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Why Larnaka?

When you book your cheap flights to Larnaka Cyprus you will find that Larnaka is a beautiful town basking on the Cypriot coast that benefits both from the cosmopolitan hum of modern life and the serene lull of a Mediterranean island.  Take in Larnakas enchanting appeal and captivating history with a visit to the Church of Saint Lazarus or walk along the walls of Larnaka Medieval Castle and see its many valuable and beautiful antiquities from its noble past.

Being an island held in the palm of the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is outlined by breath-taking stretches of coast and luxury beaches. Mackenzie Beach is the jewel of the Larnaka coast and has golden sand and the glistening shallow sea making it ideal for families.


When to book cheap flights to Larnaka

The best time to book your cheap flights to Larnaka Cyprus is during the months of April and May as the weather is very pleasant. It's not too hot then and unlike the rest of the year, the climate isn't dry. The summers in Larnaka are long, warm and cloudless and is usually the busiest time of year with all of the crowds of tourists coming to the seaside town in July and August. During this time the sun is scorching hot and there is hardly any rainfall.

The period between Autumn and Winter is much quieter in Larnaka as most of the tourists’ have returned home and the temperatures have cooled. Larnaka can also get quite a lot of rain during the winter as most try avoid the area during this time.


What to see in Larnaka?

After your cheap Larnaka flights, take a gander at some of Larnakas most exciting attractions and scenery. The beach is backed by a seafront promenade lined with swaying palm trees and overlooked by a squat fort. Just a few steps inland, the compact old town is home to the beautiful Church of St. Lazarus and an atmospheric and crumbling Turkish quarter where Larnaka's famous ceramic artisans have set up shop.  

There is also the Kamares Aqueduct which is also known as Bekir Pasha Aqueduct which had provided water from the river Arpera roughly six miles away and brought water to the town of Larnaka for over 180 years.


Getting around Larnaka

One of the advantages when you fly to Larnaka is just how small the city is and how accessible it is. Due to the size of the city there is a limited public transport service available. There are city buses which offer service from the port to the city centre as well as the sea front. These public buses run from Makariou Avenue and sea front to different beaches and tourist locations. Larnaka is not a large town so there are some parts of town which are perfect to explore by foot. Larnaka’s Marina is the perfect part of the city to go for a leisurely stroll in the warm evenings.


What to eat in Larnaka?

After your Larnaka flights you can look forward to all the delicious food that Cyprus is renowned for. Halloumi is a national pride and is treasured in Cyprus, so much so that it is patented so the famous cheese can only be made in Cyprus. During times of celebration, the people of Cyprus usually serve souvla. Souvla is a Cypriot style barbeque where large portions of lamb or pork are slowly cooked on a long skewer over charcoals. One of the most popular delicacies in Cyprus is loukoumades which consist of deep fried dough balls soaked in honey.