Book flights to Bari, right at the top of Italy’s ‘heel’, and enjoy the laid back lifestyle in southern Italy. Whether you want to hit some of the beaches near the city and just chill out, or you’re hoping to venture into the Valle d’Itria or the beautiful Alta Murgia National Park, flights to Bari will land you on the doorstep of your perfect getaway! If you only see one thing during your trip, try to see the beautiful Castellana Caves, and make sure to sample plenty of the rustic, down-to-earth local cooking. Book flights to Bari, with Ryanair.
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Bari has many different cultural sites to offer for the tourist, such as the Cattedrale Di San Sabino, Basilica Di San Nicola and Castel Del Monte. Or just enjoy a walk in the beautiful Orto Botanico or discover the Grotte Di Castellana - the caves of Castellana.
Miragica (Molfetta, Bari) Theme Park

The place to have fun in Bari! Miragica is Puglia’s theme park 15’ from Bari Palese Airport. 23 attractions (roller coasters, water attractions, 4D cinema, free-fall towers, children´s playground, etc.), a “magic” live show, “White Nights” and events every weekend.

​Address: Via dei Portuali, Molfetta, Bari​Phone: +39 071 3371711​Website:​Opening hours: April – November h. 10-18 (10-22 in the summer, 10-02 Saturdays “white nights”)Tickets: €20 / €15 kids & reduced. 2 days at the park + hotel**** €35
La Città Vecchia (the Old City)

The extraordinary Old City largely consists of narrow and winding streets. You will find all the important medieval monuments, such as the Swabian castle and many churches, including the Cathedral of San Sabino and the Basilica of San Nicola.

​Address: La Città Vecchia
Il Castello Svevo (the Norman Swabian Castle)

This building was begun by Roger II (1139), and destroyed at least twice by the people of Bari, in protest again the tyranny of the Normans. Frederick II rebuilt it almost completely between 1233 and 1240.

​Address: Piazza Federico II di Svevia, 2​Phone: +39 080 528 6111
Basilica Di San Nicola

The basilica was constructed between 1087 and 1197, and has always held the remains of San Nicola (who is also known as Santa Klaus). It is both a Catholic and an Orthodox church, and partly for this reason, it’s a place of annual pilgrimage for many people from all over the world.

​Address: Corso Cavour, 53​Phone: +39 080 5737 111​Website:
Cattedrale Di San Sabino

This building was originally built in Byzantine style in 1062, and rebuilt in Romanesque form in 1170 after the destruction at the hands of William the Evil in 1156.

​Address: Piazza Odegitria​Phone: +39 080 521 0605
Castel Del Monte

70 km far from the centre of Bari, this unique medieval manor house stands on top of a hill in the Apulian Murgia, 540 metres above sea level and 18 km from Andria. It was probably built as a hunting residence by Frederick II between 1229 and 1249 and is today a national monument.

​Address: Andria​Phone: +39 088 356 9997​Website:
Grotte Di Castellana (caves of Castellana)

This series of grottoes (40 km southeast of Bari) are the biggest in Italy. They are 3 km long and 71 meters deep, and include long underground passages and deep caves covered with hundreds of stalactites and stalagmites formed over thousands of years by water erosion of the calcareous rock.

​Address: Piazzale Anelli​Phone: +39 080 499 8211​Website:

It is located 60 km far from the centre of Bari. This is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque towns in the world, as it consists entirely of tiny trulli houses.

​Address: 10, Piazza Sacramento​Phone: +39 080 432 6030​Website: ​More info: Tourist office: Trullo Sovrano
Orto Botanico

Take a walk in the beautiful Botanical Gardens which is a living museum operated by the University of Bari. The garden was established in 1955 and contains a greenhouse and a herbarium with about 40,000 specimens. Here you can enjoy amazing collections of flowers and plants like orchidaceous, aizoaceae and Italian flora like grindelia robusta.

​Address: Via Orabona, 4, 70128 Bari​Phone: +39 080 544 2152 ​Website:​More info: Campus Universitario

This is a fun waterpark for the whole family with great and welcoming staff. There are three pools; one for younger children, one with a wave generator and one larger pool with different types of pool slides. Around the pools there are relaxing areas with chairs where you can stay in the shadow if it gets too warm. With all the swimming activities you might feel hungry or thirst soon, but do not worry there is a restaurant and café onsite. Be aware, it can be difficult to find the park but is situated close to the SS16 on the Via Caldarola road.

