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The medina is not for tourists only – it is very much an integral part of daily life and is where a lot of business is conducted. The decades of French rule in Morocco have left a unique influence that is visible in the infrastructure and cuisine.
The Mellah

The 14th-century Jewish quarter of Fès has currently 160,000 inhabitants living among 9,500 streets. Several sites of Jewish heritage lie here and are well worth a look. Because of the maze of streets, it is wise to explore the mellah with an official guide.

​Address: The Mellah
Jewish Cemetery & Habarim Synagogue

This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Morocco. You can see a sea of white tombs and it is easy to spot which are the tombs of rabbis.

​Address: Jewish Cemetary & Habarim Synagogue​More info: Southwest corner of the Mellah.
Ibn Danan Synagogue

Ibn Danan is an intimate synagogue with an interesting ritual bath in the basement. There are no set hours, but if it is not open the gatekeeper will let you in.

​Address: Mellah​More info: Southwest corner of the Mellah, through the Habarim Synagogue.
Dar El-Makhzen (Royal Palace)

Dar El-Makhzen is an impressive sight, the opulent bronze doors to the Palace stand 80 feet high. Unfortunately, the palace is not open to the public, but it is worth just to view the structure from the outside.

​Address: Place des Alaouites
Dar Batha Museum

Situated in a century old Spanish-Moorish palace, the Dar Batha museum possesses a unique collection of traditional Moroccan arts and crafts. See crafts made out of wood, iron, plaster and other material.

​Address: Place du Batha​Phone: +212 55 634 116
Belghazi Museum

Belghazi is a private museum housed in a 17th-century palace, whose collection nearly rivals that of the Dar Batha Museum. Many of the items on display are actually for sale, if your pockets are deep enough!

​Address: Bouknadel​Phone: +212 37 822 178​Website: http://www.museumbelghazi.com​More info: musiumbelghazi@yahoo.com
Hammam Mernessi

There are many hammams, Arabic spa, throughout Medina. This one is conveniently located and tourist friendly, so foreigners will feel comfortable. Please note that men and women are allowed in at different times.

​Address: Talaa Sghira​More info: At the top of Talaa Seghira, in the heart of old Fez.

The famous tanneries produce some of the finest leather in the world, using century old practices. Find out more about the interesting procedure by visiting the sight.

​Address: Place as-Seffarine
Merenid Tombs

The Merenid are ruins of ancient tombs and a 16th-century fortress, these are worth visiting mainly for the dramatic and breathtaking views over Fès.

​Address: Borj Nord​More info: Top of Borj Nord
Nejjarine Museum

Nejjarine Museum is located in a lovely, old, well preserved building. The museum shows the importance of art craft in Moroccan history and provides you with an understanding of the history of the country.

​Address: Pl. Nejjarine​Phone: +212 55 740 580​Website: http://www.nejjarine.co.ma
Bou Inania Medersa

Bou Inania Medersa is a religious, educational building located in Talaa Kebira. The building itself is a real artwork and well worth a visit. Ask for a guide in order to get a better understanding of the medersa and its history.

​Address: Talaa Kebira
Attarin Medersa

This medersa might not be as big as some other but it is stunning. The different tiles, shifts in lovely colours and the overall architecture design makes this a place worth visiting.

​Address: Boutouil Kairaouine
Jardin Jnan Sbil

If you feel like you need a break from the bustling energy of Fes then this little sanctuary is a perfect get away. The gardens are beautiful with French influence and waterfall.

​Address: Avenue Moulay Hassan
Karaouine Mosque

Fes have many beautiful buildings and Karaouine Mosque is defiantly one of them. The University of Al-Karaouine is located in the mosque, and as the mosque was established in 859, the university is the oldest existing educational institute.

​Address: Fes el-Bali
Gates of Fes

At one point or another you will pass through Bab Bou Jeloud - The Blue Gates. It is recommended to get a guide to show you around and explain the history of the gates. In this area you will find many restaurants to go to for lunch or just grab a cooling drink.

​Address: Fes el-Bali
Fès has a delightful dining scene – plenty of traditional Moroccan cuisine rounded out by chic European, particularly French, inspired eateries. Because of the temperate climate, many restaurants have outdoor gardens or patios, which add an enchanting element to the experience.
La Maison Bleue

La Maison Bleue is a sumptuous restaurant housed in the riad of the same name. An open air courtyard is the perfect setting for an aperitif. Exquisite cuisine, which varies from traditional to contemporary Moroccan fare. This is widely regarded as one of Fès finest restaurants.

