Discover Denmark’s second city when you book flights to Aarhus with Ryanair. Aarhus is a charming, youthful and modern city with a great choice of cultural attractions (ARoS Art Museum is a highlight), fine dining, and lively bars to enjoy – and it being home to Denmark’s biggest university means that there’s always a party happening somewhere! If you prefer to get out into the countryside, it’s well worth taking a drive out into Denmark’s Jutland peninsula to see the scenery and the Jutland beaches. Book flights to Aarhus, and discover Denmark.
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The relatively large influx of young people and students from across the Nordic countries create a natural base for cultural activities, and there are countless cafés as well as clubs, cinemas, museums, amusement parks and various other venues of entertainment. Each year, the town hosts several festivals and concerts including Aarhus International Jazz Festival in July and Aarhus Festuge in September—the biggest themed festival in Scandinavia.
Tivoli Friheden

The city’s amusement park Tivoli Friheden offers a range of fun and exciting attractions in green surroundings for all ages. Bring some fresh food if you fancy barbecuing your own meal. The amusement park is open during the summer months only.

​Address: Skovbrynet 1, Yangon​Phone: +45 8614 7300​Website:
The Old Town

To travel back in time visit ‘Den Gamle By’ and experience on first-hand what life was like in Denmark 300 years ago. The staff dressed in costumes can show you around this unique open-air museum of urban buildings collected and saved from demolition across the country.

​Address: Viborgvej 2, Aaarhus​Phone: +45 8612 31 88​Website:

The three most popular beaches in Aarhus are Bellevue, Den Permanente and Moesgård Strand which are all very popular on hot summer days, but also fantastic for a nice walk with fresh air and beautiful sights. You can catch the bus to all three beaches.


Aarhus’ Museum of Modern Art has a notable collection of Danish art with a wide range of international exhibitions. A five metre tall sculpture named ‘Boy’ has quickly become the museums landmark.

​Address: Aros Allé 2, Aarhus​Phone: +45 8730 6600​Website:​Opening hours: Closed on Mondays
Moesgård Prehistoric Museum

Among many interesting objects, this museum also houses more than 2000-year-old Grauballe man. He was found so well kept that scientists even discovered that he had eaten porridge for breakfast on the day he was sacrificed.

​Address: Moesgård Allé 20, Aarhus​Phone: +45 8716 1016​Website:
Viking Museum

The Viking Museum is a little museum that shows the impressive finds from Aarhus’ days as a Viking city. The Museum has free entrance and is closed on weekends.

​Address: St Clemens Torv 6, Aarhus​Phone: +45 8942 1100​Website:​Opening hours: Weekdays 10.15 am-5 pm
Aarhus Domkirke

The city’s cathedral is the longest church in Denmark and houses several centuries old frescoes. You should not miss the baptismal font resting on the four Evangelists with their human bodies crowned with symbolic animal heads.

​Address: Store Torv, Aarhus​Phone: +45 8629 5400​Website:
The Women’s Museum

This is one of Denmark’s most original museums. The Women’s Museum shows exhibitions on the aspects of the life of Danish women’s past and present.

​Address: Domkirkepladsen 5, Aarhus​Phone: +45 8618 6470​Website:
Aarhus Rådhus

Aarhus Rådhus is a functional city hall made by some of Denmark’s most famous architects and have incited admiration and antipathy since the day it was completed in 1941. You can wander around for free, but a guided tour, available in the summer months, is highly recommended.

​Address: Rådhuspladsen 2, Aarhus​Website:
There are plenty of eating places in downtown Aarhus. The obvious places can be found on the main streets, but by wandering around in the small sideways, you can find other cosy eateries at sometimes cheaper prices. If you want to taste a good old Danish dish try out Pinds Café listed below.
Pinds Café

This is one of Aarhus’ oldest establishments. Pinds Café still serves good and traditional Danish food, coffee and cocktails.

​Address: Skolegade 11, Aarhus​Phone: +45 8612 2060​Website:

Besides serving a luscious range of seafood, this restaurant also has a fantastic view of Aarhus Bay. Be prepared to splash out a little cash at Seafood.

​Address: Marselisborg Havnevej 44, Aarhus​Phone: +45 8618 5655​Website:
Bryggeriet Sct Clemens

The St. Clement’s Brewery is the only pub with its own built-in brewery. This place serves mouth-watering spare ribs.

​Address: Kannikegade 10-12, Aarhus​Phone: +45 8613 8000​Website:
Restaurant Pinden

This restaurant’s speciality is scrumptious pork loin with potatoes and parsley sauce. Restaurant Pinden offers food throughout the whole day, from breakfast to dinner.

​Address: Skolegade 29, Aarhus​Phone: +45 8612 1102​Website:

This old bakery shop has converted into a very nice restaurant for brunch, lunch or dinner. Still today, Emmerys makes delightful cakes.

​Address: Guldsmedgade 24-26, Aarhus​Phone: +45 361 30670​Website:

Gyngen offers a good value and flavour-packed vegetarian dishes are made here. 30-60% of the produce is organic.

