5 Incredible Family Travel Experiences In Belgium

Half of our family lives in Belgium. The other half lives in Spain. Thanks to Ryanair, commuting between the two is easy.


Still, living in two different countries can be difficult, so when the Spanish half visits the Belgian half, we’re very happy to get the inside scoop on family fun adventures.


Below is our “Man-I-Can’t-Believe-You-Can-Do-This-In-Belgium!” list:


Indoor Skydiving in Charleroi

Just because your Ryanair plane landed safely on the ground doesn’t mean you have to come down from the clouds. Fly high at the Air Space Indoor Skydiving Centre, located just steps from the airport. Literally, grab your bags at baggage claim and go next door to the modern 17 meter-high wind tunnel, which can generate a maximum airspeed of up to 310 km/h.


There is no need to jump out of a plane to feel the sensation of skydiving and it’s a thrill the whole family can enjoy. All five of us suited up and took off with the help of an experienced instructor. The smiles on the kids’ faces tell the rest of the story.

SUPing (Stand Up Paddling) in Mechelen

Belgium is blessed with several rivers and canals, which cut through a number of its cities. Mechelen is one of them. Take a trip down the Binnendijle river of Mechelen with one of the water boat tours or opt for a more adventurous route by SUPing (short for stand-up-paddling).


Benny’s SUP School gives you the opportunity not only to learn this fun and easy sport, but also to see the beautiful town of Mechelen from a different perspective. Your only job now is to have fun and try not to fall off your board.

The Bird Market in Antwerp

Feeling hungry? Need to take a little break from all the activity? Pass through the beautiful and varied Bird Market of Antwerp, held every Saturday and Sunday at Theaterplein. No matter what you’re in the mood for, a stall or a vendor is eager to serve. Our favourite treats are the Moroccan pancakes, made to order and loaded with olives, goats cheese, figs, artichoke hearts and honey. YUM!

Mountain bike race EVERYWHERE!

Explore the diverse landscape of the country by joining one of the many mountain bike races held every weekend. Bring your own bike or rent one and simply find the biking trail that suits you through www.mountainbike.be. Inscription is normally less than 5 euros but the amount of fun you’ll have is priceless. Belgium has a BIG bike culture, which is noticeable by the popularity of the sport. You’ll find riders of all ages and levels out on the trails. If you’re already a big fan of the sport, find out the latest Belgium bike trends at bestcyclingkits on Instagram.

Relax in Spa

Ever wondered how the name Spa became synonymous with relaxation? Travel to southern Belgium to the little town of Spa and you’ll find out. Situated in a valley in the Ardennes and sometimes referred to as the Pearl of the Ardennes, the small town is famous for its several natural mineral springs.


After so much activity, the whole family will enjoy some down time and a swim in the relaxing pools of the Les Thermes de Spa. Complement your stay with a soak in one of their specialty baths. We promise you, the last thing you’ll want to do is leave.


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- Karyn Gorman and Olav Adami