This is Basque country! When you book flights to Biarritz you’ll find that its beauty is definitely worthy of kings and queens, so it’s no wonder the city was a favoured holiday spot for the super-rich - but it’s not just a playground for royalty any more. Herds of beach bums have surfed into town over the years to bring a chilled and friendly vibe to the beaches, and while there’ll always be that ‘champagne and oysters’ feeling to the town, it’s a whole lot more affordable fun than it used to be! Saunter along the seaside, eat perfect pastries, drink cocktails all evening, and feel like a million dollars, when you book flights to Biarritz with Ryanair.
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Biarritz is located in Basque territory, 18km from the Spanish border. The sunny location on the Bay of Biscay makes it perfect for surfing and that culture is deeply rooted in the city’s ambience. Several prestigious surf tournaments have been hosted by Biarritz. Popular sports practiced here are Basque pelota, golf and rugby.
Hôtel du Palais

This is one of the grand hotels in the world. Eugénie, wife of Napoleon III, created it at the end of the 19th century and it still towers over the northern end of Grand Plage. A visit is well worth the time, in fact, it is almost a must see – the interiors and the atmosphere are reminiscent of a bygone era.

​Address: 1 Avenue de l’Impératrice​Phone: +33 559 416 400 ‎ ​Website:
Plateau de l’Atalaye

The views of the Atlantic waves crashing over the cliffs below are dramatic. This is where the whale watchers would have been on the lookout. A statue of the Virgin Mary, raised in 1865, perches on one of the cliffs. Nearby is the quaint Place Ste-Eugénie square and the old fishing port Port des Pêcheurs.

​Address: Place Ste-Eugénie square
Eglise Alexandre Newsky

A Russian Orthodox church on the Atlantic may seem a bit out of place, but just before the Russian revolution in 1917, many aristocrats arrived here, bought a piece of land and built a church.

​Address: 8 Avenue de L’Imperatrice​Phone: +33 559 241 674​Website:
Musée de la Mer

The Musée de la Mer in Biarritz is a great place to take your family with an impressive marine display. The diverse sea life is portrayed in an elegant and entertaining manner. An edition to the family is eagle rays measuring 90 cm in width. They share their tank with about 30 sharks, barracudas and many more.

​Address: Plateau Atalaye​Phone: +33 559 227 540​Website:
Planète Musée du Chocolat

Indulge in a chocolate experience few people will have the chance to try and many will envy you for. The museum has delicious sculptures and interesting information that will reveal that chocolate actually originated in Basque country, aided by Christopher Columbus who returned home with cacao. The church considered hot chocolate to be a dangerous aphrodisiac but that didn’t stop it from spreading all over Europe.

​Address: 14 Avenue Beau Rivage​Phone: +33 559 232 772​Website:
Cité de l´Océan

The Cité de l’Océan can answer questions like: Where does the water in the oceans come from? Did Atlantis really exist? Would we be here if the Ocean never existed? More than one of your senses will be engaged in the fun journey toward learning about the depths of the ocean. 3D animations and interactive devices will guide you on your way.

​Address: 1 avenue de la plage​Phone: +33 559 227 540​Website:
Asiatica Museum of Asian Art

Musée Asiatica presents unique Asian works of art as well as detailed information cards on each country on display. The collection holds items from the Himalayan regions, the provinces of India, Tibet, Nepal and China.

​Address: 1, Rue Guy Petit​Phone: +33 559 227 878​Website:
Biarritz by Locals

Biarritz by Locals, or BBL for short, offer tourists the opportunity to get an insight in the everyday life in Biarritz. This is a great way to start your vacation if you have never been here before.

​Address: 4/6 rue Jean Bart​Phone: +33 682 008 078​Website:
Cote des Basques

It is hard to say what is best, the surfing here or just sitting on the side and overlook the amazing views. Sun, clouds, rain, no matter the weather you should visit this lovely site.

​Address: Cote des Basques
Virgin on the Rock

Some might say that this is just a rock, but there is a reason to why Virgin on the Rock has a star in Guide Michelin, travel section. It was Napoleon III idea to place The Virgin Mary statue on this beautiful location.

​Address: Biarritz
Phare De Biarritz

Phare De Biarritz is another location where you can enjoy the views of Biarritz. Do you dare climb up the light house?

​Address: Pointe St Martin
Lagoondy Surfcamp

No matter if this is your first time surfing or if you have been doing it for a while, Lagoondy Surfcamp can offer you valuable tips on how to improve your technique.

