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Magnificent buildings in Poznan, whose façades centuries ago witnessed the rising of a fledgling state, stand proudly and harmoniously embraced by the miracles of modern architecture. The city’s many museums tempt passers-by with their rich collections. Poznan today is a dynamic and an ever-expanding centre of learning with more and more students moving to the city each year. This is a city which you can keep exploring endlessly, always finding something interesting or exciting.
The Parish Church of St. Stanisław

The Parish Church of St. Stanisław is the second largest church in Poznan after the cathedral and is famous for its priceless 19th-century organ. It is also one of the best examples of Baroque architecture to be found in Poland and has been placed on UNESCO's world heritage list.

​Address: ul. Gołębia 1, Poznan
ZAMEK Culture Centre

This is a monumental Neo-Roman structure designed to be the German emperor’s residence. Today it houses ZAMEK Culture Centre with exhibitions, workshops and concerts attracting huge crowds. In summer musical recitals take place in the courtyard in the open air, which provides a wonderful way to spend an evening.

​Address: ul. Sw. Marcin 80/82, Poznan​Phone: +48 616 465 276​Website:​Opening hours: Open daily 10am-9pm
Park Cytadela

This is a sizeable park in the grounds of former Prussian fortifications. It is worth visiting just to see one of the many open-air exhibitions which are held here, or to pay homage at the graves of soldiers slain during the two World Wars.

​Address: Za Cytadelą 128, Poznan
Malta Ski

If you missed the ski season you can make up for it here even on the hottest of summer days. This sports centre overlooking Lake Malta boasts a 150 metre artificial ski slope, a summer sledge run, golf lessons, as well as bicycle and rollerblade hire.

​Address: ul. Wiankowa 2, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 782 222​Website:
Palmiarnia Poznan

This is undoubtedly the most exotic place in Poznan, with examples of flora and fauna from the furthest flung parts of the world. One of the main tourist attractions is an aquarium with 170 species of fish.

​Address: ul. Matejki 18, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 658 907​Website:
Old Town Square

This medieval market square is surrounded by ornate buildings that were built by the guilds of the town. In the centre stands the most beautiful Renaissance town hall to be found north of the Alps, built to the design of an Italian architect, Jan Baptisto Quadro.

​Address: Stary Rynek, Poznan
National Museum

One of Poland’s top museums has an extensive collection of artefacts, among them a collection of Polish and European art spanning from the Middle Ages up to the present day.

​Address: Al. Marcinkowskiego 9, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 568 000​Website:​Opening hours: Open Tue-Thu 9am-3pm (times may vary depending on season). Fri 12pm-9pm. Sat-Sun 11am-6pm. Closed on Mondays and holidays.
The Cathedral

This majestic Gothic structure towering over Ostrow Tumski is Poznan’s oldest heritage building. Its cavernous halls have borne witness to historic events of extraordinary grandeur from the very beginning of Poland’s existence as a kingdom, and it is here that many of Poland’s founders and first leaders are buried.

​Address: ul. Ostrów Tumski 17, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 529 642​Website:
Poznan Archaeological Museum

This is a popular museum located in the centre of Poznan. Poznan Archaeological Museum exhibits many objects from different countries around the world like Egypt and Sudan. It also offers educational programmes for its visitors.

​Address: ul. Wodna 27, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 528 251​Website:​Opening hours: Open Tue-Thu 10am-4pm. Fri 12pm-7pm. Sat 11am-7pm. Sun 12pm-5pm. Closed on Mondays
Lake Malta

Lake Malta is located in the East part of the city close to the zoo, ski centre and a shopping centre which makes this area full of activities. The beautiful lake is also famous for rowing and kayaking events.

​Address: ul. Wiankowa 3, Poznan
Poznan Zoo

The Poznan Zoo consists of the new and old zoo. The new zoo is located right next to Malta Lake and the old zoo is located in the middle of the city. In both places, you can see many different animals and enjoy a day of fun.

​Address: ul. Zwierzyniecka 19, Poznan / ul. Krańcowa 81, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 472 397 / +48 618 773 517​Website:​Opening hours: Opening hours may vary depending on the season
Poznan Botanical Gardens

This beautiful botanical garden is located close to Lake Malta and is a great place to bring the children on a sunny day or your loved one for a romantic walk. If you are active, this is also a great place for a run.

​Address: ul. Dąbrowskiego 165, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 292 013​Website:​Opening hours: Opening hours may vary depending on the season
Lech Brewery

This brewery is one of the most technically advances ones in Europe. If you want to visit the Lech brewery you can take tours and watch the beer production. The tours take between 1.5-2 hours and are guided by the brewery's employees.

​Address: ul. Szwajcarska 11, Poznan​Phone: +48 616 677 794​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Sat 10am-4pm​More info: Bookings must me made in advance, no later than 2 days before
City Stadium

For all you soccer fans out there, you can visit the City Stadium in Poznan, home to Lech Poznan. Visit the website for upcoming games and tickets.

