Book flights to Brno, and explore the Czech Republic's beautiful Moravia region. Moravia is a little like Bohemia’s older, more sensible sibling. For all the beer and absinthe drinking in Brno, there is an equal but passion for fine wine in Moravia. Brno, its capital, is a great little city to spend a couple of days, and its a perfect base for further adventures into the villages and vineyards of the beautiful Moravia region! Book flights to Brno with Ryanair today.
1 Czech crown or koruna (Kč or CZK) = 100 hellers or haléřů
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The town centre is easy and fun to explore on foot and where tourist can enjoy great museums, historical sites and other interesting sites. Brno is also a very green city with lots of parks and lakes where visitors can chill out. Brno hosts a world championship grand prix motor race in August ( There is really something for everyone in Brno!
Špilberk Castle (hrad Špilberk)

Situated on a rocky hill overlooking the city, Špilberk Castle was originally a royal castle, then converted into a huge Baroque fortress and secure prison, known as the ‘Dungeon of Nations’ because of its international guest list of rebels against the oppressive Habsburg regime.

​Address: Špilberk 1, Brno​Website:
Brno City Museum – Měnínská Brána

‘Gateway to Time’ is a long-running archaeological exhibition showing visitors primeval localities and medieval finds from Brno and surroundings.

​Address: Měnínská 7, Brno​Phone: +420 542 214 946​Website:
The Cathedral Of St. Peter And Paul

Located on the top of the hill known as Petrov, the free-standing Romanesque basilica was rebuilt as a Gothic cathedral in the 13th century, and converted to the Baroque style in the 18th century. The twin spires are depicted on the Czech 10Kč coin.

​Address: Biskupská and Petrská​Phone: +420 543 235 030
Capuchin Monastery And Crypt

–Klášter kapucínů & Kapucínská hrobka The Capuchine monastery’s crypt displays the mummified bodies of 150 monks, preserved naturally since 1784 in the dry atmosphere. Visitors will notice that many were buried with their boots on.

​Address: Kapucinské náměstí 5​Phone: +420 42 213 232​Website:
Villa Tugendhat

The first UNESCO world heritage site-listed monument of modern architecture in the Czech Republic, and only the fourth worldwide to receive such a distinction. The glass-fronted villa was designed in 1928, by famous German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

​Address: Černopolní 45​Phone: +420 545 212 118​Website:
Brnenská prehrada (dam and huge reservoir)

A popular resort and an ideal place for all kinds of water sports. The banks are lined with sport facilities, restaurants and pubs. The reservoir/lake stretches up 15 km to the lost-in-time hamlet of Veverská Bityská. A ferry boat chugs between Brno and Veverská Bítýška from May to September (

Veveří Castle

Brno’s second castle soars above the reservoir surrounded by the Podkomorské woods. It is a Gothic royal castle which was also used as a hunting lodge. Today, the castle is a venue for many cultural and social events.

Old Town Hall (Stará radnice)

The oldest secular building in Brno, combining various architectural styles. The seat of the city administration from the 14th century to 1935. In the passage of the tower’s passageway, you can see the famous Brno Dragon (actually a crocodile) and a wheel hanging from the ceiling.

​Address: Radnická ulice
The national dish of the Czech Republic is roast pork with sauerkraut and knedliky – mammoth coin-shaped dumplings sliced off from a long roll. This is washed down with the golden nectar, probably the best pilsner in the world. Vegetarians used to be faced with a choice of breaded and fried cheese or chips, but now the situation is much better with an abundance of Italian eateries. Brno also has several first-class vegetarian restaurants, listed below. Desserts are hearty, and include good ice cream, thick Turkish coffee and some interesting liqueurs and digestives to round off a typical blow-out.
Pod Radnicnim Kolem (under The Town Hall Wheel)

Located just behind Zelný trh in the old Town Hall. Offers a wide range of Moravian wines and excellent cuisine. The cimbalom band entertains on Thursdays and Fridays.

​Address: Mečová 5​Phone: 420 542 211 135​Website:

Good Indian restaurant with nicely-priced lunch specials. Dinners are a bit more expensive than most places, but the meal for two is generous and tasty.

​Address: Běhounská 12/14​Phone: +420 542 214 372​Website:
Avatar Restaurant

Lacto-vegetarian restaurant with a daily-changing menu offering a choice between a traditional Czech dish done veggie-style and an original recipe from India.

​Address: Mendlovo náměstí 10​Phone: +420 543 234 733
U Šaška A Krále (at The Jester And The King)

Found behind St. Michael’s Church, the name refers to the owner, the well-known Czech actor Bolek Polívka, a comedian and self-proclaimed King of Wallachia. A cinematic theme pervades.

​Address: Dominikánská 7​Phone: +420 543 235 015
Restaurace Slavia

A trip back in time to pre-Velvet Revolution days with gigantic portions, polite service, fresh flowers and clean table linen.

​Address: Solniční 15​Phone: +420 542 321 249​Website:
Zemanova kavárna

In Koliště Park, it’s a replica of Bohuslav Fuch’s functionalist coffee house (see café section). Huge windows and small café tables will transport visitors back to the 1920s.

​Address: Jezuitská 6​Phone: +420 542 218 096

A vegetarian restaurant with dishes imaginatively presented. Ordering is done buffet-style and diners pay for dishes by their weight.

