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Many of Valencia’s sights are located in the area commonly known as La Seu. The area is located between the city’s two large squares, Plaza de la Reina and Plaza Virgen. This is where you will find the octagon clock tower Miguelete and Capilla del Santo Cáliz, home of what many consider to be the real Holy Grail.
Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia

This renovated art museum is one of the finest in Spain and houses some 2,000 works, most dating from the 14th-17th centuries. Art by Goya Velázquez, José Ribera and Sorolla cover its red, peach and green walls.

​Address: Calle San Pío V, 9, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 87 03 00​Website:
The X-Door

The X-Door is a game different to anything you have ever heard of before. How about getting locked in in a room together with friends and then try to find the escapeway out in 60 minutes? This is what The X-Door is all about. It is much appreciated and guarantees you a different and fun experience.

​Address: Guillem de Castro 44, Left, Valencia​Phone: +34 678 601 647​Website:
Museum of Rice

The Museum of Rice is a restored mill and aims to recover the "collective memory the industrial process of rice processing". The entrance is free on Sundays.

​Address: Calle del Rosario 1, Valencia​Phone: +34 96 352 54 78​Website:
Pool and Water Park Benicalap

The Pool and Water Park Benicalap is the perfect family hang-out. Here you can enjoy waterslides, slopes and water figures while being surrounded by greenery.

​Address: Francisco Morote Greus, Valencia
Plaza de la Virgen

If you want a place where you can experience the true spirit of Valencia you can head to Plaza de la Virgen. Around this square you can find numerous restaurants and cafés.

​Address: Plaza de la Virgen, Valencia

This playground is quite unusual and very much appreciated by the children. If you look closely you will see that the whole playground consists of a large giant, hence the name "Gulliver".

​Address: Antiguo Cauce del Turia, Valencia
La Lonja

If you only manage to see one sight, it has to be La Lonja, the old silk exchange. It is heralded as one of the foremost Gothic buildings in Europe, and in 1996 it became a UNESCO world heritage site. The actual market is the size of a cathedral, covering 21,420 square feet.

​Address: Plaza del Mercado, Valencia
Central Market

Opposite La Lonja, you will find the oldest food market in Europe, located in a fantastic building in a true Valencian style. The market is just as lively now as it was a hundred years ago, as if time stood still. Be amazed by Valencia’s daily life and of course, this is a great place to buy some local delicacies.

​Address: Plaza del Mercado 6, Valencia
Las Fallas Museum

This small museum’s exhibits focus on Valencia’s huge Las Fallas festival. Las Fallas is a traditional celebration held every year in March. People use this festive event to ridicule those in power. The term Fallas refers to both the celebration and the monuments created during the celebration. A number of towns in the Valencian Community have similar celebrations inspired by the original in Valencia.

​Address: Plaza Monteolivete, 4, Valencia​Website:
Botanical Garden

This botanical garden was founded in 1567 and restored in 2000. It contains an impressive collection of more than three thousand species of trees, palm trees and plants.

​Address: Calle Quart 80, València ​Phone: +34 963 15 68 00 ​Website:
Iglesia de San Juan del Hospital

Built in 1261, this gothic church is one of the oldest in the city, actually the first church built in Valencia after the Cathedral. The church has a single nave covered with a pointed barrel vault.

​Address: Calle Trinquete de Caballero, 5, Valencia​Phone: +34 96 392 29 65​Website:
The Serranos Towers

The Serranos Towers provide spectacular views of the city and the Turia River. They were built at the end of the 14th century as a part of the city's fortification.

​Address: Plaza de Fueros, Valencia ​Opening hours: Tue-Sat 10 am-2 pm and 4.30 pm-8.30 pm. Sundays and public holidays from 10 am-3 pm. Closed on Mondays

"The Agora" was inaugurated in 2009 to host the Valencia Open 500 ATP tournament, and now hosts all kinds of different events. It is 80 meters high and can fit 6,000 people inside its fascinating shape.

​Address: L'Àgora, Valencia
El Puente de l'Assut de l'Or Bridge

This 125 meter high suspension bridge crosses the Turia Gardens by Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. The bridge is the highest point in the city and makes for an impressive focal point.