​Address: Bulgarska 17, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 863 000​Website:
Franciscan Church

This beautiful church is located in the centre of the city. The interiors of the Franciscan Church will truly affect the beholder with its ornate carvings and majestic towers.

​Address: ul. Franciszkańska 2, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 523 637​Website:​More info:
A speciality of local cuisine is, above all else, the potato. The Poznanites have perfected a plethora of dishes based around it. However, aside from restaurants serving local fare, it is also possible to find a wide selection of restaurants serving dishes from all four corners of the world.
Piwnica Murna

The decor here is that of a 17th century nobleman’s inn, while the kitchen tempts you with meat dishes, charcoal-grilled to perfection. Additional charm is provided by candlelit sing-along nights.

​Address: ul. Murna 3a, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 518 664

With just a glance you will know this is one of the most elegant and exclusive restaurants around. Visit it but once and your palate will never forget the experience of salmon, prawns in champagne, roast pheasant or pears in caramel.

​Address: Stary Rynek 94, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 553 358​Website:
Spaghetteria AVANTI

Spaghetteria AVANTI is a family company located in Stary Rynek and offers Italian cuisine, and plenty of it! Choose between spaghetti, lasagna, salad and starters.

​Address: Stary Rynek 76, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 523 285​Website:

This is a small restaurant located close to the old market. The restaurant has a cosy ambience and offers a wide selection of Italian dishes. All the dishes are truly tantalising to the taste buds.

​Address: ul. Wroclawska 7, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 557 191​Website:
Mlynskie Kolo

This is a traditional inn serving dishes typical to the region surrounding Poznan. Mlynskie Kolo is surrounded by forests and lakes and the portion sizes at this restaurant are simply enormous.

​Address: ul. Browarna 37, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 789 935​Website:
Ptasie Radio

This modern café is fused with a restaurant and is located in the colourful setting of an old residential building transformed into what could be a bird’s paradise. It has gained a following among young people due to its pocket friendly prices and delicious food.

​Address: ul.Kościuszki 74, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 536 451​Website:
Restauracja Toga

At Toga the menu changes frequently, sometimes daily. If you want to try the local cuisine, this is where to enjoy some tasty Polish dishes. This restaurant is highly recommended by its guests and is also claimed to be a must when visiting Poznan.

​Address: Plac Wolności 13A, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 530 345​Website:

This restaurant is highly recommended for all people who just love Italian food. At Figaro they are truly passionate about food and the Italian dishes will not only tickle your taste buds, but also your eyes and ears.

​Address: ul. Ogrodowa 17, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 560 189​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Sat 1pm-11pm. Sun 1pm-6pm
Dark Restaurant

If you want to experience something completely different and eat at a restaurant where everything takes place in complete darkness, then the Dark Restaurant is something for you. This experience is definitely something out of the ordinary so booking a table in advance is advisable.

​Address: ul. Garbary 48, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 522 057​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Sat from 12pm. Sun 12pm-8pm. Lunch Bar open 12pm-4pm
Cucina 88

If you have cravings for a traditional Italian pizza straight from the pizza oven, Cucina 88 is definitely the place to try one. You can also choose between other interesting dishes from the seasonal menu.

​Address: ul. Wyspiańskiego 26A, Poznan​Phone: +48 602 668 800​Website:
Kyokai Sushi Bar

Some people claim this place has the best sushi they have ever eaten. Kyokai Sushi Bar is located in the west part of Poznan and has a genuine, nice atmosphere. You will surely enjoy your evening here having dinner in a unique interior.

​Address: ul. Wojskowa 4, Poznan​Phone: +48 519 376 182​Website:

Spot is a unique place, great for relaxation, located in the city centre. Here you can find many different things such as a hair salon and the SPOT- boutique. The restaurant serves great food in a warm atmosphere and minimalist interior.

​Address: Dolna Wilda 87, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 358 840​Website:​Opening hours: Closed on Mondays
Tawerna Mykonos

For some tasty Greek food you can head to Tawerna Mykonos. At this restaurant you can choose between a wide range of typical Greek dishes like souvlaki, moussaka and salads.

​Address: Plac Wolności 14, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 533 436​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Fri 11am-11pm. Sat-Sun 12pm-11pm
Pyra Bar

If you love potatoes, you will love Pyra Bar. At this restaurant you will find a wide range of different potato dishes to choose between, so you will definitely find a potato dish that suits your taste.

​Address: ul. Strzelecka 13, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 516 762​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Sat 11am-9pm. Sun 12pm-7pm
Swieta Krowa

Swieta Krowa is claimed to serve the best hamburgers in town. This restaurant uses only fresh ingredients and you can choose between regular hamburgers as well as new innovative ones with different ingredients.

​Address: ul. Kwiatowa 1, Poznan​Phone: +48 721 972 669
The Old Town Square has rows of cosy cafés and pubs offering delicious Polish beer and many other treats. If you are looking for something else than Polish beer to drink, you can visit Republica Cacao and try the delicious hot chocolates or have tea in one of the cosy tea cafés.
Café Farma

Café Farma is an enchanting venue famous for its mouth-watering culinary delights. Try the ecological coffee or the home-made cookies in this cosy café.