​Address: Prolung, Via Caldarola, Bari​Phone: +39 080 546 1291​Website:
Velo Service

Get to know the city by bike. This is a fun way to discover the town with an expert guide who takes you to the most typical and charming places. Or why no choose the best bike and plan your own tour to explore the city? There is a third alternative, you can visit the heart of Bari in a comfortable and modern Rickshaw. The guide will take you to the most important places, telling you stories and anecdotes about the town and its people. This experience should not be missed!

​Address: Via Vallisa 81, 70121 Bari​Phone: +39 080 237 403​Website:

With only a short ride with train you can visit this lovely picturesque fishing port called Trani. This is a great excursion trip where you can enjoy a beautiful harbour, take a walk along the beach or visit the stunning cathedral. There are plenty of restaurants and cafés to choose from that serves lovely food. This charming town is well worth the visit.

​Address: 76125 Bari, Italien
The Waterfront

It is highly recommended to take a walk along the beautiful waterfront which will give you a nice overview of the city. While you are walking take a minute and admire the city´s skyline with the bell tower of the Cathedral and the shape of the Basilica of San Nicola. If you like to exercise this is the ideal place to do some running.

​Address: lungomare nazario sauro, Bari
National Archaeological Museum Of Altamura

National Archaeological Museum of Altamura is situated near the old town centre, in an area called "La Croce". This is a museum where you will find findings which date from the early Bronze Age to the late Hellenistic age. On display are objects like vases, personal possessions, weapons and home tools of various kinds.

​Address: Via Santeramo, 88​Phone: +39 080 3146 409​Website:
Adrenalin Zone

For pure adrenaline, head over to this Adventure Park, an urban acrobatic park where you can easily spend some hours. The park is full of fun and challenging activities for adults, teens and children. With nearly 100 different steps and pathways, 1 meter, 6 meters and 13 meters high up, your balance and determination will definitely be tested. But do not worry; instructors are ready to provide all necessary help.

​Address: Via Francesco De Blasio, 1, 70123 Bari​Phone: +39 0331 600 7192​Website:
Altamura Cathedral

Altamura Cathedral was founded by Emperor Frederick II of Swabia in 1232 and located in the historic town of Bari. It is an important symbol of the town history and one of the four Palatine cathedrals of Puglia (the others are San Nicola in Bari, Barletta Cathedral, and Acquaviva Cathedral). The Cathedral has gone through major changes and today an interesting tourist attraction.

​Address: Piazza Duomo, 70022 Bari
Pugliese cuisine is usually associated with orecchiette (little-ear shaped) pasta accompanied by cime di rapa (turnip-tops), but there is much more to this region than that one dish. The fresh vegetables found here are often prepared with oil and garlic and other specialities include fish, homemade pasta and vegetable and cereal-based soups. Most dishes are served with very good bread or taralli (similar to breadsticks). The burrata (mozzarella cheese with a cream centre) should not be missed. Pugliese cuisine with its delicate flavours is generally considered to be amongst the best in Italy.
Ristorante Ai Due Ghiottoni

You can try a variety of vegetables and fish cooked according to the best pugliese cuisine. Recommended choices: the “risotto ai due ghiottoni’ with spinach, cream, ham and parmesan cheese and oven-cooked salted bass fish. Good selection of local, national and international wines.

​Address: Via Putignani, 11, 11/B Bari ​Phone: +39 080 523 2240​Website:​More info:
Ristorante Perbacco

Ristorante Perbacco is an elegant place where you can eat typical cuisine as well as more creative dishes. Good selection of wine and excellent service.

​Address: Via Abbrescia, 99​Phone: +39 080 558 8563​Website:​More info:
Al Sorso Preferito

This place is to be found in an old building in the city centre. Here you’ll find typical pugliese cuisine such as “orecchiette alle fave” (typical homemade pasta with broad beans) or with cicoria (chicory) or cime di rape and cavatelli (another kind of pugliese homemade pasta) with seafood sauce.

​Address: Via Vito Nicola De Nicolò, 46, 70121 Bari​Phone: +39 080 523 5747​Website:
Pizzeria Enzo E Ciro

This is the most celebrated pizzeria in Bari. The furniture is a bit shabby, but the pizza is great and other typical dishes are of the same high standard. Don’t forget to book, it’s always packed.

