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The mix of modernity and historical wealth offer a very rich cultural life. Within a unique scenery and authenticity, the city has managed to provide all amenities for both tourists and business travellers. If you have time, the whole region has much more to show, like going on a “péniche” (or barge) on Canal du Midi or explore the huge vineyards’ hectares.
La Cité

This UNESCO world heritage medieval fortress is unique in Europe for its beauty and size and walking along its 3 kilometres of ramparts is a must. There is no entrance fee, unless you would like to take a tour on the small train which means a small fee. Train tours starts at Western gate, “Porte Narbonnaise,” from 1 May to 30 September.

​Address: A61 West, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 102 430
Basilica Saint Nazaire

The “Jewel of the Cité” is a prime example of Norman and Gothic architecture existing comfortably side by side. It is home to the tomb of Bishop Pierre de Rochefort (14th century) and one of the oldest and most important organs of South of France.

​Address: La Cité, Carcassonne
Château Comtal

Originally the dwelling of powerful feudal lords, the Comtal Castle has undergone many changes over the centuries. This is a part of La Cité (the medieval city) and the castle also offers a museum.

​Address: 1, rue Viollet le Duc, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 4 6811 7070
Bastide Saint Louis

The Bastide Saint Louis is the heart of Carcasonne, built in 1260, to a checkerboard layout around the Place Carnot and its colourful market. Wandering in rich southern French charm, you will see beautiful religious buildings like Church Saint Vincent, private mansions as well as restful parks and gardens. Among top attractions is the Gothic-styled Saint-Michel Cathedral, which features a wealth of objects of worship and art work.

​Address: 42 rue Barbès, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 723 481​Website:
Canal du Midi

Nearby Bastide Saint Louis, you can continue your visit along the famous Canal du Midi that is suitable for its fine trekking, but there are also several boat trips to choose from. The canal was built in the 17th century and together with some other waters it connects the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. Canal du Midi is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

​Address: Canal du Midi, Carcassonne

If you have time, Carcassonne and the surrounding region are home to some of the best French vineyards. This is a real pride of the city and well worth a visit.

Musée des Beaux-Arts

This art gallery, located in the former courthouse, has a wide collection of paintings and art objects from the 17th century until today. English speaking staff are there to answer your questions.

​Address: 1 rue de Verdun, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 4 68 77 73 70
Lac de la Cavayere

Just a few minutes from the city, you find this lake that offers several outdoor activities. You can walk around the lake and watch the wide variety of landscape conditions, there are sandy beaches to relax on, playgrounds for the children, fishing spots and different sport activities such as horseback riding, water sports and beach volleyball. This place is fun for the whole family.

​Address: Lac de la CavayereSubway: Line 7 goes from Carcassonne to the lake.
Théâtre Jean Deschamps

Théâtre Jean Deschamps is an outdoor theatre in the area of the medieval city. It was built in the beginning of the 20th century and is designed to cater for tragedies, operas and lyric dramas. A large festival is held in July every year to celebrate the theatre.

​Address: La Cite, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 4 68 115 915
Sentier Sculpturel Mayronnes

This 5 km long sculpture trail is located approx. 35 km from Carcassonne, up in the Corbieres hills. To walk the whole trail and watch all the sculptures takes about 2,5 hours so this is a day trip from the city.

​Address: Ferme de Carrus, Mayronnes​Phone: +33 4 68 43 12 37​Website:
Acrobranche 02 Aventure

In the area of Lac de La Cavayere you find this acrobatic park. There are different trails of different levels with monkey bridges, wall climbing, tarzan jumps etc. to choose from. For parents or anyone who isn't fond of heights and adrenalin kicks of this sort there are also picnic areas to watch the spectacle from.

​Address: Lac de La Cavayere, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 4 68 25 33 83​Website:
Centre Culturel De La Memoire Combattante

This small museum is located very close to the Medieval city walls. Its exhibition focus on the French military history and it has a section that shows the local area during World War II.

​Address: 102 Rue Trivalle, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 4 68 72 40 16
Spa Carita

After a day of walking around the medieval city, a visit to Spa Carita will treat your sore feet. In the Hôtel du Château, close to La Cité, you find this place of relaxation. There are a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, a steam room and rooms for treatments such as massage etc.

​Address: 2 Rue Camille Saint-Saens, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 4 68 11 96 76​Website:
Ammonite Pottery

The host, Rowena, welcomes you to Ammonite Pottery, where she will teach you how to throw pottery. She has both dogs and cats so this is not a good place for people with allergy.

​Address: Ancienne Piscine, Route de Citou, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 4687 885 18
La Maison Hantee

This haunted house is good fun for everyone that likes being scared. Ghosts, dark rooms and scary noises will get your heart beating faster. After entering this building all you will wish for, is to get out from it as fast as possible.

