10 Things to Do in Nuremberg (apart from the Christmas Market)

Located in northern Bavaria, Nuremberg is an elegant city that’s not only charming, but also full of history. It’s one to add to your European bucket list, especially if you love central European medieval towns, fairytale landscapes and if you’re travelling with little ones.

See the Old Town

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Although most of the city was rebuilt after the World War II bombings, it hasn’t stopped the centre from preserving its old fashioned charm.  Strolling around, you’ll notice that the elegant buildings, squares and shops all retain the look and feel of the past.

Visit the Craftsmen Courtyard

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The camera loves this neighbourhood – a maze of narrow streets await, where you’ll find small restaurants and shops selling hand-made items and souvenirs – it’s just like stepping back in time.

Explore the Imperial Castle

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With its twirly towers, bright colours and toy town buildings, the city’s Imperial Castle looks like something from the pages of a storybook.   Don’t miss the breathtaking view over the entire city, plus one of the deepest wells in the world, where you’ll witness a truly unique show.

Take a Trip to Bamberg

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This UNESCO World Heritage Site town is full of atmosphere. The old town’s pretty architecture and candy coloured facades, make it perfect for photos.  Stop for lunch and don’t forget to take a pic on the bridge.

Visit the Albrecht Durer District

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The artist Durer is regarded as a local hero in Nuremberg. If you get the chance, go and visit his home – it’s full of original furniture and the tools he used for his famous engravings and prints.  While you’re there, make some time to go for a wander –  the area around the castle is especially picturesque.

Get a Selfie at the Holy Spirit Hospital

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This landmark building is located in one of the most charming parts of Nuremberg. The Hansel and Gretel- style architecture and its reflection on the water is the stuff of dreams.

Discover the Rock Cut Cellars

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These old cellars are formed by underground tunnels that run beneath most of the city. They were first used to preserve beer, then during the war as an escape from the bombed city. Take a tour and you’ll find out all about both historical periods, including the secrets of Nuremberg’s beer.

See the Gothic Churches

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There are several beautiful churches in Nuremberg, including the San Lorenzo church, the Church of Our Lady and St. Sebald’s. Stop by at least one one of these – most overlook the most beautiful squares in the city.  And in December, the magical Christmas markets are never far away.

Eat the Typical Franconian Food

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Expect to arrive home a little heavier than when you left, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the local cuisine.   Mountains of sausages await, served with potatoes, bread dumplings and vegetables. If it’s winter, try the Lebkuchen, the traditional spiced cookies. Let’s not forget the local brew too.

…and Bretzels!

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These are delicious, especially when freshly baked, and you’ll find them available virtually everywhere. They’re known for being the national snacks and are best enjoyed with a beer or a coffee.


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