Book flights to Lamezia Terme. Situated in the centre of Calabria and right down in the ‘foot’ of Italy, Lamezia Terme definitely has a kick! You might be happy to stay in the city and explore its sights and delights, but if you hire a car at Lamezia Airport, you’re just an hour’s drive away from some really beautiful coastal towns with idyllic white sand beaches - and plenty of superb Calabrese food too! If you get the chance to visit Capo Vaticano, the beaches there might just be the highlight of your trip. Book flights to Lamezia with Ryanair, and discover Calabria your own way.
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The upper plain of the Sila to the north, with its stunning mountains and alpine landscape, is rich in forests and lakes. In the area around Lamezia Terme, there are also important artistic sites and Greek, Norman and Roman temples as well as palaces from the Bourbon times can be found across the region.
Lamezia Terme

Lamezia Terme is a combination of three separate villages. The most important is Nicastro with its cathedral and the remains of a castle. Nearby there is Caronte Terme.

​Address: Lamezia Terme​Phone: +39 0968 2071​Website:
Pizzo Calabro

Pizzo Calabro is a seaside resort around 34 km from Lamezia. The church of S. Giorgio and the nearby castle are worth a visit. A must when you visit this area is the delicious “Tartufo,” a local ice cream, well-known in Italy.

​Address: Pizzo Calabro​Website:
Vibo Valentia

Vibo Valentia is a city located 43 km from Lamezia. If you haven't rented a car you can take the train here. The castle and the cathedral of S. Leoluca are well worth a trip.

​Address: Vibo Valentia​Website:
Hippònion Ruines (Vibo Valentia)

In Vibo Valentia, you find the Hippònion Ruines. These Greek remains does not only include a beautiful temple but also impressively high walls that were built to protect the province.

​Address: Vibo Valentia

Tropea is a village located 64 km from Lamezia and famous for its white beaches which run right up to Capo Vaticano. The village itself is picturesque and romantic with winding streets and beautiful small piazzas.

​Address: Tropea
Serra San Bruno

Serra San Bruno is a village located 70 km from Lamezia with a famous monastery. Unfortunately, the site is out of bounds to tourists because of the Chartusian monks’ vow of enclosure, but you can visit the museum.

​Address: Contrada Certosa,1, Serra San Bruno​Phone: +39 0963 70608​Website:​More info:

In this village, located 107 km from Lamezia, there is a Byzantine-style church called Cattolic. This church is considered to be one of Calabria’s masterpieces.

​Address: Stilo
Monasterace Marina

Monasterace Marina is a seaside village which is located around 90 km from Lamezia Terme. It is worth visiting the remains of a Greek settlement here, including a temple and some Hellenic houses.

​Address: Monasterace Marina​Website:
Cathedral (Tropea)

This is a Norman church with an interesting black crucifix and the dark-skinned Madonna of Romania. Due to a number of wonders, the citizens of Tropea has proclaimed the Virgin Mary of Romania to the patron of village.

​Address: Via Roma, Tropea
The Malta Bastion (Lamezia Terme)

This watchtower was built in 1550 to serve the Knights of Malta. There are several tower-ruins in the area but this is one of the most impressive and well-preserved of them.

​Address: Lamezia Terme
The Diocesan Museum (Lamezia Terme)

In Lamezia Terme, history-lovers will like The Diocesan Museum. Here you can see several paintings and art objects from the 17th and 18th century. The most famous artefact is a beautiful ivory jewellery box from the Arab-Sicilian collection, dated back to the 12th century.

​Address: Lamezia Terme
Reggio Calabria

On the very edge on the toe of the so-called "Italian boot" and in the southern of Calabria, Reggio Calabria is located. This is the largest and oldest city in the area and here you find beautiful beaches and lots of different attractions like museums and a lovely botanical garden. From Lamezia Terme to Reggio Calabria it is app. 130 km.

​Address: Reggio Calabria
The Pollino National Park

In this national park, founded in 1992, visitors can find the Bosnian Pine, not present anywhere else in Calabria. The surroundings include both breathtaking nature wonders but also archaeological points of interest.

​Address: Complesso monumentale Santa Maria della Consolazione, Rotonda​Phone: +39 0973 669311​Website:
La Sila National Park

Another beautiful park is the La Sila National Park. It has a wonderful location at 1,200 metres above sea level. This is a perfect place to go hiking or mountain biking in the summer.

​Address: Via Nazionale snc, Lorica di San Giovanni in Fiore​Phone: +39 0984 537109​Website:

In the middle between the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian Sea, on the narrowest part of the country, you find Catanzaro. Its main attraction is Viaduct Morandi-Bisantis, one of Europe’s tallest one-arch bridges.

