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Why Hanover

The capital of Germany’s Lower Saxony region, Hanover is known more for its business and trade fairs than it is for its tourist offerings - but fly to Hanover and you’ll soon realise it’s a great city to visit for any reason, with a great atmosphere and a fantastic mixture of artistic, cultural, historical and natural attractions including Germany’s most beautiful baroque park. 

Book flights to Hanover and discover a charming, laid back city that richly rewards those looking to try somewhere new.


When to book flights to Hanover

Hanover is a great destination all year round, so the best time for you to book Hanover flights really depends on what kind of trip you want. If what you want is long, warm, sunny day you should book flights to Hanover in late spring and summer. It’s a beautiful time of the year to visit the city, and you’ll probably find yourself gravitating towards the peaceful shores of Maschsee for a lazy day spent in the sun.

If you’re here for the beer, and let’s face it, the beer in Germany is well worth travelling for, then you might like to fly to Hannover in October, for the city’s Oktoberfest celebrations. If it’s Christmas cheer you want, book Hanover cheap flights for December and indulge in some gluhwein at the city’s beautiful Christmas market. 


What to see in Hanover

Hanover’s Old Town is the prettiest part of town and is a great starting point for exploring the city. Much of it was destroyed by bombs during WWII, but it was carefully rebuilt and restored and is now a wonderful atmospheric place filled with gorgeous little cafés where you can sit, grab a coffee and a piece of excellent cake, and watch the city walk by. 

A visit to the Rathaus is highly recommended too; it’s an interesting building with a lot of history, and inside you can get a closer look at how the city grew over the years, and how it was destroyed and then painstakingly rebuilt during and after World War II. The Sprengel Museum is a highly regarded museum and gallery in the city, and with hundreds of incredible artworks on display in its permanent collection, it’s definitely worth a few hours of your time. 

There’s a lot to do when you fly to Hanover, and if you book Hanover flights In late spring and summer, you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors. One of the most popular places in the whole city, with both locals and tourists, is the lovely lake Maschsee, and if your flights to Hanover are booked for spring or summer this is one part of the city you won’t want to miss. There are regularly festivals and events held here, or you might prefer to spend a quiet day on its shores, sunbathing and picnicking… bring your swimming costume too because the water here is lovely! 

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Getting around:

Hanover is easy to navigate on foot, but there is a cheap and effective public transport system in the city too, and if you prefer two wheels, Hanover is extremely bike friendly. 

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What to eat in Hanover

Hanover has a few local specialties that are worth trying, so while you’re in town be sure to sample the goods. Asparagus is a much loved delicacy in the region, and when in season is really something special – find it on menus all over the region. Two well-known traditional Hanover dishes are Schlachteplatte (a hearty dish with a variety of meats) and Calenberger Pfannenschlag (a type of sausage). If you want something other than traditional cuisine, the city has loads of superb little bistros and restaurants where you can eat exceptionally well – time to book your Hanover flights and get a taste for the city for yourself!