Not the Eiffel Tower: 5 Romantic Pit-Stops in Paris

Find true romance in the 'city of love' with our pick of the French capital's most loved-up places...

The I Love You Wall

What could be more romantic than a Parisian wall declaring love in over 250 languages? Designed by Frédéric Baron and Claire Kito, this outdoor art installation features the words “I love you” written 1000 times in over 300 languages. Le mur des je t’aime (the wall of I love yous) is located in the Square Jehan Rictus in the Place de Abesses area of Montmartre. Instagram at the ready.


Metro: Abbesses

A Taste of Midnight in Paris

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You’re in the land of champagne and macarons. You might as well plan a meal somewhere a bit special. If you haven’t budgeted for haute cuisine, try and get a reservation at the charming Italian restaurant La Capannina which is located just across from the steps of St Etienne church.  Not only is this where Owen Wilson filmed his time-travelling scenes for Midnight in Paris, it’s also just a stone’s throw from the spectacular Pantheon. Despite its show-stopping views, the restaurant’s prices are surprisingly reasonable and the atmosphere is cosy and casual.  After dinner, see if you can spot Ernest Hemingway’s old window at 74 rue du Cardinal Lemoine.


Metro: Luxembourg


Sacré Cœur at Dusk

By day, Sacré Cœur offers some of the best views over the city of Paris, but come twilight, you get to experience the added bonus of seeing the Eiffel Tower illuminated by a million tiny twinkling lights against the backdrop of the fading sunset. Climb the 234 steps to the basilica’s dome for a panorama that stretches as far as the eye can see. It’ll be worth the effort.


Metro: Abbesses (If you don’t fancy tackling the hill, you can use a regular metro ticket to board the funicular).

Shakespeare & Company Bookshop

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And grab a coffee while you’re there.  This historic, higgledy-piggledy Left Bank bookshop has featured in countless romantic movies, including the opening scene of Before Sunset.  They’ve recently launched a café in the building next door and from spring, the café will offer “Moveable Feast” picnic baskets (€20-30) for romantic Seine-side feasts, each of which will include wine, cheese and a short story.


Metro: Saint-Michel

A Stroll through Le Marais

Head to Le Marais to experience ‘Old Paris’ at its best.  Take your time exploring the cobblestone streets that wind through the neighbourhood’s labyrinth of courtyards, galleries and bakeries. This is one of the only areas of Paris that preserves the city’s narrow Medieval and Renaissance-era streets.  It’s like a village within a city and offers some of the best shopping in the French capital.


Metro: Saint-Paul


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-Fiona Hilliard