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What to do in Parma?

As its name suggests, Parma is the Italian city where the famous parmesan cheese, as well as Parma ham, originated. Apart from being a culinary hot-spot, Parma is also a famous university city and famously known for its concerts and operas. If you've ever thought of visiting Parma, now is the best time to book your flight through Ryanair – Europe’s favourite airline!


Artistic wonders of Parma

  • Not many know of Parma's immense musical talent. The city frequently hosts classical concerts in its main opera house, Teatro Regio. To get an authentic feel of Parma, stop by the opera house and catch a show.
  • You can also experience the beauty of opera music by catching a show at the theatre. Find tickets online or at the door.
  • Ballet and dance are performed in one of more of Parma's theatres. If you are a dance fan, then ensure to catch one of the shows while in the city.


Parma travel tips

Parma enjoys relatively mild weather throughout the spring and summer. However, Winters can go down to 10C. Make sure to dress appropriately if you will be traveling throughout the city by foot. Parma is a relatively safe city to wander in. Walking through the streets during the day and night can be done safely. Finding a cheap flight to Parma has never been easier. Check out the low prices at Ryanair and book your trip to Parma today!


Parma Airports

  • Parma Airport (PMF)