​Address: Orlí 26​Phone: +420 542 211 110

One of the better Chinese places in town. Good lunch-special prices, and a long list of dishes.

​Address: Průchodní 1
Cafe Anna

Internet café on a street running south from castle hill. Internet costs one koruna per minute.

​Address: Pekarska 52
Hotel Avion

The hotel, built by famous architect Bohuslav Fuchs in 1928, is a functionalist gem and includes an internet café, a tea room and a decent Italian restaurant.

​Address: Česká 20​Website:
Jazzová kavárna Podobrazy

A local favourite. Much more relaxed and pleasant for sitting than other places. It’s also quiet, off the street and facing an inner courtyard of the Moravian Gallery. Jazz groups play often in the evening.

​Address: Místodržitelský palace, Moravské náměstí 1a​Phone: +420 732 582 183​Website:
Restaurace Kaverna

A traditional, honest-to-goodness pub and café with an abundance of wooden furniture and Spanish football shown live on the TV screens.

​Address: Veveří 9​Website:
Schwanz Palace Café

Known locally as the Dům pánů z Lipé (Lords of Lipé House), this historic building has a café and terrace looking out onto Brno’s main square, Náměstí Svobody.

​Address: Náměstí Svobody 17
The Moravian’s love of beer is well-documented. Bars are usually very full, very smoky and quite often the domain of middle-aged men. However, pick a venue from the list below and you won’t be disappointed by the genuine pub experience. As a university town, Brno has a young, hip population and a great nightlife scene with a choice of trendy discos, raves, alternative gigs, jazz and world music venues, opera and art-house cinema. Everyone can find something to do once the sun goes down.
Biskupská vinárna

Friendly, small place right by Denisovy sady, a park with a great view near the cathedral. A cimbalom band plays on Saturdays.

​Address: Biskupská 6, Brno 60200​Phone: +420 545 212 353 ​Website:
Stopkova Plzeňská Pivnice

Long-running beer bar, now something of a tourist trap, but still serving excellent pilsner and traditional Moravian cuisine.

​Address: Ceská 5​Phone: +420 542 211 094
Pegas Pivnice

A welcoming pub and pension with its own micro-brewery. It’s the only place where you can sample the unique Pegas beer.

​Address: Jakubská 4, Brno, 602 00​Phone: +420 542 210 104​Website:
Pivovarská hospoda

This is the Starobrno brewery pub and restaurant.

​Address: Mendlovo náměstí 20​Phone: +420 543 240 175
Charlie’s Hat

Friendly, unpretentious pub with a courtyard and loud cellar bar with occasional DJs.

​Address: Kobližná 12​Phone: +420 542 210 557

Huge club with concerts, discos, theatre, cinema and fashion shows.

​Address: Štefánikova 24​Phone: +420 262 35 749​Website:

Top local DJs spin hip tunes with an emphasis on soul, house and R&B.

​Address: Brandlova 4
Rosnička (Tree Frog)

Slightly out of town, in a leafy suburb of Brno-Žabovřesky is the wonderful Tree Frog Bar. These days it’s a beer bar and restaurant with a great garden terrace and grill.

​Address: Jana Nečase 1, 616 00 Brno-Žabovřesky Česká republika​Phone: +420 734 550 980​Website:
Šelepova No. 1

Traditional jazz music concerts in a great setting with excellent beer and wine bar.

​Address: Šelepova 1​Phone: +420 541 213 342​Website:
Zelená kočka

A pub, restaurant and nightclub with lots of beer and lots of music.

​Address: Masarykova 25-27​Website:
Brno has a great variety of shopping opportunities – from little boutiques to speciality shops to large shopping malls containing everything you will ever need.Several large malls are situated right in the centre of town. The Velký Špalíček complex at Mečová 2 holds stores, restaurants and a multiplex cinema, while nearby the shopping mall at Orlí 3 is also a good destination for everyday needs such as food and clothing. The shopping and cultural centre Galerie Vaňkovka ( is located between the railway and bus station on the edge of the town centre. It comprises 130 stores, restaurants and cafés and is open seven days a week. The Avion Shopping Park at Skandinávská 2 is found to the south of Brno, heading in the direction of Bratislava. Shopaholics might also like to check out the Olympia shopping and entertainment centre Modřice to the south of Brno, and also the Futurum Shopping Centre at Vídeňská 100, plus the Královo pole Shopping Centre at Cimburkova 4. Closer to home, visitors can find some excellent souvenir shops on Slovákova, selling handmade crafts in wood, leather and ceramics. The Cabbage Market (Zelný trh) is the perfect destination if you desperately need fresh fruit and vegetables plus it’s a great photo opportunity and good place to chat up the locals. Česká has some good bookshops and you can pick up excellent local wines, beers and spirits to take home at the Tesco supermarket found behind the main railway station.
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Brno Tuřany Airport

Brno Tuřany Airport is situated within the city limits, next to the D1 Brno-Olomouc Motorway. Look for motorway exit ‘Slatina,’ and the airport is 2km from the exit. Bus No. 76 from Brno’s main railway station leaves every half hour between 04.30 and 23.00. The journey time is 20 minutes. Taxi stands are outside the airport arrivals terminal and the fare to the centre is approximately 300Kč.

​Address: Letiště Brno-Tuřany, 627 00 Brno​Phone: +420 545 521 309​Website:
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