​Address: Avenue du Prince de Galles​Phone: +33 609 742 519​Website:
St-Martin's Church

St-Martin's Church was the first church built on Biarritz in the 1100s. Come in and enjoy the serenity.

​Address: Biarritz
Casino Municipal

Casino Municipal is located just on the sea front and offer an amazing view. The Casino does not only offer a good time but you can also come here and relax in their heated sea-water pool with an ocean view.

​Address: 1 Boulevard du Général de Gaulle​Phone: +33 559 223 700
VW campervan rental for Surfers

If surfing is the main and only reason you are visiting Biarritz, then this might be the perfect solution for you. The campervans give you the freedom you want when searching for the perfect wave at different beaches.

​Phone: +33 673 177 884​Website:​More info:
Two factors – the ocean and the proximity to Basque Country – influence the restaurants in Biarritz. This is a good thing, as Basque cooking has lately been praised as the best in Europe. It can be hard to find simpler, less pricy restaurants in Biarritz, but they do exist.
Chez Ospi

Chez Ospi is a lovely restaurant with reasonably priced and beautifully presented dishes. Helpful waiters can easily translate the French parts of the menu into English.

​Address: 6, rue Jean Bart​Phone: +33 559 246 498​Website:
l´Auberge Geltokia

Experience the warm and inviting ambience at Auberge Geltokia. Their passion for food is evident and you will be looked after through the entire evening.

​Address: 6 bd Marcel Dassault​Phone: +33 559 859 344​Website:
Chez Albert

The locals frequent bistro Chez Albert in the old fishing port. This seafood restaurant serves large portions of oysters, clams and crab large enough to fill anyone up. Nice views from the outdoor patio.

​Address: Rue du Port Vieux​Phone: +33 559 244 384​Website:
Blue Cargo

Bleu Cargo is next to the beach in Ilbarritz, south of the city. It is one of the most charming places to eat dinner and watch the sun set over the ocean. Go for the terraces, and choose one of the fish dishes. There is also a bar with DJ music.

​Address: Avenue d’Ilbarritz​Phone: +33 559 235 487​Website:
Bistrot des Halles

The area around Biarritz’s food market have many small, charming restaurants, many of them serving Basque cuisine. One of the most popular – with visitors and food hall workers alike – is Bistro des Halles. The three-course evening menu is good value for money.

​Address: 1 Rue du Centre​Phone: +33 559 242 122
Le Pim'pi

Le Pim'pi has a selected menu but the French food tastes just as good as homemade. They have a menu over local wines and the service is warm and friendly.

​Address: 14, Avenue Verdun​Phone: +33 559 241 262

The flamed grilled steaks, the hamburgers and the meat in general is all prepared to perfection. At Haragia, neither the food nor the service will disappoint you, if you have the possibility you should definitely visit them.

​Address: 26 Rue Gambetta​Phone: +33 535 466 892​Website:
BB Wok

BB Wok is a family owned restaurant, the menu is limited making the food even more amazing, fresh and always at a high standard. Not only will you love the food, but their drinks are just as fresh as the food.

​Address: 65 Avenue de Verdun​Phone: +33 559 240 567

If you have had too much of the lovely French food then this Mexican restaurant is a nice change. The food here tastes just as if you were in Mexico and do not forget the delicious Sangria.

​Address: 5 Rue Lavernis​Phone: +33 559 221 011

L'Atelier is one of the top restaurants in Biarritz. The restaurant has a cosy, warm atmosphere serving excellent French cuisine. Some even say that they deserve a star in guide Michelin.

​Address: 18 rue de la Bergerie - Quartier St Charles​Phone: +33 559 220 937​Website:

L'Impertinent will give you a great gastronomic experience in Biarritz. The food is locally produced and always with fresh ingredients. After only 10 months after opening the restaurant was awarded with a star in Guide Michelin.

​Address: 5 rue d'Alsace​Phone: +33 559 510 367​Website:
Le SEn'S

Le SEn'S is a small and cosy restaurant with a romantic atmosphere. The menu is smaller but the food holds high quality and changes depending on the season.

​Address: 51 bis rue Gambetta​Phone: +33 559 545 835​Website:

Txango invites you to an interesting dinner experience in Biarritz. The menu is a mixture of traditional and modern, and local products with exotic flavours, needless to say that the chef is full of imagination.

​Address: 5 Avenue de la gare​Phone: +33 559 512 498​Website:

Eating American food in France might not be something that you should say out loud but if you are in the mood for burgers and fries you should visit Moony.

​Address: 12 rue du port vieux​Phone: +33 966 937 105​Website:
Le Kortxo

Le Kortxo is first and foremost a wine bar but they also offer great tapas and pintxos. The music varies from Jazz to Soul to Electro Swing. Come here for a relaxed and cosy evening.

