39 095 710 2767​Website:​Opening hours: Open everyday
Teatro Massimo Bellini

Teatro Massimo Bellini is the musical heart of the city of Catania. Different types of high- class performances such as ballets and operas are held here continuously and the theatre is well-visited. If you don't find anything that speaks to you but still want to see the beautiful inside of the over 100 year old building, you can go on one of the guided tours.

​Address: Via Giuseppe Perrotta, 12, Catania​Phone: +39 095 730 6111​Website:
Aci Castello

9 km north of Catania, on the coastline, the small and picturesque town of Aci Castello is located. The castle, which you can't miss while you're here, was built by the Normans in 1076. Today here is a museum for the ones interested in its history. The town also offers breathtaking views over the sea and its surrounding area with beaches.

​Address: Aci Castello
Teatro dei Pupi della Marionettistica Fratelli Napoli

This theatre, only 5 minutes´ walk from historical centre, is also a museum that is fun for both children and adults. It tells the story behind the typical Sicilian puppet theatre and visitors can both see and hold a puppet. If you wish to watch a show, remember that the repertoire has a break during summer months.

​Address: Via Cardinale Dusmet, Cineteatro Francesco Alliata, Catania​Phone: +39 095 767 8888​Website:

Etnaland consists of three kinds of amusement parks; one Aqua park with water slides and lots of different pools, one Prehistoric park with replicas of dinosaurs and one Theme park with roller coasters and rides. Here you can easily spend a whole day of fun.

​Address: Contrada Agnelleria, Belpasso, Catania​Phone: +39 095 791 3333​Website:
Monti Rossi-Etna Adventure Park

In the pine forest around the Red Mountains close to Etna, this adventure park offers fun for the whole family. Bridges, wires and cables in different forms are hooked in the tree tops to create paths up in the air. There are different levels of difficulty so everyone can find their own challenge. Visitors can also stay on the ground and join the workshops or explore the nature trails and relaxation areas.

​Address: Goethe, Nicolosi​Phone: +39 388 755 3812​Website:
Giardino Bellini

After a lot of walking in the bustling city, a break in a lush green park can be necessary. Giardino Bellini is located just off the Via Etnea in the city centre, and here you can enjoy a quiet moment among plants, trees, statues and fountains.

​Address: Via Etnea, 292, Catania
Casa delle Farfalle

At Casa delle Farfalle, the Butterfly House, you can see some of the most beautiful butterflies and flowers in the world. If you want to learn more about these spectacular creatures, join a lesson in biology that is held in the house. The greenhouse is situated in the 30 hectares large Monte Serra Park, just outside the city of Catania.

​Address: Via Umberto I, 238, Viagrande, Catania​Phone: +39 095 78 90 768​Website:
The cuisine in the Catania region is just like in the rest of Sicily – a delectable combination of Italian and Mediterranean cooking. The food is both tasty and healthy. Fish and seafood are the dominant ingredients, complemented by olive oil and wine from the mountains around Etna.
Ristorante Ambasciata Del Mare

At Ristorante Ambasciata del Mare, traditional Italian fish and seafood dishes are served in a stylish atmosphere, complete with white washed walls and dark furniture. This is the place to go for a fine-dining experience.

​Address: Piazza Duomo 6/7, Catania​Phone: +39 095 341 003​Website:
Costa Azzurra

Costa Azzura gets both its name and its menu from the sea. It also has great views of the harbour in the northern part of Catania.

​Address: Via De Cristofaro, 4, Catania​Phone: +39 095 494920​Website:

Oxidiana is located in the heart of the city. They mainly specializes fish – namely sushi. This is not only a restaurant, but also a whole philosophy on how to live life. At least that’s what the owners claim.

​Address: Via Conte Ruggero 4/a, Catania​Phone: +39 095 532 585​Website:
La Siciliana

Don’t let the simple interior fool you – this is one of Sicily’s best restaurants. La Siciliana is located in the northern part of Catania, close to the city centre and has been around since 1968, owned and run by one family.

​Address: Viale Marco Polo 52, Catania​Phone: +39 095 376 400​Website:
La Giara

The town of Taormina offers more elegant dining. One of the classics is La Giara. The Art Deco inspired space with breathtaking views is popular for romantic dinners.

