It might not be a big surprise to hear that a town called Baden Baden (literally Bathe Bathe) is a famous spa resort visited by the rich and famous… but what might surprise you when you visit the place is just how affordable a trip to this gorgeous town can be! Situated in the Black Forest, Baden Baden is affluent, incredibly well-kept and a pleasure to stroll around, with plenty to keep you occupied no matter what your budget! You’ll eat well, sleep well, and feel fantastic when you book flights to Baden Baden with Ryanair. Get ready to relax.
Karlsruhe: 293,142 (2014) Baden-Baden: 53,596 Rastatt: 49,162
Euro, €1 = 100 cents
Weather forecast
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While most of Germany is known for its dreary weather, Karlsruhe gets lots of sunshine and mild temperatures because it lies only 115 metres above sea level, and is sheltered by mountains to the east and west.
Schloss Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe’s Baroque palace forms the centre of the city’s fan-like pattern, from which boulevards extend like the spokes of a wheel. Formerly home to the blue-blooded leaders of Karlsruhe, the palace now houses the Badische Landesmuseum, which exhibits regional artefacts – from prehistoric to present times.

​Address: Schloss, 76131 Karlsruhe ​Phone: +49 721 926 6514​Website: http://www.landesmuseum.deSubway: Marktplatz
Palace Gardens

After your visit to the museum, go for a stroll in the palace’s sweeping gardens to see the exotic trees royals planted here, as well as many statues from all epochs. On warm days you’ll find plenty of Karlsruhe’s inhabitants sharing picnics on the grass, playing badminton or going for walks.

​Address: Schloss, 76131 Karlsruhe Subway: Marktplatz
State Museum of Natural History

This museum attracts all ages with its wide variety of exhibitions. Here you will find 30 aquariums that displays the underwater world with fishes and tropical coral reefs. There is also an exhibition that shows life in prehistoric time that displays the development of life on earth over the past 540 million years.

​Address: Erbprinzenstrasse 13, 76133 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 175 2111 ​Website:
Market Place

Just steps from the palace, see the early 19th-century market place. In the centre stands the main symbol of Karlsruhe, a brick pyramid that protects Margrave Karl Wilhelm’s crypt. The stone sarcophagus containing the ashes of Karl Wilhelm is still inside the pyramid, but it is not open to the public.

​Address: MarktplatzSubway: Karlsruhe Marktplatz

It was originally built as a residence in 1881 for a banker named August Schmieder. In 1894 it was bought by Prinz Max von Baden. Karlsruhe’s city history museum is housed here and filled with items from the city’s past. Inside you will also find the children’s library.

​Address: Karlstrasse 10, 76133 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 133 4231

Europabad is a modern water park where the whole family can enjoy themselves. Features spa facilities, the slide AquaRocket, the over 170 m family slide, the white-water rapids and many other water attractions which will give a lot of excitement for the whole family. There is also an outdoor pool where you can enjoy the lush greenness and where the fine air bubbles gently massaging your body. You can easily spend a few hours at this fun water park.

​Address: Hermann-Veit-Str. 5, 76135 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 160 2222​Website:
ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie)

This museum houses Germany’s largest collection of media art, both in its Museum for Contemporary Art and the Media Museum, which is the world’s first and only museum for interactive art.

​Address: Lorenzstrasse 19, 76135 Karlsruhe ​Phone: +49 721 81000​Website: http://www.zkm.deSubway: ZKM
Günther Klotz Park

Günther Klotz Park is a lovely open area, named after a former city mayor called Günther Klotz. The river Alb flows through the park and here you will find facilities like spacious playground and sunbathing areas as well as children’s playground, several ponds, boat rental, a basketball and volleyball court. Overall Günther Klotz Park is an ideal city park where you can relax and unwind.

​Address: Junker-und-Ruh-Weg, 76135 Karlsruhe
Hoepfner Privatbrauerei

This brewery is truly unique and is the oldest active brewery company in Karlsruhe. Take a tour and enjoy a free glass of freshly brewed beer. Call ahead for reservations.

​Address: Haid- und Neustrasse 18, 70 6131 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 61830​Website: http://www.hoepfner.deSubway: Hauptfriedhof
Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe

At the Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe you’ll find an impressive collection of German paintings from the 13th century up until the present along with Rembrandt, Gauguin, and Monet.

