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Called by many the “Venice of the East”, Chania is an amazing city bearing a rich, long history and culture. It is a blessed and privileged land with a mild climate throughout the year, countless beauties and all kinds of attractions. A crossroad between the East and the West, it has been continuously inhabited since Minoan times.

The old city of Chania, built upon the ruins of Minoan Kydonia, has managed to preserve its cultural heritage and traditional architecture and to successfully blend it with modern lifestyle. A walk in the narrow streets of the old city offers nostalgic images from the past. Unique monuments such as the Grand Arsenal, the Egyptian Lighthouse, the Venetian dockyard ("Neoria"), the Jewish synagogue, the mosque of the Janissaries, the archaeological and byzantine museums and the numerous churches impress even the most demanding visitor.

Gifted with a stunning and beautifully preserved Venetian harbor, Chania’s old town with its daedalus cobbled streets, teetering Venetian ruins, atmospheric neighborhoods, splendid markets, sophisticated cafes and picturesque tavernas resembles no other city.

But the old city and the nearby coastal villages are far from being the only attraction in this magical land. Chania countryside proudly boasts five hundred villages, mountains with snow covered peaks, hidden valleys of citrus orchards, rivers and streams, numerous orange and olive groves, endemic wild herbs, venetian monasteries and miniscule Byzantine chapels, hundreds of miles of coastline and beaches of all types.

One could never forget Crete’s culinary tradition. Following scientific research the Cretan nutrition and diet is not only unique in taste but has also been proven to promote health and longevity. A diet which, unchanged since antiquity, consists exclusively of products that the people of Crete produce naturally. The two indisputable protagonists amongst these are olive oil and wine. Their fame, untainted quality and exceptional taste reveals a long story (dating back to the Minoan times) and reflects the uniqueness of Cretan soil and local microclimate.
The Old Port Heraklion

It is to be found on the left side of the modern port. During the Venetian period, it was an important commercial and military centre. The perfect spot for a nice romantic walk, especially during the night.

The Koules Fortress

The fortress is really impressive and one of the special sights of Heraklion. It was built at the entrance of the Venetian port in order to protect from raids. Fragments of the carved lions of Saint Mark can be seen on its sides. On the top, an outdoor theatre has been built and they use it during the summer festivals. The name Koules is a Turkish name, but the Venetians called it Rocca al Mare. The castle is open to the public.

The Minoan Palace of Knossos

The archaeological site of Knossos is at a distance of 5 kilometres southeast of Heraklion, near the small village of the same name. It is the largest and most known centre of the Minoan civilization.


Hersonissos is the night-life paradise of Crete. There are hundreds of bars, big hotels and nice restaurants. There are also nice beaches, especially “limanakia,” a number of very small bays. Ideal for sea, sun and fun lovers. One hour distance from the centre of Heraklion and you can go there by bus. The buses leave from the station near the port—Kountourioti str, Limenos area.


Malia has plenty to do—day and night. Plenty of taverns, pubs and discos and a lovely beach. A great party place! It is ninety minutes away from Heraklion. Get the bus from the same place as for Hersonissos.


West of Heraklion is the closet summer resort. Restaurants, tavernas, cafés, music bars, gift and jewellery shops are available along the road, with some beach-side taverns. You can go there taking the bus from Eleftherias square (Liberty square) or by taxi.

Chania – Rethymnon

If you are planning to stay more than a week in Crete and specifically at Heraklion, take the chance to visit two more great cities of the island with great natural beauties, gorges and very traditional villages: Rethymnon is 1,5 hours away from Heraklion (by bus), and Chania is 3 hours from Heraklion. For both destinations, you can get the bus from the central bus station near the port.

​Phone: +30 2810 221 765​Website: http://www.bus-service-crete-ktel.com
The Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum holds finds from Knossos, Archanes, Phaestos, Zakros and many other archaeological sites in Crete. It’s a must see place for the visitors who want to have an overall view of the island’s archaeological treasures. Popular highlights include the Phaestos disc, classic Hellenic and Roman sculptures, frescoes, jewellery, wall paintings and pottery.

​Address: Xanthoudidou 2, 71202 Heraklion​Phone: +30 2810 279 000

Explore the wonderful life of the Mediterranean sea. Here you can see hundreds of different fish and other marine species and let your self be fascinated by their shapes and colours.

