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History is vivid and colourful in Bordeaux, and there are many engaging activities in addition to the sights of the area. A lot of these activities are connected to the wine tradition of Bordeaux, but there is also a wide array of beautiful scenery to explore.
Port of the Moon

Bordeaux is the capital of the Aquitaine region and is a port lying by the Garonne River. Because of the shape of the harbour, the city it is referred to as the ´Port of the Moon´.


35 kilometres northeast of Bordeaux, you’ll find the world’s first UNESCO designated wine region. The medieval city can almost be compared to an enormous outdoor museum, and, among other things, there are 70 hectares of underground museums here. All-day excursions are organised to the world heritage site and the wine area of Saint-Emilion. You can also get there with your own car or by local bus. Guided tours are arranged by the tourist office and others.

​Address: Saint-Emilion
City Walks

A guided walk in the centre of Bordeaux comes to life in an extraordinary manner. City walks are organized every morning from 10 to 12 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. By bus every Wednesday and Saturday, and by bicycle every first Sunday of the month. Guides in both French and English. Please book through the tourist office.


The Grand Théâtre houses l´Opéra National. The magnificent building was built on the site of an earlier Roman temple. Operas, ballets and classical music are performed here. Prices vary in four different categories depending on the quality of the seat.

​Address: Place de la Comédie​Phone: +33 556 008 595​Website: http://www.opera-bordeaux.com
Wine Museum

Naturally, there is a museum which is entirely dedicated to wine. At Vinorama you will learn everything about the delightful drink.

​Address: 41 rue Borie​Phone: +33 556 901 913​Website: http://www.mvnb.fr
Wine School

Bordeaux’s wine school, L´Ecole du Vin, offer courses where you learn about wine. From weekend courses to longer courses in the summer or by the term. Shorter periods – such as one day or two hours – are also available.

​Address: 1 cours du XXX Juillet​Phone: +33 5 560 022 85​Website: http://www.ecoleduvindebordeaux-campus.com
Place de la Bourse

Place de la Bourse is located in the central of the city and is a good place to start from when you are exploring the city. The architecture of the building is amazing. The site is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

​Address: 17 Place de la Bourse​Phone: +33 556 795 095​Website: http://www.bordeauxplacebourse.com
Grosse Cloche de Bordeaux

Grosse Cloche de Bordeaux is a belfry of the old Medieval Town Hall. You can see two towers standing 40 meters tall connected to a central building. The bell weighs an amazing 7800 kg.

​Address: Cours Victor Hugo
Pont de Pierre

Pont de Pierre means "Stone Bridge" and connects the two banks in Bordeaux of the Garonne River. It is beautiful both day and night with its street lamps and panoramic view of the waterfront.

​Address: Pont de Pierre

Utopia is a cinema, cafe, lunch place and cultural meeting point all in one. The cinema shows mainly Indy movies and even if you don´t want to go to the movies, it is still worth visiting this cultural landmark.

​Address: 5 Place Camille Jullian​Website: http://www.cinemas-utopia.org
Eglise Notre Dame la Grande

Eglise Notre Dame la Grande, Notre Dame Church, is a beautiful 11th century church in Bordeaux. The atmosphere is majestic, the architecture is amazing and it is worth coming here both day and night time as the view is changes depending on the light.

​Address: 1 Rue Mably​Phone: +33 556 102 183
St. Andre Cathedral

St. Andre Cathedral is another beautiful building in Bordeaux. Outside the cathedral you will find a square with many cafes, perfect for a short coffee break. If you would like to see St. Andre from a different perspective, climb the Tower of Pey-Berland.

​Address: Place Pey Berland
Tower of Pey-Berland

Tower of Pey-Berland is St. Andre Cathedral bell tower. However, this is not the reason for why you should visit the tower; the amazing panorama view is the main reason to why this is such an attractive sight.

​Address: Place Pey-Berland​Phone: +33 556 812 625​Website: http://www.pey-berland.monuments-nationaux.fr
Musee d'Aquitaine

The museum has a collection of regional archaeology and ethnology to non-European civilisations, along with a large base of temporary exhibitions. Musee d'Aquitaine gives you a good understanding of the development of Bordeaux.

​Address: 20 cours Pasteur​Phone: +33 556 015 100​Website: http://www.musee-aquitaine-bordeaux.fr
Petit Train Touristique

This little train, reminding you of a circus train for kids, is a great option for exploring the city. Each seat has headphones where you have multiple language options for the ride.

​Address: Near 12 cours du 30 juillet
Recommended links

Bordeaux Tourist Office: http://www.bordeaux-tourisme.com/pl/index.pl?langueSelected=uk Bassin d'Arcachon Tourism: http://www.bassin-arcachon.com/

Bordeaux stakes its claim to be the capital city of wine – but don’t forget the food! With over 20 large markets and stiff competition for raw materials the cuisine of Bordeaux guarantees unforgettable gastronomic experiences. Try Gironde caviar, fresh lobster, oysters, Pauilla clam and Aquitane beef. Is your mouth still watering? Try what is perhaps the city’s most typical dish – Entrecôte à la Bordelaise.