​Address: Vico la Floresta, 1, Taormina​Phone: +39 0942 233 60​Website:
Ristorante il Locandiere

If you make a visit to the town Caltagirone, Ristorante il Locandiere is a good choice for lunch or dinner. This relaxed fish restaurant is known for its delicious seafood appetisers and is very well visited. The staff is helpful and professional and gladly recommend a wine to accompany your meal.

​Address: Via Don Luigi Sturzo, 55, Caltagirone​Phone: +39 0933 58292
Gisira Pizza and Drinks

You can't visit Italy without eating a pizza. Gisira Pizza and Drinks is a popular pizza restaurant in Catania where you can choose from a wide array of fillings and for a different dining experience order your pizza by the meter. The menu also contains a choice of salads, wine, beer and delicious desserts.

​Address: Via Gisira 62, Catania​Phone: +39 095 349652​Website:
Trattoria Catania Ruffiana

It can be a bit tricky to find this family-run gem, but make a try. In a rustic setting, guests can revel in typical Italian dishes to reasonable prices. Their chocolate cake is said to be the best one ever tasted and a must, to finish your dinner in a perfect way.

​Address: Via Aloi, 50, Catania​Phone: +39 095 216 2222​Website:

Talè offers typical Sicilian food in large portions at a central location. Friendly staff and the dishes made from fresh ingredients have made this restaurant very popular. Its terrace and trendy bar, gather people in different ages for an apertivo or just a glass of wine.

​Address: Piazza dei Martiri, 5, Catania​Phone: +39 095 296 8312​Website:
Sushi Live

When you are craving for something else than the typical Italian cuisine, Sushi Live serves high quality Japanese dishes, with its focus on sushi. The menu gives you about 50 different rolls to choose from together with sashimi, tempura and other hot dishes. Enjoy your meal in the restaurant or as take-away.

​Address: Via Giuseppe de Felice, 14, Catania​Phone: +39 095 311272​Website:
Trattoria Giglio Rosso

This small trattoria with checked tablecloths serves authentic Sicilian food to reasonable prices. Fish and seafood and the antipasto buffet are popular choices among the guests here and regulars come here to revel in the home made dishes in a warm and cosy atmosphere.

​Address: Via Sant'Anna, Catania​Phone: +39 095 715 2492
Me Cumpari Turiddu

Just a short walk from the Duomo you find this little restaurant, serving food made of regional products. The top class dishes with meat, fish and pasta together with the home-made bread goes under the 'slow food' mantra that is very typical for the Italian cuisine and guarantee high quality.

​Address: Via Monsignore Ventimiglia 15, Catania​Phone: +39 095 715 0142
Villa Antonio

Villa Antonio in Taormina, offers exquisite dining with a breathtaking view. The traditional Sicilian dishes are all beautifully presented and the atmosphere is elegant. To top it all, the staff is also very helpful and treat the guests very professionally.

​Address: Via Luigi Pirandello, 88, Taormina​Phone: +39 0942 625502​Website:
Ristorante Ciciulena

Ristorante Ciciulena is something different to the traditional Italian taverna and here you get to experience the new and modern Sicily. The ambience is stylish and the food innovative but still with the Italian roots. If you or someone in your company is on a diet, they also offer a light menu displaying the number of calories.

​Address: Via Antonino di Sangiuliano, 207, Catania​Phone: +39 095 816 4047​Website:
Locanda Cerami

At a superb location in a small courtyard in front of a beautiful baroque church, Locanda Cerami serves delicious pizzas, salads and other Italian dishes. There is also an extensive list of beers and wines and the friendly staff do its best to give the guests a lovely dining experience.

​Address: Via Crociferi, 69, Catania​Phone: +39 095 224 6782​Website:
Catania, Sicily, it is hard to find a better suited place for a good cup of coffee with this beautiful scenery. You will not have trouble finding a nice little place to relax your feet and enjoy a delicious pastry.

Tertulia does not only offer literature from the book store next door but also on occasion you will find live music. This place has a nice and cosy atmosphere.