​Address: Former American Base at Gournes, 71003 Heraklion ​Phone: +30 2810 337 788​Website: http://www.cretaquarium.gr​Opening hours: Open daily 09.30-21.00 May to September, 09.30-17.00 October to April.
City of Gournia

Gournia was excavated by Harriet Boyd, the first woman in the world excavating an ancient city, in the early 20th century. It is dated to late Minoan and is one of few Minoan towns to have been fully excavated. In 2010 they started digging again.

​Website: http://www.gournia.org​Opening hours: Daily 08.30-15.00
The Natural History Museum of Crete

A museum in Heraklion centre where you can find a lot of interesting things for all ages. There are a discovery centre for children, an earthquake simulator, small aquariums and terrariums housing living animals from this region, a large collection of fossils, and a replica of the largest mammal ever lived on Crete, 9 million years ago.

​Address: Knossou Ave, 71409 Heraklion​Phone: +30 2810 324366​Website: http://www.nhmc.uoc.gr​Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 09.00 - 15.00 Weekends: 10.00 - 18.00
Agios Nikolaos

This picturesque town is located on the east part of Crete, 70 km from Heraklion. It is built around a small lake so choose between taking a break on one of the cafés by the lakeside or close to the harbour by the sea watching all the yachts lying there. With all its restaurants, bars and designer shops here is a cosmopolitan feeling.

Lake Kournas

Between the cities of Chania and Heraklion you find Lake Kournas, the only freshwater lake in Crete. It lies in a beautiful valley and this is a perfect spot for an afternoon picnic. If there are any orts the ducks waddling around are most likely interested.

Water City Water Park

Promoting itself as the best amusement park on the island. Enjoy all the possible water attractions like slides and wave pools, relax in the parks or have a bite of food and something to drink in one of the restaurants or bars. Water City's aim is to make your day as pleasurable as possible!

​Address: Anopoli pediados, Herakleion 700 08​Phone: +30 2810 781317​Website: http://www.watercity.gr
Elounda & Spinalonga Island

Feeling for a celebrity hunt? Elounda is the part of Crete where all the rich and famous people come for a vacation. Here you can gaze at all the luxurious villas and hotels but also enjoy the charming old fishing village. From Elounda you can take a boat trip to Spinalonga Island known for its Venetian fortress and being one of Europe´s last leper colony.

The Cretans are particularly fond of lamb and goat meat. The “Ofto lamb" and “Psito” are well known. Especially famous are the island’s dairy products—Kefalograviera, the semi-hard kefalotyri, Anthotyro and soft mizythra are all delicious and among the best Greek cheeses.
Lithos restaurant

Very popular restaurant, cosy atmosphere and inspired dishes. Enjoy the panoramic view of the Venetian Old Harbour, the homemade-with-a-twist cooking and watch the people go by in this scenic spot. Ask the waiters for the local delicacies and let yourself indulge in this feast of Mediterranean aromas. Specialists in extra virgin oil. From light dishes to elegant dining. (Friendly restaurant for trendy eaters and local product lovers).

​Address: Old Harbour, Chania​Phone: +30 28 2107 4406​Website: http://www.lithosrestaurant.gr​More info: Fax: +30 28 2107 4406
Zepos restaurant

Experience unrivalled hospitality and immerse yourself in the Greek dining philosophy in the heart of Chania's Venetian harbour. Day or night, enjoy a tantalising selection of food and drink, as the magnificent sea views, friendly staff and delicate flavours create memories that will last a lifetime. Suitable for personal and group events, visit or even dine in our renovated wine cellar. Family friendly with playroom facilities.

​Address: Akti Kountourioti 42, Chania​Phone: +30 282 109 4100​Website: http://www.zeposrestaurant.gr

For a special meal in a wonderful terrace garden or the antique interior dining area you should visit Loukoulos, which has the appearance of a period house. Loukoulos has interesting Mediterranean dishes with a Greek flavour and wonderful eye-appealing salads.

​Address: Korai 5, Heraklion​Phone: +30 2810 224 435​Website: http://www.loukoulos-restaurant.gr
Paralia Seaside Tavern

Paralia is a traditional fish tavern in Heraklion. They serve wonderful fish dishes and some other Greek specialities. Open during the summer season.

​Address: Sofokli Venizelou 5, 712 02 Heraklion​Phone: +30 2810 282 475​Website: http://www.paraliacrete.gr
Petousis Tavern

This is one of the most famous taverns in Heraklion. Even if it’s situated in an area which is “alive” during summer (Amoudara is a summer resort in Heraklion), this specific tavern is full almost every day! Traditional Greek food, special in a very nice environment.

