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3.3 million in the inner city area (the metropolitan area of Madrid has a population of 6 million)
Euro, €1 = 100 cents
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Madrid is a wonderful city that truly inspires a casual stroll around the green areas. People are happy and there are impressive buildings, lush parks and picturesque streets in abundance. Culture is ever present here and you don't have to be a history buff to appreciate the architecture and reminders of history.
Real Madrid

Real Madrid is a professional football club based at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid. Real Madrid is considered one of the best football clubs in the world, and they have won an impressive number of titles, both in Spain and abroad. Santiago Bernabeu stadium was inaugurated in 1947 and has a capacity of more than 85,000 spectators. Three times the European Cup final has been held here.

​Address: Avenida de Concha Espina, 1​Phone: +34 902 30 17 09 / +34 913 98 43 70​Website:, wwwhttp://.santiagobernabeu.comSubway: Bus: 14, 27, 40, 43, 120, 147, 150 Metro: Santiago Bernabéu Train: Nuevos Ministerios

Madrid is a city renowned all over the world for its excellent Flamenco performances, and the popular dance can be seen in several taverns and bars around the city. Enjoy a three course meal and after dinner, take in the magical shows. Flamenco is not only a dance though, but also the song and music to which the dance is performed. It originated in Andalusia and is known mostly for song accompanied by guitar and complex techniques of foot stamping and hand clapping and the use of castanets. The best place to go for a breathtaking exhibit of Flamenco is "Corral de la Moreria". They are famous for their Flamenco shows and also serve great dinner.

​Address: Calle Morería, 17​Phone: +34 913 65 84 46 / +34 913 65 11 37​Website:
The Three Big Art Galleries

Madrid’s three major art galleries are all within a short walk of each other, and together they make up a magnificent display illuminating the history of Western art. Each one of the galleries is so large, that the Paseo del Arte triple ticket may seem like an invitation to exhaustion, however, once you have visited one, you have the rest of the year to visit in the other two!


The Prado is the most famous one. Since the gallery first opened almost two hundred years ago, its collections have grown. The best known works in this extravagant collection of masterpieces were already present in the original collection: Goya and Velázquez, Tizian, Rubens, and Bosch.

​Address: Calle Ruiz de Alarcón 23, Madrid​Phone: +34 91 330 2800​Website:
The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Thyssen-Bornemisza complements the Thyssen Prado and the Reina Sofia with works representing 17th century Dutch painting, Impressionism, Russian Constructivism, and pop art, amongst other styles.

​Address: Paseo del Prado 8, Madrid​Phone: +34 902 76 05 11​Website:​More info: Palacio de Villahermosa
The Reina Sofia Museum

The third gallery in the trio, is housed in an enormous former hospital. The building dates from the mid-18th century, and has since added striking glass and steel external lifts. The collection consists mainly of Spanish works from the 20th century—the most famous of which is without doubt, Picasso’s ’Guernica.’

​Address: Calle de Santa Isabel 52, Madrid​Phone: +34 91 774 10 00​Website:
Palacio Real

Madrid’s Royal Palace is a magnificent creation dating from 1764, built to replace the Alcázar castle that had burned down thirty years before. Visitors are given access to almost the entire palace, inlcuding the Armoury and Pharmacy.

​Address: Calle Bailén, Madrid​Phone: +34 914 54 87 00Subway: Ópera
El Escorial

The Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial is located about 50 kilometres Northwest of Madrid. It was founded by Felipe II, and was built to commemorate the victory at the Battle of San Quintín. The work began in 1563 and was finished by 1584. Its location is said to be decided on the advice of astrologers, doctors, philosophers, quarrymen, theologians and architects. El Escorial was built on the idea of maintaining the symmetry and austerity, while also showing the power of the crown of Spain. It has many monuments, such as the servants' quarters, the Queen’s quarters, the Infante’s (or Upper) house, and the Prince’s (or Lower) house. San Lorenzo de El Escorial is one of the most visited places in the Community of Madrid.

​Address: Av Juan de Borbón y Battemberg, Madrid​Website:
Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor is the main square in Madrid, measuring approximately 130 by 95 meters. There are no less than nine entrances to this majestic plaza and it is a great place to sit down, have a coffee and watch the tourists stroll by.

