The Very Best of Your #RyanairLoveStories

Long distance relationships can be tough, especially around Valentine’s Day.


We know our customers use Ryanair to stay in touch with their loved ones. So, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we asked you to send us your #RyanairLoveStories.


Whether you have to live apart because of work or met while on holiday – whatever the reason – we wanted to hear the lengths you go to to keep the romance alive.


These are the #RyanairLoveStories that impressed us the most. You’re all such a romantic bunch.


“Having lived in Budapest for 6 years I regularly travelled with Ryanair on the Dublin to Budapest route to see family and friends. Ryanair were there for me when I left Budapest and moved to the UK.


“They also brought me back to Budapest for a weekend, which turned out to be the best weekend of my life. I bumped into a Swedish guy there and fell madly in love.


“We were able to keep seeing each other because of Ryanair’s Stansted and Gothenburg route. Ryanair also moved him across to me in the UK.


“When we get married next year it will be Ryanair that will take us and his family home to Ireland for the big celebration & will let us to continue to see our families frequently.


“None of this would have been possible with you Ryanair, Thanks a million!! #RyanairLoveStories”


“Me and Dusan met in Saint Petersburg during a one-month internship in a hospital as medical students and lived a short but intense fairy tale. I’m Italian, he’s Croatian, and we live at the opposite edges of our countries with 2,000km separating us, but we decided to hold on to that magic.


“His city has a small and poorly connected airport but is close to Hungary border, so we found in Budapest our perfect connection through low cost Ryanair flights, at first flying Palermo – Milan Bergamo or Venice Treviso – Budapest and now directly from Palermo to Budapest, and vice versa.


“Every month, or couple of months, in just two hours I can get as close as possible to who I believe to be the love of my life.


“We have been together for two years and a half now, during which we met each other’s families, watched one another becoming doctors and celebrated both graduations together, had adventure and daily routine, lived through a great loss, shared every sad and happy moment and never failed to be there for each other, both emotionally and physically.


“We hope to close the distance one day, but we’ll never stop thanking Ryanair for keeping the magic alive.”

Leny Leny

“Our love story began in 2015. We met in Lisbon in a meeting with friends in common. The night was pretty cool… dance and laughing. That weekend was magic.


“The first kiss was pretty funny, because we passed through a wall full of holes that you could see the street and he asked: “Do you want to see the holes in the wall?”


“And suddenly we started kissing. Well, that was a weekend then he left and we kept in touch (messages, videos, pictures… yes, we were spending a lot of time talking and sharing our daily news).


“One month later we were dating because he came to Lisbon to ask for me to date him.


“We decided to have a long-distance relationship and meeting every month and we love to travel together. I am still a PhD Student and I can’t move from here and he works in his city.


“He lives in Germany (Nuremberg) and I live in Lisbon (Portugal). Ryanair is a big part of our story because thanks to ryanair we found an easier way to meet each other.


“And for this reason we are part of the ‪#RyanairLoveStories”


“I was on holidays in Costa del Sol for my 16th birthday with my mom, dad and sister.


“We are from Kerry in Ireland, met a guy from London who was also 16, after spending 2 weeks together it was time to go home.


“Everyone thought, ‘Oh this won’t last, a long distance relationship.’


“Those were the days before WhatsApp & many more, we used to have to buy call cards! ‪


“Well it did last, a long 2 years from Kerry to London & London to Kerry & many an expensive phone bill that we used to dread our parents getting, until my now husband moved over to be with me.


“We are together 14 years this year, & have 2 handsome boys.


“Thanks to Ryanair for making these routes possible, it was all worth it.”


“Two years ago I met the most lovely human being!


“Little trouble: I was in Italy and, at that time he was living in Scotland. He moved back to Spain, where he is from, just so it could be easier for our relationship to work.


“Ryanair gave me the opportunity to be there for his birthdays, to be there to celebrate the new year with him, to stay close to him. Despite the distance, we did it!


“Thanks a lot Ryanair for making me able to see him and for giving me butterflies in the stomach all the times I pass through the doors of Madrid Airport, knowing that on the other side there is someone waiting for me.


“I’m 19 and my handsome boyfriend ‪Kirian is 22. We are a strong couple with strong plans for the future: we are both making a lot of sacrifices and we are both working hard.


“So much that this summer I’m moving to Spain to be closer to him! And, surely, I’ll book a Ryanair flight. #RyanairLoveStories”


“Me and @ladyvangreen met on twitter and we fell in love 5 years ago! In the 1 year we were apart we flew a total of 12 times to see each other!


“Ryanair flights were our best connection! First BLQ – Frankfurt then Treviso – Frankfurt!”


“I lived in Germany and in 2014 we went to a wedding in Portugal, of course we flew with Ryanair. At the wedding I met a man… and it turns into love.


“The next 3 years we were nothing, if Ryanair didn’t exist.


“Every-time I/he get the chance we flew Lisbon to Hahn – Hahn to Lisbon. One day I received a package with some gifts, concert tickets, chocolates and Ryanair flight tickets to Lisbon.


“In December I finally flew there and we went to the concert and he proposed to me!


“Last year we finally marry and guess our theme?? Yup!! It was all around traveling… from the invitation to decoration.


“Without Ryanair this wouldn’t be so easy to keep our lovestory alive. Ryanair ist still our number one choice!


“Thanks for being a huge part of our love story! Also my parents still live in Germany it would help to see them once in a while!”


“Met my English boyfriend 2 years ago in Australia, once we were both back in Europe I instantly few over to London for our first two proper dates and properly got together 1.5 years ago.


“I’m still at Uni in Germany and therefore can’t move to London yet, so we’re both spending all our spare money on flights to see each other 1-2 times a month.


“We always fly with Ryanair. Nürnberg to London route, and I wouldn’t know what to do without you guys.


“I’m working so hard while studying at Uni, just so I can see him a few times every year.”

And our two winners…

Ellie and Eddie

“I took my first Ryanair flight to Dublin in September 2005 for a 9 month long Erasmus. With hopes and dreams and a suitcase packed with raincoats.


“I fell in love with the country and with my Irish housemate but, alas, I went back home to Italy to continue my studies.


“So we spent the following 2 years flying back and forth from Dublin to Milan, from Pisa to Bournemouth to Dublin, for Bologna to Dublin, from Dublin to Pisa… you name it!


“In 2008 I finally moved to Ireland, but my flying days were not over. The life of an emigrant is not easy, but Ryanair, and its budget flights, do make it a bit lighter on the heart, as I can go “home” whenever I want.


“We got married in 2016 and our friends and family all jetted off to Italy to celebrate with us.


“…And today? Well today we’re flying to Paris for a romantic few days. #HappyValentines

“Thank you again Ryanair.”


“I am Portuguese, living in Lisbon and my boyfriend Teo is from Belgium. We met while he was doing his Erasmus in Portugal.


“Since then we started a long distance relationship and, because we are still studying, Ryanair saved our lives.


“We are able to see each other every 3 weeks and I consider that I am part of #RyanairLoveStories.


“On my birthday, 13th of February, I am flying with Ryanair to meet him.”


Happy Valentine’s Day!


- Seán Walsh