Book flights to Genoa with Ryanair, and get ready for a fantastic Italian city break. Genoa doesn’t have the mass tourism you find in some of Italy’s more spectacular cities, but it does have all the beauty, charm and flavour you would expect from any Italian city worth its salt! Like any great Italian city, it has a few incredible culinary strings in its bow and foodies will be in their element here – Genoa is the birthplace of not just beautiful basil pesto, but also focaccia bread and ravioli. So have your fill of ‘La Dolce Vita’, and book flights to Genoa today!
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Fine restaurants and chic bars are hidden in the dark, narrow alleys. Genova is made for exploring and getting lost in the medieval quarter – one of Europe’s largest – and is all part of the experience.
Tip - Museum Card

If you intend to visit a number of Genova’s museums, pick up the Museum Card (on sale at every museum). It permits its holders to visit 22 museums in Genova. It can also be used to purchase discounted tickets for Palazzo Ducale, Acquarium of Genoa, Galata – Museo del Mare (Sea Museum), Città dei Bambini e dei Ragazzi (Children’s City), the Bigo, Luzzati Museum at Porta Siberia, Pallavicini Park of Pegli, Villa Durazzo at Santa Margherita Ligure, Palazzo Imperiale, the Carlo Felice Theatre, the Genoese Teatro Stabile, the Teatro della Tosse, the Teatro dell’Archivolto, the Teatro Cargo.

​Address: Genova
Museums of the ’Strada Nuova’

Made a UNESCO world heritage site in 2006, Via Garibaldi is lined with Renaissance palaces, built by Genova’s wealthiest families in the 16th and 17th centuries. Palazzo Bianco houses a huge collection of Italian and Flemish art including works by Rubens, Van Dyck and Caveraggio. Palazzo Rosso houses an incredible collection put together over two centuries by the Brignole-Sale family.

​Address: Via Garibaldi, Genova​Phone: +39 010 557 2193​Website:
Palazzo Spinola

This is the National Gallery, housed in a 16th-century palace and donated to the state by the Spinola family. Here you will find many famous work, such as Rubens portrait of Gio Carlo Doria on the white stallion.

​Address: Fur Square 1, Genova​Phone: +39 010 246 7786​Website:
Galata Sea Museum

Galata Sea Museum is the biggest museum of its kind in the Mediterranean, and a must for anyone wanting to understand more of Genova’s sea-faring past.

​Address: Calata Darsena 1, Genova​Phone: +39 010 234 5655​Website:​More info: Darsena-Via Gramsci

This is a fabulous aquarium – the biggest in Europe at over 10,000 square metres – and dedicated to conservation and education! it is a beautiful visit.

​Address: Area Porto Antico, Genova​Phone: +39 010 234 5678​Website:​More info: Ponte Spinola
Bigo Elevator

Bigo Elevator is a huge spider-like contraption with a viewing cabin that shoots you up 40 metres for a fabulous view. Do you dare?

​Address: Area Porto Antico, Genova​More info: Near the aquarium
San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo is Genova’s cathedral and has a fabulous stripy marble facade. Dating to the 12th century, it has a beautiful interior, complete with an unexploded bomb from World War II. Check out the cathedral’s Treasury!

​Address: Piazza San Lorenzo, Centro Storico, Genova​Phone: +39 010 247 1831​More info: Cathedral tours only available for groups and upon request.
Medieval Quarter

The Medieval Quarter is one of Europe’s largest, the tiny carrugi (alleys) thread their way up, down and across the centre of city. The buildings can reach six storeys, the alleys – in places no wider than a couple of metres – hiding great restaurants, bars and shops. Getting lost is inevitable and always fascinating.

​Address: Medieval Quarter, Genova
Piazza San Matteo

Piazza San Matteo is a very small and beautiful piazza and home to the powerful Doria family for 500 years. See the 12th-century church of San Matteo, with its beautiful 14th-century cloister.

​Address: Piazza San Matteo, Genova​Phone: +39 010 247 4361​More info: Centro Storico
Palazzo Reale

Palazzo Reale, head up to the second floor of this 17th-century palace and take a 45-minute guided tour (in English or Italian depending on nationality of visitors). It has a stunning interior, much as it was 200 years ago.

​Address: Via Balbi 10, Genova​Phone: +39 010 271 0236​Website:

Camogli is a very pretty fishing village with brightly-painted houses around 20 km east of Genova. Take a boat from Genova (, or take the train from Stazione Principe. From Camogli take a boat to the beautiful 10th century Fruttuoso monastery.

​Address: Camogli, Genova​Website:
Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi a Nervi

Some might say that this is one of the most romantic walks in the world. The path used to be used fishermen and farmers where they had their land and fishing spots, just on the boarder of the sea.

​Address: Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi, Genova​Website:
Palazzi dei Rolli

Palazzi dei Rolli are on the World Heritage List since 2006 and are historic places of where eminent Genoese families used to live. Along the oldest roads you will find the most prestige’s places. This is not to be missed.