​Address: 51 rue Gambetta​Phone: +33 547 642 729
Biarritz has a vibrant coffee culture and the beautiful surroundings provides the perfect backdrop for a relaxing cup of coffee.
Le Ventilo Caffé

Le Ventilo Caffé, with its kitsch art deco interior, attracts locals and trend conscious visitors alike. Good for an aperitif, or just to meet people. Come back here in the evening for some good DJ’s and dancing.

​Address: 30 bis, rue Mazagran​Phone: +33 559 243 142
Bistro de la Mairie

Next door to Le Ventilo Caffé is Bar de la Marine, and just like its neighbour it attracts both locals and tourists. Good music, unpretentious decor and lovely drinks. At night this area transforms into a party central.

​Address: 28, rue Mazagran​Phone: +33 559 248 771
Bar Chez Ramina

Those in to minimalism might get a migraine here – the decor is very cluttered. Those who aren’t bothered will have a better time. Bar Chez Ramina is close to the food market.

​Address: 11 rue Poissonnerie, Bayonne​Phone: +33 459 593 301

Scapata’s is an Italian café/restaurant serving Carpaccio, fresh pasta and delicious coffee, tiramisu and panna cotta. This is a perfect place if you are in the mood for Italian.

​Address: 5 bis, rue Luis Mariano​Phone: +33 559 234 055​Website:

Miremont offers breakfast, lunch and snacks. They have a tearoom in a charming old time setting located in a 17th century building. That menu holds a treasury of pastries, hot chocolate specialties and other tasty treats.

​Address: 1 bis, place Clémenceau ​Phone: +33 559 240 138​Website:
The area around Port Vieux, Biarritz’s old port, is full of bars, as is place Clemenceau. Just outside the city near the casino you will find a handful of large discos. The relaxed surfer attire is worn by the wealthiest of visitors alike, who have discarded the tackier Riviera style.
Bar Jean

The proximity to Spain is apparent at crowded Bar Jean, close to the indoor food market. Bullfighting posters look down on guests drinking sangria and eating tapas. There are also a few dining tables for those who prefer proper meals.

​Address: 5 rue des Halles​Phone: +33 559 248 038​Website:
Côte 57

This luxurious bar du jour by Côte des Basques is mainly frequented during the day and the evening. Lounge on a divan, sip a drink, and watch the sun set over the ocean.

​Address: 7 Boulevard du Prince de Galles​Phone: +33 559 222 783
Bar Impérial, Hôtel du Palais

Many of Biarritz’s visitors want you to think they are staying at classic Hôtel du Palais, but few can afford it. One way to experience the luxury of a bygone era is to come in for a Dry Martini under the chandeliers at the hotel’s Bar Impérial.

​Address: 1, avenue de l’Impératrice​Phone: +33 559 416 400​Website:
Le O´Bar

Le O’Bar is a bar and restaurant with a large outdoor patio and an ethnic interior decor. There are live bands playing everything from jazz to soul several nights a week. Le O’Bar stays open late during the summer.

​Address: 25, Boulevard du Général de Gaulle​Phone: +33 559 241 790​Website:
Le Café Café Biarritz

If you enjoy trying new and exotic cocktails, then this place is for you. The cocktail menu holds no less than 60 alternatives when it comes to stylish drinks. Le Café Café Biarritz means theme nights, cool DJ’s and After Work.

​Address: 10 Place Clémenceau​Phone: +33 559 225 130​Website:
The range of shopping options in Biarritz covers everything from Basque handicraft to cool surf shorts and expensive designer labels. Surf brand Quiksilver has ties to the area and their wares can be found in many of the shops, as well as in their own store by Grand Plage Beach. Other brands, including O’Neill, have shops on the beach and around Place du Port Vieux. The most expensive shopping is situated along avenue Edouard VII, including Natacha at number 3 and Hermès at number 19, as well as along rue Mazagran and around place Clèmenceau. Red Basque berets, fabrics and handicraft are available from the shops at Place du Port Vieux. More contemporary Basque craft, in the form of colourful clothes, can be bought from 64 rue Gambetta. Stock up on sausage, cheese, Serrano ham, and other delicatessen treats at the indoor food market. Paries on Place Bellevue sells delightful chocolate.
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Biarritz Airport

The airport in Biarritz is located only a few miles from the city. It also serves nearby Anglet and Bayonne. The airport coach gets you in to the city.

​Phone: +33 559 438 383​Website:
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