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Did you pay more with an Online Travel Agent?

Use our Price Checker tool to find out what you would have paid with Ryanair by booking directly

Ryanair Price Checker


How to use our Price Checker




Reasons to Book Directly with Ryanair

1. It may happen that your payment information given to the OTA is not passed to Ryanair but instead will be swapped with a virtual credit card

This means that if you are due a refund for your booking, Ryanair will not be able to pay you directly as we don’t know your credit card details.

2. You may be charged with a markup for your flights 

OTAs may add additional charges to your booking. You pay less when you book directly on or through Ryanair’s app.

3. You may be charged with a markup for bags and seats

You will pay the lowest price for flight extras like bags and seats by booking directly on or through our app. 

4. Your contact details may be changed or witheld

If a refund is requested, Ryanair will refund the details linked to the flight booking. However, if we don't have your credit card details, we cannot refund you directly. You will need to go through a verification process so that we can properly identify you to ensure you receive any refunds due to you. 

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