​Address: Hans-Thoma-Strasse 2-6, 76133 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 926 3359​Website: http://www.kunsthalle-karlsruhe.deSubway: Herrenstrasse and Europaplatz
Evangelical Church

Evangelical Church is located on the market square (Marktplatz) and was built between 1807 and 1816 in a classical style by the architect Friedrich Weinbrenner. The big bell tower is almost 62 meters high and was a personal request from grand duke Karl-Friedrich. The church also host concerts and other events for the whole city.

​Address: Kreuzstrasse 13, 76133 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 283 42

This is one of Germany’s oldest zoos and is now home to more than 1,000 animals. Make sure not to miss the Japanese garden, complete with a Shinto shrine and a Japanese pagoda.

​Address: Ettlinger Strasse 6, 76137 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 133 6801Subway: Hauptbahnhof, Poststrasse and Augartenstrasse

Ride Germany’s oldest operating funicular railway up this mountain in the suburb of Durlach. At the top, you will find the ruins of an 11th-century castle, fantastic view across the town of Durlach and the thick woodlands beyond.

Subway: Durlach Turmberg
Badisches Staatstheater

The opera house serves as the city’s main venue for opera, ballet and symphony concerts. The large foyers and sweeping staircases make for excellent people-watching.

​Address: Baumeisterstrasse 11, 76137 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 35570​Website: http://www.staatstheater.karlsruhe.deSubway: Ettlinger

With its world acclaimed acoustics, the “Festspielhaus” Europe’s second largest concert and opera hall, offers over 300 musical top class performances yearly such as the Easter Festival with the Berliner Philharmoniker.

​Address: Beim Alten Bahnhof 2, 76530 Baden-Baden​Website:

“The most beautiful casino in the world” according to Marlene Dietrich and Germany's oldest casino, rounds off a perfect day in a playful manner and entices international guests to try their luck at the roulette table.

​Address: Kaiserallee 1, 76530 Baden-Baden​Website:

Formerly designed as a conversation house by Friedrich Weinbrenner 1821-24 the building nowadays offers, after several conversions, representative rooms and halls for events, galas, concerts and lectures. It has a restaurant with a café and a bar. In the Kurhaus you will find one of the most beautiful casinos of the world.

​Address: Kaiserallee 1, 76530 Baden-Baden​Website:
Museum Frieder Burda

Award-winning daylight museum, designed by the New Yorker star architect Richard Meier, for the collection of Frieder Burda. In change-over with the own art collection, big special exhibitions with emphasis on classical modernism and contemporary art are shown.

​Address: Lichtentaler Allee 8b, 76530 Baden-Baden​Website:
Lichtentaler Allee

For more than 350 years the park and garden “Lichtentaler Allee” has been Baden-Baden’s green and blooming visiting card. Famous throughout the world, overwhelming with its abundance of flowers and trees. Sometimes a rural idyll, sometimes an elegant flower parade but always a constantly changing monument of garden art. “Lichtentaler Allee” – a masterpiece made of trees, fountains and flowers, lavishly framed by the most beautiful belle époque monuments – absolutely fascinates as a stylish mile for arts and culture: the historic Pump Room, the world-famous Kurhaus - the social meeting place of the city, the Casino, the neo-baroque theatre built in the style of l’Opéra in Paris, the “Festspielhaus” as well as the more than 760 years old Cistercian cloister of Lichtenthal Monastery.


Three times a year the world turf elite meets for a week in Baden-Baden for the International Races, since 1858. During the “Sales and Racing Festival” (October), the “Spring Festival” (May) and the “Grand Week” (August/September) with the final festive ball exciting races and fancy hats are the focus of a unique social and sporty spectacle. Racing week in Baden-Baden is a synonymous for flatracing and glamour, exciting galloping thoroughbreds and high society beauties, fun and suspense right up to the finish line, a busy funfair and champagne party all rolled into one.

​Address: Rennbahnstraße 16, 76473 Iffezheim​Website:
Day Trip to Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a romantic old town located about 90 kilometres from Karlsruhe and offers you plenty of small shops, typical bistros and cosy cafés. If you are interested in history, you have come to the right place, Strasbourg has over 350 historic monuments. You will certainly have an enjoyable stay at this peaceful town.