L´absinthe is a simple restaurant with an owner who takes good care of the guests. The small bar is just right for an aperitif, on the menu, there is everything from the simplest cod dishes to more sophisticated dishes such as homemade goose liver and chicken breast. Features a small outdoor area that is open during the warmer months of the year.

​Address: 137, Rue du Tondu​Phone: +33 556 967 273
Le Cirque

The restaurant is idyllically situated beside the River Garonne and offers an excellent opportunity to try different shellfish and fish dishes. The menu also includes traditional meat dishes from the region such as beef, ribs, breast of duck and roast lamb. Wooden terrace and interior décor in steel. Reservations are recommended.

​Address: Quai des Chartrons​Phone: +33 556 082 199‎
La Crêpe D’or

Two paces from the Jardin Public is the crêperie with the best reputation in town. You can have crêpes here with both vegetables and meat, as well as dessert crêpes with ice cream, preserves and fruit. You should try crêpes with black pudding, one of the most popular choices.

​Address: 26 Rue David Johnston​Phone: +33 556 482 903
La Robe

La Robe specialises in wine produced by women. High spirited atmosphere and unusual interior design in a modern « épuré » style. Duck and fish dishes on the menu.

​Address: 3, Quai Louis XVIII​Phone: +33 556 690 480​Website: http://www.la-robe.fr
Baud et Millet

Baud et Millet is both a cheese and wine cellar. Products are authentic, rare and high-quality and you get to eat cheese from a buffet of 100 different kinds. Add to that the wine wall where you choose the perfect "vin" to accompany your meal.

​Address: 19 Rue Huguerie​Phone: +33 556 790 577​Website: http://www.baudetmillet.fr
Le Bouchon de Bordelaise

Le Bouchon de Bordelaise is a cosy restaurant with one small dining room and seating outside. The menu is refreshed every so often and always include excellent choices. The service is efficient and friendly.

​Address: 2 Rue Courbin ​Phone: +33 556 443 300​Website: http://www.bouchon-bordelais.com

At L’Orangerie you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Jardin Public as well as great food. Open for lunch and dinner and closes when the gardens close.

​Address: Jardin Public​Phone: +33 556 482 441​More info: Entrance at Cours de Verdun
Le Wine Bar

Le Wine Bar is a small cosy Italian place located in the Old Town. The food is great and they offer 260 different wines from all over the world, truly the perfect place if you love wine.

​Address: Rue des Bahutiers, 19​Phone: +33 676 005 054​Website: http://www.lewinebar-bordeaux.com
Le Clos D'augusta

Le Clos D'augusta is located slightly outside the city centre but do not let this stop you from going. They serve French food with great creativity and fresh ingredients. The restaurant is worth a visit.

​Address: Rue Georges Bonnac, 339​Phone: +33 556 963 251
Aux Quatre Coins du Vin

Aux Quatre Coins du Vin offers you the perfect introduction to wine in Bordeaux. You can choose different ways of how you would like your wine served, the staff is very helpful and well-organised. It is possible to purchase wine here from their wine cellar.

​Address: Rue de la Devise, 8​Phone: +33 557 343 729​Website: http://www.aux4coinsduvin.com

Solena is another French restaurant in this lovely city. Their speciality is to cook farm-inspired cuisine with help from modern techniques for their guests. They use as much locally produced food as possible.

​Address: Rue Chauffour Bordeaux, 5​Phone: +33 557 532 806​Website: http://www.solena-restaurant.com

The Chef at C'Yusha is truly passionate about food and keeps a high standard for his guests. The food combines lovely texture and taste with influences from around the world.

​Address: Rue Ausone, 12​Phone: +33 556 698 970​Website: http://www.cyusha.com
Plume Small Kitchen

Plume is located next to the City Hall and the Cathedral making it a great lunch spot. It is a cool place with good music and fresh, innovative food, not like any other French cafe.

​Address: Rue de Cheverus, 32​Phone: +33 981 186 955​Website: http://www.plumesmallkitchen.com
Wok Way

If you are one of the few people who might get tired of the French cuisine then Chinese flavours is a welcoming option. At Wok Way you will find authentic cuisine to affordable price.

​Address: Rue Paul Louis Lande, 12
La Boite a Huitres

The menu at La Boite a Huitres is small and simple but simply amazing. They serve lovely seafood along with a selection of French wine.

​Address: 36, cours du chapeau rouge​Phone: +33 556 816 497
A French town without café life is not a French town. The residents of Bordeaux say that a cup of coffee goes down well on all occasions.
Le Café Louis

A number of years ago, the Grand Théâtre opened a brasserie, and this is where the beautiful people go. A perfect place to imbibe the atmosphere, watch people and hear the latest gossip.

​Address: 2, Place de la Comédie​Phone: +33 556 440 700
Godiva Salon De Thé

The Godiva tea room, famous for its chocolate, is located in the heart of the city. There are tables both outside and inside. Fresh, homemade cakes and the possibility of buying them to take away.

