Book flights to Tallinn with Ryanair, and explore Estonia’s elegant capital city. Tallinn is a real gem as far as city breaks go, with many visitors surprised at the chic sushi bars, contemporary cafés, fashionable boutiques and upscale bars that beautifully balance the almost quaint vibe of the Old Town’s charming streets. Our top tip in Tallinn is to take the Tallinn Free Tour that departs daily from Niguliste, it’s a great way to get your bearings in the city. If you have time, hire a car from Tallinn airport and take a spin out to the stunning Estonian countryside. Book flights to Tallinn today and explore Estonia!
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Tallinn is a highly compact city, most of which can easily be explored on foot without the need for taxis or buses. Most of the best opportunities for sightseeing, cultural events, dining, shopping, and nightlife are conveniently massed in city centre. Whatever your agenda, whichever of the Tallinn´s you need – the romantic, Medieval Tallinn or the trendy, high-tech one – the doors are open. Just take your pick and head on in! The Tallinn Card gives you free entry to 40 museums and other interesting attractions, one free sightseeing tour of your choice, free use of public transport and a variety of entertainment options. Find even more tips at
St. Catherine's Passage

What makes this easily the most picturesque of Old Town's lanes particularly interesting is that it's home to the St. Catherine's Guild, a collection of craft workshops where artists use traditional methods to create and sell glassware, hats, quilts, ceramics, jewellery, hand-painted silk and other wares.

​Address: Vene 12​Website:
St. Nicholas' Church & Museum

This impressive 13th-century church houses a museum dedicated to church art, displaying medieval burial stones, exquisite alarpieces and Tallinn’s most famous painting, 15th-century artist Bernt Notke’s eerie composition, Dance with Death. The building's acoustics also make it a prime concert venue, with organ or choir performances held here most weekends. Entrance is free with Tallinn Card.

​Address: Niguliste 3​Phone: +3726314330​Website:​Opening hours: Wed-Sun 10-17
Town Hall Square

From this spot, with a little stretching and bending, you can see the tops of all five of Old Town's spires. Today, the square remains the social heart of the city, a venue for open-air concerts, handicraft fairs and medieval markets. Each winter it's home to the town's Christmas tree – a tradition that stretches back to 1441 – and a buzzing Christmas Market. In spring it hosts the Old Town Days festival, a modern version of a medieval carnival, where traditions from the Middle Ages are kept alive.

​Address: Raekoja plats
Patkuli Viewing Platform

The viewing platform on the north side of Toompea hill sits visibly on the limestone cliff. On the right you'll see the Town Wall with its defensive towers. On the left lies Kalamaja and Pelgulinn areas with Railway Station as landmark. Winding series of steps, built in 1903, lead down the cliff face to Nunne Street and Shnelli park below.

​Address: Rahukohtu 3
St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

This spectacular, onion-domed structure perched atop Toompea Hill is Estonia's main Russian Orthodox cathedral. Built in 1900, when Estonia was part of the tsarist Russian empire, the cathedral was originally intended as a symbol of the empire's dominance. The church's towers' hold Tallinn's most powerful bell ensemble, consisting of 11 bells, including the largest in Tallinn.

​Address: Lossiplats 10​Phone: +3726443484​Website:​Opening hours: 01.05-30.09 Sun-Fri 8-19 Sat 8-20
St. Olav’s Church and tower

Once upon a time, from 1549 to 1625 to be precise, this 14th century Gothic church was considered to be the tallest building in the World. But it’s gigantic, 159-metre spire, meant as a signpost for approaching ships, also turned out to be a very effective lightning rod. Throughout the church's history lightning hit the spire repeatedly, completely burning down the structure three times.

​Address: Lai 50​Phone: +3726412241​Website:​Opening hours: 20.04-30.06 Mon-Sun 10-18 01.07-31.08 Mon-Sun 10-20 01.09-31.10 Mon-Sun 10-18
Tallinn Song Festival Grounds

It was here in 1988 that the Singing Revolution, a massive, musical demonstration against Soviet rule, set Estonia on its road towards independence. Most famously the site is home to the Estonian Song and Dance Celebration, an unforgettable event that takes place every five years, drawing together up to 34 000 performers and 200 000 spectators.