​Address: Strasbourg
Spa amenities

The concept of well-being is a tradition that has been kept alive in Baden-Baden for thousands of years. Over 2000 years ago, the Romans had already discovered the healing powers of Baden-Baden’s thermal wells. Today, mineral-packed water bubbling from 2000 metres below the ground flows into the basins of the Friedrichsbad and Caracalla spas. Framed by splendid columns of marble, these spacious swimming and spa amenities offer relaxation in a luxurious environment. In the historic Friedrichsbad, guests can enjoy Roman bathing culture combined with Irish hot-air baths


Are you looking for thrills? Visit the world’s largest seasonal fun park located near Basel, Strasbourg and Freiburg, and have the kind of fun you'll be talking about for years. If you are ready to get away from it all and enter a world of fantasy and magic, the 13 European theme sections at Europa-Park will offer some great highlights. Over 100 magnificent attractions and shows, 10 roller-coasters and many other exciting features will be nothing short of exceeding your expectations. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Young, Vibrant and Full of Ideas

Tree-lined streets arranged in a fan-shaped pattern converge at the grounds of the stately castle in the heart of Karlsruhe. Using Versailles as a model, Margrave Karl Wilhelm commissioned its construction in the 18th century. From the top of the castle tower visitors can enjoy spectacular views down on Via Triumphalis and the buildings designed by neo-classic master architect Friedrich Weinbrenner. However, Karlsruhe has more to offer than just history; the fan-shaped city boasts a lively student scene and many cultural attractions including art galleries and excellent shopping facilities.

Exciting, Inspiring, Full of Surprises – Black Forest

High moorlands and mountain lakes, rocks for climbing and idyllic orchards, gentle hillscapes and the sunny Kaiserstuhl add to the diversity of this region. Broad valleys, narrow glens, picturesque towns and villages are nestled in-between. The Black Forest is an ideal holiday destination for fans of nature and physical activity. The Administrative District of Rastatt is characterised by three types of countryside: Black Forest, Rhine and vineyards. The Black Forest with its mountain ranges, high moorlands can be found in the area of Kaltenbronn, and idyllic valleys dotted with typical hay barns provides great facilities for hiking fans, mountain bikers and winter sports enthusiasts who enjoy a day out in the fresh air. The region is part of the Central Black Forest nature reserve and includes the historic Murg valley. Its charming character makes it a popular destination for hiking, cycling and skiing.

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Exciting, Inspiring, Full of Surprises:

In southwest Germany, locals come together to enjoy good food and wine, tell stories and exchange gossip. Many meals are influenced by nearby France or Switzerland, but you’ll find some dishes that are typical to the region. One of them is Maultaschen which look like oversized ravioli filled with meat and vegetables. Some say that monk’s invented this specialty to disguise their meat during lent. Meals are usually accompanied by regionally produced beer and wine.
Rive Gauche

Experience Mediterranean flair and enjoy luscious dishes in the heart of the Lichtentaler Allee. Our Chef combines the flavours of the South and creates unusual and exciting treats for your palate.

​Address: Lichtentaler Allee 8, 76530 Baden-Baden​Website:
Le Jardin de France

Gourmet restaurant with french specialitie, rewarded with one Michelin star. Various and exclusive wines are offered in an elegant ambience with terrace.

​Address: Lichtentalerstraße 13, 76530 Baden-Baden​Website:
Leo´s Restaurant - Café - Wine Bar & Gourmet-Catering

An elegant and exclusive gourmet restaurant with mediterranean cuisine and also a lifestyle meeting point in the heart of Baden-Baden.

​Address: Luisenstr. 8-10, 76530 Baden-Baden​Website:
Kurhaus Restaurant

The Baden-Baden Kurhaus, steeped in tradition and located in one of Germany’s most beautiful cities, boasts sophisticated gastronomy. Surrounded by well-tended parks and with a view of the picturesque Old Town, it is not only a delight for the palate but it excites the heart and senses as well.

​Address: Kaiserallee 1, 76530 Baden-Baden​Website:
Röttele´s Restaurant & Residenz im Schloss Neuweier

The castle restaurant (1 Michelin star, 16 points Gault Millaut) in the Baden-Baden vineyards (Rebland) with “La cucina della passione” – the cuisine of passion and sensual pleasure.

​Address: Mauerbergstraße 21, 76534 Baden-Baden​Website:
Oberländer Weinstube

Awarded with one Michelin star, Chef Gunter Ehinger’s kitchen is inspired by classical French and Mediterranean cuisine. The wine cellar is rumoured to be one of the finest in Germany.

