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Toulon is genuine Provence – the real thing. It’s not one of those garishly painted souvenir shops smelling of synthetic lavender that some other Riviera towns have turned into.
Musée De La Marine

This is the place to learn everything about the town’s maritime history, from the lives of galley slaves to the attacks by pirates led by Redbeard. Not to mention the young Captain Napoleon Bonaparte who helped to destroy the town after it had been handed over to the English after the Revolution.

​Address: Place Monsenergue, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 22 42 02 01​Website: http://www.musee-marine.fr
Musée Mémorial Du Débarquement

Many tourists are not aware that the Allied landings on the coasts of France took place not just in Normandy, but also here in August 1944. This place is dedicated to the landing in Provance.

​Address: Route du Faron, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 88 08 09​More info: Summit of Mont Faron
Musée D’art

Musée D’art house exquisite paintings from the School of Provence, as well as a natural history museum with everything there is to know about the region’s wildlife and minerals.

​Address: 113 Boulevard Maréchal Leclerc, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 36 81 01
Le Mont Faron

Le Mont Faron is an impressive mountain with amazing views over the bay. There is a cableway up the mountain, but not on days when the Mistral is blowing too much. Ask at the tourist office.

​Address: Le Mont Faron, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 18 53 00
Place Puget

Take a delightful stroll from a charming little square – with a fountain covered in greenery – through the Old Town’s best-known street, down to the harbour.

​Address: Place du Globe, Toulon
The Fortifications

There are about 40 fortifications all-round the bay. The oldest of them date back to the 16th century. Fort Balaguier and la Tour Beaumont are two that can be visited.

​Address: Toulon
Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-la-Seds de Toulon

The mixture of styles in this Romanesque cathedral, dating from the 11th century, could almost be classified as post-modern. A concentrate of church architecture through the centuries.

Le cours Lafayette (also called le marché Provence)

Le cours Lafayette is located at the address of the same name. Worth visiting because it is Provence in a nutshell, with its scents, tastes and sounds from the market stalls selling vegetables.

​Address: Le Cours Lafayette, Toulon
Stade Mayol

Stade Mayol is a stadium in Toulon which can hold up to 15.000 people and is used for different purposes. Right now, it is mainly used for Rugby games so have a look if there are any games that you can catch while you are in town.

​Address: Quai Joseph Lafontan, Toulon
Opéra de Toulon

The Opera house is a lovely 19th century building and is a must visit in Toulon. Go to a concert and listen to beautiful classical music or see what opera production is on while you are here.

​Address: Boulevard de Strasbourg, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 92 70 78​Website: http://www.operadetoulon.fr
Jardin Alexandre 1er

Jardin Alexandre 1er is a beautiful garden located in central Toulon. It is a great place to walk around and relax in, and take in the different senses in this tranquil environment.

​Address: Boulevard Général Leclerc, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 36 83 30​Website: http://www.toulon.com
Galerie Michel Estades

Galerie Michel Estades is an interesting gallery all dedicated to art. Here you can enjoy art of contemporary painters from the 20th century, and magnificent glass and sculptor pieces.

​Address: 22 Rue Henri Seillon, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 89 49 98​Website: http://www.estades.com
Old Town

The Old Town is situated between the Stade Mayol and the naval base. There is a daily market for you to visit on your stroll during the day. There are not many restaurants here but quite a few hidden cafes to sit and relax at.

​Address: Old Town, Toulon
La Tour Royale

Tour Royale is a fort that was built to protect the port in Toulon in the 16th century. There is a foot path for you to walk a long and enjoy the beach and a beautiful view of the harbour.

​Address: Avenue de la Tour Royale, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 36 30 18
Rade de Toulon

Here you can take a boat on the open sea and view Toulon and the harbour from a different perspective. This is a good way of starting your tour of Toulon, make sure that you take a boat where a meal is included.

​Address: Quai Cronstadt, Toulon
In Provence, just walking around the hills and fountains will give you a good idea of what to expect in the restaurants. Scents of thyme, rosemary and fresh vegetables in olive oil hang in the air. It is above all simple food. A little tapenade (purée of olives) on some bread, a glass of rosé wine and some marinated and grilled peppers are enough to make the author of this guide wax lyrical. Especially when it is being eaten beside a fountain, in the shade of some plane trees, in the heart of Toulon.
L’eau À La Bouche

L’eau À La Bouche means mouth-watering, which is exactly right for these classic Provençal dishes. The restaurant lies strategically at the harbour entrance, next to the Tour Royal. Maritime décor.