​Address: Piazza De Ferrari, Genova​Website:
Basilica of Santa Maria di Castello

Basilica of Santa Maria di Castello is a beautiful church located on the Castello hill in Genova. Come here for some serenity and peacefulness on your vacation, and maybe even light a candle.

​Address: Salita di Santa Maria di Castello 15, Genova​Phone: +39 010 254 9511
Palazzo Ducale

Palazzo Ducale is a renaissance building which is also home to an art museum. it is located in the heart of the city and has two different entrances, one from the Piazza Matteotti and one from Piazza De Ferrari.

​Address: Piazza Matteotti 9, Genova​Phone: +39 010 557 4000​Website:
Genova and Liguria are famous for pesto, the delicious pasta sauce made from basil, pine nuts, olive oil and parmesan. If you think you know pesto because you buy it in a jar – think again. There is nothing that compares to a dish of fresh vivid-green pesto served with the local pasta, little twists of troffie or spaghetti-like trenette. Other specialities include farinata, a bread-like snack made from chickpeas, foccacia, fish dishes, (particularly salt cod -baccalà) mushroom dishes and stuffed meat dishes. Plan to eat out in Genova. Many restaurants are closed on Sunday and Saturday lunchtime.
La Buca Di San Matteo

This is a small, very elegant restaurant serving Ligurian and Tuscan specialties. They have excellent service and delicious food.

​Address: Vico Chiossone 5, Genova​Phone: +39 010 236 2389​Website:​More info: Near Piazza San Matteo
Ristorante Zeffirino

Ristorante Zeffirino is family-run for four generations since 1939, with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Roger Moore and Pavarotti among its fans. This restaurant does not disappoint regarding service nor food.

​Address: Via XX Settembre 20, Genova​Phone: +39 010 570 5939​Website:
Ristorante L´Atelier

Ristorante L´Atelier is a relaxed and friendly wine bar/restaurant. Great pasta and meat dishes, and a very extensive wine list.

​Address: Via di Porta Soprana 55r, Genova​Phone: +39 010 583 534​Website:
Al Veliero

Al Veliero is a bright, family-run restaurant, with an air of eccentricity and the freshest fish dishes – its speciality. Of course they have amazing pasta too.

​Address: Via Ponte Calvi 10r, Genova​Phone: +39 010 246 5773​Website:
Le Cantine Squarciafico

Le Cantine Squarciafico is an atmospheric place in a 16th century palazzo. Vaulted ceilings, stone pillars and chequered floors. Ligurian specialities and twists on old favourites. Open daily and until late – the kitchen closes at 23.30.

​Address: Piazza Invrea 3r, Genova​Phone: +39 010 247 0823​Website:

Bliss is a small family-run organic and vegan restaurant. Located on the east of Brignole train station, keep in mind that it is not open for lunch.

​Address: Via Teodosia 9r, Genova​Phone: +39 010 310 6391​Website:
J'aime les Crepes

J'aime les Crepes is a French restaurant can be a welcoming break for your taste buds. The crepes here are divine and a great option for either lunch or dinner.

​Address: Stradone Sant'Agostino 54r, Genova​Phone: +39 010 246 5345​Website:
Gran Ristoro

This might look like just a whole in the wall but Gran Ristoro serves some of the best sandwiches in town. Choose your filling, what type of bread and you will have the perfect lunch.

​Address: Via Sottoripa, 27 r, Genova​Phone: +39 010 247 3127
Dammideltu Cocktail Bar

If you are having a hard time to choose where to eat from among all the great restaurants then Dammideltu Cocktail Bar is a welcoming option. They serve traditional Genoese cuisine, vegan food and a delicious cocktail list.

​Address: Via Bruno Ghiglione 35/37r, Genova​Phone: +39 010 642 9382​Website:

Voltalacarta is a small restaurant serving lovely Italian and Mediterranean food. Choose among tasteful seafood, grate tapas and cooling sangria.

​Address: via Assarotti 60r, Genova​Phone: +39 010 831 2046​Website:
Osteria della Collina

This family-run restaurant serves amazing seafood in a cosy atmosphere. Choose among raw pasta dishes, ravioli, lobster and a tasty dessert menu.

​Address: Salita Giovanni Maria Cotella, 47r, Genova​Phone: +39 010 835 3390​Website:
Le Mura di Malapaga

If you are a meat lover then Le Mura di Malapaga is the place for you. Close to everything on the menu is a must try, prepared to perfection and the meat comes from local farmers.

​Address: Via del Molo 57, Genova​Phone: +39 010 253 0304
Retro Restaurant

Retro Restaurant is yet another delightful seafood restaurant set in vintage decor with a warm atmosphere. The staff is attentive and friendly and will you make you feel very welcome.

​Address: Via Malta 31, Genova​Phone: +39 010 553 5064

Oyster is a special aphrodisiac which you either love or dislike. The quality of the food at Indarsena is superb and the service is impeccable, you will really enjoy your dinner here.