​Address: Akademiestrasse 7, 76133 Karlsruhe ​Phone: +49 721 25066​Website: http://www.oberlaender-weinstube.deSubway: Europaplatz
Restaurant “seilerei” Weinstube

Tucked away in Karlsruhe’s oldest building, this romantic restaurant offers both fine dining and solid German meals. Let the staff help you pick out one of the many fine wines available.

​Address: Kaiserstrasse 47, 76131 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 4993 411​Website: http://www.seilerei-ka.deSubway: Kronenplatz/Universität and Durlacher Tor
Die Kippe

Locals from the area and students frequent this cozy pub. There is a daily student menu (and no, you don’t have to be a student to order it) that offers affordable, solid meals.

​Address: Gottesauer Strasse 23, 76131 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 697829​Website: http://www.die-kippe.deSubway: Durlacher Tor and Gottesauer Platz
Trattoria Toscana

Trattoria Toscana is a high quality Italian restaurant in Karlsruhe, the owner is in fact Italian so he has the best qualifications to create great Italian food.

​Address: Blumenstrasse 19, 76133 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 20628​Website:

Stövchen is more like a pub that provides great food and beer at reasonable prices. The menu offers plenty of choices and with big portion of food you will certainly leave the restaurant with great satisfaction.

​Address: Waldstrasse 54, 76133 Karlsruhe ​Phone: +49 721 29 241​Website:
Restaurant Nagel's Kranz

This is a small French restaurant in an old building that serves only fresh seasonal produce of the highest quality. The atmosphere can be described as welcoming and where you can enjoy an excellent cuisine like pike dumplings with homemade egg noodles or a hearty roast beef with mashed potatoes.

​Address: Neureuter Hauptstr 210, 76149 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 705 742​Website:

This restaurant serves food with amazing Italian flavors. Aposto is a great place to enjoy an aperitif after work or to eat fresh made pasta and delicious pizza from the stone oven.

​Address: Waldstrasse 57, 76133 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 160 7773 ​Website:
Moghul Mahal

Moghul Mahal is an Indian restaurant located in the western part of the city, near the hospital. This family owned restaurant has a nice ambience and offers tasty dishes. The Tandoori dishes are highly recommended.

​Address: Ludwig-Marum-Strasse 1, 76185 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 848 282​Website:
Badisch Brauhaus

Badisch Brauhaus is dedicated to offer you the best quality food at reasonable prices. The friendly waitress serves dishes like schnitzel, sausage with french fries or fried potatoes and beer goulash with noodles. You can enjoy your food on the cosy outside terrace if the weather permits.

​Address: Stephanienstrasse 38-40, 76 133 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 144 4400 ​Website:
Schlosshotel Karlsruhe

Inside Schlosshotel Karlsruhe you can experience fine dining at the restaurant Schwarzwaldstube (Black Forest Room). Only serving high-class regional cuisine like filet of beef roasted medium rare with red wine sauce with vegetables. With your tasty food, take a glass of fine wine from Germany.

​Address: Bahnhofplatz 2, Karlsruhe 76137​Phone: +49 721 3832 ​Website:
Restaurant EigenArt

Restaurant EigenArt is a small restaurant with a modern ambience and housed in a well-kept old townhouse near the market. On the menu you will find German-Mediterranean cuisine. With excellent seasonal food served by attentive staff and good local wines, you can only have an enjoyable dining experience.

​Address: Hebelstrasse 17, Karlsruhe 76133​Phone: +49 721 570 3443​Website:

At this trendy restaurant you can have a tasty meal in a sophisticated and modern surrounding with a real "wow" factor. Here you can indulge in German and International cuisine in a romantic setting. The restaurant is situated in what used to be an industrial building which dates back to the 19th century.

​Address: Griesbachstrasse10c, 76185 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 669 9269​Website:
Bangkok Foodland

At this restaurant you can enjoy amazing Thai food. Bangkok Foodland serves authentic and very delicious food at reasonable prices. Very popular and crowded place so it might be wise to book ahead.

​Address: Leopoldstrasse 18, 76133 Karlsruhe​Phone: + 49 721 130 5738​Website:
Beim Schupi Restaurant

A cosy restaurant housed in a beautiful red old half-timbered house with a big beer garden. The garden is a great place where you can enjoy your dinner and ice cold beer during summer time. This restaurant serves only well prepared homemade seasonal specialities from the area.