​Address: Via Imbriani Matteo Renato, 79, 70121 Bari​Phone: +39 080 554 1535
Pizzeria La Veronique

This pizzeria has moved from the city centre to the suburbs. This is a good choice because of the availability of parking and the place is huge - with plenty of tables outside. Good hors d’oeuvre (Barese ham, olives and bruschetta) and delicious pizzas can be enjoyed here.

​Address: Via S. F. Hahnnemann, 4​Phone: +39 080 5461 822​Website:
Ristorante Bacco

If you like fresh fish and shellfish, head over to this Italian restaurant. Ristorante Bacco is highly recommended due to its impeccable service and of course for the tasty food which are prepared with great love and care. Everything looks smells and tastes divine.

​Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele 126, 70121 Bari​Phone: +39 080 527 5871​Website:
Braceria Signorile

This special restaurant should not be missed; here you will definitely have a memorable meal. First, you get to choose your own meat from the butcher next to the restaurant, and while you wait for the food by your table inside the restaurant, you can order an appetizer and a drink. With the great service and perfectly cooked fresh meat, it can't get better than this!

​Address: Via Giulio Petroni 12, 70124 Bari​Phone: +39 080 542 6105

Shodai is the first Japanese restaurant in Bari and very popular among locals and tourist alike. Here you can enjoy Asian classics like sushi, vegetable tempura, salmon sashimi and noodle dishes. All dishes are prepared with professionalism and fantasy and served by friendly staff. The restaurant has a modern interior with black-and-red colour scheme.

​Address: Piazza Giuseppe Massari, 23, 70100 Bari​Phone: +39 080 528 35 89​Website:

The young and talented chefs prepare traditional Bari cuisine with a modern twist at this nice, small restaurant. On the menu you will find a variety of pasta, flawless fish dishes and perfectly cooked meat. The atmosphere is more casual during lunch and fancier during dinner, but you can always expect an impeccable service!

​Address: N.piccinni 151, 70121 Bari​Phone: +39 080 522 2224​Website:

Terranima is a restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere and offers an enjoyable meal with good selection of authentic flavours of Puglia. On the menu you will find freshly prepared dishes like antipasto, grilled fish, fresh pasta and vegetarian food. The price is also reasonable for the quality you will get. All you need to do is to enjoy a good wine with your delicious food.

​Address: Via Putignani 213/215, 70122 Bari​Phone: +39 080 521 9725​Website:
Ristorante Casablanca

This restaurant is beautifully located by the sea and offers an amazing view. Here you can have a romantic dinner in a unique atmosphere and at the same time admire the fascinating coastline. In the summer time you can enjoy your tasty food on the outside terrace and watch the lovely sunset.

​Address: 70122 Palese Macchie, lgmare Massaro ​Phone: +39 080 530 1276 ​Website:
Ristorante Giannino

Ristorante Giannino is an upscale restaurant with great service and where the food is always fresh and cooked at the moment. Their true speciality is fish and prepared according to your wishes. This restaurant might be little more expensive but the high quality food cannot be disputed.

​Address: Via Leopardi, 38, Torre a Mare, 70126 Bari​Phone: +39 080 543 0448​Website:
La uascezze

La uascezze is located in the heart of the old town; it can be hard to find but really worth the search. Here you can enjoy authentic local food in a nice atmosphere and for a good price. With your food you can have a fine glass of wine or a beer. You will not be disappointed!

​Address: Vico S. Agostino 2/3, 70122 Bari​Phone: +39 032 8825 8376​Website:​More info: Borgo Antico

This is a cool restaurant with Italian contemporary kitchen where the chef knows his quality products and brings those classic Italian recipes on a plate with a modern twist. The waitress is attentive and knows her wines.

​Address: Via Villari, 56, 70123 Bari​Phone: +39 0346 572 0467
Hostaria Al Gambero

Hostaria Al Gambero is situated only a few steps from the sea, near the harbour of Bari. The restaurant serves a variety of Pugliese cuisine and specializes in seafood dishes, all accompanied by a selection of fine wines from the best wineries. Good quality, the devoted staff and friendly family atmosphere makes this a popular restaurant for locals and tourists alike.

​Address: C. De Tullio 8 ​Phone: +39 080 521 6018​Website:
Here you will find many cosy, family owned cafés. Enjoy warm croissants for breakfast or a good cup of coffee after a day of shopping.
Il Caffé Borghese

This is one of the oldest cafés in Bari, close to the Castello svevo and highly recommended as a place to sit with a cappuccino and brioche or an aperitivo and soak up the atmosphere of the city.

​Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 122​Phone: +39 080 524 2156
Spizzico Café

This is a pleasant and friendly café offering warm croissants, energizing coffee and a nice place to sit down for a chat and a rest. Also an American bar, a delhi and a patisserie.

​Address: Via Giovanni Modugno, 10​Phone: +39 080 504 5183 ‎
Terra di Mezzo

Terra di Mezzo means Middle-Earth, and as implied by the name, is an inn rather than a café. The fantasy-themed decoration such as stained glass, stone, wood and a winged dragon makes you feel like you stepped into Lord of the Rings.

​Address: Via Vito Nicola Di Tullio, 14, 70124 Bari​Phone: +39 080 207 6235 ‎​Website:
Osteria delle Travi

This is a family-run, local inn in the old town of Bari with wooden benches, antique lithographs and rustic furniture. The wholesome Bari cuisine is tasty and served in generous portions.

​Address: Largo Ignazio Chiurlia, 12​Phone: +39 339 157 8848
Matisse Cafe Concert

Matisse Cafe Concert is a cosy café with a lovely view over Piazza del Ferrarese. Come here for great coffee, cocktails and even breakfast.

​Address: Piazza del Ferrarese, 10​Phone: +39 080 524 9962​Website:​More info:
Apéritivo venues tend to open late, at around 8 pm-9 pm, because in Bari people usually eat dinner at around 9.30 pm-10 pm, and if you arrive earlier you will probably find a lot of empty seats. People generally eat outside because it’s almost never cold. Bari’s people like to chill-out and chat in Piazza del Ferrarese or along the old walls. They also like to visit to the small villages by the sea, such as Trani, Poliniano a Mare, Molfetta and Bisceglie, for a walk and a drink. In Bari, there are a few dance clubs but for discos it’s worth a trip out to the famous Divinae follie in Bisceglie, 40 km from Bari.
Caffé Mozart

This is another important apéritivo venue, but is also an after-dinner drinking bar. Here you will find hot food as well and cakes if you are feeling hungry.

​Address: Via Melo Da Bari 139, 70121 Bari​Phone: +39 080 524 5015
Divinae Follie

This is a huge disco, which can hold at least 3,000 people on one of the Europe’s biggest dance floors. Music: happy house, RnB, revival.

​Address: Viale Ponte Lama, 3, 76011 Bisceglie​Phone: +39 080 398 6050​Website:​More info:
Club Cafe Del Mar

At Café del Mar you can enjoy a lovely view over the ocean and great food. If you feel like dancing after dinner, stay and discover the music team for the evening. Wednesday´s it is Tango night!

​Address: Viale Imperatore Traiano 60​Phone: +38 080 552 5673​Website:​More info:

Except good food, you will find different shows and cabarets here! Gorgeous offers a great environment and a lovely place to go to, enjoy a quiet but nice evening.

​Address: Via Della Costituente, 82, 70125 Bari ​Phone: + 39 080 542 3399​Website:​More info:
Maze Ristorante Lounge

Maze is located in the Botanical garden and is the perfect place to go to for good music in an oriental environment. They have both food and cocktail menu.

​Address: Via Amendola Giovanni, 247 ​Phone: +39 080 548 2022​Website:​More info:
If you want to find Italian fashion clothing, bags, shoes and accessories you should visit via Sparano, which is the most important shopping street in Bari. Here, you can find all the famous labels such as Paciotti, Coccinelle, Furla and Rossetti, as well as the major chains including Sisley (which is one of the biggest chain stores in the South of Italy) and Zara. Other fashion shops with cheaper brands can be found in Corso Cavour and via Manzoni. The market in via Tommaso Fiore (which is open on Monday morning) is a great place for second-hand clothes, shoes, textiles and craft items. And if you want to bring home typical pugliese food and fresh vegetables it’s worth visiting the markets in Corso Mazzini and in via Nicolai (they are open every day). In the old city centre you’ll find many shops with pottery and straw baskets.
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Bari International Airport

Bari’s International Airport is located around 11 km from the city centre. The local city bus (Amtab bus 16) gets you into the city from 5 am to 11 pm, every 60 minutes or you can catch the Tempesta bus company shuttle to the rail station.

​Phone: +39 080 5800 200​Website:
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