​Address: Plaza Mayor, Madrid
Puerta del Sol

Puerta del Sol means Gate of the Sun and is the most famous square in Madrid. It is a common place to meet up with friends and at night time it fills up with loads of people. It is also a good reference point when choosing accommodation, because everything is close to Puerta del Sol.

​Address: Puerta del Sol, Madrid
Teleférico - Madrid's Cable Car

The Teleférico is a comfortable way of seeing the sights while sitting down, if you're not afraid of heights, that is! This cable car was first built as a part of an amusement park and at places it reaches a height of about 40 metres above ground. The ride takes ten minutes and once you've reached the destination Casa de Campo Park you can enjoy a spectacular view of the city as well as grab some food at the restaurant.

​Address: Paseo Pintor Rosales, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 41 11 18​Website:​Opening hours: Available every day from April to September and the other months during weekends.​More info: The ride starts at Paseo del Pintor Rosales
El Rastro Flea Market

El Rastro is said to be the largest flea market in Europe with some 3,500 stalls covering the winding streets of the oldest residential part of Madrid. Remember that the real finds are mostly located on one of the side streets and always keep a close eye on your belongings, it is a popular area for pick-pockets.

​Address: Between Plaza Mayor, La Latina and Puerta de Toledo​Opening hours: Every Sunday 07.00-14.30

Toledo is a World Heritage city located 70 kilometres south of Madrid. It sits in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula, 529 metres above sea level, surrounded by the Tagus River. The city has a fascinating history, formerly hosting Christian, Islamic and Hebrew culture which shows in the architecture.

​Address: Toledo
Buen Retiro Park

In Spanish this park is called "Jardines del Buen Retiro" or "Parque del Buen Retiro" which means "the park of pleasant retreat". It is, with its 350 acres, one of the largest parks in Madrid and became open to the public in the late 19th century - before that it belonged to the Spanish royal family. Some of the things you can enjoy here, with the right timing, are puppet shows, book fairs and free concerts. You can also rent a rowboat and paddle your leisurely way around the Estanque, or enjoy a horse-drawn carriage.

​Address: Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid
El Museo Naval

The Naval Museum is considered one of the most important naval museums in the world, containing a variety of historic items from the staggering history of the Spanish Navy. The most famous exhibit is the Mappa Mundi, dating back to 1500. The exhibits are displayed in a chronological order and features a treasure trove of figureheads, paintings and naval charts.

​Address: Paseo del Prado 5, Madrid​Phone: +34 91 523 87 89​Website:​Opening hours: Closed Mondays

If flamenco is the heart, Cardamomo is the heart of flamenco Cardamomo is the only Tablao Flamenco in Madrid recommended by the New York Times for combining Classic Flamenco with the new proposals of today’s Flamenco Centre of reunion for Flamenco artists. In the heart of Madrid, near Puerta de Sol, and close to the Museum Route (Prado, Thyssen, Reina Sofía). A perfect place to have a drink, dine, and live the authentic Flamenco. The menus are elaborated with natural ingredients of the highest quality.

​Address: Calle Echegaray 15, Madrid​Phone: +34 913 690 757​Website:
Barrio de Salamanca

Barrio de Salamanca is a posh area in Madrid where you will find lovely unique restaurants, boutiques and different bars. It is a perfect area to go for a stroll and take in Madrid´s atmosphere.

​Address: Barrio de Salamanca, Madrid
Teatro Lara

Teatro Lara is a very charming little theatre in Madrid filled with personality. The shows that run here will guarantee you a good laugh and a great evening. Make sure to book ahead.

​Address: Calle Corredera Baja de San Pablo, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 23 90 27​Website:
Museum of Romanticism

Museum of Romanticism was built in a neoclassic style by the architect Manuel Rodriguez in 1776. The furniture and paintings are very well preserved here and will give you an opinion of how wealthy people used to live in this period. It is recommended to take a taxi as the museum can be hard to find.