​Address: 54 Rue Muiron, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 46 33 09
Chez Mimi

Chez Mimi is an African restaurant serving excellent couscous. After trying it here, it’s easy to see why couscous has become the most popular dish in France after “steak-frites”.

​Address: 83 Avenue de la République, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 24 97 42
Le Jardin Du Sommelier

This place serves classic Italian-Provençal flavours with Parmesan grilled artichoke and figs in almond to mention a few. Extensive wine list. All in a delightful, almost kitschy, décor in orange and ochre.

​Address: 20 Allées Courbet, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 62 03 27​Website: http://www.le-jardin-du-sommelier.com
Au Sourd

Aïoli, deep-fried small fish and all sorts of other good things from a former seafarer. The restaurant is a long-standing favourite place in Toulon.

​Address: 10 Rue Molière, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 92 28 52​Website: http://www.ausourd.com
Le Petit Prince

The street address means ”street of humility”. You could hardly be anything else, faced with these wonderful Provençal fragrances. Small, but a cordial place. The restaurant is a chilled out place and serves nice French food.

​Address: 10 Rue de l’Humilité, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 22 44 07 39
La Feuille De Chou

Olive oil on your plate and olive trees above your head. At least if you choose a table in the small shady square. La Feuille De Chou serves amazing French food, dishes that you never had before or traditional food with a twist.

​Address: 15 Rue Glacière, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 62 09 26
Al Dente

Al Dente serves pasta at reasonable prices. The décor is colourful, luminous and modern. There is a terrace in front of the restaurant perfect for enjoying sunny days.

​Address: 30 Rue Gimelli, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 93 02 50​Website: http://www.aldente-marseille.fr​More info: Checks are not accepted.

L'Ostrea is a delicious sea food restaurant which brings you good size portions well worth your money. The service is good and the staff is always friendly. Enjoy you meal along with a glass of great tasting wine.

​Address: Quai des Sous/mariniers, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 46 65 60​Website: http://www.ecaillers.com
Restaurant Herrero

Restaurant Herrero is a typical French restaurant, specializing in local cuisine and fish dishes. The atmosphere is cosy and relaxed and perfect for a late night dinner. As the restaurant gets full towards the evening, make sure to get there in time.

​Address: 45 Quai de la Sinse, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 41 00 16​Website: http://www.restaurant-herrero.fr

L'Authentic offers their guests a lovely menu, serving delicious French food accompanied by great wine. Enjoy your lunch or dinner out on the fabulous terrace, after dinner just sit and take in the relaxing atmosphere.

​Address: 20 Allée Amiral Courbet, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 83 42 89 94​Website: http://www.restaurant-toulon.fr
Les Têtes d'ail

Les Têtes d'ail is a restaurant with an exquisite Mediterranean menu. The food lovely prepared, local products, great flavours and is a perfect option to visit for lunch or dinner.

​Address: 22 Rue des Bonnetières, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 62 07 64​Website: http://www.lestetesdail.fr
Le Bistrot 223

Le Bistrot 223 is a cute little bistro located in central Toulon. The menu changes monthly in order to keep their regular guests on their toes. The food is prepared with local ingredients and seasonal products.

​Address: 223 Rue Jean Jaurès, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 92 64 35​Website: http://www.bistrot223.com
Le Saint Gabriel

Le Saint Gabriel has a nice decor and great view over the port. The plates are filled with tasty seasonable vegetables and different salads to your main course. They have cosy background music and the plates are always well-presented.

​Address: 334 Avenue de la République, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 89 14 10
China Moon

Sometimes a change can be good, and if you feel like something different than the typical French flavours then you should visit China Moon. It a well-established Chinese restaurant in Toulon, with tasteful food and great vegetarian options.

​Address: 449 Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 41 60 00
L'Etoile de l'Inde

L'Etoile de l'Inde is a great Indian restaurant. Their food is excellent, everything from the nana bread, to the main course and the dessert. They are open every day with the capacity of 100 seats. On Fridays and Saturdays it is a good idea to make reservations.

​Address: 3 Rue Dumont d'Urville, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 89 29 68​Website: http://www.etoiledelinde.com
Cafés are a way of life in this part of the world. Everybody has their own favourite, depending on the time of day – but at the same time the café that happens to be nearest is your favourite. In short, they exist to make life easier and more relaxed. A croissant in the morning, a coffee in the evening, or perhaps a pastis before going on to a restaurant? The field is wide open!
Le Saint-louis

Le Saint-louis is has a heated and covered terrace with a beautiful view of the harbour. It is a good view point when the Mistral is blowing.