​Address: Place Batha, 2​Phone: +212 535 63 60 52​Website: http://www.maisonbleue.com​More info: resa@maisonbleue.com
Restaurant Palais Tijani

Palais Tijani has outstanding traditional Moroccan cuisine that melts in your mouth. One of the restaurants in Fès where wine is not served, but management will not object if you discreetly bring your own.

​Address: Derb ben Chekroune, 51 - 53​Phone: +212 035 741 128
Restaurant Laanibra

Restaurant Laanibra is a restored 14th-century palace serving as the backdrop for this opulent restaurant. They have excellent food and a great choice if you do not eat meat as they have many options for vegetarians.

​Address: 61 Ain Lkhail​Phone: +212 035 741 009
Le Kasbah

Le Kasbah is a friendly three-story restaurant. It has a rooftop patio with spectacular views of the medina. Enjoy the view a long with delicious food.

​Address: Bab Boujloud​Phone: +212 35 741 533
Chez Vittorio

Chez Vittorio is a cosy restaurant serving classical rustic Italian cuisine. It provides a welcome change from tagines. If you eat here the pizzas are to recommend.

​Address: 21 Rue Brahim Roudani​Phone: +212 535 624 730​More info: afilal.s@menara.ma
Riad Andalib

This restaurant is located a hotel. They serve excellent Moroccan cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Moroccan salads are lovely here; great service and they serve both beer and wine.

​Address: 54 Ben Mohamed Alaoui​Phone: +212 5 35 764 563​Website: http://www.riadandalib.ma
L'Amandier Palais Faraj

L'Amandier is another restaurant located in a hotel. It has an amazing view over Medina and on the menu traditional Moroccan cuisine is offered. Both the staff and the atmosphere make this an excellent place for a lovely evening dinner.

​Address: Bab Ziat​Phone: +212 53 563 5356​Website: http://www.palaisfaraj.com
Restaurant Numero 7

Restaurant Numero 7 has a simple philosophy with food: finding the best local ingredients from the market and serve pan-Mediterranean Moroccan cuisine. If this philosophy sounds interesting you will find this modern restaurant on 7 Zkak Rouah.

​Address: 7 Zkak Rouah​Phone: +212 67 944 2522​Website: http://www.restaurantnumero7.com
Dar Roumana

Dar Roumana has a lovely atmosphere to it, luxurious rooms and beautiful décor. The goat cheese here is great, followed by a perfectly cooked fillet and ending with a sweet crème brûlée, making this a perfect dinner.

​Address: 30 Derb el-Amer​Phone: +212 535 741 637​Website: http://www.darroumana.com
Palais Amani

Palais Amani offers a mix of African, French, Mediterranean and Contemporary cuisine. Not only is the menu great but you can come here for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well.

​Address: 12 derb el Miter​Phone: +212 53 563 3209​Website: http://www.palaisamani.com
Restaurant Pizzeria L'Italien

Restaurant Pizzeria L'Italien is a nice little break from the Moroccan cuisine. The design, setting and overall atmosphere of the restaurant is warm and welcoming making it a sweet little dinner place.

​Address: Avenue Omar Ibn Khattab​Phone: +212 53 594 3384

MB is a hip restaurant with outstanding food and delicious martinis. Upstairs you are allowed to smoke and can relax the whole evening with a nice glass of wine.

​Address: Rue Ahmed Chaouki, 12​Phone: +212 535 622 727​Website: http://www.fesrestaurant.com
Restaurant Sekaya

Restaurant Sekaya might not be easy to find, but when you do it is worth the search. Not only have you worked up an appetite but you arrive to an amazing view and lovely Moroccan food.

​Address: Zekake lehjar, 87​Phone: +212 6 6446 6408

Elixir will invite you one of the best meals you will have in Fes. As it is a popular Moroccan restaurant, it is recommended that you book your table in time in this lovely court yard.

​Address: Derb el Kateb, 3​Phone: +212 535 637 583
Sandwiches Big Mac

No matter how much one loves Moroccan, French or Arabic cuisine you can still get cravings for a sandwich. If and when you do, this is the place to go to. There is a seating area in the restaurant.

​Address: Talaa Seghira, 3
Many of the cafés are delightfully French-inspired, with a delectable array of sweets and pastries. Some streets in Fès are very short, thus the buildings are not assigned numbers, so the name of the street only is given.
Café Safae

Café Safae is a more traditional café serving excellent coffee. But if you crave pastries, you can easily purchase them a few doors away.