​Address: Calle San Mateo 13, Madrid​Phone: +34 914 48 10 45​Website:
Parque Juan Carlos I

Parque Juan Carlos I opened around the same time as Madrid was crowned "The European Capital of Culture” in 1992. Here you will find 19 interesting outdoor sculptures, a lake, a river, a greenhouse, an auditorium and much much more.

​Address: Avda de los Andes, Carretera de Barcelona, Madrid​Phone: +34 914 00 92 41
The varied culinary traditions of the entire Iberian Peninsula come together in Madrid to such a degree that experts discuss whether Madrid actually has a distinct culinary style of its own. The culinary culture of Spain’s capital city has been enriched by immigrants from Andalucia, Galicia, Asturia and a number of other regions.
Restaurante Santceloni

Delicious food is served at this establishment run by Oscar Velasco, apprentice to one of the giants of Catalonian cuisine, Santi Santamaria. His influence can be seen in dishes such as shrimp ravioli stuffed with ceps.

​Address: Paseo de la Castellana 57, Madrid​Phone: +34 912 108 840​Website:
Restaurante Botín

Restaurante Botín is a restaurant that really does live up to the epithet “classic.” With a history going back almost 300 years, this must surely be the world’s oldest restaurant. The food is also classical Spanish: steaks of lamb and sucking-pig, for example.

​Address: Calle de los Cuchilleros 17, Madrid​Phone: +34 913 664 217​Website:
La Terraza del Casino

Chef Pedro Roncero has joined forces with Ferrán Adrià, the legendary creator of Catalonia’s nouvelle cuisine, in order to teach the residents of Madrid to eat mousse, parmesan ice lollys, liquid tortilla, and other molecular delights.

​Address: Calle de Alcalá 15, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 321 275​Website:
Marisquería Ribeira do Miño

"Mariscos" is Spanish for seafood, and it is absolutely essential to try it when you’re in Spain. Shellfish, lobster, cod, soup and paella - it’s all about seafood! Marisquería Ribeira do Miño is a great place to visit for some authentic Spanish seafood, some of their specialties are Galician octopus and ham with Galician turnip. Have some Galician wine with your meal: Albariño or Ribeiro.

​Address: Calle de Santa Brígida 1, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 219 854 / +34 915 313 393​Website:
Aderezo Restaurante

This is a very cosy restaurant with a rustic and inviting interior. The menu has plenty of seafood and all the dishes are very artistically presented. A feast for all your senses.

​Address: Calle de Añastro 48, Madrid​Phone: +34 917 670 158​Website:

Casanis has brightened the walls with mosaics from renowned artists and it is truly a joy to rest your eyes on the vivid colours that fill every space in this charming restaurant.

​Address: Calle de Ventura de la Vega 9, Madrid​Phone: +34 914 290 877​Website:
El Club Allard

El Club Allard was initially a private club, it wasn't until 2007 that it opened to the public. Two Michelin stars discloses that the culinary delights in this restaurant are no less than fantastic.

​Address: Calle de Ferraz 2, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 590 939​Website:
Taberna Gastromaquia

Taberna Gastromaquia serves authentic Spanish cuisine. It is located in an alley and could be a bit tricky to find, but it is definitely worth the effort, once your palate gets hold of the delicious gourmet flavours.

​Address: Calle de Pelayo 8, Madrid​Phone: +34 91 522 64 13
Restaurante Lúa

Lúa keeps a menu that is based on two things; one is the season and the other is reliable recipes saved from mothers and grandmothers - everybody knows they're the best chefs! -"The pleasure of good food is enjoyed with all five senses"

​Address: Paseo de Eduardo Dato 5, Madrid​Phone: +34 91 395 28 53​Website:

Malacatín serves huge and hearty portions of food, nobody will leave hungry, that is for sure. The restaurant has been around since 1895 and evolved into a super popular and crowded restaurant. While eating, take notice of the beautiful ceramic tiles.

​Address: Calle de la Ruda 5, Madrid​Phone: +34 913 65 52 41​Website:
Metro Bistro

A relaxed yet busy atmosphere and creative cooking with exotic flavours have made this restaurant a favourite. There is also a great collection of wine to accompany your choice of food.