​Address: Durmersheimer Strasse 6, 76185 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 55 1220​Website:
Prasses Kaiserplatzl

Prasses Kaiserplatzl is a charming restaurant and beer garden that serves French, Mediterranean and regional cuisine. The restaurant has a classic style and a romantic and warm character. Here you can enjoy tasty food accompanied by excellent wine in a cosy and family friendly atmosphere. Be aware reservations are required.

​Address: Amalienstrasse 89, 76133 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 0 721 22314​Website:
The tree-lined boulevards, the Baroque palace and the palace gardens invite visitors to go for long afternoon strolls. It is a good thing, there are plenty of quaint cafés to help with hunger and thirst along the way.
Cafe Palaver

The large sun room of this café is one of the sunniest spots in Karlsruhe. Breakfast is served all day, and the homemade cakes will sweeten even the most strenuous afternoon. The café is tucked away in a courtyard, so don’t despair if you don’t see it at first.

​Address: Steinstrasse 23, 761 33 Karlsruhe ​Phone: +49 721 377 647​Website: http://www.cafepalaver.deSubway: Mendelssohnplatz
Cafe Gitanes

This little French café is situated in the historical part of Karlsruhe, under huge chestnut trees. Offers a variety of Flammkuchen (a kind of French pizza topped with sour cream, onions and bacon), sandwiches, snails and French wine. Try the shisha (water pipe) and team up to take part in quiz and bingo nights.

​Address: Zähringer Strasse 15​Phone: +49 721 376 167​Website:​More info: On FasanenplatzSubway: Kronenplatz and Durlacher Tor
Cafe Zero

Stop into this unique and trendy café for a cappuccino and a trademark Zero-Baguette. Spaced-out sounds of trip hop and drum&bass music echo off the wood and steel interior.

​Address: Kaiserstrasse 133, 76133 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 380 631​Website: Europaplatz
Cafe Bleu

Local students frequent this café. Great people-watching from the sun room. Serves hot food like sausage with fried potatoes and schnitzel with salad and sauce. The food serves from 8 am. until after midnight.

​Address: Kaiserallee 11, 76133 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 856 392​Website: Mühlburger Tor

Moccasin is an inviting coffee shop with very friendly staff and extremely good coffee. They also serve a variety of alternatives if you are not in the mood for coffee.

​Address: Ritterstrasse 6, 76133 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 9212525​Website:
Café König

Experience the charme of this traditional coffeehouse. Enjoy your coffee, the cakes, the excellent food ant the confectionary specialities in the generous interior or, if the weather is good, on the terrace.

​Address: Lichtentaler Str. 12, 76530 Baden-Baden​Website:
Café Vollmer

In Café Vollmer in the Baden-Baden vineyards (Rebland) you can find homemade cakes and tortes as well as pralinesand Petit Fours.

​Address: Yburgstraße 122, 76534 Baden-Baden​Website:
Karlsruhe’s bars are some of the most laid-back in Germany. Head to the historic part of town to enjoy some locally-brewed beer in a warm, friendly atmosphere or pick one of the trendy bars in the city centre to sip cocktails. Head toward the city’s centre for a night of clubbing and enjoy copious amounts of dancing and drinking with the locals, they sure know how to let their hair down! Don’t be surprised to find disco-goers singing along to their favourite disco music.

In the Kurhaus Baden-Baden you will find the dance, music and cocktail bar EQUIPAGE. Whether you're simply looking for somewhere to enjoy a delicious cocktail, or would like to really let your hair down : the high point in Baden-Baden's nightlife offers the best in entertainment in a great atmosphere.

​Address: Kaiserallee 1, 76530 Baden-Baden​Website:

Discoclub with lounge and bar in the heart of Baden-Baden.

​Address: Kaiserallee 4, 76530 Baden-Baden​Website:
Club Bernstein

New Eventhighlight in Baden-Baden: Club Bernstein opened on Thursday, the 12th of December 2013 in the casino Baden-Baden.

​Address: Kaiserallee 1, 76530 Baden-Baden​Website:
Badisch Brauhaus

Guzzle beer from steins or cocktails from martini glasses in one of Karlsruhe’s youngest breweries. The brewery offers four different levels, depending on your mood.