​Address: Catanzaro
Calabrese dishes are tasty but simple. Specialties include marinated and sundried vegetables, swordfish, Bluefin tuna and calamari, roasted meats and spicy sausages. Don’t miss the nduja which is a soft, spicy hot and spreadable salami. Calabria is one of Europe’s major producers of citrus fruits and hazelnuts which help to make unique desserts.
Porta Vaticana

Porta Vaticana is a famous restaurant in the centre of Tropea, mainly serving fish. Recommended dishes here are the risotto Afrodite (with prawns and herbs) and fileja alla tropeana (homemade pasta with tomatoes and nduja).

​Address: Viale Regina Margherita, Tropea​Phone: +39 0963 603 387​Website:

L’approdo is one of the best restaurants of the area, where you can find traditional fish-based dishes as well as innovative ones. They have an excellent lemon sorbet and wine list.

​Address: Via Roma, 22, Vibo Valentia Marina​Phone: +39 0963 572640​Website:
Don Rocco

Don Rocco is another good restaurant near the main church of Tropea. It is run by three brothers and the food served is typical calabrese cuisine (both fish and meat) and delicious pizzas.

​Address: Largo Duomo, Tropea​Phone: +39 0963 607 067 / +39 0963 607 208​Website:

Novecento is considered to be Lamezia Terme’s most beautifully located restaurant. Here you will find a great atmosphere, lovely food and wine list.

​Address: Largo Sant'antonio 5, Lamezia Terme​Phone: +39 0968 448 625
Enoteca and Cucina Perbacco

At Enoteca and Cucina Perbacco you will find great meat and wine from all regions of Italy. They offer great service and delicious desserts.

​Address: Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 4, Lamezia Terme​Phone: + 39 096 826 874

This rustic and charming restaurant in Lamezia Terme offer its guests a menu with dishes according to season. Traditional Italian dishes leave the kitchen and are enjoyed in a cosy ambience.

​Address: Piazza Mercato Nuovo, Lamezia Terme​Phone: +39 345 4940255​Website:

At this warm and friendly restaurant in the middle of the countryside, meat-lovers will get their taste-buds satisfied. A wide array of meat-dishes are on the menu but there are also alternatives for guests that prefer something else.

​Address: Via Rettifilo Bagni, Lamezia Terme​Phone: +39 0968 534 59​Website:
Il Quadrifoglio

Il Quadrifoglio is a popular restaurant among locals and they serve all kind of Italian cuisine. The atmosphere is lively and on the TV's across the restaurant a soccer game will most likely be shown. This restaurant is a good alternative for lunch.

​Address: Via delle Nazioni, 33/35, Lamezia Terme​Phone: +39 096851709​Website:
Ristorante Pizzeria Don Diego

Close to the main road of Pizzo, Ristorante Pizzeria Don Diego offer an exquisite view over the sea combined with delicious food. With a friendly staff and affordable prices this restaurant has become popular among both tourists and locals.

​Address: Via M. Salomone 243, Pizzo​Phone: +39 0963 060 107​Website:
Trattoria da Toto

In the historic centre of Vibo Valentia, the small restaurant Trattoria da Toto is located. The chef prepares Mediterranean dishes from top quality products and the menu depends on what he has found in the local market that day.

​Address: Corso Umberto I, 89, Vibo Valentia​Phone: +39 0963 42697

Zenzero serves Italian dishes with a contemporary twist. Their wine cellar is impressive and the desserts end the meals perfectly. It is located at a small street right in the historic centre.

​Address: Via Roma 12, Serra San Bruno​Phone: +39 096 370 466​Website:
La Cantina del Giudice

La Cantina del Giudice is situated in a former wine cellar in Tropea. They serve delicious traditional Italian dishes and also have tasty vegetarian options on the menu.

​Address: Via Umberto I, Tropea​Phone: +39 0963 61017
Locanda Cocintum

In a rustic atmosphere, just below the lighthouse in Monasterace Marina, Locanda Cocintum serves generous portions of Italian specialities. Their focus lies on locally produced food and almost everything on the menu are made from organic products.

​Address: Strada Statale, 106, Monasterace Marina​Phone: +39 333 230 0824​Website:
Officina Del Gusto

This authentic restaurant in Reggio Calabria offers top quality food and a menu of fine wines. Guests can enjoy the cosy atmosphere out on the patio or in the rustic dining room. The chef, himself, often comes out to see that the guests like the food and are happy.

​Address: Via Placido Geraci 17/19, Reggio Calabria​Phone: +39 096 533 2830​Website:
Ristorante Scacco Matto

In a familiar and warm and friendly setting, the waiters at Ristorante Scacco Matto serve large portions of traditional Italian and Calabrian food to their guests. Here you can enjoy a really affordable dinner in a tranquil atmosphere.