​Address: 9 Rue du Grand Puits, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 6 03 84 15 12
The Aude region offers an incredible variety of wines to be accompanied by special traditional dishes. Traditional local food is usually heavy, such as the Cassoulet, the famous specialty – a mixture of haricots and duck and pork. There are over fifty restaurants within the Cité walls, with great views all around. Those who love Mediterranean food will also find heaps of everything to fulfil their appetite. Expect great food!
Auberge de Dame Carcas

Auberge De Dame Carcas is a great venue to taste traditional regional dishes. You can try the Cassoulet, honey pork, and panned foie gras with red fruits.

​Address: 3, place du Château, La cité, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 712 323​Website:
Auberge des Ducs d’Oc

This inn is situated on a quaint castle square, true to its medieval heritage, with stone walls and wooden beams. Auberge des Ducs d’Oc is open all year round for dinner and lunch with specialities such as duck breast and foie gras.

​Address: 6, place du Château de la Cité, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 479 190​Website:
Auberge des Lices

In this elegant and medieval building you will find the typical cassoulet, but also other dishes such as the ‘parillada’ made with fresh fish are worth a try. There are delicious home-made ice cream and bread.

​Address: 6 rue Raymond-Roger Trencavel, Cité, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 723 407​Website:
Jardin de la Tour

This restaurant doesn't look like much to the world from the outside, but after you have passed through the door and the bar, a beautiful garden appears. Jardin de la Tour has lovely outside tables and a menu containing both regional and Mediterranean food.

​Address: 11 Rue de la Porte d'Aude, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 257 124
Le Vieux Four

This small but inviting restaurant serves traditional French food as well as Italian food, all cooked in a wood-fired oven. The pizzas and cassoulets are delicious! A great atmosphere and reasonable prices.

​Address: 9 rue Saint Louis, Cité, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 478 880
L’Arbre de Vie

Sit back and enjoy great local specialities at good prices while admiring lovely views of the medieval Cité. Their set menus are of good value.

​Address: 3 place Marcou, Cité, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 714 533

Located in an old stable, this place is something else! During summer time, you can eat romantically in the charming garden under hundred-year-old trees.

​Address: 43 Boulevard Barbès, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 720 404​Website:
Chez Fred

Located just a short walk from Canal du Midi, “Chez Fred” serves sophisticated, traditional Mediterranean food. The Cathary lamb is worth a try.

​Address: 31 Boulevard Omer Sarraut, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 720 223​Website:
O’Vineyards Table d’Hôtes-Restaurant

The area of Carcassonne is famous for its fine wines and for a culinary experience combined with high quality wine tasting, O’Vineyards Table d’Hôtes-Restaurant is the place to go. This warm and friendly venue is called "A home away from home" and Liz and Joe will greet you with their best home-made French food with influences of a Vietnamese-New Caledonian heritage.

​Address: 885 Avenue de la Montagne Noire, Villemoustaussou, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 6 30 18 99 10​Website:
Restaurant La Marquiere

Restaurant La Marquiere has a superb location in the medieval city and here you can enjoy French fine dining. During summer months and sunny days, the patio is open to sit at and here the atmosphere is more relaxed but still with the same top service.

​Address: 13 rue St Jean, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 715 200​Website:

You will not leave L'Als'Assiette hungry. The Alsatian food comes in large portions and there are also vegetarian dishes on the menu. The restaurant is located in the centre of la Bastide and is open for both lunch and dinner.

​Address: 29 rue Armagnac, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 4 68 26 64 54​Website:​Opening hours: Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesday lunch
Le Jardin de l'Estagnol

This gem is hidden in an industrial area of the city but is well visited by locals. The interior of the dining room feels Spanish and in the summer months you can sit in the surprisingly beautiful courtyard. The food served here is traditional French.

​Address: 1 rue Benjamin Franklin, ZA de l'Estagnol, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 4 68 47 33 17​Website:
La Courtine

If you are a pizza fan, make a visit at La Courtine in La Cité. This restaurant is famous for its lovely pizzas that have even won prices for their good taste. In addition to pizza you also find other Italian dishes on the menu.

​Address: 4 Place Marcou, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 255 952
Chez Jasmine

At Chez Jasmine you can enjoy tasty flavourful Thai dishes to affordable prices. Either you want to sit in the small restaurant or order take-away, the menu offers a wide array of freshly made dishes.

​Address: 46 Bis Rue Antoine Marty, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 712 564​Website:

If you haven't tried the typical French dish "L'Escargot" (snails), this is a good restaurant for your premiere. At L'Escargot, you order French "tapas" and you and your company share several small French dishes, so if you happen to not like the delicacy, it will not end with you having to leave the restaurant hungry.

​Address: 7 Rue Viollet le Duc, La Cite, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 4 68 47 12 55
The coffee culture in France is pretty impressive, most people start their day with an espresso shot and finish their lunch with a coffee. They also indulge in various types of coffee during the day. Of course, Carcassonne is no exception and you can find a large number of brasseries and coffee shops spread out all over town.
Le Petit Moka

Le Petit Moka is a charming venue near the river Aude, offering a wide range of coffee and tea. Great for a break between tours in the Cité and Bastide Saint Louis.