​Address: Stephanienstrasse 38-40, 76133 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 144 4400​Website: http://www.badisch-brauhaus.deSubway: Europaplatz
Deelight Lounge

Start out the night in this comfortable cocktail lounge, enjoy a cosmopolitan or a G&T while letting the beats of House music massage your soul.

​Address: Hirschstrasse 11a, 76133 Karlsruhe​Website: http://www.deelight-lounge.deSubway: Karlstor

This bar is decorated in a coffee house style and has a well-selected cocktail, wine and whisky menu. Local artists redecorate the bar for regularly staged large parties.

​Address: Kapellenstrasse 68​Phone: +49 721 321 66​Website: http://www.kap-ka.deSubway: Durlacher Tor
Max Cafe & Bar

Very modern, stylish café with a beautiful terrace and great atmosphere. At night the see-and-be-seen of Karlsruhe pack in for an evening of good drinks and lots of people-watching.

​Address: Akademiestrasse 38A, 76133 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 1617 890​Website:​More info: In Prinz-Max-PalaisSubway: Europaplatz

A fairly new club that has regular fun events such as an Oktoberfest cow-milking contest, foam parties and wet t-shirt contests.

​Address: Rüppurrer Strasse 1, 76137 Karlsruhe​Website:

If you fancy some Latin action, go to Candela. Plenty of salsa and merengue on Saturdays! Or enjoy a mojito on one of the comfortable couches and armchairs, and watch the others break a sweat for a change.

​Address: Gottesauer Strasse 24​Phone: +49 174 1934455​Website: http://www.candela-bar.deSubway: Durlacher Tor and Gottesauer Platz

Small-ish basement-bound club with Saturday Night Live-esque dancefloor. Fridays are restricted to party goers above the age of 28, while Saturdays are the good old mixed-music parties.

​Address: Kaiserpassage 6​Phone: +49 721 9204423​Website: http://www.unterhaus.deSubway: Europaplatz and Herrenstrasse
Spa and Fitness

One of the city’s most popular nightclubs, Spa is one of the most "in" places to be on a Saturday night. Bursting with life on three levels – the nightclub, a café and a lounge – party goers from all walks of life enjoy a free welcome drink and bust a move to house music, R&B and Latin rhythms. Also check out the weekly after-work party on Wednesday evenings and Friday’s "Student54" party.

​Address: Hirschstrasse 16, 76133 Karlsruhe ​Phone: +49 721 249 5808​Website: Karlstor
Le Club Carambolage

Step out of a time machine into this club and get blown away by the trippy 1950’s and ’60’s decor. The club draws a young crowd that grooves to ’70’s and ’80’s pop music or rock on to indie pop and britpop.

​Address: Kaiserstrasse 21, 761 31 Karlsruhe​Phone: +49 721 373 227​Website: Durlacher Tor
Stroll down Karlsruhe’s shopping mile – Kaiserstrasse – to find department stores, boutiques, trendy shops and family-owned specialty businesses. This shopping strip – the longest in the region – is a pedestrian zone, but watch out for trams that pass by frequently. On side streets you’ll find plenty of cafés and bars for an occasional pit stop along the way. The Post gallery mall, housed in the beautiful former main post office at Europaplatz, offers some more upscale shops and cafés on three floors. See a complete list at: One of the city centre’s latest additions in Karlsruhe’s world of shopping is the Ettlinger Tor mall, with 130 shops, cafés and restaurants. For a more traditional shopping experience, check out one of the many open-air markets, such as the daily flower market on Marktplatz and the fruit and vegetable markets on Stephanplatz and Gutenbergplatz. Every first Saturday of the month, there is a flea market on Stephanplatz that will just beg you to dig through dusty boxes and shelves to find hidden treasures.
Shopping at Baden-Baden

In the picturesque streets and the small lanes of the neo-baroque old town of Baden-Baden, numerous exclusive boutiques invite you to first-class shopping. Everyone who searches for brand products, international labels and individual antiques, jewellery and presents will find himself in the right spot.

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Airport Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden

The Airport Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden is located about 45 kilometres from downtown Karlsruhe. It also serves nearby Baden-Baden. The Hahnexpress coach will get you to Karlsruhe’s main train station in 30-45 minutes. It only runs twice a day, at 7:50 am and 7:50 pm, so make sure to plan ahead. The fare price includes two pieces of baggage, but additional baggage or bulky items such as bicycles cost only €5.00 extra. There are also several car rental agencies in the arrivals hall of the airport.

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