​Address: 391 Littoral Frederic Mistral, Le Mourillon Plages, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 42 08 05
Le Café de la Liberté

Le Café de la Liberté has a modern façade and outdoor seats, but inside is a more of a 19th-century feeling to it. There is a huge fresco on the theme of Liberty.

​Address: 79 Place de la Liberté, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 92 06 50​Website: http://www.cafeliberte.fr
Le Grand Café de la Rade

Le Grand Café de la Rade is certainly one of the biggest cafés in the harbour. Lots of students fill the small round tables on the quayside.

​Address: 224 Avenue de la République, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 62 76 69

L’igloo faces the harbour where sunglasses are part of the uniform. As the name suggests, this is where you will find Toulon’s widest selection of ice cream, to be enjoyed in comfortable chairs. Sunglasses are part of the uniform.

​Address: 15 Quai de la Sinse, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 03 19 02
Le Café de la Gare

Le Café de la Gare is a cosy café/brasserie where you can sit down for a coffee or grab a sandwich or pizza while watching some exciting sports event on the big screens.

​Address: 31 Avenue Vauban, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 91 46 34
Le France

Le France is one of the largest cafés in Toulon. They have a spacious and comfortable terrace for watching the street’s catwalk. Deep inside you can challenge your friends to a game of pool.

​Address: 304 Avenue de la République, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 92 78 64
The sailors’ town Toulon has a thousand-year tradition of partying well into the night. Perhaps because the Provençal nights are so gentle and treacherously beautiful? The first step is of course to conduct a methodical reconnoitre of the cafés and bars around the harbour and along the beaches at Mourillon.
La Tortue

La Tortue is one of the most popular music bars in Toulon techno on the loudspeakers, and a large outdoor terrace. It is a great place to visit for a drink, dance and a good night out.

​Address: 71 Quai de la Sinse, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 31 39 83​Website: http://www.restaurant-latortue.com
Bar Le 113

At Bar Le 113 you will experience world music, jazz and several DJs in the spacious bar. Kick off your shoes and dance until late.

​Address: 113 Avenue de l’Infanterie de Marine, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 03 42 41
Pussy Cat

Pussy Cat is located high above the town from the top – meaning of course Mont Faron. They play a broad range of techno, funk, house and disco.

​Address: 655 Avenue Claret, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 92 76 91
Le Shannon Pub 56

Le Shannon Pub 56 is a classic Irish pub, but with invited DJs who mix between the rugby flags and wooden panels.

​Address: 56 Boulevard Tessé, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 62 96 09
Le Zoom

Le Zoom is located right in the town centre. They attract a wide range of people from 20 to 50 years of age. New or old – but always sure-fire hits on the loudspeakers.

​Address: 44 Boulevard de Strasbourg, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 92 31 14
La Part Des Anges

La Part Des Anges invites you to a party night filled with house and local DJs that let it rip well into the night. Have a look at the calendar to see if they have any concerts while you are there.

​Address: 57 Rue Lamalgue, Toulon​Phone: +33 4 94 03 06 31​Website: http://www.la-part-des-anges.com
Shopping in Toulon is a pleasure. It allows you to discover the small alleyways and fountains around place Puget and rue d’Alger while browsing in clothes shops or little bookshops. When you admire the more chic areas around Mourillon, the antique shops and designer boutiques will give you some idea of how the houses are furnished. And if you feel the lure of the sea down by the harbour, you can always buy some fishing or diving equipment. Or just some sunglasses in the latest fashion.
Le Mourillon

Round off a day of sunbathing on the beach at le Mourillon with some shopping along rue Frédéric Mistral and head up boulevard Sainte-Hélène and rue Lamalgue. Here you will find interesting home furnishing shops, clothes shops (including rugby fashion Serge Blanco) and cut glass.

Place Puget- Rue Hoche- Rue D’alger

In the maze of what used to be called Little Chicago (referring to the Old Town) you’ll find peaceful little fashion shops with the latest in ready-to-wear. If that’s still not enough, continue along rue Jean-Jaurès.


These post-war buildings have almost achieved cult status, there are all sorts of sports and fishing shops. Just behind you will find le Centre Commercial Mayol a large popular shopping centre in the harbour. About 50,000 square metres with most of the big brands Disney store, Célio (clothes), Go Sport (sports & leisure), Fnac (music, books), Etam (underwear), and a large food store.

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Aéroport de Toulon-Hyères

The name of the airport is Aéroport de Toulon-Hyères. It lies 23 kilometres from Toulon. A taxi takes about 20 minutes but you can park a car for about 20 euro for 1-16 days.

​Address: Boulevard de la Marine, Hyères​Phone: +33 825 018 387​Website: http://www.toulon-hyeres.aeroport.fr
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