Book flights to Zakynthos and enjoy a little slice of pure paradise. Zakynthos, or Zante to some, is the kind of place postcards were invented for – you’ll probably even recognise its white cliffs, golden sands and sparkling blue sea, so famous is its beauty. This is the perfect Island for people who like to really and truly relax; bask in the hot Grecian sun all day, eat the finest Greek Mediterranean-style food, and bathe in the clearest blue waters. If you do want something a little more active, book flights to Zakynthos and you’ll see that the island’s mountains, forests and waters offer plenty of hiking, cycling, snorkelling diving and more!
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For most visitors, the main attractions are Zakynthos’s beaches – which include some of the very best in Greece – and it is cheap, cheerful with an unsophisticated nightlife.
Church of Agios Dionysios

This small church, built in 1925, contains the silver-encrusted sarcophagus of St. Dionysios, the island’s patron saint. It survived the 1953 earthquake – proof, say devout islanders, of the Saint’s miraculous powers.

​Address: Markovitz 1, Zante, Zakynthos​More info: South side of Zakynthos Town harbour
Post-byzantine Museum

The main attraction here is the collection of fine Orthodox icons and wall-paintings from the churches and monasteries that were levelled by the earthquake in 1953. A model of Zakynthos Town prior to the quake shows what the town looked like pre-1953.

​Address: Plateia Solomos, Zakynthos
Solomos Museum

This modest museum celebrates the life and works of Dionysios Solomos, the Zakynthian author and poet who penned the Greek national anthem, along with other notable islanders.

​Address: Plateia Agiou Markou, Zakynthos
Monitis Panagias (monastery of The Virgin)

Virtually the only historic building left standing intact on the island, this monastery near the northwest tip of the island was the home of St Dionysios, who, before being canonized, was the abbot here during the 17th century. His cell, with his few possessions, can still be viewed.

​Address: Moni tis Panagias Anafonitrias, Zakynthos​More info: Near Volimes
Round The Island Cruises

Excursion boats leave daily (buy tickets the night before at the quayside or at your hotel) from all the island resorts in summer. They take trips to the Blue Grotto, a marine cave carved out of the white limestone cliffs by thousands of years of wave action, and to the so-called ‘Smugglers Wreck’ – the rusting hulk of a Syrian cargo vessel that ran aground in the 1980’s on a spectacular white beach overlooked by towering cliffs – it is almost impossible to reach except by sea.

Ancient Olympia

The spectacular ruins of ancient Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic Games, are located only an hour away from Killini, the small port on the Greek mainland opposite Zakynthos. There are several ferries and hydrofoils daily in summer, taking around 90 minutes, so a day trip is possible. Travel agents in Zakynthos also offer escorted coach tours to Olympia.

​Address: Ancient Olympia, Zakynthos
Seaplane Flights

There are no direct ferries from Zakynthos to other islands – but you can island-hop by seaplane with a new service operated by AirSea Lines. For prices and bookings:

Greeks understand good food and they truly take their time to appreciate it. You could say eating is a national pastime in Greece, and some typical dishes from a Greek table could be tzatziki, seafood, olives, cheese, fresh meat and vegetables. Zakynthos’ resorts are not short of cheerful, affordable and family-run places to eat. Like night spots, restaurants and tavernas in the island’s resorts may appear for a couple of seasons, then vanish when the lease runs out or when they fail to make a profit – so last summer’s favourite diner may not be there on your next trip.
Olympic Cuisine Bar

This is an exclusive restaurant with an elegant feel. The menu contains traditional Greek cuisine, international dishes and Mediterranean inspired food. They use only ingredients of the highest quality and the chef strives to capture the warmth of the sun in his creations - fresh, light and pure.

​Address: Alykes, Zante, Zakynthos​Phone: +30 269 508 3507​Website:
Horizon Restaurant Bar Steak House

Horizon has a roof garden overlooking the Laganas Gulf, a brilliant view accompanied by tasty food. The menu consists of Greek and international cuisine.

​Address: Laganas, Zakynthos​Phone: +30 269 505 2791 / +30 697 736 9554​Website:
Mantalena Restaurant & Barbecue

This taverna has been up and running since the 70’s. They offer homemade wine produced at the family’s own vineyard to their traditional home cooked dishes, among others charcoal grilled steaks and fresh souvlaki.

​Address: Tassos Pilarinos, Alykanas, Zante​More info: Located in the centre of the Alykanas resort
Paradise Taverna Pizzeria

Paradise Taverna started out as an Italian restaurant, famous for their pizza. Today their menu has expanded to include traditional Greek cuisine as well. The atmosphere is cosy with Greek music in the background and friendly service.

​Address: Alykes Zante, Zakynthos​Phone: +30 269 508 3664​Website:
Fidelio Restaurant Snack Bar

No matter what time of day you choose to visit Fidelio’s, there will be a tasty meal waiting to be prepared for you. Breakfast, lunch and dinner - the menu is varied and highly appreciated.

​Address: Alykes Crossroads, Zakynthos​Phone: +30 269 508 3765​Website:
Laganas is the raucous epicentre of Zakynthos’ nightlife – rocking until dawn from May until September – with more than 50 clubs, music bars and pubs. But the other resorts, especially Argassi, have plenty of nightlife to offer, too. Names, management, music and door policy may change from season to season, but a hard core of well-established stalwarts can be relied on.
Rescue Club

This is an outside bar known for fire breathing and bottle flaring holding 500 people. After midnight the party moves inside where the music and the experience is amplified by an impressive sound and light system.

​Address: 1015 Laganas Main Road, Laganas, Zakynthos​Website:
Planet Pub

The Planet Pub is located inside the Tsilvi’s resort. They have a spacious bar with an adjacent dance floor, live DJ and widescreen TV’s showing sports events.

​Address: Tsilivi Zante, Zakynthos​Phone: +30 697 299 8659 / +30 269 504 5106 / +30 269 504 8958​Website:
Enigma Cocktail Bar

Enigma Bar is a lively venue playing the latest hits and offering an array of exotic cocktails. Sip on a cooling drink and just enjoy the atmosphere.

​Address: Alykes, Zakynthos
Molly Malones Irish Pub

Molly Malone’s has a wide variety of draught beers and cocktails. There are 2 live DJ’s every night spinning a mix of 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and of course, Irish tunes. After midnight the mood changes into electrifying party.

​Address: Tsilivi, Zakynthos​Phone: +30 697 366 7749​Website:
Zeros Club

Zeros is famous for professional flair bartenders, fire breathers, exciting events and crazy bar games. The club has some excellent DJ’s kicking up the party mood another notch.

​Address: Main Road, Laganas, Zakynthos​Website:
Shops and stalls offer the visitor plenty of opportunities to buy cheap and colourful beachwear, designer knock-offs and conventional souvenirs. The main shopping street in Zakynthos Town is Odos Alexandras, two blocks back from the harbour esplanade, which has a plentiful array of shops selling leatherwear and gold and silver jewellery, all of which are well made and well designed. Elsewhere, the shopping streets in the resorts concentrate on souvenir towels and tops, beach toys and other essential holiday requirements such as sunblock, dive masks, snorkels, tequila and imported English beer.
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Zakynthos International Airport

Zakynthos Airport is midway between Kalamaki and Laganas. It is around 1 km (10 minutes by coach or five minutes by taxi) from each area. There is no public transport from the airport, though plenty of taxis meet each flight. In addition to summer charter flights, there are several daily flights to Athens.

​Address: Zakinthos​Phone: +30 2695 023 970
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