​Address: Calle Evaristo San Miguel 21, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 42 95 21​Website:
Café del Mercado

Café del Mercado used to be a grocery market but has now been transformed into a delicatessen and tapas venue. The atmosphere is always great as it is usually crowded with happy people.

​Address: Plaza de San Miguel, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 59 07 72
Casa Lucas

Casa Lucas is a small tapas restaurant in the Latin district. Don't be discouraged at first glance, because a lot of the people you see might be there to socialize and have a drink standing up. It is definitely an experience to eat here and you won't be sorry.

​Address: Cava Baja 30, Madrid​Phone: +34 913 65 08 04​Website:
Ristorante La Piperna

Are you tired of Spanish food? Head over to this Italian restaurant and enjoy some other flavours. The restaurant is romantic and the service very friendly, all of which heightens the experience.

​Address: Calle Relatores 20, Madrid​Phone: +34 913 89 65 46​Website:

Diverxo has created a menu holding a fusion of Spanish and Chinese flavours. The dishes are innovative and tastefully presented so there is no problem going through a 12 course meal.

​Address: Calle Pensamiento 28, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 700 766​Website:

Oyamel treat their guests to an amazing Mexican fusion evening accompanied by delicious drinks. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and prices are on the low side. This is one of the better Mexican restaurants in town.

​Address: Calle de Goya 82, Madrid​Phone: +34 914 31 94 18
Il Bambino Restaurante

Il Bambino is an Italian restaurant that comes well-recommended from both tourists and locals alike. You will not be disappointed with the menu, as they serve the most authentic Italian and Mediterranean dishes.

​Address: Calle Martínez de la Riva 36, Madrid​Phone: +34 914 77 43 52​Website:
Spanish coffee culture is just as social as it is a means of recharging your batteries. Wherever you decide to sit down, you are sure to experience the quite loud and animated scene of a typical Spanish day. There are several locally established cafés, and many coffee chains that could be considered half Italian. Café con leche (café amb llet in Catalan) is for breakfast, preferably with a croissant. Mid-day, especially after a meal, the locals have an espresso, café solo (un café) or a cortado (un tallat), which is an espresso with milk. Café Americano is what some would call watered down versions of the two first coffees. In the afternoon, or after dinner, order a café solo corto, a strong espresso, or a carajillo—a café solo with Spanish brandy.
Happy Day Bakery

Happy Day Bakery is also a colourful American store with products inspired by the happy 50’s era. Apart from pies, cookies, cupcakes and muffins, you can buy perfect presents and books.

​Address: Calle del Espíritu Santo 11, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 229 133​Website:

Nurielle has everything to satisfy your sweet tooth, ice cream, pastries, coffee and tea and a wide variety of sweets. Their concept is to be modern, yet warm and comfortable.

​Address: Calle Hortaleza 38, Madrid​Phone: +34 902 10 38 16​Website:
Café Gijón

Café Gijón is situated in the principal boulevard and was established in 1888. After the Civil War it became a meeting point for writers and artists and is still to this day a momentous café in Madrid.

​Address: Paseo de Recoletos 21, Madrid​Phone: +34 91 521 54 25 / +34 91 531 05 48​Website:
Mamá Framboise

Mamá Framboise is French for Mama Raspberry and is a tea salon and pastry shop with an extensive menu. The décor is French Provençal and makes your visit even more enjoyable.

​Address: Calle de Fernando VI 23, Madrid​Phone: +34 913 914 364​Website:
Café Acuarela

Café Acuarela offers an escape from the stress of modern life. Either you can go in the morning and enjoy the peaceful quiet of a good cup of coffee, or you come at night, to plunge into exotic drinks and a spirited ambience.

​Address: Calle Gravina 10, Madrid​Phone: +34 91 522 21 43​Website:
Because the clever Spaniards think you should always eat when drinking, most bars also serve food—usually tapas. And despite the efforts of the authorities, Madrid’s nightlife still happens later than in most other cities.
Gabana 1800 Club

This is a very exclusive and chic nightclub, located on the ground floor of a prestigious hotel. This entails for example valet service and a VIP area that is usually filled with beautiful people. Don’t be surprised if you meet soccer players and super models here.