​Address: El Puente de l'Assut de l'Or, Valencia
The City of Arts and Sciences

The Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, The City of Arts and Sciences, is a gigantic futuristic complex that has become the number one sight in Valencia. Walking around on the premises and taking a million photos of the stunning buildings is a pleasure in itself, and that does not cost anything. However, it is well worth the entrance fee to explore the various exhibits inside.

​Address: Avda. del Professor López Piñero, 3,5,7, Valencia​Phone: +34 902 10 00 31 ​Website:
L'Hemisfèric IMAX Cinema

The L'Hemisfèric IMAX Cinema is part of the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. It is an impressive 3D IMAX Cinema that offers an appreciated rest for tired feet. Lay back in the comfortable chairs and enjoy your show of choice, all features are both educational and visually spectacular.

​Address: Av Autopista Saler, Valencia​Website:
L'Oceanografic Aquarium

The L'Oceanografic Aquarium is part of the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. Here you can see dolphins, sea lions, penguins, turtles, sharks and rays. The Oceanogràfic was designed by Spanish architect Félix Candelais and is the largest aquarium in Europe.

​Address: Av Autopista del Saler, Valencia​Website:
Science Museum Príncipe Felipe

The Science Museum Príncipe Felipe is part of the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, here you get to use your brain! This is a science museum that will put your brain cells to the test more than once. Three floors with 26,000 square feet of exhibits will definitely keep you busy and fortunately you will not have put a leash on your curiosity - pull, twist and push – you are supposed to!

​Address: Av Autopista Saler, Valencia​Website:
Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia Concert Hall

The Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia Concert Hall is part of the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. This concert hall/opera house has four auditoriums dedicated to music and scenic arts. The great acoustics, location and surroundings are some of the reasons why this is becoming one of the most prestigious opera houses in Europe.

​Address: Av Autopista Saler, Valencia​Website:
L'Umbracle Greenhouse

The L'Umbracle Greenhouse is part of the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. At this a greenhouse you easily can spend three hours walking along the green promenade. Apart from the plants from all over the world, there is "The Garden of Astronomy" where you can learn more about astronomy. This landscaped walk is free of charge.

​Address: Av Autopista Saler, Valencia​Website:
There is a huge selection of restaurants in Valencia. You will find everything from haute cuisine restaurants to fusion eateries, but the best bets are the traditional Spanish ones. Paella (the rice dish where basically any available ingredient gets used) was invented in Valencia and is served in almost every restaurant. The locals eat late and most restaurants do not fill up until after 10 pm.

The English chef Stephen Anderson runs one of the city’s most ambitious restaurant. It has dark red walls, strict lines, white linen tablecloths and large wine glasses. The menu is full of surprises, with dishes such as Oriental fishcakes with tzatziki, strawberry gazpacho, artichokes with foie gras, and the lamb dish paletilla de cordero con tabouleh y jugo de romero.

​Address: Calle Conde de Almodóvar, 4, Valencia​Phone: +34 96 392 40 00​Website:
Palace Fesol

Palace Fesol has come a long way from its supposedly humble origins serving fesoles (lima beans) to the city’s poor. The best dish at this luxurious restaurant is claimed to be the gambas (shrimp) carpaccio with raspberry vinaigrette. The green tiles of the open kitchen are a beautiful feature of the interior.

​Address: Calle Hernan Cortes 7, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 529 323​Website:
La Pepica

This Paella restaurant on the sea front is over 100 years old. Among those who have sat here and enjoyed the rice covered seafood is the American author, Ernest Hemingway.

​Address: Passeig de Neptú, 2, Valencia​Phone: +34 96 371 03 66​Website:
Tascas (Tapas Bars)

The best place for tapas is the somewhat rough Fishermen’s Quarter, El Cabanyal. Here you can try legendary anchovy tapas, gourmet tapas and traditional tapas.

​Address: El Cabanyal, Valencia

Appetite is a quaint neighbourhood bistro with a menu inspired by the world, mostly South East Asia. The flavour experiences here will keep you coming back for more.

