8 incredible things to do during your trip to Brescia

From the thermal baths of Sirmione and wine tasting in Franciacorta, to unwinding at Lake Garda and visiting one of Italy’s most beautiful villages, you’ll never be bored in Brescia.

Go for a guided tour of Brescia’s historical centre

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History is everywhere you look in the sprawling, beautiful province of Brescia and its historical centre is a must-see.


Credited by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, there is an abundance of monuments and piazzas to explore, full of unique 15th and 16th century architecture.


The Renaissance-styled square, Piazza della Loggia, boasts the Palazzo della Loggia town hall, the Clock Tower and the Monte di Pietà Vecchio church.


You can see a Roman settlement at Castello di Brescia, where the castle offers some of the best views overlooking Brescia’s city below.

Enjoy wine tasting at Franciacorta’s vineyards

Vineyards are a dime a dozen across Italy, but Brescia boasts one of the most unique wine regions in the entire country, Franciacorta.


The Franciacorta territory produces a one-of-a-kind, hand-harvested sparkling wine of the same name. Believe us, if you love prosecco or champagne, then you’ll adore franciacorta.


There are 115 wineries across Franciacorta. Agriturismo Al Rocol is a popular, family-run winery which offers a tour of their premises before welcoming visitors to taste each of their unique, sparkling products.

Do a guided tour of Bienno Borgo

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An ancient site located in one of the oldest valleys in the Alps, Bienno was recently named one of Italy’s most beautiful villages.


Wander through its narrow, lamplit streets and peer into its sparkling artistic shops and outlets and you can see exactly why.


Bienno welcomes artists from all across Italy to spend a period of time living here. In return, the artists produce a unique piece of art which remains behind after they’ve left.


This unique arrangement has created a truly special village which has a magical, other-worldly feeling to it.

Relax at Sirmione’s thermal baths

Known as the ‘Pearl of Lake Garda’ due to the beauty of its landscape and the harmony of its village, Sirmione is an enchanting resort famous for its thermal baths.


While you’re there, see the caves at Catullo, visit St. Maria Maggiore Church and explore Callas’s House.


For a truly unique, relaxing experience you’ve got to try its famous bath house.


Located on the banks of Lake Garda, Aquaria Thermal Wellness Centre offers thermal pools, vascular showers and massages.

Pay a visit to the enchanting Lake Garda

A popular holiday destination and the largest lake in all of Italy, the iconic Lake Garda is famous for its stunning, crystal-clear waters and enchanting scenery.


The lake is divided between Verona, Trento and Brescia and is one of the northern provinces’ most beloved, luxury gems.


Its scenic shores and sloping mountains create a chilled-out, carefree vibe which is perfect for anyone looking to unwind by the water with some delicious local food.


For some action, take part in activities like kayaking, windsurfing and hiking, or rent your own boat and set sail to get the best views of one of Italy’s most alluring wonders.

Visit the Temple of the Capitoline Triad

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Brescia proudly boasts one of Northern Italy’s most important and historic pieces of Roman architecture, the Capitoline Temple, which is an official UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Today you can still see original foundations and ancient Latin inscriptions from the amphitheatre.


The theatre could once hold crowds of up to 15,000 spectators and was built all the way back in 73 AD during the reign of Roman Emperor Vespasian.


It remains one of Brescia’s most significant tourist attractions due to the theatre’s incredible ancient history which offers a fascinating insight into the region’s relationship with the Roman Empire.

Pop along to the Mille Miglia Museum

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Located in an ancient monastery, Museo Mille Miglia is Brescia’s unique vintage automobile museum which was opened back in 2004.


A project of huge archaeological, historical and architectural value to the region, the museum has a wide range of vintage cars and artifacts on display.


The museum was built in memory of the famous ‘Red Arrow’ race which lasted 1,000 miles from Rome to Brescia. Entry costs €8 for adults and it is open every day from 10am until 6pm.

Go to Orobie Bergamasche Park

Orobie Bergamasche Park is one of the largest protected natural parks in the entire Lombardy region.


Here you’ll find an extensive array of forests and valleys which are perfect for a leisurely stroll, an energetic hike or an enjoyable cycle.


One of the best things about Brescia is its stunning scenery. Inside Orobie Bergamasche Park you’ll get to see the very best of the province’s high peaks, rich green meadows and incredible waterfalls.

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