​Address: Calle de Velazquez 6, Madrid​Phone: +34 91 575 18 46​Website:
Joy Eslava

Joy Eslava has been a legendary disco in Madrid for thirty years now. Every day offers a new theme, a few examples are "Thursday - Epic Nights" and "Friday - Fabulush". House music is a favourite in this crowded venue with tourists and locals dancing together.

​Address: Calle Arenal 11, Madrid​Phone: +34 91 366 37 33​Website:​Opening hours: Open every day

Siroco is an alternative night club that offers both national DJ's and concerts with up and coming new artists. Here you can expect everything from reggae and karaoke to jazz and house music.

​Address: Calle San Dimas 3, Madrid​Phone: +34 91 593 30 70​Website:
Moma 56

Moma is not only a happening nightclub, but also a bar and a restaurant. The resident DJ will keep you moving until the small hours with beats of house, techno and dance.

​Address: Calle José Abascal 56, Madrid​Phone: +34 645 02 08 51​Website:

Reinabruja is an exciting nightclub with LED lighting and innovative wall design that will make other places pale in comparison. The big night at Reinabruja is Sunday, so forget about that lazy day in front of the TV and put your dancing shoes on!

​Address: Calle Jacometrezo 6, Madrid​Phone: +34 91 542 81 93​Website:
Bar Cock

Do not let the name scare you because that means that you will miss some of the best cocktails in Madrid. A hip crowd is drawn to this place, and you will find the atmosphere relaxed while the DJ spins some good tunes.

​Address: Calle de la Reina 16, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 32 28 26​Website:
Bristol Bar

Think of a classic, old-school bar-look with burgundy leather sofas, black and white accessories and you have got the right sense of Bristol Bar. They have the largest selection of gin in Madrid, so skip the beer and wine for the evening and indulge in a tasty Tom Collins.

​Address: Calle del Almirante 20, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 22 45 68​Website:
Buddha Del Mar

Welcome to one of the biggest party spots in Madrid! Buddha Del Mar comes with an oriental theme both in the lounge and night club. It is, hands down, one of the most fashionable spots in Madrid, so dress up and put your party shoes on.

​Address: Calle de La Coruña 0, Madrid​Phone: +34 913 57 22 90
Café Comercial

Café Comercial has been here since before the Civil War and has become an institution in Madrid. The crowd is a great mix of, young, old, businessmen and students. You can choose to come here for lunch or just a shot of Pacharan.

​Address: Glorieta de Bilbao 7, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 21 56 55​Website:
Museo Chicote

This is one of those places where the rich and famous used to go to for a drink. See how many of the celebrities that you recognise from the pictures on the wall while enjoy a cooling drink.

​Address: Gran Vía 12, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 32 67 37​Website:
Círculo de Bellas Artes

Go to Círculo de Bellas Artes for a pre-exhibition or pre-movie drink, of course it is just as good for a post-drink. If you are just looking for a cool place to take a drink at, then this is great bar to people watch.

​Address: Calle de Alcalá 42, Madrid​Phone: +34 913 60 54 00​Website:
Del Diego

This is a fun, fresh, and youthful bar that is very popular among tourist and locals alike. Many of their guest claim that they serve the best Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri and Caipirinhas in town. Go and have a test yourself!

​Address: Calle de la Reina 12, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 23 31 06​Website:
El Almendro 13

El Almendro 13 is located in the Latin Quarter in Madrid. Many come here for their amazing tapas, especially at lunch, but what really draws a crowd in the evening is their tasty house sherry.

​Address: Almendro 13, Madrid​Phone: +34 913 65 42 52
El Parnasillo

El Parnasillo is located in the very vibrant area Malasaña. The crowd is just as cool as the area and the discussions vary from politics, to art, music and, of course, football. The Mojitos and Caipirinhas are very popular here.

​Address: Calle de San Andrés 33, Madrid​Phone: +34 914 47 00 79
El Son

Rum and salsa dancing until 5 am pretty much sums up the mood at El Son. The atmosphere is upbeat from when they open until long after 5 am, so do not hesitate to come here even if it is already 4 am.