​Address: Talaa Seghira​Phone: +212 55 235 285
Pâtisserie Kortoba

Pâtisserie Kortouba is a sumptuous display of sweet treats to tempt a variety of palates. They offer both French and Moroccan sweets.

​Address: Derb Boutouil
Café Renaissance

Fresh juices are a staple of Moroccan daily life and when in Fès, make sure not to miss it – particularly tasty at this café.

​Address: Off Boulevard Mohammed V​Phone: +212 55 653 003
Café Pâtisserie New Peacock

Café Pâtisserie New Peacock is a newly redesigned café. It is stylish, relaxed and airy with numerous tempting sweets.

​Address: 29 Avenue Mohammed es-Slaoui​Phone: +212 55 911 87
Cafe Clock

Cafe Clock offers food for any time during the day. Come here and try their camel burger and finish with a delicious dessert.

​Address: 7 Derb Magana​Phone: +212 35 637 855
Since Islam, the main religion in Morocco, prohibits the consumption of alcohol, bars can be difficult to find. Unaccompanied women do not often frequent bars but here are a few good options where men and women will both feel comfortable. Hotels in the new part of town are also a good option if you fancy a drink. Because of the religious dictates of Islam, nightlife is a bit scarce. The new part of town is where you will find most of the existing discos and nightlife. Many of the upscale modern hotels also have clubs.
Pub Cala Iris

Pub Cala Iris is a 2 floor English style pub in the ville nouvelle. The bar upstairs is more upscale and slightly more expensive.

​Address: 26 Avenue Hassan II​Phone: +212 535 741 077
Hôtel Les Mérinides

Hôtel Les Mérinides is a sophisticated option with a chic clientele. Here you will find the best view that goes a long with your delicious cocktail.

​Address: Route de Tour de Fès​Phone: +212 535 645 226​Website: http://www.lesmerinides.com
Hôtel Menzeh Zalagh

Hôtel Menzeh Zalagh has an upscale, trendy bar popular with the fashionable youths of Fès. Sit back and relax in their cosy bar.

​Address: 10 Rue Mohammed Diouri​Phone: +212 535 625 531​Website: http://www.zalagh-palace.ma
Sofitel Palais Jamaï

Hotel Sofitel has a luxurious bar with creative cocktails and sumptuous appetizers. Stunning views of the medina from the outdoor patio.

​Address: Bab Guissa​Phone: +212 535 634 331​Website: http://www.sofitel.com
Hôtel Sofia

Hôtel Sofia is a hotel with an English pub and a busy dance club for several night-time options. Come, have a look and enjoy a drink.

​Address: 3 Rue Arabi Saoudite​Phone: +212 29 530 110​Website: http://www.sofitel.com
Fès is a wonderland of shopping, with the endless stalls in the medina. Here are a few shops of particular note. It is always expected that you will bargain over prices in the markets, but in most shops bargaining is also widely practiced. Most shopkeepers give discounts if you buy more than one item, and give a greater discount with each additional item purchased.
Le Tresor Berbere

Le Tresor Berbere is a beautiful shop filled with traditional Berber jewellery, housewares and handicrafts. Here it is easy to find many things to take home.

​Address: 66 Bis, Zkak Lahjar​Phone: +212 535 740 153
Association des Femmes de Fès

The Association des Femmes de Fès is a particularly impressive store full of beautiful handmade table cloths, pillow coverings and bedspreads. It is owned and run by women, which is unusual in Morocco. The association employs and donates money to underprivileged and abused women.

​Address: Derb El Miter, 18
Nour Driss

Nour Driss is close to the henna souk, specializing in perfumed oils, spices and traditional skin care products. Darlbn Khaldoun is one of Fès best carpet showrooms, where you can also watch the artisans at work. You can specify the size and design of a rug for a made to order purchase.

​Address: 15 Moulay Driss
Ensemble Artisanal

Ensemble Artisanal is an exceptional place for traditional ceramics and pottery where you can see the craftspeople design and make the pieces. This is definitely worth a visit.

​Address: Avenue Allah ben Abdullah​Phone: +212 535 622 704

This market offers many things from small little shops around. Stroll around and find unique little treats, do not forget to bargain!

​Address: Talaa Kebira The Medina​Opening hours: 9 am-12 am & 3 pm-8 pm, closed Fri after 12 pm
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Fès-Saïss Airport

Fès-Saïss airport is located 15 km south of the city center and is modern and easy to navigate. Taxis are inexpensive and are the best way to get to and from the airport to the city center.

​Address: BP A11​Phone: +212 35 624 800​Website: http://www.onda.ma​More info: info@onda.org.ma
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