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What to do in Craiova?

Romania's 6th largest city is a hidden gem that does not get visited often. This quaint Romanian town is filled with beautiful parks, astounding buildings, and overall natural beauty. A playground for the adventurous traveller, Craiova will have you falling in love with its break-taking architecture and ample spaces. Find an affordable flight to Craiova with Ryanair, Europe’s favourite airline, and uncover all that Craiova has to offer!


Thing to Do in Craiova

  • Craiova's Art Museum, home to many Brancusi masterpieces, is an artist's paradise. Schedule 3 hours to explore this beautiful palace and all its art pieces.
  • Sit down for a relaxing afternoon and a light lunch at Craiova's Prefecture Square. Also, visit the square at night for an entertaining light show and their iconic Musical Fountains.
  • Visit the Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Demetrius, a majestic palace surrounded by rose gardens, and learn about Romania’s culture, history and traditions.

Tips for visiting Craiova

The best time to visit this beautiful city is during the spring and summer months when the many parks and gardens are most enjoyable. The city also has an extensive public transportation system that can help you get around Craiova comfortably and affordably. Find a cheap fare and fly to Craiova to experience an incredible Romanian adventure!


Craiova Airports

  • Craiova International Airport (CRA)