​Address: Salita de Seta, 29, Sersale, Catanzaro​Phone: +39 333 7334160​Website:
In Lamezia Terme you will go crazy with all the delicious ice cream flavors and desserts. Take the time to try as many as you can. Do not forget to try the delicious “Tartufo,” a local ice cream, well-known in Italy.
Gelateria Callipo

At Gelateria Callipo you will find real, delicious ice cream and cakes. You do not want to miss out on their desserts that are made with natural, products.

​Address: Via Riviera Prangi, 156, Pizzo​Phone: +39 0963 99621​Website:
Pasticceria Chocolat

Just entering Pasticceria Chocolat your mouth will water. You will find ice-cream and truffles in all kind of chocolate flavours and go ahead and try as much as you can.

​Address: Via S. Aversa e L. Procenzano, Lamezia Terme​Phone: +39 0968 27137​Website:
Old Café

Old Café is a perfect alternative for either breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is open throughout the day and offers both outdoor seating and coffee to go.

​Address: C. Giovanni Nicotera, n 42, Lamezia Terme​Phone: +39 329 443 3496
Bar Gelateria Ercole

This place is popular and famous for its delicious Tartufo so this is a good place to try it. Bar Gelateria Ercole is located in the centre of Pizzo and while you enjoy your ice-cream you can also use their free Wifi.

​Address: Piazza della Repubblica,18, Pizzo​Phone: +39 096 3531 149​Website:
Gelateria Cesare

On the seaside promenade in Reggio Calabria, Gelateria Cesare offers a wide array of ice cream flavours. If you skipped lunch or feeling a bit hungry you should try the "Brioche con gelato", a sweet bread cut in half with ice cream inside with you choice of topping.

​Address: Piazza Indipendenza 2, Reggio Calabria​Phone: +39 0965 181 6014​Website:
Appetitive venues tend to open late (at around 7-8 pm), because people eat dinner here at around 8.30 pm-9.30 pm, and if you arrive earlier, you will probably find a lot of empty seats. People like to sit and chat outside bars and restaurants before dinner and as in most villages by the sea in the south, after dinner both old and young like to take walk, have a drink or try an ice cream. There aren't too many discos or nightclubs in the area.

Kaipira is an alternative lounge cocktail bar. Located by the water, they are open from 7 pm to late night. In the weekends local DJ's play here.

​Address: Corso Lungomare – C. Colombo, 54/56, Pizzo​Phone: +39 338 148 2696​Website:
Mojito Discobar

Mojito Discobar is open all night. Come here for delicious drinks and latin dance all night. They also offer karaoke nights.

​Address: Via Provinciale, Santa Domenica di Ricadi, Tropea​Phone: +39 0963 669687

Factory is a both a restaurant and a wine bar. They have happy hour between 6 pm-8 pm in the evenings. Come here and enjoy a glass of wine or a drink from the bar.

​Address: Via Santa Bernadette 9 11, Lamezia Terme​Phone: +39 0968 29844​Website:
Henry Morgan Pub

Henry Morgan Pub is a popular place and often has different themes for the evening. They show live sport and you can also grab a bite to eat here.

​Address: Località Marinella, Lamezia Terme ​Phone: +39 333 457 3777​Website:
Caffe Matteotti

This café and bar, located right by the waterfront in Reggio Calabria is popular among both tourists and locals. In the evenings people gather here under the parasols on the patio to enjoy apertivos before dinner.

​Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele III, 39, Reggio Calabria​Phone: +39 096 5891 161​Website:
What should you bring home from Calabria? Food and pottery, of course. The craftsmanship typical of this region maintains the family tradition of high quality products. The roots of this culture can be found in the many peoples who have passed through these areas, beginning with the Magna Grecia. Where can you find the best products? Tropea is a good place to find anything you want. If you are looking for typical food (at very least you should buy oil, oregano and peperoncino) the best shops are: I vecchi sapori, La dispensa della nonna (via Umberto I), Bontà e delizie della Calabria (Via indipendenza), Antichi sapori Tropeani (Viale regina Elena) and Pane e sale (Largo Migliarese). In Tropea, there are also recommended shops where you can find traditional pottery (cups, dishes, jugs and so on) in strong colours such as red and orange. The best are: L’artigianato (Corso Vittorio Emanuele), La nassa (via Umberto I) and La Calabrisella (via Libertà, 51).
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Lamezia Terme Airport

The Lamezia Terme Airport (S Eufemia Airport) is located just 3 km from the city centre. The local transport company Lamezia Multiservizi takes you in to the city centre and buses leave every 20 minutes. There are also several taxis waiting outside the terminal. The cost depends on how many that share a taxi, how much luggage there are and what time and day it is.

​Address: Lamezia Terme Airport​Phone: +39 0968 414333​Website: /
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