​Address: Fernando VI 21, Madrid​Phone: +34 91 308 04 29
Espacio Niram Lounge Bar

As stated by Espacio Niram, their concept is a fusion between impeccable service, an attractive menu, various art events and original decor with furnishings of art designed by artists. Simply a beautiful place to have a drink.

​Address: Independencia 2, Madrid​Phone: +34 925 19 58 13​Website:

Do not judge a book by its cover, and Fortuny might not look like much from the outside but once you are inside you will realise that this is a cutting edge, hip club with tons of style.

​Address: Calle de Fortuny 34, Madrid​Phone: +34 913 19 26 51
Glass Bar

Glass Bar is located inside Hotel Urban, with beautiful glass interior and a big, gorgeous chandelier imported from Morocco. The atmosphere is stylish and the drinks are equally as beautiful as the decor.

​Address: Carrera de San Jerónimo 34, Madrid​Phone: +34 917 87 77 70​Website:
Magnum Bar

Elegance is the leading word for this beautiful bar. It is one of the more popular places to go to for a pre-dinner cocktail and a hot spot for international business men and jet-setters.

​Address: Paseo de la Castellana 22, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 87 12 34​Website:

The Hotel Puerta America is one of the most beautiful buildings in Madrid. It houses 12 floors that are designed by 12 different architects, and it is simply, visually speaking, divine. Needless to say, that the bar is nothing less than equally stylish.

​Address: Av de América 41, Madrid​Phone: +34 917 44 54 00​Website:
Put simply, there are three shopping areas in Madrid: Centro, located between Puerta del Sol and Gran Vía, Chueca, directly to the north and east of Centro and Salamanca, slightly further to the east. These represent three different types of shopping, especially with regard to the range of clothes offered. It’s middle-of-the-road in Centro, trendy in Chueca and expensive designer fashion labels in Salamanca. In Centro, you will find El Corte Inglés—Spain’s largest department store chain, as loved as it is hated, but used by all. Carry on to the Chueca district, and reach Fuencarralthe, the hottest street in the area.
Las Rozas Village

Thirty minutes from central Madrid, Las Rozas Village has more than 100 boutiques offering fabulous savings of up to 60% on the recommended retail price of luxury Spanish and international fashion and lifestyle brands.

​Address: Juan Ramón Jiménez 3, Madrid​Phone: +91 640 49 08​Website:

This world famous brand soon has a store in every mid-size town and in Madrid you find several outlets. Here you find the latest fashion for men, women and children, everything from street wear to the more up-dressed look.

​Address: Calle de Goya 47, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 78 44 17​Website:

At Mango, the urban young woman finds everything from sleek work-wear to the fabulous cocktail dress to reasonable prices. Match your new outfit with the perfect shoes and accessories that you also find here. There are several shops across the city.

​Address: Calle de Fuencarral 70, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 23 04 12​Website:
Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti has its focus on sophisticated business wear for both men and women. They are famous for their classic and elegant clothes and accessories made of high quality fabrics and leather, but still to affordable prices.

​Address: Calle de Fuencarral 139, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 93 82 68​Website:

In 1981, Camper opened its first store in Barcelona, today there are several boutiques across Spain and you will find one on almost every shopping street in Madrid. The shoes are known for being extraordinary comfortable but still stylish and they come for both men, women and kids.

​Address: Gran Vía 54, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 47 52 23​Website:
Adolfo Domínguez

The history of this Spanish brand has its roots way back to the 1950's. Today there are shops all over Spain and also worldwide. The clothes, bags and shoes designed by Adolfo Domínguez are stylish and elegant and there are collections for both men and women and kids.

​Address: Calle Ortega y Gasset 4, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 76 00 84​Website:

The luxurious Loewe is located on different locations around Madrid. For more than 150 years, Loewe has provided men and women with luxurious well-tailored fashion and leather goods. This is the flagship store and it offers a VIP area with personal shoppers for those who need.

​Address: Calle Gran Vía 8, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 22 68 15​Website:

In the same genre as Mango and Zara you find Stradivarius. Racks with the latest fashion wear, together with high heels, ballerinas, scarves and accessories fill the shop and if you don't find your size, don't worry there are several outlets in the city.

