Best places to take pictures of Glasgow

Culture? Check. Aesthetic food spots? Check. Artsy streets? Check. Beautiful buildings? Check, check, check! Bursting with personality  and quirky character, the port city of Glasgow has got it going on. With its thriving music scene and elaborate artistic history, the creative vibes are never-ending and will turn your feed into #goals in no time! Follow this guide for a list of the most Instagrammable spots in Glasgow … 

1. City Chambers - 82 George Street

instagrammable spots in glasgow
Adobe Leonid Andronov

Rumoured to be made of more marble than the Vatican, the headquarters of the city council is great for a ‘gram shot. Plenty of staircases and intricate walls, this will give your feed that sophisticated aesthetic we all crave.

2. Buchanan Street - City Centre

instagrammable spots in glasgow
Unsplash Artur Kraft

This is the main shopping street in the city and is referred to by many as ‘The Style Mile’. Buchanan Street deserves a spot on the list of most Instagrammable spots in Glasgow for its hidden architectural gems and atmosphere. 

3. The Lighthouse - 11 Mitchell Lane

instagrammable spots in glasgow
Adobe Gert

As Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture, The Lighthouse is perfect for taking your Instagram worthy images of Glasgow. Take in the view of the urban city landscape or pose underneath the neon Mackintosh sign on the street outside. 

4. Merchant City - City Centre

instagrammable spots in glasgow
Unsplash Donald Edgar

This part of the city is renowned for its upmarket shopping and picturesque architecture. Start wandering through this area at Royal Exchange Square where you will be met with a fairy light lit courtyard and a grand neo-classical building in the centre. 

5. Barrowland Ballroom - 244 Gallowgate

Whilst it may sound like a strange one, this building is a cool location that you don’t want to miss. A dance hall and music venue, the main feature of the ballroom is the outside. Head there in darkness to see the full effect of the neon sign that makes for a bougie background. 

6. Ashton Lane - West End

instagrammable spots in glasgow
iStock michaelhb81

A cobbled back street, Ashton Lane is a fantastic location for a photo op with its sparkling string lights and selection of al fresco dining, bars and an independent cinema. 

7. House for an Art Lover - 10 Dumbreck Road

instagrammable spots in glasgow
Adobe cornfield

Set in the grounds of Bellahouston Park, this art gallery and exhibition space is majorly Insta-worthy. Inspired by the designs of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the house is an attempt to stimulate public interest in creativity. 

8. City centre mural trail

instagrammable spots in glasgow
Unsplash Jean-Philippe Delberghe

Perhaps the most Instagramable of the list, the walking mural trail is an effort by the City Centre Regeneration team to embrace urban art.  Follow the map and look out especially for the Economical Taxi and Wind Power on Mitchell Street and the Spaceman at New Wynd. 

9. Kibble Palace at the Botanic Gardens - 730 Great Western Road

instagrammable spots in glasgow
Adobe R. Babakin

Kibble Palace is a photographer’s heaven. The massive white wrought iron framed greenhouse features plants from across the globe and is named after Victorian entrepreneur, John Kibble. The bright airy space is composed of glass meaning that the perfect selfie lighting is waiting inside. 

10. Cloisters at University of Glasgow - University Avenue

instagrammable spots in glasgow
iStock lucentius

The supposed inspiration behind the Harry Potter series, the university cloisters connect the east and west part of the campus and are a must see when visiting the city. 

11. The Hidden Lane - 1103 Argyle Street

instagrammable spots in glasgow
Unsplash Ze'ev Schechter

Packed away in Finnieston, The Hidden Lane is an explosion of artistic expression. Littered with independent shops, restaurants and bars, the lane will add a splash of colour to your feed with its spellbinding rainbow painted house fronts. 

12. The Barras - 242 Gallowgate

instagrammable spots in glasgow
iStock Boogich

Indoor and street weekend market, The Barras is authentically Glaswegian and a pretty site for an impromptu photo shoot. Stretching across the east end from Bain Street to the Glasgow Cross, the retro aesthetic of the entrance to the market deserves a spot on your feed. 

13. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum - Argyle Street

instagrammable spots in glasgow
iStock Leonid Andronov

Rated number one art gallery to visit in the UK by TripAdvisor, the majestic building lies in the grounds of Kelvingrove Park. The sheer attractiveness of the red sandstone alone makes for a standout shot but paired with the surroundings of the park and the scale of size, this really is one photograph you don’t want to be missing from! 

14. Cafes galore

instagrammable spots in glasgow
Unsplash Tomas Jasovsky

No Instagram guide would ever be complete without some over-priced aesthetically pleasing cafes filled with pink lattes, waiting for you to blow last month’s salary on.

Head to Loop and Scoop for churros and ice cream (665 Great Western Road) and take a seat at Market Coffee to get your fix of matcha and marble table tops. (1071 Cathcart Road)

Heading to Scotland soon? Make sure to share your photos of the most Instagrammable spots in Glasgow using the hashtag #ryanairstories for a chance to be featured on Ryanair’s Instagram feed.


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- Lucy Norris