​Address: 140 Andrea Papandreou Str​Phone: +30 2810 821 376 / +30 2810 823 071​Website: http://www.petousis.gr
Avli Creative Cuisine

In a beautiful Venetian house from the 16th century Avli offers not only accommodation but also a well-renowned restaurant. For 24 years they have served Crete and Mediterranean cuisine with a focus on preserving the old traditions.

​Address: Xanthoudidou 22 & Radamanthios, 74100, Rethymnon​Phone: +30 28310 58250/ +30 28310 26213​Website: http://www.avli.gr

Remezzo has a beautiful location just by the sea side. Here you can find a range of food from a big breakfast, to an afternoon snack and a cocktail at sunset.

​Address: 16A, El. Venizelou Sq., 73100, Chania​Phone: +30 2821 052 001​Website: http://www.remezzo-crete.gr​More info: Old Venetian Port

Symposium has an open-air restaurant giving their customers the best service, great Mediterranean and European meals and delicious wine. It is located in Platanias and has lovely, relaxed atmosphere for a relaxed dinner.

​Address: 73100 Platanias, Chania​Phone: +30 2821 060 545​Website: http://www.symposium.com.gr
Kipos ton Gefseon

Seated in a beautiful setting in a garden with lemon trees, enjoy traditional Greek dishes to reasonable prices at Kipos ton Gefseon. The restaurant is located on a quiet street and you will feel far away from the bustling city.

​Address: 8 Chrisostomou Av, Heraklion​Phone: +30 2810 300 358​Website: http://www.kipostongefseon.gr
Herb's Garden

With a beautiful view of the Venetian harbour Herb's Garden will give you the best of service. The restaurant is located on the roof top of Lato Boutique Hotel and on the menu you will find fresh sea food, salads, and meat dishes. Don't miss the homemade ice cream!

​Address: 15 Epimenidou St, Heraklion 71202​Phone: +30 2810 334971​Website: http://www.lato.gr​Opening hours: Daily from 13.00 - late night, during May to early October.
Izmir Kebap

Huge portions to a good price. You will not leave Izmir Kebap hungry. Located right in the city centre this restaurant is a good choice for lunch, watching the strolling people.

​Address: Agios Titou 2, Heraklion, 71202​Phone: +30 2810 244242​Website: http://www.izmirkebap.com.gr

Almyra is in fact two restaurants in one. They are both located in connection with Delfini Beach Hotel. The restaurant and bar is inside the beautiful building while the Tavern is situated on the beach with a lovely sea view. The Tavern is only open during summer months. Both restaurants serves the same food so you just have to choose which setting that appeals you.

​Address: 89, Stamathioudaki Str.,Koumpes, Rethymno ​Phone: +30 28310 35245​Website: http://www.delfinibeach.gr
Castello Restaurant

In the old town of Rethymno, Castello restaurant is located just by the old Turkish bath. This restaurant is known for its creative cooking and experiments with traditional Greek food. Why don't try their tomatoes with feta and mint in the oven or shrimps with aniseed?

​Address: 27 Arabatzoglou str, Old town, 74100 Rethymno ​Phone: +30 28310 50567​Website: http://www.castello-crete.com
Veneto Restaurant

Located in an old building only three minutes´ walk from the commercial area this restaurant, one of the most famous ones in Crete, offers Cretan and Greek dishes. The chefs primarily use local products. If you are interested in cooking Greek food at home Veneto restaurant organizes courses.

​Address: 4, Epimenidou str., Old Town, 74100 Rethymno​Phone: +30 28310 56634​Website: http://www.veneto.gr​Opening hours: May 1st till October 31st
Erotokritos Tavern

This family owned restaurant has served tourists and locals fresh fish and seafood since 1967. Your dinner will be perfect accompanied by the beautiful view of the old Venetian harbour.

​Address: 44, Nearhou str., Old Venetian port, 74100 Rethymno​Phone: +30 2831 051512 ​Website: http://www.erotokritos-crete.com
Lotus Eaters

Hidden away from the main square of Elounda you will find Lotus Eaters. They specialize in quality Greek and International food. Buying their meat from the local butcher, their fish from the fisher men in the town and fruits from island farmers their aim is to use only products from Crete.

​Address: Seafront, Elounda 72053​Phone: +30 28410 41538​Website: http://www.lotus-eaters.com​More info: Located by the seafront, 250 meters from Main Square. Keeping the sea to your left.
Blue Sea Restaurant

With its beautiful location next to the beach Blue Sea restaurant is an excellent alternative for a romantic night out. On their menu you will find a variety of Greek dishes and international cuisine to reasonable prices.