​Address: Via Michele Rapisardi 1-3, Catania​Phone: +39 095 715 26 03
Pasticceria Caprice

In Catania you have to try traditional pastries! Pasticceria Caprice is the right place to do it. They serve everything from delicious sweets, creamy cappuccinos to mouth-watering pizzas and lovely gelato (Italian ice cream).

​Address: V. Emanuele, 21, Catania​Phone: +39 093 188 28 46​Website:
Café Charmant

Café Charmant’s outdoor patio is a popular venue for dining. Their ice drinks, especially the popular Sicilian drink Granita di Mandorle made of almond milk, water and sugar, are perfect on a hot summer day.

​Address: Via Etnea 19-23, Catania​Phone: +39 095 715 03 16
Iki Cafe

This is a great place for tea, coffee or cocktails. Iki Cafe is an original place with a lovely atmosphere and an interesting menu. It is also popular in the evenings and both locals and tourists come here to dine.

​Address: Santa Filomena, 43, Catania​Phone: +39 095 315 471
Grand Café Tobacco

If you have a sweet tooth and you have come here, you are in heaven! Indulge in pastries, ice cream and other lovely sweets. Their Canoli go very well together with a glass of locally produced wine.

​Address: V. Etnea 28, Catania​Website:
Catania’s bar scene caters to both tourists and students alike. The bars and clubs are generally more international than the eateries. The scene usually mirrors whatever is hip in the larger cities.
Osteria I Tre Bicchieri

The area around Etna is well suited for producing wine. Try some of the fruits of this labour at the elegant Osteria I Tre Bicchieri wine bar. There are more than 400 different labels to choose from.

​Address: Via San Giuseppe al Duomo, 27, Catania​Phone: +39 095 715 35 40
Agòra Hostel Bar

This is one of Catania’s most original bars. It lies almost 20 metres underground, beneath the Agòra Hostel. If you want to enjoy a drink in a lava cave with water trickling across the floors, this is your place.

​Address: Piazza Currò 6, Catania​Phone: +39 095 723 30 10​Website:
Mercati Generali

Mercati Generali is without a doubt one of Catania’s coolest club. Guests can enjoy live music and DJ's. It is located south of the city.

​Address: Strada Statale 417, Catania​Phone: +39 095 571 458​Website:

This is where you go to enjoy a good glass of wine in a nice environment. Perbacco have a big bar which also offers many delicious cocktails and lighter snacks.

​Address: V. Vasta 14, Catania​Phone: +39 095 250 3478 ​Website:

This is a cool, funky cultural place where you can find live music, a bar, dancing and films. Zo is known as Italy´s cultural pilot project.

​Address: Piazzale Asia 6, Catania​Phone: +39 095 8168912​Website:
Catania is sometimes referred to as the Milan of Sicily. Not so much for the fashion, but for the enterprising spirit. There are countless craftsmen, artists and small business owners who sell their wares all over Sicily. One example is the 53 inch Sicilian Pupi puppets that can be bought on Via Etnea. The elaborately carved wooden candelabras on sale in the historic quarters are another speciality of the region. The food hall Pescgheria (by the cathedral), is worth a visit even if you’re not buying any fish. Brand name shopping can be had along expensive Corso Italia and around Via Pacini, Via Umberto I, and Via Etnea. Caltigerone’s reputation as a ceramics town was established in Roman times. Colourful mugs, vases, etc. are available in shops in Branciforti, the Old Town.
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Catania-Fontanarossa Airport

Catania’s airport, Fontanarossa (CTA), is located 7 km south-west of the city and handles both domestic and international flights. Buses (AMT Alibus 457) connect the airport to Catania city centre and leaves every 20 minutes from 5.00 am to midnight. A two-hour ticket costs €1 and has to be bought before entering the bus. There are also several other bus companies, operating other cities on Sicily. Etna Trasporti ( +39 095 532716 / ) drives to Taormina for €5.00. The journey takes 50 minutes. Sais Autolinee ( +39 0935 524111 / ) takes travellers to Palermo in 2 1/2 hour for €14.00. Bus tickets can be bought at the currency exchange office or at a newspaper shop inside the airport terminal. A taxi from the airport to the city takes about 15 minutes and costs approx. €25.00. There are taxi ranks outside the airport.

​Address: Aeroporto Catania​Phone: +39 0957 239 111​Website:​More info: Prices updated October 2013
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