Phantasialand: Germany's Top Theme Park at any Age

There’s no better time to visit Germany’s number one theme park than during winter.  It’s pure magic. Fairy lights decorate streets, gardens and water fountains leaving every inch of the park landscape transformed with a sea of lights.


Located in Brühl, Germany, just a short ride from Cologne airport, this thrill-seeker’s paradise offers fun for the whole family. We arrived at the entrance gates as a party of eight, ages ranging from six to seventy-one, and all fell in love with Phantasialand’s ability to provide timeless fun and endless excitement.


Karyn Gorman (Mom, aged 42) “I love getting lost in the magic.  It’s like stepping into another world.”


Divided into themed areas, this winter wonderland oozes charm at every corner.  Take a stroll down quaint shop-filled streets, explore exotic China Town or set off on a fun-filled adventure in Berlin.

Image via @Phantasialand

Patricia (De Oma, age 65) “There is something new everywhere you look.  The park is full of surprises.”


Footsteps from the main entrance, sits the African-themed Hotel Matamba.  This family hotel combines adventure, comfort and plenty of fun. So much fun that at times, it was hard to convince our children to go anywhere else!


Louie Adami (adventurer, aged 6) “I loved the WATOTO’s kids area.  The climbing course was the best!”

Image via @Phantasialand

For those who want a more relaxing, pampering experience, the Hotel Ling Bao can’t be beaten.  Enjoy the harmonious atmosphere of the Mandala Spa or the indoor/ outdoor heated pool, which allows you to swim amongst the stars even during the chilliest nights.


After a long day at the park, the adventure doesn’t need to slow down, take a tour of tastes in one of the hotels exotic restaurants, which serves cuisine from either the African and Asian continent.  Go on safari enjoying dishes including zebra, crocodile, and ostrich or try out the different cuisines from Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, or China.


Bill Mattox (Grandpa, aged 71), “I’m still missing the stone cold terriyaki ice cream made to order at the Bamboo restaurant in Hotel Ling Bao.  When can we go back?”


It’s important to note that all hotel guests enjoy one-hour VIP early entrance to the themed world Klugheim, skipping long lines to Phantasialand’s most popular rides TARON and RAIK.

Image via @Phantasialand

Marlon Adami (adventurer, aged 10), “I loved getting in the park early. I rode the Black Mamba five times before anyone else was even in line!” 


Image via @Phantasialand

Phantasialand has no shortage of amazing and exciting rides to try.  From the youngest to the oldest daredevils amongst you, if you want fast and thrilling, Phantasialand has got you covered.


Nancy Mattox (Grandma aged 71): “I’ve always been nervous to ride rollercoasters but when they are as fun as the Colorado Adventure, you want to go again and again!”


We made sure we did everything on our list, twice, even the water ride of Chiapas, which was worth drying off afterwards for. 

Image via @Phantasialand

Eric Gorman (adventurer, aged 7) “I can’t decide which was the fastest: Winja’s Fear or Winja’s Force.  I loved them both.”


For those who don’t want to live on the edge, there are plenty of rides that won’t get your pulse racing but instead tickle your funny bone.  We loved the Crazy Hotel Tartüff with its three floors and 28 rooms of craziness.  And Maus au Chocolat provided a cool interactive experience that we won’t soon forget. 


Traditionally, buying your entrance ticket was peanuts compared to what you ended up spending once inside an amusement park. However, Phantasialand has taken a different approach.  Fair prices for excellent food and drinks can be found throughout the park.  We all agree that the central café Annie Himmelreich of the Kaiserplatz square with its yummy strudels and ice creams was a favourite. 

Image via @Phantasialand


Although it’s easy to wear yourself out, the evening show, The Magic Rose- Spirit of Light, is worth the wait.  

If you’re staying at one of the park hotels, grab a re-enter stamp and take a siesta or chill out with a hot coco and a cherry topped waffle until nighttime falls.


Olav Adami (Dad, aged 42) “The firework display was fantastic!  Top of the line. The gluhwein (mulled wine) wasn’t bad either.”


Fireworks ignite the sky above Phantasialand with impressive colours as performers dance amongst the glowing stage of the Kaiserplatz square in a festive show.

Image via @Phantasialand

As we all said goodbye to this fabulous park, I was reminded of a saying by George Bernard Shaw who said, “We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.”


All of us (aged between 6-71) “Thank you Phantasialand for giving us three days of unforgettable fun, family time, and lots of play!”


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- Karyn and Olav