​Address: Akti Oloundos, Elounda 72053 ​Phone: +30 2841 041270​Website: http://www.eloundaaktiolous.gr
Most of the cafés and bars in Heraklion are in Korai street, the centre of the town. There is no need to know the number. The island, even if is the largest in Greece, is like a “big family.” Just ask someone for help, and they’ll gladly point you in the right direction!
Living Room Lounge Café

Living room is a trendy café with nice people at the centre of Heraklion. Here you can find warm and cold drinks, salads, snacks and cocktails.

​Address: El. Venizelou 5​Phone: +30 283 102 1386​Website: http://www.living.com.gr

This complex is 10 minutes outside the centre of Heraklion in an area pretty famous during the summer. A new, modern building with cinemas, restaurant, cafés and bars.

​Address: 116 Andrea Papandreou Avenue, Ammoudara​Phone: +30 2810 823 813​Website: http://www.texnopolispark.gr
Veneto Café

With the views of the harbour and the Venetian fortress, this place is great, especially in the summer (if you manage to find a free table.) This café opened in 1996 and has a good reputation.

​Address: Epimenidou Str. 9, 71202 Herkalion​Phone: +30 2810 223 686​Website: http://www.venetocafe.gr
Kentrikon Café

Kentrikon Café is located in the old town centre. Here are a contemporary atmosphere but at the same time it has retained its old charm. It is a two story building and the perfect place for a good cup of coffee in the afternoon.

​Address: Betolo and Dorotheou Episkopou, 73100, Chania​Phone: +30 28210 41442​Website: http://www.kentrikoncafe.gr​More info: Old town center
The Back Door

The Back Door is one of the oldest cafeterias in Chania. Even though it is one of the oldest it is newly renovated and centrally located. They serve juice, coffee, snacks, ice cream and a bit later in the evenings also cocktails.

​Address: 1, Akti Koundourioti, 73100 Chania​Phone: +30 2821 074 274​Website: http://www.crete-cafe.gr​More info: Old Venetian port Chania

This 17th century building is turned into an amazing café-bar and creperie. Here you can eat breakfast, try a lovely crepes and later, like most bars, they serve cocktails and beer.

​Address: Koutouloufari, Hersonissos​Phone: +30 28970 23981/ +30 2810 252797​Website: http://www.jmfabrica.gr
When we are talking about the nightlife on the Greek islands (and, generally, Greece) we mean intensive nightlife till the morning. For many Cretans the nightlife begins at 18.00, 19.00 and finishes at 06.00 in the morning!

Along the main coast of Malia you can find everything you need for a good night out. Restaurants, clubs and of course a beautiful beach.

The Rock Café

The Rock Café is located in the old town of Rethymnon and has three bars and dance floors. At this place it is a party every night of the week and they play everything between pop, rock and R&B.

​Address: 6 I.Petichaki street, Rethymnon, 74100​Phone: +30 694 450 8299​More info: Rethymnon
The Matrix Club

This club is the biggest club in Hersonnissos. This is the place to go to if you want to get lost in music and dance the night away.

​Address: Eleftheriou Venizelou, Hersonissos​Phone: +30 2897 021 103​Website: http://www.matrixclub.gr​More info: Main Road Hersonissos
Murphys bar

Murphys is located right by the beach in Hersonissos. It is a well visited bar which plays a mix of R&B, soul and trance.

​Address: Agia Paraskevis 61, Hersonissos​Phone: +30 28970 23 787​Website: http://www.murphysbar.gr
La Brasserie

This is a small and warm bar at Korai street, which organizes great live concerts, mainly with rock bands. Come and enjoy the warm night and great music!

​Address: Korai Square15, Heraklion​Phone: +30 281 028 1819
Heraklions commercial centre is located in the triangle formed by the Averof, 1821 and Kalokairinou streets, as well as in the surrounding streets. There are many commercial stores with clothes and shoes for all ages and styles. The shopping centre of the city, does not have many differences from the shopping centres of other European cities. It’s nice to combine your shopping with the special delicacies you can find in the same streets. “Loukoumades” with honey and the famous bougatsa (pie filled with cream) will make even an outstanding shopping bill look sweeter! Beyond the clothes stores, you can find popular art stores and the traditional knife stores where you can buy the famous Cretan knives. In the lively traditional market in the 1866 street, you can find products for making your own Cretan meal. On the same street and off the main streets there are many small shops which sell local products and many gifts shops (some of them with really strange gifts).
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