Book flights to Wrocław with Ryanair, and discover Poland’s city of dwarves! There are around 250 of them, made of bronze and dotted throughout the city in commemoration of the peaceful ‘Orange Alternative’ movement that originated in the city… dwarf-spotting can be a marvellous way to spend a day. If that’s not your cup of tea, don’t worry - there is plenty more going on in the city to keep you busy, including the beautiful market square, the Jewish Quarter, the city’s islands, the impressive Raclawice Panorama and much more. Book flights to Wroclaw today!
City of Wrocław: 700,000
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Wrocław has lots to see, including its town hall – widely regarded as one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in central Europe – and its Hall of Lepoldin in the University of Wrocław which has the largest Baroque interior in Poland. Art lovers can visit the numerous galleries, while visitors who want to enjoy leisurely walks can do so in the mighty Szczytnicki Park – one of a dozen or so parks in the city.
Church of St. Elizabeth

Church of St. Elizabeth dates back to the 14th century and is one of the oldest churches in Wroclaw. The church is located in the Old Town and it is hard to miss; it is the tallest building in the area. To reach this place you will need to climb the 300 steps up, but it will be well worth it since it offers a panoramic view of the entire city.

​Address: ul. Św. Elżbiety 1/1​Phone: +48 71 343 16 38​Website:
Opera Wroclaw

Take a step back in time to a more elegant age and visit this breathtakingly beautiful old Opera house. Any fan of opera or musical theatre will find great shows to enjoy. On the programme you will also find ballets.

​Address: 35 Swidnicka St, 50-066 Wroclaw ​Phone: +48 71 370 88 00​Website:
Tumski Bridge

Take a padlock and key and take your sweetheart to Tumski Bridge, lock the padlock to the bridge and then throw away the key to Odra River. By doing so it is claimed to make your love stronger and make it last forever. You will also find out that you are not the only one; there are hundreds of padlocks on the bridge, with names, dates and short messages.

​Address: Tumski Bridge, Wroclaw
Wroclaw Sightseeing Tours - Day Tours

Would you like to take a day tour and explore the most interesting visitor attractions? Wroclaw Sightseeing Tours offers exciting quality one-day sightseeing tours in south-western Poland. The tours are led by professional guides who will take you to historical, beautiful and intriguing sites.

​Address: ul. Wita Stwosza 3, 50-148 Wroclaw ​Phone: +48 698 900 123​Website:
Ethnographic Museum

This bright three floor museum is located just outside the Old Town. Here you will find treasures such as handicrafts, carvings, artefacts as well as traditional clothing from Lower Silesia. This is a great place to learn about the Wroclaw's history.

​Address: ul. Romualda Traugutta 111/113, Wroclaw​Phone: +48 71 34 21 267​Website:
Aga Tours - City Tour

A great way to explore the city is by funky Melex carts (electric car) for five passengers. The routes have been organized by a qualified guide and while enjoying the different sights an audio guide keeps you informed on all the most interesting attractions of Wroclaw.

​Address: Old Town, Wroclaw​Phone: +48 50 821 24 12​Website:
Ogrod Japonski (the Japanese Garden)

Located in Szczytnicki Park close to Hala Ludowa (Centenary Hall), the Japanese garden was built for the World Exhibition of 1913, and features water gardens and lakes, a bridge in authentic architectural style, stone lanterns and pavilions.

​Address: Mickiewicza Street​Phone: +48 601 74 45 63​Opening hours: Open daily April to October, 9am to 7pm.Subway: Frequent trams marked to Szczytnicki Park
Wrocław Cathedral

See the portico of Romanesque and Renaissance architecture, the pulpit with carvings by Urbański, a winged altar from the Wit Stwosz School, and outstanding stained-glass windows designed by Krystyna and Stanisław Pękalski in the cathedral. Climb the tower for a panoramic view of Wrocław.

​Address: Otrów Tumski ​More info: Cathedral IslandSubway: Frequent trams to Ostrów Tumski
Old Town

Another must-see attraction is the Old Town, a place where you can stroll around and admire the old buildings and find many hidden gems. Mainly cobbled streets so bring comfortable shoes. If you are feeling hungry, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from, almost in every street. It is also here you will find Main Market Square, or 'Rynek'.

