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What to do in Timisoara?

The capital city of Timis County in Romania is a hub for business, culture, and education. Timisoara is also one of the most modern and innovative cities in the country and enjoys some of the best nightlife in Romania. This is the perfect destination for young travellers and backpackers visiting Romania for the first time. There has not been a better time to book your Timisoara flight with Ryanair. Book your trip now and enjoy a wonderful vacation!


A City of Theatres

  • There are three main theatres in Timisoara: The Romanian National Opera in Timisoara, The German State Theatre, and The Hungarian State Theatre.
  • Timisoara has roots in Germany and Hungary; therefore, some of these plays are spoken in up to 3-different languages, making this one of the most unique aspects of Timisoara’s theatre life.
  • Catch some of the most entertaining plays, immerse yourself in the culture, and enjoy a fun night out in Timisoara.


Timisoara’s Most Beautiful Cathedrals

Timisoara Orthodox Cathedral and St. George's Cathedral are some of Timisoara's most mesmerising buildings. St. George's Cathedral is located in the heart of the city. Its baroque architecture and was constructed in the 1700s. More and more tourists continue to flock to this amazing city. Ryanair is always getting better and today has some of the lowest fares available in Europe. Don’t miss out and book your flight today!


Timisoara Airports

  • Timisoara Traian Vuia International Airport (TSR)