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Why Newcastle upon Tyne?

Book your cheap flights to Newcastle upon Tyne England and discover one of the most popular cities in the UK. Head to Gateshead just outside of Newcastle and see the iconic Angel of the North statue, grab a cheeky selfie on the iconic Gateshead Millennium Bridge or catch a football match at St James Park.

Newcastle upon Tyne lives and breathes football and is home to one of the biggest football clubs in the UK with Newcastle United bringing over 50,000 Geordies to St James Park every week.


When to book cheap flights to Newcastle upon Tyne

Weather-wise, when booking your cheap Newcastle upon Tyne flights, the best time to book is summer or early autumn. During the summer, Newcastle upon Tyne is pleasantly warm, with sunshine lasting well into the evenings and many locals and tourists flocking to the ‘Quayside Seaside’ along the River Tyne. This urban beach surrounded by palm trees is the perfect spot to soak up a few rays.

In autumn, the weather may be cooling down but Newcastle upon Tyne really starts to come alive as football season gets underway. Looking to make a weekend of it?  Search Ryanair Rooms for great value accommodation deals in Newcastle.


What to see in Newcastle upon Tyne?

When you fly to Newcastle upon Tyne, you can look forward to exploring attractions such as the Quayside district on the Tyne where houses dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries survive. There is also The Castle, Newcastle which is a medieval fortification in Newcastle upon Tyne, built on the site of the fortress that gave the City of Newcastle its name. Newcastle upon Tyne is also home to many museums and interactive attractions such as the Centre of Life Science Village, where scientists promote the advancement of the life sciences. Just outside Newcastle is the Beamish Museum, an open air museum whose guiding principle is to preserve an example of everyday life in urban and rural North East England during the early 20th century.


Getting around Newcastle upon Tyne

When looking to get around and explore Newcastle upon Tyne, walking is the best option for the city centre as it is quite compact and very easy to navigate. When getting out and around the city, there is a metro system as well an extensive bus network. The Tyne and Wear Metro has two lines with one line going from the city’s airport to South Hylton (Sunderland) via the city centre, while another goes from St James' via the North Tyneside Coast loop to South Shields. Planning to explore more of the north-east?  Search Ryanair car hire for great value car rental deals.


What to eat in Newcastle upon Tyne?

Newcastle upon Tyne is best known for its ale, Newcastle Brown Ale, aka Newkie Brown. This ale was originally brewed in Newcastle upon Tyne and the bottle of dog (as it’s known in the North East) was first brewed in 1927. One of the signature foods found in the North East is Singin’ Hinnies. Singin’ Hinnies are a type of scone that that take their name from the noise they make while baking.