Book flights to Osijek, the largest city in Croatia’s Slavonia region. Osijek is a pleasant little city that makes for a lovely, affordable and really relaxing city break - and you’ll feel wonderfully welcomed by the friendly locals when you’re there. Osijek is also a fantastic jumping off point for further adventures into the Slavonia region of Croatia, and if you hire a car at Osijek it couldn’t be easier to nip out to the stunning Kopacki Rit Nature Park, for a really magnificent ‘back-to-nature’ experience! Book flights to Osijek with Ryanair.

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There are more parks than squares in the city of Osijek and the most beautiful promenade is the walk along the Drava River. Osijek ZOO can be reached by a river ferry. Electrical tram from 1928. now exists as tourist tram. You can experience history from the Roman Mursa through the Ottoman Empire to the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the Museum of Slavonia. Every empire has left its benchmark in this city. In the oldest part of Osijek, the old town of Tvrđa, you can enjoy the Museum of Shells, galleries etc. What is also worth sightseeing is Cathedral situated at the central square.

Activities & Tours

"STATE LIPIZZANER STUDFARM" Djakovo. It is the oldest institution for breeding and selection in Croatia. Such valuable breeding material is also a cultural asset for Croatia, with which we show the world that our ancestors managed to preserve and improve the state of horse-breeding through many years of work on breeding of horses. KOPACKI RIT. The world-famous natural wetlands, the largest natural fish nursery, is a great place for leisure and recreation for fishermen and hunters. This is the habitat of many thousands of game animals such as roe deer, large red deer and wild boar.


If you happen to be in Osijek on the first Saturday in a month, come to see the antiques fair of Osijek, if you stay in Osijek from 29 June to 12 July 2014, do not miss the Osijek Summer of Culture held in the Tvrđa. The greatest event, Pannonian Challenge, a festivity of extreme sports, music, graffiti painting takes place from 13 to 17 August 2014. September brings the days of bier. The citizens of Osijek, nice and friendly, try to please every guest. If you still have not made a decision on your next tourist destination, pick Osijek, the city which cordially welcomes every guest.

Food & Drink

Restaurant Club Waldinger as a part of Hotel Waldinger**** is a modern restaurant in a center of the Osijek. With his offer of delicious food and with more than 200 wine labels will satisfy all gourmets. In a last few years is elected in a 100 best Croatian restaurants Band in a 2013. became the best restaurant of this area.National restaurant Gradski podrum in his ethno ambient offering traditional Slavonian kitchen with almost forgotten domestic meals.

Wine Road & Wine-growing Districts

In the fertile plains where wine grape is cultivated for thousands of years, and it is known that this has been going on since the Roman times, the Wine Road exists and persists; row of wine-makers and wine-merchants compete whose drop of wine is more noble, healthy and potent. It can be felt that vine is given great significance, and it gets especially festive on the St. Vincent's Day in second half of January... More information:

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