A Wine Lover's Guide to Europe: Where to Fly for the Best Wine

Just a few of the best destinations in Europe where you can explore beautiful vineyards and indulge in quality wine.

Kakheti, Georgia

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This underrated gem hidden along the crossroads of Asia and Europe in the Caucasus has a long, proud

tradition of winemaking.


Visitors are flocking in their droves to experience Georgia’s delicious cuisine, fascinating historical sites and unique winemaking.


With over 8,000 years of winemaking under its belt and over 500 varieties of native grapes, it’s easy to see why Georgia’s popularity is peaking.


Recognised as the oldest wine producer in the world, Georgia’s wine region is blessed with a hot climate, protective slopes and fertile valleys.


Kakheti is the country’s most popular wine region, boasting an array of excellent vineyards open for tours, and the region is located just an hour’s drive away from Tbilisi.


Read more about Georgia’s winemaking traditions here.


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Tuscany, Italy

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A country that prides itself on the intricate tradition of winemaking, Italy is a must-do destination for any wine lover.

Tuscany is filled with some of the most beautiful, picturesque towns and vineyards – head to Montepulciano for a truly cinematic wine tasting experience.


From its neat blend of delicious food to its historic sites, eye-catching scenery and excellent table wine, Tuscany embodies all that’s great about Italy.


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Catalonia, Spain

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A mild Mediterranean climate makes Catalonia an ideal location for producing some of the finest wine anywhere in Europe.


Long hours of sunlight provide the perfect conditions for vine growing and all around the region there are cosy wineries and vineyards ideally located for a lazy afternoon excursion during the spring and summer months.


The famous sparkling wine Cava was first produced in Catalonia 150 years ago and wines like Montsant, Penedès and Priorat are unique from the rest of Spain.


They each represent an important part of Catalonia’s proud, unique heritage.


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Vayots Dzor, Armenia

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Another gem largely undiscovered as a destination for wine lovers abroad, Armenia has a diverse and colourful history when it comes to producing wine.


Based in the southern part of the Caucasus, Armenia is one of the world’s oldest wine producing regions.


The earliest known winery (over 6,000 years old) was recently discovered in an ancient, prehistoric cave near the mountainous village of Areni.


Armenia ships wine all over the world and is also famous for its selection of brandy.


Vayots Dzor, located two hours south of the capital city Yerevan, is home to some of Armenia’s best wineries thanks to its rich volcanic soil and steep gorges that create flowing rivers.


Discover 8 mouth-watering Armenian dishes you need to try here.


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Bordeaux, France

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Fancy sampling some of the most celebrated wines in Europe? Look no further than Bordeaux.


This alluring port city located on the banks of the Garonne River is the hub of France’s most popular and distinguished wine region.


Favorites like Château Haut-Brion, Château Lafite-Rothschild and Château Latour are produced in the heart of Bordeaux.


The region carries a lofty reputation which it lives up to whenever visitors come calling for a fine glass of red or white.


Find out 11 Best Things to do in Bordeaux here.


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Alentejo, Portugal

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If you’re looking for a quiet destination with a rich countryside vibe then look no further than Alentejo. 


Located between Lisbon and the Algarve, a visit to Alentejo is  a must for any wine lover. The Algarve may be Portugal’s most popular tourist spot, but for a more chilled out, intimate break away, there’s no better spot than Alentejo with its beautiful coasts, roving hills and selection of red wines.


Listen to our recent Try Somewhere New Podcast with Julia Bradbury and learn more about Alentejo's interesting and unusual selection of wines.  


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