Budget Breaks

Pisa on a budget
Pisa on a Budget
The first thing you think of when you think of Pisa is probably the Leaning Tower, but there’s plenty more in the Italian city to keep you occupied – even if you’re there on a budget.
The Free(ish) Berlin Tour
I’ve been on a mission to have a seriously cheap weekend in Berlin, so a free tour is exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for...
Seville on a Budget
Seville on a Budget
Make the most of your trip to Seville - check out these money-saving tips...
Hamburg on a budget
Hamburg on a Budget
Hamburg is Germany’s third-visited city for good reason. Track down the best bits for less with these 10 tips
Cheap Getaways for When You're Broke
Ok, so maybe not broke broke. If you’re broke broke, it might be wiser to stay home, live on baked beans and packet noodles, and prioritise the rent. But if you have some cash to spare, and you’re...
Warsaw on a budget
Warsaw on a Budget
If you’re in Warsaw on a budget, you’ll be just fine. It’s not a crazy expensive city so you can eat quite well and see lots of awesome stuff without breaking the bank.
Budget Bites: Cheap Food And Street Food, Berlin
Tackling the German capital on a budget? For best results follow these tried and tested tips
Stockholm on a budget
Stockholm on a Budget
Who says you can't do Stockholm on a budget?
Gothenburg on a budget
Gothenburg on a Budget
Here are ten of the best things to do, see and eat in the city for under a tenner..
Copenhagen on a budget
Copenhagen on a Budget
Venture off the tourist trail for easy-on-the-wallet gems...
Manchester on a Budget
Manchester on a Budget
There's a lot going on in Manchester. Here are 10 things you can do there for under a tenner...
Brussels on a budget
Brussels on a Budget
Brussels features fairly high on the Europe Backpacker Index’s list of the most expensive tourist cities to visit and yeah, a lot of the hotels, restaurants and shops can be a little expensive… but do
You’re Welcome… A Day in Rome on Us
Almost ninety extra quid in your pocket, just for you, to fritter away however you please in the Eternal city.
Milan on a budget
Milan on a Budget
Italy’s capital of style… It’s got to be too expensive for us normals, right? Wrong. Here are ten brilliant things you can do, see and eat in Milan that will cost you less than a tenner each!
Marrakech on a Budget
Marrakech on a Budget
In case you’re going to Marrakech on a budget and you’re looking for a little inspiration, here’s a list of ten really cool things you can see, do and eat there for under a tenner.
Bremen on a budget
Bremen on a Budget
Have you been to Bremen? Have you even thought about going? You really should. For a little inspiration, here’s a list of ten cool things to see, eat and do there that cost under a tenner each.
Munich on a budget
Munich on a Budget
Lovely Munich is not among Europe’s cheapest countries to visit, but it’s by no means among it’s most expensive either, so it’s not too hard to have an absolutely great time there even on a shoestring
Liverpool on a Budget
Liverpool on a Budget
It’s got everything you could possibly ask for from a superb city break – a vibrant culture, breathtaking architecture, a thriving foodie scene, superb museums and attractions, and brilliant people.
Dublin on a Budget
Dublin on a Budget
Ahhh, lovely Dublin. It might be one of Europe’s more expensive cities, but it’s surprisingly easy to have a really good time here without spending a fortune...
Glasgow on a Budget
Glasgow on a Budget
Ahhhh Glasgow. It’s one of the most fun cities you can visit. Here are ten of the best things to see, do and eat there for under a tenner…
London on a Budget
London on a Budget
Lovely London isn’t the cheapest city you could choose for a city break but there are some amazing free and cheap things that you can do, see and eat there, perfect for anyone visiting on a budget...
Cologne on a Budget
Cologne on a Budget
Get ready to raise a glass of the local Kolsch beer. Not only is Cologne known as one of the friendliest cities in Germany, but you there are lots of great things to do in Cologne on a budget...
You’re Welcome… A Day in Prague on Us
Prague has fairy-tale beauty in spades, it’s got a seriously good food scene and nightlife (and not just of the stag party variety), and it’s a fairly budget-friendly place to go.
Athens on a budget
Athens on a Budget
Athens is a brilliant city. One of the world’s oldest, it’s the birthplace of democracy and the cradle of western civilisation. Here are 10 great things to do in Athens on a budget...
Budapest on a Budget
Time to start thinking about that next weekend away...don't worry you can have a brilliant time in Budapest without having to spend obnoxious amounts of money
Bristol on a budget
Bristol on a Budget
Home to Banksy, delicious food and one of the most astonishing bridges in England – here are some of the things to do in Bristol on a budget.