​Address: Vecchia Darsena - Edificio Cembalo, Calata Andalò Dinegro 4, Genova​Phone: +39 347 713 9020​Website:
La Cava

La Cava serves delicious fresh shellfish, plenty of pasta dishes and good pizza all to reasonable prices. The chef, who is also the owner, and the staff is very friendly and attentive.

​Address: Via Chiaravagna, 70n / 118r, Genova​Phone: +39 010 001 8377
In Genova you will find many lovely cafes to rest your feet at after a day’s shopping.
Caffe Mangini

Caffe Mangini is a great place for a coffee and something sweet – the atmosphere is relaxed and very local. Open every day of the week.

​Address: Piazza Corvetto 3r, Genova​Phone: +39 010 564 013
Caffe Degli Specchi

Caffe Degli Specchi opened in 1917 and has a beautiful tiled interior with mirrors everywhere – ’specchi’. This is a popular haunt of writers and artists. Come here for coffee and aperitivi or lunch.

​Address: Salita Polaiuoli 43r, Genova​Phone: +39 010 246 8193​Opening hours: Closed Sunday.​More info: Near Palazzo Ducale

Klainguti was opened in 1828 by the Swiss Klainguti brothers. This is a great place for coffee, cakes, lunch and apertivi.

​Address: Piazza Soziglia 98, Genova​Phone: +39 010 860 2628
Il Caffe Degli Orefici

Apparently the best cappuccino in the city, the Orefici cafés (there are two) are small, busy and very popular – you drink and go.

​Address: Via degli Orefici 25r, Genova​Phone: +39 010 247 5382​More info: Also on Via XX Settembre, Centro Commerciale la Fiumara
Don Cola Cafe

This café has an excellent wine selection and delicious cocktails. It is the perfect place to take an appetizer before heading out for a lovely meal.

​Address: Via Cesarea 32r, Genova​Phone: +39 010 595 5648
Genova has a lively nightlife, much of it thanks to the 40,000 students who attend the city’s university. During the week, bars, wine bars and pubs are popular – many of these are pretty small, and people hop from one to another as the evening progresses. Those bars that are dedicated to the evening/night open at 18.00 for aperitivo time, and stay open until around 01.00. On the weekend, closing time is extended to 02.00, and many bars will have a DJ set on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Discotheques tend to be found outside of the city centre, on the coast.
Trattoria da Franca

Trattoria da Franca is an unpretentious bar with a great atmosphere. Drink, eat and enjoy the music here.

​Address: Vico Della Lepre 4r, Genova​Phone: +39 010 247 4473
Louisiana Jazz Club

Louisiana Jazz Club is a friendly jazz club with live music on Thursday and Saturday evenings until midnight. Here is generally an older crowd.

​Address: Via S. Sebastiano 36r, Genova​Website:

Just near the Porta Soprana and a few moments from the Palazzo Ducale, this is a small bar, always busy and with plenty of seating outside. Open until 02.30.

​Address: Piano S. Andrea 23r, Genova​Phone: +39 010 246 5079​Website:
Mako Discotheque

Mako Discotheque is located east of the city centre. Weekends for ’easy house,’ R&B and revival. Here you will find a mixed crowd. It is recommended to take a taxi.

​Address: Corso Italia 28r, Genova​Phone: +39 010 367 652​Website:
Britannia Pub

Britannia Pub is a British-styled pub with dark, cosy interior. Here you will find an excellent selection of beer.

​Address: Vico Casana 76r, Genova​Phone: +39 010 247 4532
There is some good shopping in Genova, from designer goods and shoes, through high-street fashion and cheap fakes. On Via XX Settembre, a long, wide boulevard right in the centre of the city, you will find high-quality chain stores, designer stores – and some good shoe stores. Rinascente, the well-known Italian department store is located in Via Vernazza, which runs parallel to Via XX Settembre. You will also find the Mercato Orientale a great food market, selling all kinds of fruit, vegetable, fish, meat, cheese and bread. Unlike many stores, it is open Monday morning. Nearby is Via Roma, which is also good for designer fashion. Running parallel is the 19th century glass and metal Galleria Mazzini, with small fashion and accessory stores and cafés. For more affordable shopping try heading to Maddalena, a maze of tiny streets. In this part of Genova’s historic centre, you will find a huge range of small stores, selling clothing, jewellery, shoes and accessories food stores and bakeries. Via San Luca is good for contemporary high-street Italian fashion and if you looking for a designer outlet and bargains, head to Via Caffa.
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Aeroporto di Genova

International airport of Genova Sestri, Cristoforo Colombo, is located about 6 km from the center of Genova. The airport shuttle bus runs every 30 minutes to the railway station and the journey takes around 30 minutes. Buy a ticket on board which is valid for the day on all city buses. The bus tickets are also valid on subway, elevators and on the metropolitan trains. Tickets from €6.

​Phone: +39 010 601 5247​Website:​More info: Price updated May 2013
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