​Address: Calle Gran Vía 30, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 23 07 15​Website:

This chain, together with Zara and Mango, is one of Spain's most popular shops for young women. Here you can find basics mixed with some of the latest fashion to rock-bottom prices.

​Address: Calle de Preciados 20, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 32 20 14​Website:
Women'S Secret

As the name reveals, this boutique sells women's underwear, lingerie, swimwear and cosy homewear. This Spanish chain offers everything from comfy pyjamas to sleek, sexy bras and panties.

​Address: Av de Concha Espina 6, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 64 71 48​Website:

This Swedish chain, that you nowadays find almost everywhere in the world, provides high street fashion for both men and women at prices suiting everyone. Here in Madrid you find boutiques located on different locations around town.

​Address: Calle Gran Vía 37, Madrid​Phone: +34 901 12 00 84​Website:

This high quality shoe brand has three outlets in Madrid. In Italy Geox is ranked as the number one footwear brand and the technological solutions when making their shoes is very appreciated across the world.

​Address: Calle de Claudio Coello 58, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 76 63 63​Website:
Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear is part of the same group as Zara and Stradivarius. If you are young, urban and engaged with the environment this shop will fit you like a hand in a glove. Here you can buy the latest trends and pick a cool casual look, but still be environmentally friendly.

​Address: Av de la Albufera 153, Madrid​Phone: +34 914 77 38 74​Website:​More info: Centro Comercial Albufera Plaza
Mercado De Fuencarral

In the Chueca district you can visit El Mercado de Fuencarral, an entire gallery of clothes to go clubbing in, cool accessories and branded clothes with street credibility.

​Address: Calle de Fuencarral 45, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 21 41 52​Website:
ABC Serrano

Finish off your shopping trip at ABC Serrano in Salamanca, an eight-floor shopping centre with four floors devoted just to fashion. Here hot new designers such as Amaya Arzuaga rub shoulders with reliable stand-bys like Zara. There are also cafés, restaurants and a gym.

​Address: Calle de Serrano 61, Madrid​Phone: +34 915 77 50 31​Website:
The Deli Room

The Deli Room sells a selection of hip Spanish designer labels displayed in a delicatessen setting. Here you will find names like Locking Shocking, Miriam Ocáriz, Ailanto, Spastor, Jin Sun Park and La Casita de Wendy.

​Address: Santa Bárbara 4, Madrid​Phone: +91 521 1983
Mercado de la Paz

Mercado de La Paz is Madrid’s most mouth-watering fresh produce market. The best-selling stalls are the ones with Serrano ham and amazing cheese.

​Address: Calle de Ayala 28, Madrid​Phone: +34 914 35 07 43​Website:

Lavinia is Europe’s self-proclaimed biggest wine shop. Not only do you find great tasting wine here, but you can also visit just for a delicious lunch.

​Address: Calle Ortega y Gasset 16, Madrid​Phone: +34 914 26 06 04​Website:
Factory Getafe

Getafe is located 16 km outside Madrid and can be a bit tricky to get to. The best way to reach the outlet is by car, but there are also buses available. Once you are here, you will find 85 fashion shops, some of them are Miss Sixty, Cortefiel, El Corte Inglés-Centro de Oportunidades, Panama Jack and Pepe Jeans London.

​Address: Avda. Río Guadalquivir 15, Madrid​Phone: +34 91 691 93 55​Website:
El Rastro

El Rastro is the most popular open-air flea market in Madrid. It is, actually, one of the best ways to kill 2-3 h in Madrid while having a good time and discovering what the locals have to offer.

​Address: Calle Ribera de Curtidores, Madrid
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Barajas Airport

Madrid’s airport, Barajas, lies a little over ten kilometres northeast of the city. The cheapest way to get to Madrid is by metro: line 8 goes to Nuevos Ministerios. Journey time: 30 minutes. The taxi ride costs more at nights and on Sundays and takes 30-60 minutes.

​Address: Avenida de la Hispanidad, Madrid​Phone: +34 902 40 47 04​Website:
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