13 budget breaks for Autumn

Chase those final days of sunshine and escape the back to school blues with a quick autumn getaway that won’t break the bank. Here’s our list of the best budget breaks for autumn.

1. Budapest, Hungary

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Boiling over with impressive landmarks, buzzing nightlife, fantastic art scenes and reasonable price tags, Budapest is one of the best budget breaks in Europe. Watch as the seasons change over the Danube in Eastern Europe’s crown jewel and explore the city in peace and quiet as the tourists trickle out. Wander across the famous Chain Bridge and see some of the city’s museums for next to nothing. In a city where the beer is cheaper than water you’re guaranteed to have a good time whether you have five or five hundred euro in your back pocket.


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2. Lisbon, Portugal

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Listed as one of the least expensive capital cities in Europe, Lisbon is an up and coming destination and for good reason. Boasting a whole range of free attractions and cheap day excursions, you’ll be spoilt for choice here. Older than even London or Rome, Portugal’s capital is a melting pot of historical monuments and hip nuance culture waiting to be discovered.


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3. Athens, Greece

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The city where it all began, Athens and its stunning Acropolis is the ultimate autumn getaway and better yet, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Tuck into local Gyros  and enjoy the dynamic, vibrant culture of the ancient streets for less than the price of a bus ticket. Often overlooked for Greece’s archipelago, this picturesque city holds its own with tons of museums, spectacular ocean views and a nightlife scene that’ll have both you and your bank account jumping for joy.


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4. Bucharest, Romania

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Cheap, cheerful and laced with an elegant history, Romania’s capital is by far one of the best budget breaks for autumn. An eclectic mix of Art nouveau, grand buildings and cobblestones, the streets of Bucharest are home to hipster cafes, historical monuments and museums that’ll make culture vultures go weak at the knees. Stroll through parks, visit the churches and take full advantage of all ‘little Paris’ has to offer.


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5. Kyiv, Ukraine

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With its cool architecture and ever cooler café culture, Ukraine’s capital is an expert when it comes to offering bang for your buck. Unearth countless street murals that’ll rival those of established art galleries and see the collection of churches that resemble something out of Grimm’s fairy-tales. Line your stomach for no more than a euro at Biliy Nalyv and party till the sun comes up in one of the hidden cocktail bars. A budget traveller’s paradise, Kyiv is without doubt one of the best getaway destinations for autumn.


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6. Vilnius, Lithuania

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Speaking of fairy-tales, Lithuania’s Vilnius takes the biscuit when it comes to quaint cobblestones and enchanting architecture. From the neo-classical Vilnius cathedral to the gothic Saint Anne’s, the city’s streets reflect a diverse style that adds to its idyllic atmosphere and charm. Once voted the cheapest city in Europe, the capital boasts a plethora of quirky bars and affordable restaurants alongside a party scene that’ll keep you on your toes in to the early hours – all there’s left to do is pack!


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7. Bologna, Italy

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Nicknamed La Grossa, Bologna is the beating heart of Italian cuisine and a foodie’s paradise even when you’re strapped for cash. Home to endless porticos, cheap wine, spellbinding architecture and great food, the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region is packed full of flavour. Stroll through the vibrant old town as the streets burn orange and spend time getting to know the colonnaded medieval city grid.  


Find out more about the city before you go by listening to our podcast


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8. Wroclaw, Poland

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Nestled on the banks of the Odra river, the idyllic city of Wroclaw is your next port of call when looking for budget breaks in autumn. Bringing together a collection of 12 islands the city boasts 130 bridges for romantic strolls and panoramas of the cityscape that’ll cost you absolutely nothing. Influenced throughout the centuries by nearby Bohemia, Austria and Prussia, the city has its own unique character. Stay in the gothic Old Town and see for yourself why Wroclaw is one of the best places to visit in Europe.


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9. Nantes, France

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From medieval Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne to Machines de l’ile, Nantes is a riverside port city with a difference. Suitable for savvy spenders, the city is easily walkable so you can spend your pennies on the excellent local cuisine instead of taxis and public transport. Follow the famous green line painted on the pavements and see the sights from the Office de Tourisme to the docks and historic port.


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10. Pisa, Italy

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As the world begins to glow shades of auburn and yellow, take a trip to the colourful Italian city of Pisa. Home to everyone’s favourite Leaning Tower, spend a weekend on the banks of the Arno river, stuffing your face with pizza and sipping on Aperol. Full of well-maintained Romanesque buildings, Gothic churches and Renaissance piazzas, the lively university town is packed with culture. Say Ciao to summer and book Pisa as your budget break for autumn.


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11. Bratislava, Slovakia

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Step into the ancient fairy-tale setting of Bratislava and spend your next weekend wandering round a plethora of Gothic churches, baroque palaces and a medieval old town. Cheap as chips without compromising on an elegant atmosphere, Slovakia’s capital is the ultimate budget break. With its contrasting historical buildings and modern Communist-era architecture, this city won’t stop surprising you from the moment you step off the plane.


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12. Seville, Spain

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Chase the last few rays of summer sun and visit Seville this autumn. Known as the city of flamenco, this hub of culture is bursting at the seams with free attractions and no frills eateries boasting the best of Spanish cuisine. Drop your bags, head to the Gothic cathedral looming over the old town and explore the never-ending maze of winding medieval lanes. Take in a flamenco show or two and climb to the top of Metropol Parasol for stunning views over the entire city.


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13. Prague, Czech Republic

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No list of the best budget breaks for autumn could ever be complete without including the mesmerising city of Prague. Boasting over a thousand years of history, the capital of Czech republic is a boiling pot of bohemian art, medieval Gothic buildings and quirky bars serving the best beer in Europe. Nicknamed the city of spires, stroll along the banks of the Vltava, explore cobblestoned alleyways and stumble upon hidden courtyards. One of the most magical getaways you’ll have all year, Prague is most definitely one of the best places to see in Europe on a budget.


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- Lucy Norris