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Flights from Edinburgh to London

If you’re trying to find cheap flights from Edinburgh to London, you’ve come to the right place. But before you head off on your London trip, here’s some information you’ll find useful:


Edinburgh Airport:

Located around 10km west of Edinburgh’s city centre, Edinburgh Airport is easily reached by bus, train, tram, and car. It’s a busy airport, with flights from Edinburgh to London and back being its busiest route.

The airport is easy to navigate, with all flights leaving from one big terminal that has undergone various stages of expansion over the past decade, with more currently underway. Various airlines fly from Edinburgh to London Heathrow, London Stansted Airport, and London Gatwick Airport from the airport’s two runways.


Once you’ve checked in:

After you have checked in and passed through security for your Edinburgh to London flights  you can relax in one of the airport’s many bars, restaurants, and cafés. If you prefer to do a little shopping there’s lots on offer at Edinburgh airport, but remember you won’t benefit from duty free prices on Edinburgh to London flights – still, you might find a nice deal or two!

Edinburgh Airport offers a free wifi service which passengers can connect to for two hours, so staying connected for business or pleasure while you await your flights from Edinburgh to London could not be easier.


What to expect on arrival in London

The capital of England and one of the world’s most visited cities, London has a little something for everyone. When your flights to London from Edinburgh land, you still have a little way to go to get to the city. The best way to get there is on the Stansted Express, which takes about 45-50 minutes to get to Liverpool Street station. There is a National Express coach service too, which will get you to the city centre in 80-90 minutes. Driving is not the most efficient way to get around London city, but if you plan on exploring outside the city centre you might want to hire a car.

Once you’ve hit London’s streets, make sure you see the city’s biggest and most famous landmarks and sights. Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Covent Garden, the Shard, and much more awaits. Catch a show in Soho, visit the city’s world renowned museums and galleries, wander down Brick Lane.

If you booked cheap flights to London from Edinburgh for a specific event, you might not have a huge amount of spare time to get to see lots of attractions, but even an hour or two exploring a new neighbourhood close to your hotel is a pleasure in London. 


Five Fun Facts about London:

  • Over 300 different languages are spoken in London, and it’s this cultural diversity that’s helped make it such a vibrant and captivating city.
  • It’s illegal to enter the Houses of Parliament wearing a suit of armour, so please leave your suits of armour in the hotel room if you’re thinking of visiting.
  • Feeding the famous Trafalgar Square pigeons was banned in 2003. Because they are essentially winged rodents.
  • It’s against the law to die in the Palace of Westminster, so don’t even think about it.
  • Big Ben is not the clock. Big Ben is the Bell.


Fly Edinburgh to London: Practical Information

Situated just 650km or so away from each other, and without a body of water separating them, it’s entirely possible to get from Edinburgh to London using trains, coaches or car. But because Edinburgh to London cheap flights are so readily available, flying has become the most efficient way to get there.

If you’re travelling from Scotland to England, you may prefer to use an ATM to draw out cash once you get to London. Scottish banknotes are considered legal currency throughout the UK, but shops and restaurants are not obliged to accept them.

Getting around in London is best done on the Tube and by bus, and for this we recommend buying a visitor oyster card which you can top up and use to pay for all transport. If you book this online while booking your cheap flights from Edinburgh to London, you can have it delivered to take with you, avoiding busy London queues.

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