Explore eastern France when you book flights to Dole with Ryanair. Dole, part of the Jura Department in the east of France, is a charming little city and a great place to explore over a nice, relaxing few days. Dole is also a superb jumping off point to begin a tour of the Jura region and beyond. Both Dijon and Burgundy are within just an hour or so of Dole; this might give you a clue as to the area’s culinary credentials! But whether you’re a foodie or just a fan of France, you’ll have a fantastic time when you book flights to Dole.

One thing’s for sure-you won’t get bored here! There’s a wide range of things to do all year long both indoors and out. Jura is also an ideal destination for great family holidays: the sheer variety of its nature sites and landscapes make the Jura one big playground and natural treasure-trove just waiting to be discovered. The ski resorts and villages are well-known for the high-quality of the well-maintained and secure areas set aside for winter-sports enthusiasts. The undulating landscapes, inviting mountains, paths and trails in Jura embrace all-comers whatever the season.

Activities & Tours

There’s so much to do in Jura and you’re bound to find something interesting: dinosaur footprints, Dole Modern Art Museum, the Chalain et Clairvaux-les-Lacs pre-historic sites, Baume-les-Messieurs Imperial Abbey, the world-famous Laughing Cow® Centre, the Great Saltworks in Salins-les-Bains, Ravilloles Know-how Workshop, the Toy Museum...Jura showcases the history, values and know-how that make it THE place to visit. On a completely different note, the Jura Lake Trail provides visitors with a magnificent journey along the water’s edge featuring several carefully-hidden jewels that are well worth tracking down.


The outstanding event of the year for wine lovers is undoubtedly the Percée du Vin jaune celebrating the internationally renowned Vin Jaune but this isn’t the only date to note in your diary: Pressée du Vin de Paille, Cérémonie du Biou … Away from the Jura wine and vineyards, families will love Idéklic, the International Children’s Festival...Yet another outstanding event is the Transjurassienne, the largest cross-country skiing event in France when the participants can test themselves over the 68 kilometre course crossing through the Departments of Jura and Doubs and even Switzerland.


Jura is also lively at night. The two spa towns, Lons-le-Saunier and Salins-les-Bains, have very popular casinos, featuring a wide range of gambling opportunities, events and musical evenings. Why not take the family out to play nine-pin bowling? Or try your hand at the laser game or go-karting with your friends. If you like dancing look no further – our night clubs stay open until the early hours of the morning... And for music lovers and people who enjoy special events, our concert halls and festivals play host to a wide variety of artists.

Food & Drink

Jura will really whet your appetite! The menu includes local produce and first-class restaurants. Our four leading chefs, all of whom have been awarded much-deserved ranking stars, know how best to use the local ingredients – both unique and symbolising Jura, and combine them to serve up really delicious dishes. Try out the chefs’ innovative recipes or something more traditional such as Poularde au Vin Jaune! In summer hundreds of terraces are adorned with beautiful floral displays in the heart of villages and towns, as well as on beaches and at the feet of waterfalls!


In Jura there really is something for everyone and all budgets! There are many different types of shopping experience to enjoy: strolling down the pedestrianised streets in our towns, Department Stores or the narrow village lanes: fashion, decorating and DIY, luxury, high-tech, gourmet...Major brands are readily available, shopping centres, multi-brand shops – yes, you’ll find whatever you’re looking for here! Don’t miss out on the traditional architecture of our shops selling regional produce and the arts and crafts workshops where you can also buy the products you see being made...

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