​Address: ul. Wroclawska 25, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 160 128​Opening hours: Open Mon-Sat: 10.30am-10pm. Sun 12pm-8pm
Zielona Weranda

The decor and furnishings will impress you at Zielona Weranda. The menu offers a wealth of tempting sugary delights like pies and desserts, which place you before a very difficult choice.

​Address: ul. Ignacego Paderewskiego 7, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 513 290​Website:​Opening hours: Open 10am-12am
Republica Cacao

The undisputed drink of choice in this café is hot chocolate; however, you may have difficulty deciding which of the many varieties you would prefer. You can also enjoy homemade cookies, desserts and cocktails.

​Address: ul. Zamkowa 7, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 554 378​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Fri 10am-12am. Sun 11am-11pm
Behemot Café

This café is full of cats gazing at you from each and every corner making it perfect for cat lovers. Its cosy interior however, also makes it perfect for a romantic tête-à-tête.

​Address: ul. Kramarska 16, Poznan​Phone: +48 616 658 392
Herbaciarnia Chimera

From the moment you cross the threshold your senses will be enslaved by the scent of aromatic tea. The wide selection is ample and tasting each variety on offer is a challenge.

​Address: ul. Dominikanska 7, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 520 317​Website:
At nightfall Poznan transforms itself almost beyond recognition. The seemingly quiet streets are teeming with hidden watering holes and the pumping atmosphere of the countless bars and nightclubs will keep even the most discerning night owl out till dawn.
W Starym Kinie

During the week it is still possible to catch the screening of a classic film in this converted cinema. However, during the weekends W Starym Kinie transforms into a pulsing disco.

​Address: ul. Nowowiejskiego 8, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 522 241​Website:
Blue Note

This club came to life following an agreement with the promoters of New York’s famous Blue Note Club. This is the place to go if you would like to see concerts by internationally renowned stars of alternative music.

​Address: ul. Kościuszki 76/78, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 510 408​Website:
Muchos Patatos

The Latin-American beats of this throbbing venue are said to be able to send the dancing revellers into a trance. You can enjoy this place six days a week and dance to the hot Latin rhythms. Summer is here to stay at Muchos Patatos.

​Address: ul. Szewska 2, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 519 173​Website:
Klub Dragon

Klub Dragon is a frequently visited pub among the students of Poznan. Here you can find the popular beer garden, the experimental restaurant and occasionally live music. You will certainly not be hungry, or bored, when visiting Klub Dragon.

​Address: ul. Zamkowa 3, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 530 819​Website:
Alcatraz Klub

Alcatraz plays plenty of R'n'B, soul and hip hop, using high-end equipment. The most diverse night would be Saturday, when you can hear anything from a 1970's hit to what is topping today's chart.

​Address: ul. Nowowiejskiego 13/15, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 532 881​Website:
Poznan is the ideal place for shopping. In this town you will find modern malls and shopping centres, boutiques and the many market squares which offer thousands of collectibles, all entice the shoppers to part with their hard-earned cash. Most of the interesting shops can be found in the city centre and you can easily get from one to the other on foot. You could begin in the Old Market Square which, being the central tourist attraction, is filled with souvenirs. Meanwhile, in the small streets and alleys surrounding it you will find shops filled with antiques and bric-a-brac. Stary Browar (ul. Pólwiejska 32) is one of the newest shopping centres in town, and has been awarded the honorary title of Best Shopping Complex in Central Europe. Inside, you will find outlets of the better known chains such as Zara, Mango, United Colors of Benetton, H&M, as well as the largest bookshop specialising in art in Poznan. Meanwhile, Pasaz Niebieski (ul. Paderewskiego 7) specialises in small exclusive boutiques who aim their business at those with a handsome income. On Targowisko Bema you can find literally everything, from CD's and toys to shoes and clothing. Year-round, this market is crowded with customers attracted by the pocket-friendly prices. Rynek Wielkopolski is a paradise for lovers of fresh fruit and vegetables, including the more exotic varieties. Centrum Handlowe Panorama (ul. Górecka 30) is Poznan’s equivalent to shoe-heaven and well worth a visit despite being away from the town centre. You will find two floors filled with dozens of shoe shops, enough to tempt even Imelda Marcos.
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Poznan-Lawica Airport

The Poznan-Lawica Airport is located 7 kilometres from the town centre just by the main motorway running via Warsaw to Berlin and leads directly to the main parts of town: the town centre, the exhibition centre and the train station. It is easiest to take a taxi to the town centre. You can find a taxi just outside the arrival hall. You can also reach Poznan by public transport and the journey takes approximately 30 minutes. Express line “L” connects the airport with the main train station. You can also go on buses 48 and 59 that stop close to the main train station. The night line 242 runs between 12am-4am. You can buy tickets from newspaper stands and ticket booths. In some buses you can also buy tickets from vending machines.

​Address: The Poznan-Lawica Airport, Poznan​Phone: +48 618 492 343​Website:
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