Book flights to Lodz in Poland with Ryanair, and visit a city in the midst of a serious makeover! Lodz (pronounced ‘woodge’) took a few knocks throughout the 20th Century, and by the 90s was more than a little worse for wear. But rather thanks to huge renovation efforts, the city is enjoying a thorough rejuvenation. It’s got a sombre history, but Lodz’s future looks as bright as the fabulous street art that can be seen painted on wall after wall throughout the streets of the city. Book flights to Lodz today, and feel the energy of this evolving Polish city.
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Lodz is known for its cultural attractions and art galleries, art galleries like the Modern Art Museum which houses one of the best collections of contemporary art works in Poland. You will also find plenty of museums displaying the city's rich heritage and history like Historical Museum of Lodz and Museum of Ethnography And Archaeology.
Lodz Modern Art Museum

Lodz Modern Art Museum boasts a large and impressive collection of art from 20th-century. The museum is sited in a 19th century palace and is now one of Poland’s best art and design museums, featuring works by Chagall and Mondrian.

​Address: ul. Wieckowskiego 36, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 633 97 90​Website:
Historical Museum of Lodz

You will find the museum inside the gorgeous Belle Époque palace. Here you can learn more about the city’s captivating political and social history. There are also many fine examples of silverware and porcelain too and a room dedicated to famous citizens, like pianist Artur Rubinstein and the Polish writer Jerzy Kosinski.

​Address: ul. Ogrodowa 15, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 654 03 23 / 42 254 90 15​Website:​More info:
Museum of Cinematography

The museum is housed in the mid-nineteenth century small palace. Here you can explore Poland’s thriving film industry, which has created cinema greats like Polanski, Kieslowski and Wajda.

​Address: plac Zwyciestwa 1, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 674 09 57​Website:​More info:
Jewish Cemetery

This is a moving visit to the largest Jewish cemetery in Europe, with over 150,000 gravestones, tombs and mausoleums and an area memorialising victims of the ghetto.

​Address: ul. Bracka 40, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 656 70 19​Website:​More info: fundacja@lodzjews.orgSubway: Take Tram 1 or 6
Central Textile Museum

Central Textile Museum was established 1960 and is housed in the amazing 19th-century "White Factory". They have a unique collection of textile tools and machinery, fabrics and clothing and the largest collection of tapestries in Europe.

​Address: ul. Piotrkowska 282, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 683 26 84​Website:​More info:
Museum of Ethnography and Archaeology

You will find this place close to the Historical Museum of Lodz and located on the Plac Wolnosci. This charming museum offer archaeological finds from all around Poland as well as more modern exhibits on customs and local culture.

​Address: Pl. Wolności 14, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 632 84 40​Website:
Leopold Kindermann Villa

Exquisite early 1900’s Art Nouveau palace – the most ornate in Poland – with stained-glass windows, gorgeous wood detailing and glamorous chandeliers. A small art gallery is inside.

​Address: ul. Wolczanska 31/33, Lodz​Phone: +49 42 632 24 16
Lagiewniki Park

Lagiewniki Park is Europe's largest park or forest located in the northern part of the city. Come here and enjoy the fresh air over a relaxing walk or a picnic.

​Address: Lodz
Shooting Range Academy

Shooting Range Academy offers you a great chance of trying out how to shoot. Choose between sharp weapons, rifles, machine guns and smoothbore shotguns. Come here as a group or individuals, either way you will be met by experienced instructors.

​Address: Parzęczew, Lodz​Phone: +48 602 221 507​Website:
Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden in Lodz is located approximately 10 min from the city centre. The garden is divided into nine different thematic areas for you to explore. For example, take the chance and see and smell different exotic plants.

​Address: ul. Krzemieniecka 36/38, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 688 44 20​Website:
Opera House

The Opera House is housed in an old communist building and a great place to enjoy a cultural evening. The tickets are usually not that expensive and the theatre is worth a visit.

​Address: Plac Dąbrowskiego, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 633 99 60​Website:​More info:
Saint Alexander Newsky Cathedral

Saint Alexander Newsky Cathedral was completed during the time period when Poland was under the Russian empire in 1884. During your visit here you will take part of different historic incidents which will make you understand the city´s history.

​Address: ul. Kilinskiego 56, Lodz
Lodz Zoo

A zoo is always exciting for the young ones and even if you are a bit older. Visit the Lodz Zoo and check out different animals, find out more about their breed and where they come from.

​Address: ul.Konstantynowska 8/10, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 632 75 09​Website:
Księży Młyn

Księży Młyn is beautiful a historic district in Lodz. It is recommended to catch up a bit on the history before visiting the district as it will give you a better comprehension of the place. The architecture here is simply amazing.

​Address: ul. Tymienieckiego, Lodz
Plac Wolności

Plac Wolności is the Freedom Square in Lodz, located at the end of the famous street ulica Piotrkowska. There is a roundabout in the middle with a statue of the freedom fighter Tadeusz Kosciuszko. You will also find an interesting museum of Lodz sewer system on one side of the statue.