​Address: Mejlgade 53, Aarhus​Phone: +45 8619 2255​Website:

A good-value Greek restaurant serving great Moussaka and other delicious Greek dishes. You can find this restaurant ideally located at Store Torv.

​Address: Store Torv 18, Aarhus​Phone: +45 8613 2915​Website:

If you fancy a picnicked lunch, then this is a good place to catch some tasty bites. Take the opportunity to try the Danish Smørrebrød.

​Address: Frederiks Allé 105, Aarhus​Phone: +45 8612 0659​Website:
Scandinavian people love their coffee, so it will not be hard to find a café in Aarhus. Sit down in one of the cosy cafés here and watch the world go by.
Cafe Gemmestedet

Café Gemmestedet is a really cosy café with a relaxed atmosphere and classic café dishes. There is a selection of board games so you can enjoy a game of chess or backgammon.

​Address: Gammel Munkegade 1, Aarhus​Phone: +45 8613 5500​Website:
Café Jorden

The popular Café Jorden, ‘Earth Café’, serves quality brunches until mid-afternoon. It is also a great place for a really good breakfast in quiet stylish surroundings.

​Address: Badstuegade 3, Aarhus​Phone: +45 8919 7222
Cross Café

You can enjoy almost everything at this café. The Cross Café offers both delicious brunches and late-night DJ's to fulfil your whole day.

​Address: Åboulevarden 66, Aarhus​Phone: +45 8731 7510​Website:
Altura Kaffe

This café serves scrumptious coffee and is a real treat for connoisseurs. When it opened in 1996, it was one of the first coffee bars with their own coffee roaster and imported raw beans.

​Address: Graven 22, Aarhus​Phone: +45 8620 2855​Website:
Café Smagløs

This was one of the city’s first cafés. Café Smagløs is definitely worth a visit, with its unique style and relaxed atmosphere.

​Address: Klostertorvet 7, Aarhus​Phone: +45 8613 5133​Website:
There are many bars in Aarhus and the vibrant student life in the city is keeps the nightlife perky, even on week nights. Many night cafés and bars can be found by the picturesque river downtown, or in the narrower streets in the centre. Many clubs offers live music on most nights of the week. Clubs sometimes charge a fee depending on live music.

This colourful and lively bar plays good music and serves exquisite drinks. Every Wednesday you can enjoy a table soccer tournament and every Thursday, Friday and Saturday you can listen to DJ's from 11 pm.

​Address: Sct. Clemens torv 17, Aarhus​Phone: +45 61 68 25 77​Website:
Sherlock Holmes Pub

Sherlock Holmes Pub in Aarhus started out way back in 1992. This place got beer, live music, football and quiz night on Tuesdays.

​Address: Frederiksgade 76d, Aarhus​Phone: +45 8612 4050​Website:

VoxHall is one of the city’s best venues hosting some of the finest of Danish and international acts of all genres. You can buy a ticket in advance.

​Address: Vester Allé 15, Aarhus​Phone: +45 8730 9797​Website:

A visit to Aarhus is not complete without a night at this excellent club housing the best Danish and international DJ's. Fridays and Saturdays are paramount.

​Address: Toldbodgade 6, Aarhus​Phone: +45 8613 4722​Website:
Social Club

This is a club with an international club atmosphere and is the biggest student club. There are two separate discos where you can dance to popular mainstream, chart music and R&B.

​Address: Klostergade 34, Aarhus​Phone: +45 86194250​Website:
Aarhus is a perfect location for a shopping spree with plenty of shops and centres to choose from and all within walking distance. There is everything to fulfil a shopper’s paradise with fashion, design, lifestyle and trendsetting in exclusive and unique shops. At the same time, the tranquillity of the ‘Aarhusianians’ also make shopping in the city a stress free experience.
Shopping Malls

Clemensborg Shopping Centre is by the river cafés downtown and offers shopping in various boutiques in light and modern surroundings. You can recognise the building by the glass façade. Just next to the main train station is Bruun’s Galleri, a new stylish shopping centre selling almost everything money can buy from sweets to art and from shoes to lamps. Magasin du Nord in the centre is one of Denmark’s oldest department store. Danish design and popular brands can be found here. Salling’s is another department store all under one roof offering ranges of articles for the entire family, such as fashion-wear, shoes, perfumes and hardware. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, go for a stroll down the pedestrian streets, the adjoining lanes and the cosy “Latin Quarter” for shopping in small and independent retailers.

​Address: Skt. Clemens Torv 10M.P. Bruun’s Gade 25Immervad 2-8Søndergade 27, Aarhus​Website: / /
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Aarhus Airport is located 45 kilometres north of Aarhus, and a regular bus service takes passengers from the airport to Aarhus bus station in approximately 50 minutes. The bus schedule is according to flight times and you can buy your ticket on the bus. Taxis can also be found outside the main entrance. Cars rental companies are represented at the airport, but pre-booking is advisable.

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