​Address: 4 Place Carnot, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 256 887
Le Bistro Fruit

Le Bistro Fruit, with its location in the heart of the Cité, is a great venue to get some rest with a quiet and charming atmosphere. Be sure to try the home-made ice cream!

​Address: 7 Place Marcou, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 255 233​Website:
Crêperie le Blé Noir

At this extremely popular venue you will find excellent crêpes, both sweet and salty ones. They are deliciously served with fruit, chocolate or what your heart desires.

​Address: 15, Rue de Verdun, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 4 68 72 34 80
Le Marcou

Le Marcou is located in the beautiful Medieval Cité. This is a popular café among tourists who come to enjoy ice cream, tea and cocktails or simply a good coffee.

​Address: 12 place Marcou, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 473 748​Website:
Habana Café

At Habana Café you can either enjoy a coffee in the sun during the day, relax with a cocktail in the evening or dance vigorously at night, all in a friendly atmosphere and a distinctly Cuban and salsa ambience. It also offers excellent Latin music.

​Address: 23 place Carnot, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 712 878
Carcassonne at night is simply magical, the walls and monuments are highlighted with golden lights. On your way to a bar or a discotheque, walking through this open-air museum is something you won’t forget. Carcassonne is a small city, but as one of the top French tourism destinations, there is a wide range of trendy places to sample. Many people start the evening with an aperitif after a long day of visiting the medieval sites, and then go on to some great nightspots. Latino bars and clubs are very popular.
Brasserie du Dôme

Brasserie du Dôme is a popular venue to start with an aperitif in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The home-made sangria is famous, and it’s a great place to watch concerts!

​Address: 35 rue des Trois Couronnes, Bastide Saint Louis, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 250 348
La Fiesta Bodega

Tapas, bar, night club, outdoor terrace, this popular venue has everything to keep the party going all night long in a warm atmosphere. La Fiesta Bodega is located in an area with more clubs and bars nearby.

​Address: 49 avenue Henri Goût, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 713 942
Black Bottom

Black Bottom is a recommended venue in Carcassonne, hosting great DJ’s in a hot atmosphere. This is the right place to party and dance to the latest hits.

​Address: Route de Limoux, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 473 711
Pop Bar

Pop Bar is not only a bar and restaurant, it is also known for its theme nights. If you want to sip a cocktail accompanied by live piano music this is also possible here.

​Address: 5 rue Armagnac, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 715 021
La Bulle

La Bulle Discothèque is one of the most popular and best dance clubs in Carcassonne. People in all ages get together here to dance the night away and if you feel for a night meal there is a bar serving food just next to the club.

​Address: 115 rue Barbacane, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 724 770
O’Sheridan’s Pub

This is a typical Irish pub serving a wide range of beers accompanied by great live music. O’Sheridan’s Pub is a place for those who miss the British style pubs and Guinness!

​Address: 13 rue Victor Hugo, Carcasonne​Phone: +33 4 68 10 97 48
Antiques, books and wine are the most popular items for travellers. Carcassonne has two distinct shopping areas. In the modern lower city, Bastide Saint Louis, there is a popular market for clothing on boulevard Barbès. Nearby, rue Georges Clémenceau and rue de Verdun are the major streets for shopping with a vast array of retailers, bookshops with rare or sold-out editions, shoes, cosmetics and perfume. On Place Carnot, the colourful market, with a mouthwatering selection of local delicacies is definitely worth a visit. Shopping in the walled Cité is more authentic, although most of the shops are dedicated to tourists. There are a large number of tiny stores, boutiques and craftsmen. All kinds of souvenirs can be bought such as original clothes in wool, old maps, or gift items like antiques and local art or crafts. Knives, swords and other medieval weapons are also found in speciality shops. You will find excellent souvenirs and toys for the kids! There are a couple of good souvenir shops at the junction of rue Cros-Mayrevieille and rue Saint Sernin. For genuine articles, try the “Antiquities,” at the bottom of the rue Porte d’Aude. It’s the oldest and most reliable shop for antiques. Last but not least, you can buy wine from the neighbouring wineries, at local stores or Place Carnot market. The Minervois (rosé wine) is the most popular in the region. In the Cité, Cellier des Vignerons on rue du Grand Puit is a recommended shop offering a wide selection of regional wines.
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Aeroport de Carcassonne-Salvaza

Carcassonne is served by an international airport, “Aeroport de Carcassonne-Salvaza”, located 2 km west of the city. The cheapest and fastest way to get into town is the shuttle service. A one way ticket costs €5 and you can use your ticket for a connection with local transport. Shuttles run according to flight schedules and take you to the city centre, train station and the Cité. If you rather take a taxi, the cost from the the airport to Carcassonne town centre is about €10 to €15, whilst a taxi between the airport and the Cité costs around €15 to €20.

​Address: Aeroport de Carcassonne-Salvaza, Route de Montréal, Carcassonne​Phone: +33 468 719 646​Website:​More info: Prices updated June 2013
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