​Address: ul. Legionow / ul. Nowomiejska, Lodz
Given its sizable and cosmopolitan population, it comes as little surprise that Lodz has an excellent selection of dining establishments. The majority of places serving great Polish food are situated along ul. Piotrkowska, but if you venture just off this main drag, you’ll find some interesting and unique food offerings, including several popular ethnic restaurants ranging from Balkan to Cuban to French.
Restauracja Polska

The restaurant is located in the heart of Lodz. They provide excellent service, superb cuisine and old-world atmosphere which makes this traditional Polish place the pick of the city’s restaurants.

​Address: ul. Piotrkowska 12, 90 270 Lodz​Phone: +48 42 633 83 45​Website:​More info:

Dine on tasty Polish delicacies while sitting on the terrace with views to the hillside and forest. They serve large portions so you will not go hungry from here.

​Address: ul. Rogowska 24, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 659 76 40​Website:​More info:

Interesting Egyptian-themed chain restaurants for enjoying European and Middle Eastern dishes like kebabs, steaks and chicken dishes. They run seven individual addresses throughout the city.

​Address: Drewnowska 58, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 631 17 11​Website:​More info: ul. Piotrkowska 93, ul. Piotrkowska 250 and ul Piotrkowska 175/177

Jewish restaurant filled with religious artefacts and old-world items, serving tasty ethnic meat and fish dishes. Also one of the trendiest spots for people watching in town!

​Address: ul. 6 Sierpnia 2/4, 90- 22 Lodz​Phone: +48 42 630 36 35​Website:​More info:
Ciagoty I Tesknoty

This is a small cafe-restaurant that cooks up delicious, inexpensive fusion cuisine to local students and more budget-minded visitors. On the menu you will find dishes like; chicken roasted with lemon stewed in wine, roasted pork sirloin served with spinach and garlic pasta, beefsteak with Gorgonzola sauce and much more.

​Address: ul. Wojska Polskiego 144a, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 650 87 94​Website:​More info: ciagotyitesknoty@wp.plSubway: Tram 1 or 6 to “Sporna”
Hot Spoon

Hot Spoon is a great, authentic Thai restaurant in Lodz with indoor and outdoor seating. The food tastes just as if you would be in Thailand prepare by some of the best chefs in town. Do not miss out!

​Address: Drewnowska 58, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 633 90 90​Website:​More info:
Ato Sushi

Ato Sushi is a great option for lunch if you want something light and with a different taste palette than you might be used to. Service is good, staff is friendly and of course, the sushi is great.

​Address: ul. 6 Sierpnia 1/3, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 207 99 99​Website:​More info:
Pizzeria Pomodoro

Enjoy a delicious pizza while people watching in Lodz. The decor is simple but the beer a long with the Italian pizza makes this a great lunch spot. Be prepared that sometimes it might take a couple of minutes to get a table.

​Address: Rewolucji 1905r. 4, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 233 54 54​Website:
Restauracja Kamari

Restauracja Kamari is located on one of the busiest streets in Lodz. It is a Greek restaurant, serving fresh, healthy food with products imported from Greece. The portions are big and prices reasonable, it is a great dinner restaurant.

​Address: ul. Piotrkowska 15, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 633 21 21​Website:​More info:
The Dorsz - British Fish & Chips

The Dorsz - British Fish & Chips is a popular restaurant chain in Poland. Do not get taken back by the fact that it is British and located in Poland, the food tastes just as good like it would do if you had it on Oxford Street in London.

​Address: ul. Traugutta 9, Lodz​Phone: +48 662 905 550​Website:
Pepe Verde Tawerna

At Pepe Verde Tawerna it is not hard to tell that the owner likes sailing and good food, simply, likes enjoy the best things in life. This is the feeling they bring to their guests after a meal here. The decor makes you feel like you are on a yacht out on the open sea enjoying the delicious food.

​Address: ul. Ogrodowa 19a, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 630 88 22​Website:​More info:

Ganesh was the first Indian restaurant in Lodz to open in 2006. You can find the restaurant in different places around town but the food is delicious whichever restaurant you choose to go to. The food is an explosion of spices, it will not disappoint you.

​Address: ul. Piotrkowska 69, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 632 23 20​Website:​More info:
Gesi Puch

Gesi Puch serves traditional Polish cuisine in a cosy atmosphere. This is a great place for any celebration, where it is a birthday party or a wedding. The service is excellent and so is the food, to be on the safe side, call ahead and book your table.

​Address: Stefanowskiego 17, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 651 99 99​Website:​More info:

Lili serves lovely Eclectic cuisine. The chef puts a twist to traditional food using seasonal products making it an interesting and fun menu for the guests to choose from.

​Address: Roosevelta 10, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 236 68 35​Website:​More info:
Cesky Film

Cesky Film offers you traditional Czech cuisine and in particular well-known for their goulash dish. The waiters are friendly and offer good service and prices are reasonable.

​Address: Tymienieckiego 25a, Lodz​Website: http://See their http://Facebook page​More info:
Many of the better cafés are located on the street Ulica Piotrkowska, the city’s main pedestrianized boulevard. An extensive amount of them offer cosy atmosphere in a relaxing environment and serves great coffee and marvellous desserts.