​Address: Narva mnt 95​Phone: +3726112102​Website:
Tallinn Zoo

Spread across an 87-hectare swathe of forested land, the zoo boasts one of Northern Europe's best collections of animals. The real stars are its incredibly rare Amur leopards; only 30 to 35 of these animals still exist worldwide. Kids will love the petting zoo, which operates here June to August, on Wednesday to Sunday. Visiting the zoo is free with Tallinn Card.

​Address: Paldiski mnt 145​Phone: +3726943300​Website:​Opening hours: 1.03-30.04, 1.09-31.10 Mon-Sun 9-17; 1.05-31.08 Mon-Sun 9-19; 1.11-28.02 Mon-Sun 9-15
Town Hall Pharmacy

Open since as far back as 1422, this curious little shop on the corner of Town Hall Square is in fact the oldest continuously running pharmacy in Europe. Marzipan was one of the pharmacy's best sellers, one that local legend insists was actually invented as a curative here in the 15th century.

​Address: Raekoja plats 11​Phone: +3726314860​Website:​Opening hours: Tue-Sat 10-18
Tallinn Town Wall

With 1.9km of its original city wall still standing, Tallinn boasts one of Europe’s best preserved medieval fortifications together with 20 defensive towers. In fact, a large part of what gives Old Town its fairytale charm is the system of walls and towers that surrounds it. Free with Tallinn Card.

​Address: Väike-Kloostri 9​Phone: +3726449867​Opening hours: 01.10-30.04 Mon-Sun 10-18 01.05-30.09 Mon-Sun 9-19
Freedom Square

From the last days of the Tsars and through Estonia's first period of independence, this open area at the edge of Old Town had been a place of national symbolism and civic pride, as well as a favourite public gathering spot. The Monument to the War of Independence is commemorating Estonia's hard-fought struggle in 1918 – 1920 to free itself of foreign rule.

Estonian History Museum - Great Guild Hall

This extensive museum presents Estonia's history from prehistoric times’ right up to the end of the 20th century. Films and interactive displays show how people here lived, fought and survived over the last 11 000 years. Children can look for the museum’s very own dragon, displayed for centuries on the building’s pillar. Museum’s courtyard presents all things ideal for the little visitors.

​Address: Pikk 17​Phone: +3726411630​Website:​Opening hours: 1.05-30.09 Mon-Sun 10-18 1.10-30.04 Thu-Tue 10-18
Kiek in de Kök

The name of this massive, 38m-high cannon tower and museum of the town’s defences literally means “Peek into the Kitchen." It was so high that Medieval guards joked they could see right down the chimneys and into the kitchens of the houses below. Make sure to pay a visit to the top floor café for beautiful Old Town views. Entrance to Kiek in de Kök and Bastion tunnels with Tallinn Card is free.

​Address: Komandandi tee 2​Phone: +3726446686​Website:​Opening hours: 01.03-31.10 Tue-Sun 10.30-18 01.11-28.02 Tue-Sun 10-17.30
Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin and its Tower

The Medieval church that stands at the centre of Toompea hill is one of the county’s most fascinating historic attractions. Traditionally catering to the nobility, it is filled with spectacular, wood-carved artwork and elaborate coats of arms. Visitors can climb the 69m baroque bell-tower, added in 1779, for amazing views of the city.

​Address: Toom-Kooli 6​Phone: +3726444140​Website:​Opening hours: 1.11-31.03 Tue-Sun 9-15 1.-30.04; 1.-31.10 Tue-Sun 9-16 1-31.05; 1.-30.09 Mon-Sun 9-17 1.06-31.08 Mon-Sun 9-18
Kohtuotsa Viewing Platform

On the east corner of Toompea hill sits quite a spacious viewing platform with unforgettable views to the medieval neighbourhood against the backdrop of its more modern district. From here you can see most of the Tallinn's spires, even the highest of them, the Tallinn TV Tower at the distance. During the summer season outdoor cafe and dance evenings take over the space.

​Address: Kohtu 12
Kadriorg Palace - Kadriorg Art Museum

A trip to Tallinn isn’t a trip to Tallinn without a visit to this magnificent northern Baroque palace, built by Peter the Great for his wife, Catherine I, in the early 18th century. Designed by Italian architect Niccolo Michetti, the grandiose palace and surrounding manicured gardens are a humbling example of Tsarist extravagance, but just as important a reason to visit is that this is also home to the foreign art collection of the Art Museum of Estonia. Entrance with Tallinn Card is free.