​Address: Old Town, Wroclaw
Market Square (Rynek)

When visiting Wroclaw, the main square is a must-see attraction, located in the very heart of the city. A nice square with old buildings, many restaurants and shops. In the summer time you can enjoy a cup of coffee on the outdoor seating in cafés/restaurants and watch the world go by.

​Address: Market Square (Rynek)
Panorama Raclawice

Part of the National Museum of Wrocław, the venue displays the great Panorama of the Battle of Raclawice, a 19th-century painting that is the oldest and only example of panorama painting in Poland.

​Address: Ul. Purkyniego 11 Street, 50-155 Wrocław​Phone: +48 71 343 36 39​Website:​Opening hours: The museum is open from April to August, 9am to 5pm daily, September to October closed on Mondays. From November to March, 9am to 4pm Tuesday to Sunday.​More info: Trams 2,4,5,9,10,12,17
Botanical Gardens

Situated in the oldest part of the city at Ostrów Tumski, the University of Wrocław’s botanical gardens has rare plants and shows how they are cultivated. It was established in 1811 as a scientific institution.

​Address: Henryka Sienkiewicza Street​Phone: +48 71 322 59 57​Website: http://www.biol.uni.wroc.plSubway: Frequent trams marked to Ostrów Tumski
City Zoological Garden of Wrocław

The City Zoo is home to nearly 7,000 different animals including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fishes. You will find this place next to the harbour.

​Address: Wróblewskiego Street, Wroclaw​Phone: +48 71 348 30 24​Website: http://www.zoo.wroc.plSubway: Frequent trams marked to harbour
Wroclaw Aquapark

Wroclaw Aquapark is one of the most frequently visited water parks in Europe and is a great attraction for couples and for the whole family. You can easily spend some hours here and enjoy attractions like slides, a Jacuzzi, wave pool, "lazy river", Baby Bay and outdoor pools. For a more relaxing time head over to the wellness area and pamper yourself with a spa treatment.

​Address: ul. Borowska 99, 50-558 Wrocław​Phone: +48 71 771 15 11 ​Website:
Wrocław Racing Center

If you like speed, adrenaline and competition, head over to Wroclaw Racing Centre which is a large indoor go-kart centre. It has up to 650 meters of track. If this would be your first time driving a go-kart, no worries the instructor will help you.

​Address: ul. Buforowa 2, 52-131 Wroclaw ​Phone: +48 662 701 300​Website:
Eating out in Wrocław tends to begin early, with many restaurants opening as early as 7am for breakfast. Restaurants tend to be waiter serviced and efficient, while other eateries expect diners to order at the bar. Traditional dishes of meat, fish and vegetables cooked to age-old recipes are served alongside international cuisine.
Pod Fredra

Traditional polish cuisine is a feast for the eye as well as the palate and a must when you visit Wroclaw. Pod Fredra is the perfect place to experience polish cuisine with a top notch menu. The interior design is folk inspired and makes you feel at home.

​Address: Rynek - Ratusz 1​Phone: +48 71 3411335​Website:
Wieża Ciśnień - Restaurant

Wieża Ciśnień is a restaurant seating around 50 people, plus a banquet hall serving international à la carte cuisine with accompanying fine wines.

​Address: Ul. Sudecka 125a, 53-128 Wroclaw​Phone: +48 71 367 19 29​Website:
Il Gusto

This venue is half restaurant, half dance club, with a modern Mediterranean menu containing pizza and pasta as well as main courses with fish and meat.

​Address: ul. Sw. Mikolaja 8-11​Phone: +48 71 342 00 11​Website:
Pieprz i Wanilia

Pieprz i Wanilia is an interesting mix of a restaurant and a travel club. The name means "Pepper & Vanilla" which refers to the time when spices were sought after merchandise from exotic places far far away. The restaurant is very elegant and serves cuisine from all over the world. Members of the travel club are invited to special events, but you don’t have to be a member to enjoy this unique restaurant.

​Address: ul. Kutnowska 1-3, 53-135 Wrocław​Phone: +48 796995355​Website:
The jaDka

The jaDka is located in a gorgeous medieval cellars in the heart of the Old Town and it has an elegant interior. The menu contains traditional polish cuisine, an impressive wine list as well as rare liqueurs and vodkas.

​Address: ul. Rzeznicza 24/25, 50-132 Wrocław ​Phone: +48 71 3436461​Website:
Restauracja Rybna

Restauracja Rybna is housed in an old cloth hall in the old Market Square and is decorated in a traditional Polish design. Exotic fish and meat dishes are a speciality.