​Address: 12, Place des Grand-Hommes​Phone: +33 556 48 5051
Café Brasserie le Cinq

This is a modern and pleasant café with many great options for a nice lunch. Café Brasserie le Cinq is located on one of the prettiest streets in Bordeaux so take in the scenery while you enjoy your food.

​Address: 5 Allées de Tourny​Phone: +33 557 873 650
L’Autre Salon de Thé

Try one of the sixty-something different teas and the homemade pastries in this stylish and fashionable setting. L’Autre Salon de Thé has an amazing brunch on Sundays.

​Address: 11 Rue des Remparts​Phone: +33 556 485 543
Le Grand Café

Le Grand Café is a chic and very pleasant café located in the elegant Cours de l’Intendance. It is a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee after a day on the town.

​Address: 65 Cours de l’Intendance ​Phone: +33 556 526 110​Website: http://www.legrandcafebordeaux.fr
In the city centre – around Place de la Victoire – the evening starts with an aperitif. Night owls then make their way toward the area around Quai du Paludate where there are bars and discotheques. Don’t forget to pick up a copy of Clubs et Concerts at the tourist office. The brochure contains information about what is happening at the moment.

A good address for clubbing with Japanese references and a spirit of the southwest. The 20-40-year-old’s love the varied music.

​Address: 20 Rue des Pilliers de Tutelle​Phone: +33 556 901 583

Torito is a bar and tapas restaurant with a decorative design: modern, sober and refined. After dinner, head for the dance floor!

​Address: 45 Cours Alsace-et-Lorraine​Phone: +33 556 813 279​Website: http://www.torito.fr
Buzaba Restaurant Club

Buzaba Restaurant Club is a young and modern place with black and white architecture and a swimming pool where people just love to party. “Dining, swimming, dancing" is the motto.

​Address: Bassin à Flot 1​Phone: +33 556 504 060
La Dame de Shanghaï

Situated on a barge, Lady of Shanghai is one of the most original discos in Bordeaux. Champagne flows in abundance at the bar in the hold. The general age here is between 25-50.

​Address: Bassin à Flot n°1​Phone: +33 557 102 050​Website: http://www.damedeshanghai.com
Pier 6

This is the fashionable place to be, the place looks like a loft, and the clientele is modern. Partying night owls come here!

​Address: 1, Quai Armand Lalande​Phone: +33 556 506 131
Bordeaux’s luxury shops are situated in a district called ”the golden triangle,” between Cours de l´intendance, Cours Georges Clemenceau and Allées de Tourny. Here you will find Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Longchamps, Kenzo, Hermes and Dior. Look for bargains in the young and trendy shops on rue St. Catherine and rue Porte-Dijeaux: Galeries Lafayette, Levi’s, Disney Store, Foot Locker, Lacoste, Zara, H&M. There are antique shops and art studios all around the main streets. There are also nice little shops on rue du Pas-Saint-Georges and rue des Remparts. Bordeaux is world-famous for its wine. The Médoc region extends for 100 kilometres in each direction. There are more than 100 wine chateaux to visit and they usually have their own shops. In the city’s streets and squares there are plenty of wine merchants. One of the oldest and more popular wine merchants is Badie (at 60, Allée de Tourny). Sunday is the day to get up early and visit the Campagnad market, which is situated beside the River Garonne. You can find everything here from homemade jam jars to paintings by local artists. On Saturdays, there is a market at Saint Michel where second hand clothes, spices and vegetables are sold. Locally-made goose liver and goat cheese are sold at the Marché Capuçins (Saturdays). At the Centre Commercial Saint Christoly and the Galerie des Grand Hommes department store there are innumerable shops, cafés and fast food outlets. If you like sweets things, Baillardran on Grand Hommes is an orgy of cakes, pastries and sweets. The shops are closed on Sundays. This is also the case for department stores.

The great specialist and also the best place to buy "canelé" - a French small cake with vanilla filling and caramelized crust.

​Address: Galerie des Grands Hommes​Phone: +33 556 99 1375

Discover the Bordeaux wines in an exceptional setting with a beautiful circular staircase.

​Address: 2 Allées de Tourny​Phone: +33 5 5648 0129​Website: http://www.chateauprimeur.com
L’Artisan Parfumeur

L’Artisan Parfumeur is a shop where you can buy your own tailor-made perfume. Make sure that you have time to select the best fragrance for you.

​Address: 7 Rue du Temple​Phone: +33 556 482 537​Website: http://www.artisanparfumeur.com

Pétrusse is the shop to get your own cashmere or silk pashmina in. You will also find beautiful, hand-woven scarves here.

​Address: 41 Rue des Remparts​Phone: +33 556 482 148​Website: http://www.petrusse.com
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Bordeaux Airport

The airport is located about 13 kilometres from the centre. Taxis, trains and buses depart for the city frequently. The train station is within walking distance and trains run every 45 minutes. The journey takes between 30 and 45 minutes. Buses depart every 45 minutes.

​Phone: +33 556 345 000​Website: http://www.bordeaux.aeroport.fr
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