​Address: A. Weizenbergi 37​Phone: +3726066400​Website:​Opening hours: 01.05-30.09 Tue, Thu-Sun 10-17; Wed 10-20 01.10-30.04 Thu-Sun 10-17; Wed 10-20 *30.12.2013 11-18 *31.12.2013 11-15
Kumu Art Museum

Considered a modern architectural masterpiece. Curves and sharp edges mark out the copper and limestone structure, which is built into the side of a limestone cliff. The museum programme features art from the 18th century until today, Estonian art until the II World War, art of the Soviet era and a temporary exhibition programme of contemporary art. Entrance is free with Tallinn Card.

​Address: A. Weizenbergi 34​Phone: +3726026000​Website:​Opening hours: 1.05-30.09 Tue, Thu-Sun 11-18; Wed 11-20 01.10-30.04 Thu-Sun 11-18; Wed 11-20 *30.12.2013 11-18 *31.12.2013 11-15
Seaplane Harbour

With the help of modern multimedia, the Seaplane Harbour in the wooden architecture suburb Kalamaja tells exciting stories about the Estonian maritime and military history promising a “sea full of excitement” for the whole family on an area that would take nearly 2 million A4 paper sheets laid down side by side. The museum’s display that comprises of more than a couple of hundred large exhibits revitalizes the colourful history of Estonia. On the outdoor area visitors can tour a collection of historic ships, including the Suur Tõll, Europe's largest steam-powered icebreaker. Entrance to the whole complex is free with Tallinn Card.

​Address: Vesilennuki 6​Phone: +3726200545​Website:​Opening hours: 01.05-30.09 Mon-Sun 10-19 01.10-30.04 Tue-Sun 10-19 *30-31.12.2013 10-17 *01.01.2014 10-17 *06.01.2014 10-17
Tallinn TV Tower

Built for 1980 Moscow Olympics and extensively revamped in 2012. Tallinn’s 314-metre TV Tower is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. In addition to the amazing, panoramic views from its observation deck at the 170m level, visitors will be treated a real TV studio experience and an interactive exhibition, Visiting the TV Tower with Tallinn Card is free of charge.

​Address: Kloostrimetsa tee 58a​Phone: +3726863000​Website:​Opening hours: 1.05 - 30.09 Mon-Sun 10-19 01.10 - 30.04 Wed-Mon 11-18
Estonian Open Air Museum

This museum lets you travel back in time to the rural Estonia of old. The vast, forested park is filled with thatched, 18-20th-century farm buildings, windmills, a wooden chapel and a village school, with staff demonstrating how people lived and worked in times past. An ideal place for families to take a picnic and escape from city life. Free entrance to the museum and audio guide rental with Tallinn Card.

​Address: Vabaõhumuuseumi tee 12 ​Phone: +3726549100​Website:​Opening hours: 23.04-28.09 Mon-Sun 10-20 29.09-22.04 Mon-Sun 10-17
Being located in Northern Europe, Estonian cuisine is based on fresh and natural ingredients that vary according to the season. Whether you want to have a cosy dinner with your family or meeting your friends for some drinks in a modern lounge bar, there are countless choices – from medieval to modern, from traditional Estonian kitchen to exotic international. With cosy cafés on nearly every corner, Tallinn is indeed a paradise for coffee lovers. Many attractive cafés are located in the city centre. In summertime tables and chairs are set up outside the cafés, and sitting at backyards or terraces is a great pastime and holiday activity in itself. Tallinn has more than 100 restaurants, over 300 cafes & bars.
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Flavours of Estonia

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In Tallinn, the folk traditions exist alongside the contemporary. You can find some of the most amazing art pieces exclusively made with traditional skills. The most unique Estonian souvenirs are traditional Estonian handicrafts. Many shops and galleries offer a wide range to choose from, so everyone is sure to find something to their liking. The most unique Estonian souvenirs are traditional Estonian handicrafts – knitwear, linen, ceramics, leather, and wood, especially juniper wood. Most of Estonian design can be seen in small galleries, design boutiques and fashion stores. You will find many unique, handcrafted pieces from some of the most imaginative designers in Estonia. There is something for everyone and ceramic, textile and fashion, wood and furniture, jewellers and handicraft…
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Estonia’s main international Airport is called Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, in the honour of the former Estonian President Lennart Meri. The airport offers everything necessary for comfortable travelling: numerous restaurants, cafés, lounge areas, shops, free public WiFi through the airport and playground for children. The Airport is very close to the city centre – only 10 minute drive away. You can rent a car, take a bus or get a taxi to get to the city centre.

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