​Address: Sukiennice 6, 50-107 Wrocław​Phone: +48 71 342 74 56​Website:
Trattoria Va Bene

This Italian restaurant is located in the heart of Wroclaw, in a historic building. The tasty menu changes with the seasons and offers excellent meat, fish dishes as well as pizza and salads. In the summer time enjoy your dinner in the cosy garden and admire the beautiful houses and the Town Square.

​Address: Market 51, 50-116 Wrocław​Phone: +48 071 343 83 50​Website:
Kurna Chata

For traditional Polish food, head over to Kurna Chata which is situated in the centre of the city. The friendly waitress serves mouth-watering food like hot spicy beef goulash, pork chops and beetroot soup in a warm atmosphere. If you are very hungry, do not worry, the staff serves huge portions.

​Address: Odrzanska 17, Wroclaw ​Phone: +48 71 341 06 68​Website:
Masala Grill & Bar

Masala Grill & Bar is an Indian restaurant, located right off the main square with outdoor seating. The chefs combine traditional Indian recipes with European tastes and takes Indian cuisine to a new dimension. The interior of the restaurant is based on elephants, a symbol of happiness and good luck.

​Address: ul. Kuźnicza 3, 50-138 Wrocław​Phone: +48 71 302 69 49​Website:
Le- Bistrot-Parisien

Genuine French cuisine is a feast for the palate; the food is well prepared by a French chef and served in a charming and elegant setting. On the wine list you will find delicious French wine, a perfect complement to your meal.

​Address: ul. Nozownicza 1d, 50-119 Wroclaw​Phone: +48 71 341 05 65​Website:

Darea is situated next to the main square Rynek and offers a menu with Japanese and Korean cuisine. All food is prepared with high quality fresh products to get that perfect taste.

​Address: Kuźnicza 43/45, 50-138 Wroclaw​Phone: +48 71 343 53 01​Website:
Gospoda Wroclawska

The restaurant provides traditional Polish cuisine in a family-friendly atmosphere and with a warm unique interior design. The friendly staff serves dishes like casserole with mushrooms and pork in a creamy sauce, Mushroom soup and Ham hock.

​Address: Sukiennice 6, 50-107 Wroclaw​Phone: +48 71 342 74 56​Website:

Akropolis is an upscale Greek restaurant that serves traditional food like Souvlakia, Mix grill and fried calamari. Before the main course try some tasty starters like Halloumi cheese in honey with walnuts and figs or Tzatziki (fresh yogurt with garlic and cucumber).

​Address: Rynek 16/17, 50-101 Wrocław​Phone: +48 71 343 14 13​Website:

This is a nice cosy gem and is located in the Old Town, a place where the staff serves traditional Polish food with elements of modern European cuisine. On the menu you will find dishes like Duck breast with red cabbage, plums and dumplings. The atmosphere can be described as warm and is a child-friendly place. This is a popular restaurant so you might need to book in advance.

​Address: st. Igielna 8, 50 -117 Wrocław ​Phone: +48 71 344 40 40​Website:
Mosaiq Restaurant & Wine Lounge

Mosaiq is a high-class restaurant that offers French, Polish and international cuisine. On the menu you can choose delicious and unique meat and vegetarian dishes or why not eat fresh seafood? The restaurant team shares the passion for good food and wine which is reflected on the menu.

​Address: ul. Świętego Mikołaja 12​Phone: +48 71 798 35 11​Website:
If you’re not up for a whole meal and would settle for a snack, head for a bar mleczny – a type of café – which are rather inexpensive.
Kurna Chata

An informal eatery within easy reach of the city centre, serving traditional Polish light dishes and snacks. The menu offers salads, soups and potato pancakes.

​Address: Ul. Odrzańska 7, 50-113 Wrocław​Phone: +48 71 372 59 51​Website:

A light and bright informal Italian restaurant-cum-café serving pastries, pizzas, soup and light snacks. Overlooks one of the city’s many stretches of waterways.

​Address: Ul. Krzycka 2, 53-022 Wrocław​Phone: +48 71 339 85 82​Website:
Coffee Planet

Coffee Planet has a great selection of fresh coffee, they even serve Sweden’s exclusive Zoega’s. There is also a wide selection of breakfast bits and cakes to get your day started in the best way possible. Or wind down after a hard day’s sightseeing.