​Address: Carrer del Pintor Salvador Abril, 7, Valencia​Phone: +34 961 10 56 60​Website:
Casa Montaña

Casa Montaña is legendary in Valencia, a traditional tapas bar in the "El Cabañal" area. The clientele is a mix of locals and tourists, as the fair is appreciated by both. This place is also quite famous for their extensive wine cellar.

​Address: Calle de José Benlliure, 69, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 67 23 14​Website:
Restaurante Navarro

Restaurante Navarro has an excellent reputation, especially when it comes to their signature dish: the Paella Valenciana. The interior is elegant with oil paintings on the wall, crisp table linens and flowers on the tables.

​Address: Calle del Arzobispo Mayoral, 5, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 52 96 23​Website:
Restaurante Canela

Restaurante Canela is a modern restaurant with traditional Valencian food, with a creative and contemporary twist. The menu offers paella, different rice dishes, seafood, meat and fish.

​Address: Calle de Quart, 49, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 917 538​Website:
Racó del Turia

Racó del Turia opened its doors in 1990. Today the restaurant is still owned by the same family and maintains the traditional values as well as recipes.

​Address: Carrer de Ciscar, 10, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 95 15 25​Website:

Balansiya is a beautifully decorated Moroccan/Middle Eastern restaurant with a wide range of dishes on the menu. Here you can find everything from appetizers and main courses to dessert and snacks.

​Address: Paseo de las facultades, 3, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 890 824​Website:
Ocho y Medio

The location in the Old Town, as well as the interior of wooden beams and original design by Daniel Torres, provide a warm ambience to this restaurant. The cuisine can best be described as creative, with one of the specialties being black paella.

​Address: Plaza de Lope de Vega, 5, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 92 20 22​Website:
Gordon 10

At Gordon 10 you can savour dished from the Argentine cuisine. Choose between dishes like pepper steak, grilled fish and vegetables. The atmosphere is very cosy and perfect for romantic dates.

​Address: Calle Conde de Altea 49, Valencia​Website:​Opening hours: From 6 pm
Kiaora Biococina

Kiaora Biococina offers a seasonal menu and the lunch changes weekly. Here you can enjoy a fusion of different styles and cultures. You can order the tasting menu for a culinary revolution.

​Address: C/Dr. Beltran Bigorra 18 bajo, Valencia​Phone: +34 96 114 3019​Website:​Opening hours: Closed Sundays and Mondays
The Sushi Room

If you have cravings for sushi you can go to The Sushi Room. This is claimed to be the best restaurant in Valencia if you want to try Japanese fusion food. The atmosphere is very cosy and the staff very friendly.

​Address: Calle Cuba 48, Ruzafa, Valencia​Phone: +34 961 14 85 69
The locals are particular about their coffee. For example, they only have café con leche for breakfast, often with a croissant. At midday they tend to go for an espresso, a café solo, or a cortado – espresso with a drop or two of milk.
Café de Las Horas

Café de Las Horas is a very nice and popular café located in the heart of Valencia. From the outside, this café is not much to look at, but the inside features great design, lovely pastries and nice staff.

​Address: Calle del Conde de Almodóvar, 1, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 91 73 36​Website:
Café Sant Jaume

This is one of the city’s large cafés, complete with a bar that attracts an artistic and cultural clientele. If you look at the ceiling while you are here you can see that the wooden beams are beautifully carved.

​Address: Calle Caballeros, 51, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 91 24 01
Horchateria de Santa Catalina

Horchata is a Spanish speciality which some people like and others cannot stand. It is a drink made from the chufas root and sipped through straws from tall glasses. Horchata has the taste of almonds.

​Address: Plaza Santa Catalina 6, Valencia​Phone: +34 96 391 23 79​Website:
Café de la Seu

Café de la Seu is named after the cathedral located right next to it in Barrio del Carmen. Do not miss out on the famous Agua de Valencia.

​Address: Calle Santo Cáliz, 7, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 91 57 15​Website:
Café Lisboa

At a quiet pedestrian street behind La Lonja lies Café Lisboa. Here you can sit in the sun and enjoy a beer together with good friends. Take the chance to taste the Spanish "bocadillos" - sandwiches.