With chandeliers and old painted portraits on the walls, this classic café feels like something out of the Prussian Empire. You will be met by friendly staff that serves tasty dishes.

​Address: plac Wolnosci 6, Lodz​Phone: +48 66 377 69 20​Website:​More info:

This café is located in heart of the city centre and they are a combined restaurant and café serving food inspired from all around the world. You can also drink exclusive coffee and eat delicious desserts.

​Address: 90 Piotrkowska, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 632 72 20​Website:​More info:
W Biegu Café

W Biegu Café is a rapidly growing café chain and offer various coffee like cappuccino, caffè latte and instant classic. Would you like to have something sweet? They serve tasty snacks and desserts like ice cream, carrot cake and cheesecake.

​Address: 245 Pabianicka, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 298 10 42​Website:​More info: C.H Port Łódź
Café pod Atlasami

This café, located in the city centre, will ensure you a moment of relaxation in a cosy and warm atmosphere. They serve excellent brewed coffee and tasty coffee milk drinks like raspberry frappé, chocolate frappé and desserts like ice cream, fruity mix and much more.

​Address: ul. Narutowicza 45, Lodz​Phone: +48 608 526 386​Website: http://See Facebook http://page

Plotkarenka is a cosy and charming café serving aromatic tea and coffee. If you are feeling hungry then try their delicious home-made pies. You will also see interesting exhibitions work inside the venue done by young artists (can be purchased on the spot).

​Address: 57 Wschodnia, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 656 09 25
Lodz’s range of drinking establishments range from gritty student pubs for downing pints to fashionable and trendy places to sip a cocktail and people-watch the nouveau riche and fashionable. The greatest majority are placed around the most central blocks of ul. Piotrkowska. Thanks to its active and sophisticated student population, Lodz’s nightlife rivals some of the best places to dance in Europe. Put away any thoughts of Poland being old, grey and communist and put on your dancing (and drinking) shoes to start partying!
Lodz Kaliska

Lodz Kaliska is a great, artsy bar-club at the end of a small street that puts on numerous live music bands attracting a wide range of locals and visitors. There is lots of drinking, especially on the roof terrace in the summer.

​Address: ul. Piotrkowska 102, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 630 69 55​Website:
Irish Pub 77

This is a great typical old Irish pub with Guinness on tap and occasional live music. It is also one of the best bets of finding English speakers in town.

​Address: ul. Piotrkowska 77, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 632 48 76​Website:
The Mexican

This Mexican restaurant-bar is the best destination in town for tequila and can get quite rowdy on the weekends. They also serve excellent margaritas and cold nice beers.

​Address: ul. Piotrkowska 67, Lodz ​Phone: +48 42 633 68 68​Website:​More info:
Piotrkowska Klub

The city’s biggest club is set within a two-floored glass enclosure and covered in red velvet all around with dimly-lit, low-key lamps. The toilet alone is a tourist destination in and of itself – it has glass floors and two-way mirrors!

​Address: ul. Piotrkowska 97, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 630 65 73​Website:​More info:
Bagdad Café

Bagdad Café is located in the cellar of an ancient big villa in the city centre. Many local students come to hang out at this relaxed artsy club, with DJs spinning hip-hop and ska on the weekends.

​Address: ul. Jaracza 45, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 639 97 99​Website:

Don’t let the bouncers or the metal detector turn you off, this is one of the best dance floors in town for grown-ups to shake their stuff. Beware though, drinks are expensive.

​Address: Juliana Tuwima 1/3, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 630 05 13​Website:
While Poland is now a member of the EU, on the whole prices are still generally quite a bit lower than in other European countries, especially for items such as clothing and electronics. In Lodz’s centre, you will find many shops along the main, pedestrianised street of Piotrkowska, though the best place to go for shopping under one roof is Manufaktura, a brand new shopping centre in an old textile factory at ul. Karskiego 5. Here you can find many clothing outlets, specialty shops and restaurants. Another good bet for shopping is the Pasaz Lodzki, a bazaar featuring a variety of shops selling lots of inexpensive items, or the Galeria Lodzka on al. Pilsudskiego. Lodz is also an excellent place to pick up any number of Polish handicrafts for which the country is famous, especially amber and silver items. Visit any of the “Cepelia” shops all over town (for example on ul. Piotrkowska), which sell many handmade items from regions all over Poland. Poland is also of course well known for its vodka – Wyborowka is the most popular – and bottles can often be purchased more cheaply at liquor shops in town than at the airport duty free.
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Lodz Wladyslaw Reymont Airport

Lodz Wladyslaw Reymont Airport is located 6 Km from the city center of Lodz. The city is accessible by bus which departs from Terminal. Journey time to the city center is 15 minutes and 10 minutes to the Train station Łódź. A taxi rank is located in front of Terminal. The average journey time into the city is between 8 to 10 minutes.

​Address: Stanisława Maczka 35, Lodz​Phone: +48 42 683 52 55​Website:
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