​Address: Rynek 7, 50-106 Wrocław​Phone: +48 71 796 45 40​Website:
Kalaczakra Gallery & Coffee

This gallery/café has been inspired by eastern Asian culture and especially Tibetan Buddhism. The food is vegetarian friendly and you have a ton of choices when it comes to beverages. The perfect place to go for the spiritual and ecologically aware traveller.

​Address: ul. Kuznicza 29a, Wroclaw​Phone: +48 69 169 50 95​Website:
Cafe Borowka

For fresh roasted coffee and homemade pastries you can visit Cafe Borowka which is located opposite the Renoma shopping mall. Every day the staff prepares fresh pastries, according to specific recipes. This is a cosy café with an outdoor seating.

​Address: ul. Swidnicka 38a, 50-068 Wroclaw ​Phone: +48 71 343 12 25​Website:
There are numerous bars in Wrocław, some serving the young and trendy while others cater for a more mature clientele. Almost all of them have traditional décor and atmosphere, with the odd exception being contemporary wine bars and lively Irish theme pubs. Wrocław’s nightlife is as varied as its people – from theatre, opera and philharmonic venues to nightclubs offering the latest rock and reggae sounds, it caters to all tastes.
Casa de la Musica

This "House of Music" hosts several live music concerts as well as DJ’s showing off with modern Latin rhythms and traditional party music. Their signature drinks follow the Cuban theme such as Viva Revolution, Tropicana Club, Che Guevara and of course, the ever so popular Mojito.

​Address: Rynek Ratusz 11-12, Wrocław​Phone: +48 71 3437262​Website:
Lykend Club

If you’re tired of techno music you might want to find your way down into this basement of the Podwale shopping centre. Lykend is famous for its reggae, jazz, folk music and sung poetry. Music lovers will fit right in.

​Address: ul. Podwale 37/38​Website:
Bed Club

The theme here is eastern Buddhism, the club even has a sushi bar and a sheesha smoking room nearby the cocktail bar. Very chic and highly special, with red furniture and golden Buddhas filling the rooms. The music consists of house, pop and electro accompanied by a live musician.

​Address: Rynek 60, Wroclaw​Phone: +48 71 3725801​Website:
Mundo 71 Music Club

Hidden away in the Old Town, Mundo 71 Music Club lies in an ancient cellar with a modern style. This club is quite happening on Tuesdays and Wednesdays which are student nights, although Fridays and Saturdays are your best bet for a good time. Get your groove on with hip hop and dance music.

​Address: ul. Ruska 51​Phone: +48 78 570 52 00​Website:​More info: Pasaz Niepolda passage behind Ruska street

Paparazzi is a chain of pubs that originated in Krakow and has now spread to Wroclaw. This is a place with popular classy cocktails and incredibly friendly staff and is a great venue to start off a memorable evening.

​Address: ul. Rzeznicza 32/33​Phone: +48 71 3410485​Website:
Shopping is serious business in Wrocław, and there are many specialist shops as well as major shopping department stores that sell everything: the latest designer fashions from Milan, Paris and New York, jewellery, cosmetics, children’s wear and home furnishings. The Galeria Centrum is probably the best-known of the shopping complexes, with chains throughout Poland. In Wrocław it accounts for much of local spending, especially in cosmetics and fashion, and it has its own respected fashion brand. Other shopping centres include the Galeria Dominikańska (pl. Dominikański 1), the Renoma shopping centre (ul. Świdnicka 40), the Korona shopping centre (ul. B. Krzywoustego 126), the Borek Shopping Centre (ul. Hallera 52) and the Bielany Shopping Centre (ul. Czekoladowa 5-11). Visitors and residents of Wrocław alike are health conscious and like to shop for fresh vegetables, fruit and meat in the covered markets, such as the one at Hala Targowa, although most residents shop in the huge food hyper-market complexes that are a regular sight on the Wrocław landscape.
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Wrocław Airport

Wrocław Airport is situated around 10 km from the city centre, in the southwestern part of Wrocław. Getting to and from the airport is easy. The number 406 bus takes visitors straight into the city centre, and the service is frequent. For outbound visitors, buses depart for the airport from the bus stop in Dworcowa Street, near the main railway station. The journey time is about 40 minutes.

​Phone: +48 71 358 13 81​Website:
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