​Address: Plaza del Doctor Collado, 9, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 91 94 84
Chocolatería Valor

Founded in 1881, Chocolatería Valor has had a lot of time to perfect their chocolate creations. Try the chocolate fondue, chocolate churros and hot chocolate. It is a nice place to relax and people watch, perfectly located in the Plaza de la Reina.

​Address: Plaça de la Reina, 20, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 15 21 98​Website:
Spanish cities are often described as party destinations in foreign travel guides. But Valencia is considered to have the best nightlife of them all, even among the Spaniards themselves. This is partly because of the large, 100,000 strong, student population. The locals go out late, usually not until 11 pm, and most bars stay open until 3 am or even later. The city’s main party street is Calle Caballeros in the Barrio Del Carmen neighbourhood. Come here for a mix of tascas, bars, and clubs. Simply ask around to find out which night-clubs are in vogue at the moment.
Las Animas Puerto

Las Animas Puerto is one of the trendiest nightclubs in Valencia. They play R&B, house and music from the 1970’s and 1980’s, a great mix on different dance floors. The nightclub is located at the entrance of Port America’s Cup with a stunning view over the beach and ocean.

​Address: Paseo de Neptuno, Valencia​Phone: +34 902 108 527​Website:
Johnny Maracas

Latino culture reigns supreme at Johnny’s. Here you can order a mojito or an Agua de Valencia (cava, orange juice and vodka) and move your body smoothly to the rhythm of the beat.

​Address: Calle Caballeros, 39, Valencia​Website:
Fox Congo

This is claimed to be one of the best bars in the Barrio del Carmen. They offer a great atmosphere with tropical style and funky music. The tropical theme really makes it feel as if you are in the heart of a rainforest, although with all amenities such as luxurious leather seating, spectacular lighting effects and an entire bar made of Onyx (volcanic glass).

​Address: Calle Caballeros, 35, Valencia
LaLola Restaurante

LaLola Restaurante is a traditional, yet hip place that has adapted to the modern times. Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays you dine while watching a live flamenco performance.

​Address: Calle de la Subida del Toledano, 8, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 91 80 45​Website:

This charming place is Polynesian from top to toe. Here you can enjoy a couple of colourful drinks in a cosy atmosphere. If you have a sweet tooth, this place also offers large bowls of different ice cream desserts.

​Address: C/ Heroe Romeu, 6, Valencia​Phone: +34 96 338 2188​Website:​Opening hours: Closed on Sundays

At Barcode you can see some of you favourite drinks be prepared, and it will be an experience you will remember. During daytime you can enjoy food and tea here.

​Address: Almirante Cadarso, 11, Valencia​Phone: +34 96 344 4228​Website:
Negresco English Pub

Negresco English Pub offers over 600 types of whiskey from all over the world, close to heaven if you enjoy whiskey. The atmosphere is very cosy, perfect if you want to hang out with family and friends.

​Address: Carcagente ,16, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 80 26 10
L'Ermita Cafe Cultural

Located in the heart of Valencia, L'Ermita Cafe Cultural is an artistic café that offers a place full of nice people having fun. If you enjoy fresh air you can take a seat outside and sip on a drink.

​Address: C/ Obispo Don Jerónimo, 4, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 91 67 59
Espit Chupitos

Espit Chupitos can be found in various locations around Spain, but they also got a place in Paris. This place offers a wide range of shots and the specialty is the “chupitos de fuego”, the fire shot.

​Address: C/ Dr. Chiarri 8, Valencia​Phone: +34 64 9196 165​Website:
Radio City

This is claimed to be the funkiest night spot in Valencia and it is highly recommended by its guests. Here you can listen to live music, go to great shows and other cultural activities.

​Address: Calle Santa Teresa, 19, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 91 41 51​Website:​Opening hours: Daily 11 pm-3.30 am

M.Y.A can be found below the L’Umbracle club and is claimed to be one of the essential night spots in Valencia. Here you can dance all night or relax in the outside lounge.

