Take Yourself on a Mozart Tour of Salzburg

Salzburg has some serious musical claim to fame – not only is it the setting of one of the greatest and most beloved musicals ever made, The Sound of Music,  but it’s also the birthplace and hometown of the maestro himself, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


His stamp is all over the city, so if you want to get a sense of how the city of Salzburg shaped and inspired him as a musician, why not spend a day walking in his footsteps? We’ve even put together a little itinerary for you…

Have Breakfast at Café Tomaselli

Mozart Tour of Salzburg Cafe Tomaselli
A Mozart Tour of Salzburg: Cafe Tomaselli

Salzburg’s most famous café is nestled right in the heart of the Old Town,  on Alter Markt, where it’s been serving coffee and cake to the people of Salzburg since the 1700s. Rumour has it that Mozart was a frequenter of the place, where he used to order almond milk (how very millennial of him). The café is the perfect spot to kick off a day walking round the city, so once you’ve had your coffee and breakfast/cake, walk round the corner to Mozart Square and see the 1844 statue of him – the city’s first monument to his genius.  

Make your Way to Salzburg Cathedral

Mozart Tour of Salzburg Salzburg Cathedral
Mozart Tour of Salzburg: Salzburg Cathedral

This is just a two-minute walk away from Mozartplatz, and is the place where the young twinkle-fingers was baptised. He was the court organist and concertmaster here too, and composed many musical works for performance in the Cathedral. Even if you’re not a huge Mozart fan, the Cathedral is absolutely worth seeing as it’s the city’s most important Baroque building. You can still see the original baptismal font here too, if that’s the sort of thing you like to see!

Now, to Number 9

Mozart Tour of Salzburg 9 Getreidegasse
Mozart Tour of Salzburg: 9 Getreidegasse

Getreidegasse is Salzburg’s most famous shopping street, but there’s more to it than souvenirs and designer clothes. At Number 9 Getreidegasse you’ll find the birthplace and childhood home of the man himself.  The International Mozart Foundation now operated a museum in the building dedicated to Mozart’s life and work. You’re in a good spot to take a break and have some lunch after this, so go refuel and then, after lunch…

Have dessert in Konditorei Fürst

Mozart Tour of Salzburg Konditorei Fürst
Mozart Tour of Salzburg: Konditorei Fürst

Save room for something sweet because next up is a trip to Konditorei Fürst, the gorgeous little café where the city’s first Mozartkugeln (Mozart Balls) were created. Mozartkugeln are delicious – a little centre made of pistachio and nougat encased in smooth chocolate. The only real connection they have to Mozart himself is that they were named after him, but we won’t let that stop us from including a tasting session in our Mozart day. 

Make your way to Mozart Residence

Mozart Tour of Salzburg: Mozart Residence
Mozart Tour of Salzburg: Mozart Residence

Just across the river you’ll find the Mozart residence, where the Mozart family lived for almost 15 years in the late 1700s. It was almost totally destroyed during a WWII air raid in 1944, and the International Mozart Foundation bought the surviving structure a decade later. It opened as another museum to Mozart in 1996, and you can see his piano here as well as lots of old documents and portraits. Two minutes from the residence (on Schwarzstrasse) you’ll find the world’s most extensive Mozart library; add this to your tour if you have the time! It's a short stop but gives a nice insight into the Mozart family's life (and reading habits). 

Pay your Respects to Nannerl

Mozart Tour of Salzburg: Nannerl Mozart's Grave
Mozart Tour of Salzburg: Nannerl Mozart's Grave

Did you know Wolfgang had a sister? Many don't, and they also don't know that she too was a child prodigy who many say was a huge influence and inspiration to he younger brother Wolfgang. She used to tour with him when they were children, often taking top billing on their shows. When she turned 18 though, her father forbade her to tour any more, as it was seen as 'unseemly' for a woman. She died in 1829 and was buried in St Peter's Cemetery in the city centre. You can visit her grave as a short stop on your Mozart tour of Salzburg, and pay your respects to the 'Other' Mozart. This will bring you to to the final stage of the tour...

Dinner with Mozart

Mozart Tour of Salzburg Mozart Dinner Concert
Mozart Tour of Salzburg: Mozart Dinner Concert

End your Mozart tour of Salzburg with some music. At Stiftskeller St Peter, Europe’s oldest restaurant, you can go back in time with a night of dining and entertainment, reminiscent of what you might have experienced were you dining out in 1790. This is a really unforgettable experience, and the perfect way to round off a very Mozart day. Seated in a beautiful baroque ballroom, you’ll dine on a lovely three course meal to the sounds of two opera singers and an instrumental ensemble playing some of Mozarts most renowned pieces. Sip wine and eat well, as you hear duettas and arias from some of Mozart’s best ad best-loved operas - ‘The Magic Flute’, Don Giovanni, and of course The Marriage of Figaro. 


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