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11 great reasons to visit Cologne
Sitting on the banks of the river Rhine, Cologne is an undiscovered gem bursting with culture. Here are eleven great reasons why you should pack a bag and head to Deutschland immediately!
Europe’s Best Carnivals
Feathers, sequins, elaborate costumes, loud music, dancing, singing, eating and drinking… what’s not to love about a good carnival knees up?
The European Beer Bucket List
We’ve compiled a list of some of Europe’s very best destinations for beer-lovers. Cross these beauties off your Beer Bucket List….
5 of Europe's Weirdest Christmas Traditions
Whether it’s in the food, the various creatures that visit children to bring presents or…well, poo…Europe certainly doesn’t do Christmas traditions by halves.
9 Dishes that Say it's Christmas in Europe
Let’s be honest here: the best thing about Christmas is undoubtedly food. Forget the presents and the ’80s guilty pleasure music, we're all about what's on the dinner table...
A 3 Step Guide to Cologne’s Brauhaus Culture
With more pubs and taverns per capita than any other major city in Germany and a famously easy-going population, it’s fair to say Cologne is the perfect destination for a weekend of beer-based antics.
Where to Go in March and April
With spring just around the corner, there’s plenty to look forward to in Europe, especially if you’re planning a last minute escape or a surprise getaway.
Europe’s Strangest Easter Traditions
Four whole days off, plus an excuse to eat a sickening amount of chocolate eggs. What more could you want, really?
A Tour of Farina Fragrance Museum, Cologne
Discover the story of Johann Maria Farina, the man who put Cologne on the map
10 Perfect Spa Break Getaways
Now’s the time to shake off those winter blues and get planning a cheeky spa getaway or pampering weekend somewhere fabulous.