​Address: Avenida del saler, 5, Valencia​Phone: +34 609 68 46 82​Opening hours: Thu-Sun 12.30 am-6.30 am
Noise Valencia

At Noise Valencia you can see some of the best DJ's and top artists perform. At this place you are really in for a wild night out. So put your best shoes on and dance all night long.

​Address: Calle San Vicente, 200, Valencia​Website:
La Posada de Las Animas

If you want to do some celebrity spotting this is the place to do so. La Posada de Las Animas is posh, fancy and hip, hence it attracts a mixed clientele. This could definitely be the final stop of your night out.

​Address: Calle Taquigrafo Marti 4, esquina Gran Via Marques del Turia, Valencia​Phone: +34 902 108 527​Website:
Laydown Rest&Club Puerto Valencia

The name of this chill nightclub foretells what is special about it. At Laydown you can, yes you guessed right, lay down in one of the luxurious white sofas found here. You can also listen to great DJ's and dance your shoes off.

​Address: Marina Real Juan Carlo, Local 8, Valencia​Phone: +34 96 348 70 77​Website:
Finnegan´s of Dublin

Most cities have one, and in most cases several - the Irish pubs are everywhere to be found. This Irish pub opened in 1995 and is claimed to be the first Irish pub in the city. At Finnegan´s of Dublin you can enjoy beer, sports and food.

​Address: Plaza de la Reina 19 bajo, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 922 862​Website:
Black Note Club

At Black Note Club you can enjoy live music most nights of the week. This place is alternative and if you like jazz and blues you will be delighted to know that the majority of performances are just that.

​Address: Polo y Peylorón, 15, Valencia​Website:
La Bolsería

This so called disco bar is claimed to be one of the most popular ones in Valencia. Here you can have drinks, dance to the R'n'B music and enjoy the company of old and new friends.

​Address: Calle Bolseria, 41, Valencia​Website:
Jimmy Glass

Jimmy Glass is a jazz club that offers a cosy atmosphere and live music. The concerts on Friday and Saturday nights are free, accompanied by free tapas. On Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays you can listen to international artists.

​Address: c/ Baja, 28, Valencia​Website:
Plaza del Ayuntamiento, as well as Calle Don Juan de Austria and Calle Colón streets form the hub of Valencia’s shopping district. Those looking for shoes are in luck. Valencia, like so many other Spanish cities, is a shoe haven.
Francis Montesinos

Francis Montesinos is a Valencia-based fashion designer. Montesino is well-known to a wider audience thanks to the appearance of his work in Pedro Almodóvar’s movies.

​Address: C/ Conde de Salvatierra, Valencia​Phone: +34 96 391 28 44​Website:
Purificacion Garcia

Spanish fashion design can quite easily become a bit loud and flamboyant. Purificacion Garcia represents more elegant sophistication, with sensual materials.

​Address: Jorge Juan, 10, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 521 679​Website:
El Corte Inglés

El Corte Inglés department store can be found in all large Spanish cities, and is always fun to visit for the extensive range of wares. Come here for the goods, but also for the people. It is interesting to watch the dynamics of the Spanish families.

​Address: Pintor Maella, 37, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 350 500​Website:
El Mercado Central

Valencia’s large covered food market is a must. There are 1,200 stalls to visit. The La Lonja restaurant and tapas bar has been owned by the same family since the 1930's and is a convenient spot for lunch.

​Address: Plaza del Mercado, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 829 100​Website:​More info: Located opposite the silk exchange and La Lonja
Rastro Market

This is Valencia’s take on the Madrid flea market. Here you can find lots of exciting stuff that locals have had in their attics and basements.

​Address: Avinguda de Suècia, Valencia

At Mango, the urban young woman finds everything from reasonable priced sleek work-wear to fabulous cocktail dresses. Match your new outfit with the perfect pair of shoes and accessories found here. There are several shops across the city and one of them is located on:

​Address: C.C. Nuevo Centro - Pío XII, 2-4-6, Valencia​Phone: +34 96 3471 797​Website:
Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti has its focus on sophisticated business wear for both men and women. They are famous for their classic and elegant clothes and accessories made of high quality fabrics and leather, but still at affordable prices.

​Address: Don Juan de Austria, 4, Valencia​Phone: +34 96 3519398​Website:

Bershka is a part of the Spanish group Inditex. You can find 910 shops all over the world. This shop is great for adventurous young people who want the latest trends. One of their shops can be found on:

​Address: De Ruzafa, 18, Valencia​Phone: +34 963427028​Website:
Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear is part of the same group as Zara and Stradivarius. If you are young, urban and engaged with the environment this shop will fit you like a hand in a glove. Here you can buy the latest trends and pick a cool casual look, but still be environmentally friendly.

​Address: Calle Pascual y Gens Esquina Juan de Austria 1, Valencia​Phone: +34 963518777​Website:

In the same genre as Mango and Zara you find Stradivarius. Racks with the latest fashion wear, together with high heels, ballerinas, scarves and accessories fill the shop and if you cannot find your size, do not worry, there are several outlets in the city.

​Address: Don Juan de Austria, 4, Valencia​Website:

This world famous brand soon has a store in every mid-size town and in Valencia there are several outlets. Here you can find the latest fashion for men, women and children, everything from street wear to the more up-dressed look. There are numerous shops throughout the city, one of them is located on:

​Address: Paseo de Ruzafa, 20, Valencia​Phone: +34 963517016​Website:

Pimkie is a women's clothes chain that can be found in various locations throughout Europe. Here you can buy personalized and young fashion for women - everything from pants and accessories to skirts and dresses.

​Address: Calle Don Juan de Austria, 38, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 524 315​Website:​Opening hours: 10 am-9 pm. Closed on Sundays

In 1981, Camper opened its first store in Barcelona, today there are several boutiques all over Spain and the rest of the world. The shoes are known for being extraordinary comfortable but still stylish and they come for both men, women and kids.

​Address: Marques dos Aguas, 2, Valencia​Phone: +34 96 3518 079​Website:
Adolfo Domínguez

The history of this Spanish brand has its roots way back to the 1950's. Today there are shops all over Spain and also worldwide. The clothes, bags and shoes designed by Adolfo Domínguez are stylish and elegant and there are collections for both men and women and kids.

​Address: Pintor Sorolla, 26, Valencia​Phone: +34 96 3943 747​Website:
Women'S Secret

As the name reveals, this boutique sells women's underwear, lingerie, swimwear and cosy homewear. This Spanish chain offers everything from comfy pyjamas to sleek, sexy bras and panties.

​Address: C/ Don Juan de Austria, 22, Valencia​Phone: +34 96 394 23 57​Website:

This Swedish chain, that you nowadays can find almost everywhere in the world, provides high street fashion for both men and women at prices suiting everyone. In Valencia you can find boutiques in several locations.

​Address: Calle Colón, 34, Valencia​Phone: +34 9011 20084​Website:

This high quality shoe brand has ten outlets in Valencia. In Italy, Geox is ranked as the number one footwear brand and the technological solutions when making their shoes is very appreciated across the world.

​Address: Valencia Calle J Juan, 4, Valencia​Phone: +34 96 3943 623​Website:

The luxurious boutique Loewe has two shops in Valencia. For more than 150 years, Loewe has provided men and women with luxurious well-tailored fashion and leather goods. One of their shops is located on:

​Address: Marqués de Dos Aguas, 7, Valencia​Phone: +34 96 353 38 90​Website:

KIKO is an Italian cosmetics shop that can be found in various locations throughout Europe. They offer a wide range of their own make-up and accessories, all at affordable prices.

​Address: Calle Juan de Austria, 15, Valencia​Phone: +34 963 519 728​Website:

This leading sport retail store can be found in various locations throughout Europe. Here you can find anything you might need, sport wise, like shoes, clothes, equipment and much more.

​Address: Calle Mar 27, Valencia​Phone: +34 96 392 30 34​Website:
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The airport is located 6 miles west of Valencia. Several bus companies depart for the city and the major hotels. The taxi stand is just outside the terminal.

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